CuteOverload makes me want to chomp on cute animals

I don’t know why, but I wanna put cute things in my mouth! Why is that, Doc!?


Help us, Cheri C.!



  1. No no NO! Bad baby!!

  2. The kitteh’s face is priceless.

  3. Laurie C says:

    That does not look like a happy cat.

  4. omg, that cat could scratch the baby and he could get diseases and stuff!!!1 he could get bitten! he could get fur in his mouth for sure. 😛

  5. LOL That’s why I’m an animal-person, not a kid-person!

  6. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh no, I forsee the next few seconds as being *really* bad…

  7. poor kitty. i don’t care if babies are cute…

  8. That baby is about to learn a painful lesson!

  9. English Chick says:

    As cute as that kid is, its reeeeallly going to pay for that

  10. chackler says:

    I’m right with ya Connie!

    That kid is going to have a fear of cats once that kitty gets done with him.

  11. Oooh, total Halloween cat!
    Yup, baby’s gonna be hurtin’ soon.

  12. oh, that POOR kitten!! I’m afraid I’m all on the kitty’s side on this one. That look is pure anguish 😦 I want to snatch it away.

  13. omg the kitty is hurting D:

  14. This brings back traumatic memories of how abusive I was to the kitten I got when I was five.

    I want to retroactively go back and smack myself and teach me some lessons about Being Kind to Kitties.

  15. OMG, somebody save the kitten!

  16. Mini-Me? …we do not gnaw our kitty. No.

  17. Reminds me of making my cats “dance” with me as a littl’un. They were so patient…

  18. Ponygirl says:

    The nice thing about kitties is they can take care of themselves. The nice thing about babies is they learn very quickly. Its a perfect combonation.

  19. babiesnotrabies says:

    death to babies!

  20. Ouch. Poor kitty. 😦

  21. BRAT!

  22. It sort of looks to me like it was supposed to be some type of greeting card or calendar photo (aww, baby with kitten, how sweet) and baby just didn’t want to play nice.

    It also has a bit of a ‘shopped quality about it, but I won’t get THAT going again. 😉

  23. In the photograph we have gleeful baby and squalling kitten. Immediately thereafter, we will have squalling baby and punished kitten.

    I cringe every time I see this photo. I’m sorry. I don’t want to be commentroversial, but I have to vote “or sad” on this one.

  24. mejezabel says:

    THAT’S a CATastrophe waiting to happen!

  25. ‘Where’s my server? My cat-apes were supposed to be served to me on a TRAY.’

  26. Animal abuse is not cute.


  27. Babies aren’t cute and I’d rather not see an animal in pain. 😦

  28. saska, blue, and kira,

  29. I think this is negative cute. Hope the kitty scratched the baby’s parents’ eyes out. Stupid parents. Creepy baby.

  30. Theo’s Mini-Me comment just made my day.

    Definitely one for the “Cute or Sad?” category, though…

  31. I agree, Lufah, and I actually like babies. It IS painful to look at. I wish the baby’s head could fit into the kitty’s mouth. Did I just say that?

  32. Ew…Please Meg no more pictures like that! Poor kitty–not cute AT ALL!!!

  33. I would have voted “or sad,” but after Theo’s comment, all I can do is laugh maniacally. I have the mini Mr. Bigglesworth toy at home and I squeeze it relentlessly just to hear that remark.

  34. poor kitty!

    that kid is going to be bawling soon

  35. Hungry, baby? Looks like you want a little extra fiber in your diet. Flee kitty, flee! 😮

  36. Well, the only time I was truly tempted to give a bratling a sound thwacking was when I was with my little nephew. And all he was doing was PETTING the family kitty too roughly. But as I was in my brother’s house, I only could speak harshly and put on my best ‘disapproving rabbit’ expression.

  37. you guys r silly says:

    a thinker:
    I was never mean to any kitties, but “I want to retroactively go back and smack myself” for ALOT of OTHER STUPID STUFF that I did !!!

  38. Kris, in New England says:

    The parents deserve a well-placed scratch or bite, not the brat. Brat doesn’t know any better, at least in the photo. Soon afterwards though…brat pays the price for having stupid parents.

  39. hooboy, here we go again.

    i submit that the baby probably doesn’t have teeth. i submit it’s NOT animal abuse for a baby to GUM a kitty’s tail.

    ….and come on, people! have none of you ever had kittens? have none of you never seen said kittens get themselves in a compromising, uncomfortable or un-catlike position? how many kittens have you seen jumping into walls, falling off the back of chairs, etc.

    the kitty will be fine. the baby will be fine. move along.

  40. LOL! Babies will put anything in their mouths, won’t they?! Poor kitty is making the “nyyyyyreh!” sound.

  41. MaggieBelle says:

    I agree DLT.

    That cat’s not hurt. It’s just pissed.

  42. This baby is clearly establishing its dominance over this kitty…

    Not even a titter?
    Tough sub.

  43. I don’t think there’s a problem with the baby biting the tail – as pointed out there’s not enough teeth to do damage – but a hard “gumming” combined with bending the tail around like that baby is doing must not be the most pleasant thing for the kitten.

  44. Tony James says:

    “MommEEEEEEEEE! Kitteh just opened a can of whup-ass on me for biting his tail!”
    “Serves you right – you chomp on Kitteh and he flays you dead-baby-crawling – I hope you’ve learned your lesson now.”
    [god but I hate children – at least you don’t have to put kittens through college!]

