Hamster-sized meals

Ruhmember this hamster and his mini meals? I finally saw them on J-Box. Because you NEED tiny food items for display or for your hamster photo shoots. Check them out. Once again the Japanese are handing our asses to us in (mini) Cuteness. Bless ’em.



Then, EBAY is full of the stuff. Holy Mini Muffins!

P.S. Yes, I have a thing for fake Japanese food. I love to look at the Japanese sushi joints with the ‘meals’ in the window.



  1. teeny yummies!!!!

  2. not wanting to get too much into technicalities here, but; is this food edible? if not, then what is this hamster eating?

  3. Hammy looks like he’s eating a piece of bread – sold separately. Mmmm the muffins look good.

  4. Once again a much needed boost to my day.

    Food cuteness is the best!

  5. Whoa! Is that a turtle on a tea tray? Strangeness…

  6. The Japanese are strange and wonderful people.

    As evidenced by Japanese TV, and mini-fake hamster meals. yay.

  7. yeah i was wondering about the edible-ness too

  8. Nickole says:

    This make me feel sorry for my dog. This hamster’s getting food which is a lot more delicate than what my dog gets for supper (or breakfast or dinner or Cristmas Day or anytime, really…)

    Fortunately, my dog doesn’t know that.

  9. Not only do I love CUTE, I LOVE TINY! Tiny things are cute. The cutest things are tiny.

    tiny-cute tiny-cute tiny-cute tiny-cute tiny-cute etc.

  10. hrrmm… the “Check them Out” link won’t work for me. Am getting a “file not found” error….

  11. The Guy Over There says:

    Ah, but do they have a tiny chihuahua for their tiny cups? I think not!

    I say we still haven’t lost the cuteness war yet.

  12. Laurie C says:

    Same here, EC, “file not found”.

  13. chunkstyle says:

    I couldn’t help thinking that this must be the new diet for Hollywood starlets to make them so skinny.
    [In late nite TV announcer’s voice] “That’s right, in one short week, the Fancy Hamsterfood Diet(tm) will make you drop 10, 20, even 30 pounds! And you can still eat your favorite foods! Muffins! Bread! Even Dessert!”

  14. E.C., I *think* it’s this:


    though that site is not very searchable.

  15. Actually this, though the one above is a different set of the same item:


  16. Shanchan says:

    Sugoku Kawaii!!!
    I want a mini sno-cone maker so bad now.

  17. Ok this is a hoot! Do the mini sno-cone makers and the mini waffle irons etc really work???

  18. They’re not real, they’re plastic. I still neeeeeeeeed that muffin pan, though!

  19. E to the C—sorry, I messed up the link. Now it’s linking to the pictures… Thanks for mentioning it!

  20. Little tiny nibbley bits! Where’s the Stoli?

  21. hey! that hamster is LiLi! Kumanoko’s little brother.

    Seattle Roll takes the best pics,

  22. Yeah, just yesterday I saw a post on whipup.net with all sorts of links to miniature things and found out about re-ment products and sadly now a chunk of my paycheck will be going straight to buying miniature things, MAN!

  23. punkpie says:

    oh Meg… I’m glad someone else likes looking at the “meals” in the window too.

    (Ever been to Japantown in SF? it’s a holy grail of plastic window foods)

  24. Madeleine says:

    Damn you Cuteoverload, now I’ve gone and bought a whole load of adorable mini food stuffs on eBay! Tiny pies!

  25. Charlotte says:

    (flushing toilet sound on my paypal account) I need ALL of these tiny items! Building a dollhouse just for them this weekend!

  26. The brand is obviously Re-ment (obvious if you looked at eBay) and Megahouse makes some awesome minis too. I’ve been loving them for about a year now. 🙂 It’s not my website but this page shows them off well: http://www.projectax.com/food/main.html

  27. I love it SO MUCH!