Roo Pads

You can pick your ‘roos
You can pick your pads
But you can’t pick your ‘roo’s pads.



Cuteologist Stephanie R. reports "it’s so cute it hurts." Deep breaths, Stephanie. Deep breaths.



  1. Wow! What astonishing feet. Three-pronged!!

  2. whoa that looks insaneseema

  3. *shudder*
    Those things give me the shivers.

  4. oops… been a long day

  5. Ponygirl says:


  6. WOW!! Incredible footsies! Yikes, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of the toenails. Awfully cute critter, though.

  7. MaggieBelle says:

    It looks like a furry alien.

  8. Could RuPaul pick your roo pads?

    Today’s my birthday – and it’s not my rebirth, and I’m not evil – can I request a kitten, please?

  9. Roo toe jam!

  10. carolion says:

    kangaroo tongue!

  11. Laurie C says:

    Happy B’day, Aubrey! Remember, there are 364 days when you can get un-birthday presents, too. Kittens all around!

  12. rainbow says:

    holy foot pads!! that is way cute.

  13. That’s weird

  14. how fantastic, they look like little aliens, that’s awesome! i’m all bewondered now. 😀

  15. Laurie C says:

    Rule of Cuteness #19, however I think the cutest thing about these pictures is the doe eyes.

  16. Aww! More baby roo eyelashes please!

    And ellyfant eyelashes!

    And giraffe eyelashes too!

    *plink plink*

  17. Leilani says:

    Those are definitely specialized foots!

  18. A Fine Morsel says:

    The roo eyelashes are the best. She doesn’t know she has ugly feets! She’s just being roo!

  19. That last one belongs in MoMA.

  20. TeratoMarty says:

    Those are AMAZING feet. I think they’re really lovely; I want to touch them and see whether they are velvety or leathery.

  21. These roo toes are made for bouncing….

  22. Wow. Those are some freaky feet. Are kangaroos the evolutionary link between birds and mammals? *This comment not valid in Kansas.

  23. roos have *three* toes?!?
    is one of them fused? I mean, cute, but wacky!! 🙂

  24. Redzilla ~ HA!!! Rawk.

    Everything/one else ~ Roo! Cuteness that’s bouncy!

  25. ACM — that’s nuthin. Horses have only one per leg.

  26. freaky little alien tritoes. <3

  27. I’m with the “freaky feet” contingent. The doe eyes, however, are a saving grace. Let’s put li’l roo in a sproinging contest with Heli-bunny and the yipster.

  28. StormCat says:

    I have to admit, those footsies are very strange lookin’… But his eyes, eyelashes, and ears more than make up for it… What a little darlin’….

  29. hrh.squeak says:

    Must … snorgle … furry … snout …

  30. MaggieBelle says:

    Ariel…cute link

    I liked this one

  31. Eww. Not cute at all. Rather alien and frightening. How could she say “so cute it hurts”? Those feet aren’t cute, they just hurt is all.

  32. juliette says:

    happy birthday aubrey!

    cool to see roo feets, i guess all that skin’s gotta be pretty tough to take the abuse of bounding around all the time.

    also re: Redzilla’s post: HEE! glad i’m not in kansas.

  33. The toes are kinda freaky I wuvs the roo – I want to cradle one, too!

    “Look at my cool toes!” says Roo in picture #2, show ‘n tell. “Ya don’t want to mess with me.”

  34. Elizabeth says:

    There is room in my room for a roo to roam.

  35. Just make sure he’s aware of House Rooles, before he takes root.

  36. a native kansan says:

    First off roos are very cute

    Wow. Those are some freaky feet. Are kangaroos the evolutionary link between birds and mammals? *This comment not valid in Kansas.

    Please do not specifically pick on one state. Multiple local districts have had court fights over the past few years about evolution. And since it is still a theory (on the macro level at least) and not a fact it should be taught as such. Also don’t criticize something and get political in a place where people go for fun. If you want to do that, please feel free to go to the websites of Kansas papers and post there. (Kansas does have the web, by the way.)

  37. First of all, let me say that Redzilla’s comment is verreh funneh!

    As a native Oklahoman, I am qualified to say that it should also be extended to my fair state.