  45. Aw peeps, the baby is cute, despite the kitty chompage – I’ve always wanted to name a baby Mini-Me…hm that probably shows that I’m too silly to have one anytime soon 😉

  46. Faylette says:

    An ugly human child and a pissed off and hard-to-see cat doesn’t seem very cute, in my opinion.

  47. For the record – I don’t think the kitty’s being hurt, though I’d disagree from experience regarding the idea that a baby who can sit up independently lacks teeth.

    I vote “sad” because the kitty’s going to end up punished for what any good kitty would do, in a clear demonstration of DOMINANCE over the POOR KITTEN by its TERRIFYING OWNER….

    Meh, it’s probably too late for a joke. 😉

  48. you guys r silly says:

    I *ADORE* both kitties AND babies…but I’d also rather not see pictures like this in the future…..
    And I cringe when I see pictures like this BECAUSE of the commentroversy that I KNOW will ensue….

  49. msumissa says:

    Lighten up on the baby… it is not a brat, a brat, by definition knows what it is doing is wrong, and does it anyway. That baby has no idea that it is causing the cat pain(it will in a minute!). Baby is just thinking, hmmm fuzzy teether.


  51. but TJs, you don’t hate your nieces/nephews…

  52. aaaaa....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......aaaaaaa says:

    that cat’s ugly anyway… good on the baby

  53. Well, worse than Baby here, I think, were those annoying boys who used to go over to my house to play with my hammies and then threaten to drop them. This was when I was a kid 😦 Oh, the trauma.

  54. ShellBell says:

    Who couldn’t think human babies are cute? They are so innocent and sweet. This little one is just playing – the kitty probably escaped within seconds of this photo being snapped. 🙂

  55. I guess I’m a horrible mother for having a cat, two kittnes, one young boy, and I’m laughing my everloving arse off right now.

    C’mon, folks, no permanent damage was done to either creature. And if the stuff that goes on around my house is any indication, then the chances are very likely that that kitten and that baby are probably bestest buds now. Chillax, y’all!


  56. Oh, just give the baby an apple, and let it hold it for awhile!

  57. Svenster says:

    “Our new people shredder is so easy to use that even a baby can do it! Just have the unwanted person to bite it’s tail to turn him/her into anonymous stripes. (Cross-cut and diamond-cut version also available.)”

    I think the image is kinda cute, is there an ‘after’ picture?


  58. That cat is all, “YOU WILL DIE THIS DAYYYYYYY!!!!!!”


  59. That cat might not be getting bitten but he is getting STICKY.
    What would not be cute would be a picture of the same scene, two second later. Claw one .. claw two .. claw three .. claw four .. SWIPE!

  60. CurlyJo says:

    Not cute. Not cute at all.

    Marginally cute baby, (unknowingly) abusing a very cute cat. The adult needs to put the camera down and take the kitten away from the kid until the kid can learn to play nice.

  61. That poor kitten! NOT CUTE. At all. And shame on whoever took the time to take that photo instead of telling the baby not to do that.

  62. this was not cute. Whether or not Snuggums has any teeth isn’t the issue. the cat is in distress(bared teeth…duh). Why is when a baby bites a kitten,it’s cute, but if the kitten were to bite the baby, it would have been taken to the shelter or otherwise given up. Shame on you, Cuteoverload…so not cute!

  63. Hasn’t anyone bothered to consider the racial implications of this photo!?!

    I’m sorry…I just figured since we were barking up the whole “takin’ ourselves too seriously” tree….

  64. Traveler says:

    Cute or sad? Those are the only options? Where’s the Stupid box on the ballot? Darwinism in action. I hope the kid learned a valuable lesson: kitty’s teeth and claws are sharper than baby’s.

  65. Fine. That’s it. FINE. I didn’t want to have to do this, but this has gone far enough…


    Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a new post…

  66. Kitty could be meowing for all we know. Baby’s mouth might just be touching not biting. I could swipe my kitty’s tail across my mouth without any pain to either of us. Vee know nussink off zees photo vissout beink zere! Chill out kids!

  67. Kitty isn’t crying in pain, he’s calling out to his Underworld Halloween friends to come help!

    “Cerberus! Get your butt out here!”

  68. Not cute at all. It’s disgusting.

  69. Miss Thing says:

    Uncute. Not fun. Tiny kitten gets tail pulled by scary baby.

  70. krapartist says:

    stupid stupid stupid kid… ANIMAL ABUSE… this photo isn’t cute, it’s insite to the begining of psychopath behavior.. god… take it off!

  71. …No.

    Just no.

  72. white_jenna says:

    I’ve never posted here before. I’ve seen this photo in other places and never liked it. It is not “cute” and I hope it doesn’t represent the future of a site that I really enjoy.

  73. Tony James says:

    Tink – I hate children in general, but I am prepared to make exceptions. Children who don’t have tantrums in restaurants, cry in movie theatres, or screw around on the escalators in the subway station during rush hour may make it off my list of Planet-Polluting Oxygen-Banditting Skin-Wasters, but only temporarily.
    Mac has his own views on them – generally a good source of snacks (don’t ask me why, but he inhales apple-sauce), but the propensity of the little buggers to pull tails and “pat” kitty a little too vigorously means that an supersonic swipe with the Claws Of Doom is never too far away. Tug…WHAP!..Waaaaagh! is a regular soundtrack during these warm summer days as well-meaning but misguided mothers coo things like “Look at da kitty” when they catch sight of His Satanic Majesty prowling in the garden.

  74. [singsongs]
    one little two little three little morons…

    Have some perspective for pete’s sake. Let’s see. On one hand, we have a photo of a baby gumming a kitty’s tail. On the other, we’ve got this:

    So maybe just stuff it, ‘k?

  75. (TJ — I wasn’t referring to you.)

  76. Svenster says:

    Honestly, people.
    Who hasn’t felt the irresistable urge to nibble a lovely kitty with licorice jammies?!

    I do it daily, and I often help myself to my cat, but I prefer eares and paws. Make sure it’s purring, then you’ll get away with pretty much anything.

  77. Rebecca says:

    I just love kitties, but really, this kitten is not being hurt, a little slobbery, but not hurt. Its amazing what people get worked up about, it’s precious, they will grow up to be the best of friends.

  78. The baby is just trying to one-gulp the kitten…

    The way you’re all freaking out about animal abuse, you’d think kittens never actually play-fight, chew on, and claw EACH OTHER.

    Besides, there’s obviously not enough tail in the baby’s mouth for him/her to have gotten a good chomp.

  79. I want to meet your kitty, Teej.

    And I have to admit to not being overly fond of children, though I do support their right to exist…preferably tended by other people who are fonder of them.

  80. Kitty’s littermates would chomp on it at least as hard during kitten-play, and be scrabbling all their claws into its belly besides. Kitty is PO’ed but not in danger of any lasting harm.

    Yeah, babies can bite, and they can start getting teeth as early as 4 months (and this baby is definitely older than that, since it’s sitting up without support). But if babies were prone to serious flesh-rending at that age, nobody would ever breastfeed.

  81. Mnemosyne says:

    The parents should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their offspring to treat an animal in this manner and then post it on an animal-friendly website. Childhood animal torture is indicative of a personality disorder and a very common trait among serial killers. Cuteoverload should not support animal cruelty- REMOVE THE PHOTO, IT IS OFFENSIVE AND VERY “UNCUTE”.

  82. Stratyllis says:

    You’re disgusting. That’s not cute at all. It’s animal abuse.

  83. Can’t help the laughing fit I got at reading “Childhood animal torture is indicative of a personality disorder and a very common trait among serial killers”. That’s the kind of comment you get from someone with just a leeeetle bit of knowledge and a not enough smarts to use it properly.

  84. Cpegasus says:

    that is not cute at all! ;_; I feel so terrible for the poor cat! I come to cuteoverload to see adorable animals, not one being abused! I hate this picture so much. Neither the cat nor the baby are cute, and it just makes me feel awful

  85. So does no one agree with me then? That this looks like it was part of a professional photoshoot gone a bit awry?

    Who on earth plops their baby down, in the grass, wearing just a diaper, with a young kitten in its lap that has no collar on?

    I really don’t think this is a case of “bad parenting” (beyond the fact that I don’t get why anyone would sell out their kid like this.)

    The only way someone could POSSIBLY get this picture is if they were sitting there taking continuous shots of the baby and kitten. I don’t think this was a case of, “Darling, quick, get the camera. Junior has Scawy’s tail in his mouth again!”

  86. Man, some of you really need to chill out. Babies putting things in their mouths does NOT mean they will be serial killers. Not even slightly.

    The cat will scratch the baby, the baby will cry, the cat will be OK, the baby will learn not to chomp on the cat. It IS cute, because the baby is blissfully unaware of what’s going to happen to it in about one second’s time.

  87. I don’t think it’s cute at all. The parents should never be allowed to own an animal again.

  88. Not cute. Not funny. I just received 3 e-mails from friends telling me I should check out this photo because it is so sickening, and I agree. I just filed complaints with the American Humane Society, the ASPCA, PETA, and PAWS. I will not rest until this photo is removed from your alleged animal lover site.

  89. Sofa King says:

    Whether or not the baby is biting the cat it is obviously scared and in pain. The baby is pulling its tail hard wnough that its back feet are off the ground! The kitten is obviosuly scared and most likely in pain. I agree with the serial killer statement- freak parents!

  90. WAUGH. My day has been TOTALLY RUINED. I have never been SO DISGUSTED IN MY LIFE. I am HORRIFIED. *weeps bitterly*

    But then I found ten dollars and everything was all right again.

    (… really, people.)

  91. Hey, I’m missing a ten!

  92. *shifty eyes*

    I have no idea what you’re talking about…

  93. I don’t think its a particularly cute picture, and I find babies to be generally unappealing unless I know their parents personally, but the “potential serial killer in the making” remarks are totally ridiculous …

  94. “I just filed complaints with the American Humane Society, the ASPCA, PETA, and PAWS.”

    PETA? Ooooh, I love PETA!

    Quite apropos for this picture, don’tcha think?

  95. Diane N says:

    People. This picture is obviously ‘shopped. Hmpf.

  96. Kris, in New England says:

    It’s not about the biting of the tail; kid probably has no teeth. But check out the angle of the tail in relation to the cat. The tail is getting PULLED to the kid’s mouth, which is probably why kitty is baring all fangs.

    Kids = brats, IMO. Don’t like em.