    And to a native kansan,


  38. See, this makes me want to churn out all the derogatory Kansas jokes I can find, and invent a bunch more on top. Something tells me that very little of it will be A-list material, though.

    *This comment not valid in Rhode Island, Norway, Gabon, Guam, New Schwabenland, the World Wide Web, or Kansas.

  39. LOL – Theo, I love you…

  40. Anyway, back to the darling li’l roo… What a sweet, sweet face, just beautiful. Her feetsies are WILD.
    Still a theory… 😛

  41. a native kansan- I can’t tell if you’re being funny or real. If it’s the former, good one. If it’s the latter, I laugh at you.


  42. He has beautiful roo eyes! They look like horse eyes!

  43. Awww, those feet remind me of when I bottle-fed an orphaned baby roo wrapped in a blankie, and his giant feet were sticking out one end… awww. They have such amazing eyes.

  44. Lucille Miles says:

    NOT cute!!!!

  45. Leilani says:

    Theo wrote: *This comment not valid in Rhode Island, Norway, Gabon, Guam, New Schwabenland, the World Wide Web, or Kansas.

    Well, how about Gondwanaland?

  46. ‘Roo or wallaby, I wonder?

    Very, very cute. I want to snorgle the lil’ critter.

  47. Leilani – I thought they broke up?

  48. Hi native Kansan. Will it surprise you to know that I am also a native Kansan? Raised in a little burg called Hugoton. Heard of it? Guess I got to re-evaluate my notion that most Kansans have a sense of humor about our quirky home state. *sigh.

  49. Funny thing to notice that kangaroos are also standing on their heels, just like primates. Most animals stand on their toes, or for example horses stand on their toenails

  50. So as not offend the natives of Kangarooland, which I have never visited, I must also note that despite his freaky feet, I find this little guy pretty darn cute. Plus, you’ve got the paw-licking action in the top pic, which is always a winner.

  51. RedZ — Kansas humor is a fleeting thing. (Like dust in the wind.)

  52. Awww, I love those big eyes and that deerlike face!

    The feet, now…am I the only one that thinks it looks like the kangaroo is perpetually giving everyone the finger? Er, toe?

  53. Gillian says:


    Painfully cute, indeed! 🙂

    I heart roos.

  54. pendlerpiken says:


  55. LOL.
    “am I the only one that thinks it looks like the kangaroo is perpetually giving everyone the finger? Er, toe?”

    For the record, mon schmoop rocks.

  56. you guys r silly says:

    Theo: “All we are is dust in the wind … dude.”

  57. Y’know, that’s actually a pretty fun piece to do as a duet, esp. if your sister plays violin & you play guitar. (Good times, good times…)

  58. you guys r silly says:

    P.S. Nice to see that all the COMMENTROVERSY hasn’t oozled over into THIS picture, too…

  59. you guys r silly says:

    Theo: My quote was actually from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” when they first meet Socrates (or “So Crates” as they called him…)
    Teds are funny people, aren’t they?????

  60. Yeah but B&T were quoting the Kansas song, so it’s all good.

  61. Re: baby gumming kitten “commentroversy.” Whew…yes, despite the Kansas…er, dustup, we are all still enjoying the cuddly little roo. He kinda makes me think if Nightcrawler from X-Men.

  62. BAMF

  63. you guys r silly says:

    Yeah — it’s “all chicky-babe”!

  64. his feets look like flying buttresses!

  65. Just wanted to say, Theo, I got the Gondwanaland joke. 🙂

  66. There once was a dog
    Whose head was in a fog-
    His psyche it was tainted.
    There were those that he amused
    But he still remained confused:
    Had he been ‘shopped or was he painted?

  67. WRONG POST. WRONG PICTURE. Apologies all around. This post will re-appear under the correct picture within minutes. This has been a PSA (Pretty Stupid Aubrey)

  68. Commentroversy here would roo-in the mood. Which would be quite roo-ful.

    You see, though some of us are from Venus and some from Mars-U pial away our rough exteriors and we can all get along just fine!

  69. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW OMIGOD this is so cute!!

  70. animal mommy says:

    This is so absolutely adorable. They need to post more unusual, and adorable animals like this. I just want to HUG him. errrrrr

  71. [just now catching up]
    Thalia — good on ya; *I* barely got it.
    Google is my friend.

  72. Saighin says:

    Nicely done!