  97. Babies suck. Especially ones that chew on kittens.

  98. Wow, some of you guys are TOTALLY over-reacting and most of the rest are going with the trendy view to find this photo ‘cruel’.
    truth is this kitty CAN’T be in pain because babies are weak and have no teeth! It’s more just pissed about it. If you’ve had a cat you’ll know they hiss and pull faces like that over a LOT of things they dislike! My girlofriends cat does that to the vaccuum cleaner and when she sees my dog…it doesn’t mean she’s in pain…just a bit pissed XD

    In summary: GET OVER IT!

  99. [checks email addy]
    …”Dickie Twinkles?”

  100. Well I know *I’m* having a fun time pondering the meaning behind it.

  101. And calling the kid a psycho is just HILARIOUS! Leave your pop psychology out of this!
    The baby is too young to know what it’s doing and considers the cat like one of it’s teddies. Some of you guys are plain out-right IDIOTS!

  102. Yeah…that’s my name Theo…

  103. bookwyrm says:

    Bleah. Babies are neither cute nor funny. What a waste of pixels. I do, however, root for the kitten. More cute fuzz plzkthx!

  104. Thank Dog there’s a new post.

  105. Besides, what could PETA (who are a bunch of idiots…and I say that proudly as a vegan) and ther ASPCA even DO? It’d be hard enough to track down these people and even if the DID you couldn’t prosecute a baby! They’d probably laugh and be ‘ouch…poor kitty’ and that’d be it.

  106. Trish: Cat, actually.

  107. Guys, puleeease don’t make them stop!
    Some comments are so out of anything even vaguely resembling proportions – I laugh so ‘ard I nearly wet miself! (Manchester accent)

  108. Tony James says:

    Tink – feel free to stop by and meet Him. The best approach is to walk slowly and calmly in his direction, avoiding eye contact, hands where he can see them, and carry live mice, catnip or apple sauce. Make soothing noises, and remember – he can smell your fear 😉

  109. Lousy picture and doesn’t belong on here. Not only are they NOT doing anything to help the animal, they’re taking a picture of it (if it is a real picture. They should be ashamed.

  110. 😀 I’ll keep that in mind for my upcoming visit to England. P’raps I’ll drop by bearing mice.

  111. Oh hey, obvious link to be posted here, shoulda thought of it earlier…

  112. I was very disappointed to see this picture on cuteoverload. Mainly because I have seen it before and everytime it turns up, people get their panties in a twist. Come on, people. Untwist.

    Meanwhile, I suspect that neither baby nor kitten were hurt in the making of this photo. If it hurt it that bad to have its tail pulled/chomped that kid would already be sporting some claw marks. Who are you trying to kid?

  113. Carolyn says:

    The people taking themselves way too seriously above should not detract from the fact that this is a picture of an ugly baby with an ugly, hard-to-see kitten. It is just not a good picture, sorry kids. Whether the cat is getting hurt or not, this is supposed to be CUTEoverload, isn’t it?

  114. What I find more alarming than the photo are the number of baby-haters on the comment page.

    Don’t hate the babies. Hate the parents.

    And sheesh. You’d think you all were born at the age of 18 the way you act as if none of you were ever children.

    So yeah, let’s all just calm down!

  115. “babble, babble, me lurves kitty, keyronshe!”

  116. While that cat is probably pissed and not hurt, it could still get hurt from a baby yanking on its tail, and it IS being used as a plaything. Whoever took taht picture needs a kick in the head, babies and animals can easily hurt each other, and are not a good combination.

  117. lol – awesome name, indeedy, Dickie! 😉

  118. “But if babies were prone to serious flesh-rending at that age, nobody would ever breastfeed.”

    Good point, Jaye 🙂

  119. Bubbles says:


  120. This photo’s been making the rounds for years, and I have to agree it’s not funny or cute. It would be if the cat’s expression were not so distressed. Baby’s teeth status notwithstanding, yanking on a cat’s tail can cause spinal injuries. Agree with Kei and others that parents are to blame and need to keep baby and pets apart until baby reaches the age of reason. Which is much later in some people than others.

  121. That kitty can look after itself. It did, most likely, after this picture was snapped.
    Babies do that kind of stuff to cats, they don’t know any better. Cats scratch and escape. Life runs along as normal. I don’t think the problem is solved by the parents minimizing baby contact with animals, either.

    Well, *I* think it’s cute anyway.

  122. Oh my God, people. I’m sorry, these comments have gotten too out of control NOT to post.
    Here are my thoughts:

    1)Calling babies ugly is just as cruel as some of you think this picture is.

    2)Baby hardly has any of Kitty’s tail in his mouth…you can see probably 95% of the tail.

    3)Kitty’s hind legs are not being pulled off the ground…one of them, in fact, is resting on Baby’s leg.

    4)Behavior such as cruelty to animals, while sometimes an early indicator of personality disorders, IS NOT demonstrated as an infant. Children who exhibit this symptom take pleasure from hurting or killing animals…therefore, they have to KNOW what they are doing hurts the animal.

    5) NOTHING in this picture is “cruel”. This is one instant in a series of events which happen every day all over the world. Kid plays with cat, cat does not enjoy, cat swats kid, kid learns not to pester the cat.

    I loathe people who mistreat animals as much as the next person does, but COME ON! Get over yourselves, people.

  123. Theo, you do realize that you’ve suddenly lost all your rights to complain when someone does “first post” now, right?

  124. Theo! Meg! Make the bad men (and women) stop!

    They’re trying to tell me that kittens and babies aren’t cute!

    And why won’t ANYONE comment on whether or not they agree that this picture looks like an outtake from a professional shoot? It’s so REDONKULOUSLY obvious that I’m about to start throwing things!!

    Okay, I’m better now. 🙂

  125. ew … babies are just NOT cute. Especially that one – it’s freaky looking.

  126. I have a story from my childhood days (maybe 5 years old?). When I was little, I was chasing this black cat in my parents’ friend house. I think I got too close to the cat and the catch scratched my face. I cried. 😦

    Yes, I sort of remember it after all these years (I am 30 now). And no,that’s not me in that photograph (not that young when the incident happened).

  127. Being a mommie of a six month old and having two cats myself, I will say–that baby may have teeth. Even if he doesn’t, gumming can STILL hurt. Mommy and Daddy need to intervene here and help that kitten.

    Given though, the baby is NOT a brat. He doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. And even if he gets scratched, he’s not going to understand why he was scratched, just that he doesn’t like it.

    I say Poor Baby because he’s going to lose a great little pal in that kitten. And poor kitten for getting his tail bit.

    But you never know,tomorrow they may have completely forgotten the whole incident!

  128. I HATE, HATE, HATE this photo. How is this cute? It’s sickening. The cat is obviously in pain. But of course the kid’s parents thought the shot was cute… Assholes.

  129. ‘That’s the kind of comment you get from someone with just a leeeetle bit of knowledge and a not enough smarts to use it properly.’

    Well said.

    Given that, get that baby a real teether ring, it’ll taste better than the cat fur anyway.

  130. anonymous says:

    Are you people all so blindingly STUPID that you can’t see the cat has been Photoshopped into the picutre? I’ve seen this picture a million times – it’s not real. Look at the shadow underneath the cat – it’s a filter called DROP SHADOW. A very popular and effective one used by anyone who has ever even touched Photoshop.

    Get a life, all of you.

  131. Lee Gibson says:

    Cats can take care of themselves. Ever seen kittens tussling with each other? They nibble on each other pretty hard.

    The cat will make its displeasure known.

  132. *Circe* says:

    Is this kid Kittenhuffing or what?

  133. Svenster says:

    Sorry Diane, I’ve been busy reading utterly silly comments by people who seems to be upset by some picture showing a cute kitten having his tail nibbled by a toddler. (meanwhile: drive by-shootings , starvation and a couple of wars)
    Now: YES, I so agree! I can virtually hear the director yelling “cut, cut CUT! Somebody get that cat out from there, and get me another baby! Yeah, one that doesn’t bleed. CRIST!” at the top of his voice! 😀

    Let’s argree on that we disagree! May the fluff be with you all.

  134. aranaska says:

    i predict boo-boos for that kitty and especially that baby comin up reaaaaaal soon…babys gunna get a whuppin’

  135. No, cats and kittens can’t always take care of themselves. Especially against something bigger and stronger.

    It’s even worse when there are bigger and stronger parents who think this is “cute” when the baby plays with the kitty.

  136. E — I was attempting to re-direct a hijacked thread. It didn’t work, obviously. In fact I think you’re the only one who even noticed.

    People have an amazing capacity to get all worked up over the dumbest things, especially when they know they don’t have to be held accountable for what they say.

    Yo! I nuke a gay baby whales for plastic Jesus!

  137. …and I make grammatical mistakes TOO!

  138. I thought this site was Cute Overload…that baby is certainly not cute. Bad choice.

  139. What, you don’t see any overload goin’ on here???

  140. “Yo! I nuke a gay baby whales for plastic Jesus!”

    Even if it rains or freezes?

  141. sigh…meg must like this stuff. she knew just what she was doin

  142. Since this is obviously just going to keep going what the hell….

    The baby is cute…
    The kitten is cute…
    Its going to be sadistically cute when the kitten rips the shit out of the baby….
    Its going to be down right funny and cute in an irony sort of way when the kid grows up to rip the hell out its parents (because realize it or not we all did)…
    And the cutest part of ALL is the fact that if everyone here went back and talked to their parents something they did in the past could be seen by todays standards just as “horrible” “uncute” “sadistic” (please continue with the degrading comments ad nauseum..) when they were a child and now they stand here preaching… Hell people… how many of us rode around in cars without car seats… (NO!!!!) or played outside in the dirt with no antibacterial soap to scrub with afterwards (NOOOO!!!!!) Apparently some of you need to go burn your parents at the stake for their BLATENT abuse and horrible treatment of us…. standards change…cope and not everyone on the planet is going to agree with you its called variety…

    What’s really cute is the way fate has a way of biting one in the ass such will be the case with the kid, kitten and parents in some random order … Now if that isn’t funny I don’t know what is…

  143. Carolyn says:

    LOL carly. You are right, calling babies ugly is EXACTLY the same as biting a cat.

    @ Diane: nobody cares. But if it *were* a professional shoot, they’d have used a less ugly baby. =D

  144. “she knew just what she was doin”

    Well I didn’t see this coming by a mile! I have noticed that quite a few animal lovers are baby haters (although I don’t really understand why), but sure didn’t see the animal abuse/baby-is-a-psychopath thing coming. Yeesh!

    And “Not cute. Not funny. I just received 3 e-mails from friends telling me I should check out this photo because it is so sickening, and I agree. I just filed complaints with the American Humane Society, the ASPCA, PETA, and PAWS. I will not rest until this photo is removed from your alleged animal lover site.” just killed me! This person’s yahoo profile gives her favorite quote as “Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow”


    But in seriousness, I would have stopped the baby at that instead of taking a photo as well, but animal abuse? C’mon, get a grip. I suppose you think I emotionally abuse my wabbit when I fall down laughing every time he mis-times his race down the hallway and skitters into the wall!

  145. No no no no no noooo… antibacterial soab is BAD. Only kills the weak germs. Then the really nasty germs breed like crazy and EAT you.

    (Actually there’s a grain of truth, there.)

  146. Cute, definitely cute. Look people, we were all babies once and did stupid things, and, perhaps, learned not to do those stupid things again. the parents aren’t at fault, the baby is not at fault, and the kitten will survive this as it has no doubt survived other painful consequences of its own 9lives cat curiousities.

  147. i just think ms. meg HAS to know when she picks a photo like this, that there’s gonna be an angry virtual mob.

  148. down with soap! up with eating dirt and cat hair for health!

  149. Goagleon says:

    This is highly distressing that an animal in pain is considered ‘Cute’

  150. “I hate you, you hate me
    “Let’s gang up and kill Bar-ney
    “With a great big knife and a bullet in the head
    “Ha ha ha, now Barney’s dead.”

    I learned that at summer camp. I was a counselor. The kids taught me. Pretty amazing the way it’s stayed relevant after all this time.

  151. Is it sad that I can’t tell if some of the comments are satirical or serious?

  152. Tony James says:

    LOL @ M Dash – you should hear the conversations when we get together as a family – “you let us: ride bikes without helmets; fall off said bikes into the gravel and rip all the skin from our legs, and you put TCP on it and didn’t take us to the Emergency Room for a tetanus shot; climb trees without appropriate safety equipment; go up and down stairs without putting gates on them; play around the kitchen while you were cooking without taking adequate precautions to protect us from hot stoves; drink hard cider (because beer was clearly bad for us), on the grounds that it was no worse than apple juice (right?); wear pixie boots that were so pointed that our feet were in danger of being permanently deformed; wear t-shirts that bore slogans like “Frankie says ‘War’ – Go F**k yourself” without warning us how stupid they would make us look” etc etc etc.
    To which the response is invariably: “Did you survive? Are you still alive to complain? Did you reach adulthood without getting maimed, disfigured, or killed? In which case, whatever terrible things we did as parents can’t have been that bad, now can they?” We rib our parents about the “terrible” things they did to us when we were kids as a way of remembering what happy childhoods we had – chalk it up to being English, and therefore unable to express appreciation easily 😉

  153. Oh dear. Jayme, I do believe I know what you’re referring too, and I think you’re right. What a dodo I am! *runs and hides*

  154. There’s obviously something wrong with that cat if it’s looking that terrified.

    My biggest problem is that probably yes, the cat will retaliate. And then I wouldn’t be surprised–because it happens all the time when a kid harasses an animal and the animal defends itself–if the parents freak out about that “vicious” kitten, little Junior was just playing with it, now we gotta get rid of it.


  155. hedgedog says:

    one cat tail makes great antibodies!

    one cat scratch makes wise children!

    (and yes, face it, the baby IS ugly)

  156. Hedgie — babies are only pretty to their own parents. It’s hardcoded into our genes. I think it’s a holdover from our survival-of-the-fittest days.

    *This comment not valid in Nopantsistan.

  157. ohsnap! says:

    That is one very ugly mewling fleshbag. Not cute in the slightest.

  158. Kittens are a lot faster, a lot tougher, a lot smarter than babies. This whole “animal in pain” thing is wacky. Has no one ever snapped a photo of a cat yawning or meowing? It looks downright demonic. And yet, we have people here who are taking a millisecond of time and deciding that the animal is being mercilessly tortured by an unattractive baby that is an aspiring serial killer with lousy parents. Cripes, you people really need to focus your disgust in matters of more import. You do realized that there’s a war on and there are Iraqi animals (and an occasional innocent human) being killed for not good reason. Right? You are the reason that PETA has the ridiculous reputation that it does. Your knee-jerk ire is actually hurting the animal rights cause. Quit crying wolf and save it for the puppy mills.

  159. Svenster says:

    Blimey TJ, that would explain the behaviour of my housemates when I lived in England!

    Still, I can’t help missing England!

    *sobbing, watching another episode of SPACED, Peep show and Shameless respectively*

  160. That picture is not cute. Maybe if the baby was cuter, but it’s kind of ugly.

    Poor kitty. I hope it got away…and maybe scratched that ugly baby.

  161. Regardless of whether or not the kitten was hurt, this is not a cute photo. Even if this picture isn’t real, that is not a happy animal. I’d rather not see pictures like this in the future, and hope you will take this picture down- it clearly has upset a number of visitors.

  162. a human pulling a kitten’s tail is NEVER cute. i don’t care if it is a baby… and clearly the baby has ugly parents… ugly in more than one sense.

  163. childfree says:

    carly –

    “1)Calling babies ugly is just as cruel as some of you think this picture is.”

    Give me a break. Just because something is beautiful to you doesn’t mean that others will see it as the same way. Try opening your mind to other viewpoints.

  164. hedgedog says:

    Theo – “babies are only pretty to their own parents. It’s hardcoded into our genes” 😀
    in Italy we have a nice saying: “every cockroach is beautiful for his mommy” – I think it is self-explanatory… 🙂

  165. I look damn miserable on half my wedding pics. Believe me i wasn;t – it was moments of the camera catching me mid word/change of facial expression.

    i’m not saying the kitty isn’t unhappy or the kid should be doing that, but one pic doesn’t tell the story.

  166. Lilie — of course it doesn’t tell the whole story. That responsibility falls to all the All-Knowing Internet People, and rightly so.

  167. *l* Thank you TJ, THATS what I was talking about… every vegitarian I know ate some form of animal as a kid (don’t try and deny it if you live in the United States of “McDonald’s added beef fat to their fries?!” America), every saftey fanatic parent was once in a car without a child seat as a kid (didn’t become common until the mid 1970’s) and EVERY child has inadvertantly done some wrong to an animal… and guess what we lived, we survived and we are no more screwed up than prior generation (save maybe the whine-fest factor) Yesh… I was raised with the following mantra… Are you bleeding? Do you have a fever? Is it (whatever body part) broken?… No… then suck it up buttercup and go (to school, do your chores, etc.) *g*

  168. (Before this hits otf_wank)

    1. The people calling the baby ugly are idiots, and nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

    2. I do hope the comment about “this is how serial killers start” was made in sarcasm, because that’s just incredibly dumb. At that age, babies can’t form intent or process cause/effect patterns. My nephew is about the same age, and he’s constantly gumming on the family dog (who turns around and gives him a new doggy-tongue hairstyle, so there’s an even trade in saliva between the two). Every time, he makes an “ew!” face, and then he does exactly the same thing two seconds later. In other words, even if the baby does get clawed, chances are he’ll keep trying to chomp on the cat, as that’s how babies get most of their significant sensory input anyway.

    3. I swear the site maintainers like it when the whole place explodes in wankery. I saw this picture, and I knew the CF “Ew, icky baybee!” set would be out in force.

    4. The kitten does look terribly uncomfortable, and there’s a good chance the baby will end up scratched, and cat scratches=the nasty. This is a bad, bad idea for all concerned.

  169. Well, I have to side with others that this photo isn’t cute. What we see implies that the cat is in pain — we don’t know from this one photo if that’s true or not, but the photo is *obviously* implying pain. The photo is of a baby gnawing & twisting a cat’s tail and making it mad. It’s ridiculous to claim otherwise. I’m not sure why the site would decide to post a photo where a cat was shown in pain, fictitious or not.

    And I don’t believe it’s a professional photo shoot. The baby is lit poorly and the photo is grainy, and the cat is so dark you can hardly even make it out.

  170. ohplease says:

    –> NOT CF

    –> still think it’s an ugly baby

  171. OK. I like babies (have none, but been around them a lot). Like cats (have three, am around them all the time), and I feel sorry for both of these little ones. The kitten OBVIOUSLY doesn’t like having his tail bent back (I’m thinking it feels like hyperextending a limb for us humans). Sure, he’ll get away fast, but the babe might get scratched in the meantime. Which will not be fun for him. I think that we should smite the parents, for putting two babies in a situation that could certainly have no pleasant outcome, just for a photo op.

    Kittens are cute. Babies are cute. But the combination is sometimes not so cute at all.

  172. It isn’t like the cat can’t get away from the baby. Please, not a big deal. Chill.

  173. Not a big deal, but nevertheless uncute and unfun to look at.

  174. A CUTE picture like this causes all these comments? Jeez, people it’s a PICTURE…the cat is fine, the baby is fine. It’s a PICTURE and a funny one at that!

  175. Uh oh Angela… you just expressed an OPINION… hope you’re prepared for the consequences…

  176. Majka Mildres says:

    You guys worry too much, the guy’s got NO TEETH for heavens sake!

  177. Theo…I laughed so hard at this picture. Today, I would have loved to “bite” some of the customers I’ve had like the baby is biting this kitty! Too CUTE and FUNNY and NOT harmful to either animal!

  178. i knew there’s gonna be a lotta “childfree” backlash. i think the pic is rad. CUTE BABY, CUTE KITTY!

  179. This is wrong. WRONG.
    This is animal cruelty gone wrong and a very uncute, unfluffy picture. That cat is in agony and I can only hope the next picture shows the cat ripping that kid a new one.

    Stupid people.

  180. So, uhhhhhhh, Joe: would you by chance have a picture of animal cruelty gone right?

  181. LOL @ “That cat is in agony”

    Don’t you think that’s maybe a BIT much?

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if a bug walks by my cat, the cat turns into Halloween kitty extraordinaire, complete with arched back, hissing, and (if he still had them) claws at the ready. Heck, if air blows his fur the wrong way, he does it.

  182. I have only seen that picture 1,000 times. Pffft.

  183. –So, uhhhhhhh, Joe: would you by chance have a picture of animal cruelty gone right?–

    Animal cruelty gone right – scientific animal testing anyone? 😉

  184. Punk Penguin says:

    yet another reason why i do not like babies.

  185. chunkstyle says:

    Gee, and here I was just going to make a joke about the baby deciding that he didn’t like the new kitten diapers.

  186. Uh, all of you who are complaining about babies don’t need to do it. I used not to enjoy being around babies, but that’s changed.

    AND: this baby is CUTE, and the picture is CUTE, and (I agree) likely taken by a professional photographer.

    All the “kitten cruelty”/anti-baby comments are SO NOT CUTE!!!

    There are new posts, too. We can move on now.

  187. OK. This is so NOT cute — that baby is obviously evil. It is 6/6/06 — maybe it is doing a Damien impression. That cat needs to break bad!!!!!

  188. AuntieMame says:

    180+ posts. I might have known it was some stupid controversy…

    I think the photo AND the baby are adorable. This is in no way, shape, or form anything even approaching animal abuse.


  189. kids are not cute. Blah to ugly stupid babies being mean.

  190. “So, uhhhhhhh, Joe: would you by chance have a picture of animal cruelty gone right?”

    ::giggles at arbed::

  191. You know, now I’m thinking the kid *coughed up* that kitten.

  192. Cat Lover says:

    I don’t think it’s cute. The poor kitty. 😦

  193. not sure what it is in here today but some “seriously” serious people around this thread & Theos H.A.H. story

    WOT UP PEEPS????

    *shrugs shoulders & shakes head*

  194. not happy says:

    I hate this picture something terrible.

    Stupid babies.

  195. H.A.H. story–good one.

  196. HEEE for arbed! I just waded through all of this. Now I’m gunna go wade through all the comments about the cat house! I’m with those who think Meg must like comentraversy.

    A friend made an interesting comment the other day. He said photography is an art of exclusion. It’s true. You’ll never know what’s beyond the edges.

  197. OH MAN I bet I did that to my cat when I was a baby

    : )


  198. That is very much not cute. I hope that cat bites that baby back.

  199. Yes, this is cruel. No, it’s not the baby’s fault. It’s the fault of whatever fool was taking this picture instead of quickly grabbing the cat away. The baby’s gums might not hurt, but yanking the cat up like that by its tail clearly makes it uncomfortable, as you can see in the picture. No doubt if the cat scratches the kid, it’s going to get punished somehow. This is just showcasing human stupidity and is not cute in any way.

  200. *innocent look* Alice-capital-A above not me – my vote for cuteness, and no, I don’t have a multiple personality disorder. Meanwhile I shall step out of this commentroversy and go honk-shu.

  201. That poor, poor, kitten.

    I’m sure if that kid were teething on a parents’ finger, it wouldn’t be so cute anymore, now would it?

    And if the kitten were to teethe on the baby? Oh noes, put the thing to sleep. Give it away, but don’t let it near the baby.

    Besides, I thought cats were supposed to steal babies’ breath…

  202. Candace says:

    Wow. There is so much baby hating here! What gives? Love animals but hate innocent babies? Some people have their priorities mixed up!

    I am sure the cat wasn’t hurt as the baby most likely has no teeth. The cat could be yawning for all we know! I am more concerned about the kid getting scratched and putting a dirty cat in its mouth. Plus, I agree that parts of the picture look photoshopped, like the grass around the babies head.

    But come on people! Don’t be babie haters and stop dissing Cuteoverload! Also, please do not involve PETA—now those people creep me out more than tail chomping babies.

  203. Not cute, SICK. I don’t care if it’s photoshopped or if it’s real – I don’t need to see something like this anywhere, let alone on a site that is ‘cute overload’

  204. Looks like a ‘shopjob to me. The way the kitten is twisted around and doesn’t have its feet planted firmly on the ground kind of gives it away.

    The hissing expression on kitty’s face just makes it look even more unnatural. It seems to me that if the cat really was hissing at the kid, it would hiss at the kid’s face, not at his thigh with face turned towards the camera!

    Anyway, even in the unlikely event it *is* real…the very tip of the kitty’s tail is barely touching the baby’s lips! Don’t tell me you cat owners have never kissed your kitties’ tails — I sure have! (Plus I see my adult cats chew each others’ EARS with a lot more abandon than that, as often as lunch!)

  205. This is the only place I ever post to, so here comes my 2 cents. Babies are people, and kittens are animals. We have began as babies (how do you feel being called ugly by the baby-haters?). None of us have ever been baby animals. People have no right to harm animals, but to say you hate babies and love baby animals strikes me as a little odd. Infants should Not be allowed to interact with the family pet, period.

  206. Babies are not cute.

  207. That is terrible. That poor cat, stupid parents.

  208. lauowolf says:

    –No, I don’t think its photoshopped.
    I think the parents dropped the kitty into the kid’s lap to get a picture.
    Probably not a professional, for just the picture quality problems some people have pointed out
    –It’s all aself-correcting problem, the kitten will be out of there in about half a second.
    –Poor kid just wants something to bite. Much too young for anyone to be thinking this is a mean kid, or a future psychopath.
    (My kid teethed on me endlessly, and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.)
    –I don’t think kitty is happy, but I don’t think there’s any permanent harm done.
    I think it’s a sort-of cute picture.
    Not really my thing, but really not PETA, PAWS, Humane Society, etc. territory, though.
    There are enough real problems out there, real animal abuse cases, to deal with to keep anyone busy for years.
    If you’ve got that much indignation and energy, go apply it where it’s needed.
    This is just a silly picture.

  209. Jessica says:

    Oh Nooooss!

    Who, praytell will save the kitteh?!

  210. Sir Not Appearing in this Blog says:

    To all you morons who’re whinging about the picture:

    Put down the mouse and step away from the Internet.

    Get a life, would you?

  211. So, why exactly is an ugly baby abusing a kitten cute, exactly? And of course, if the kitty were to defend itself, it’d be sent quickly to be put down because it’s ‘vicious’. *eyeroll* You’ve failed me, Cute Overload.

  212. I hate it when pictures of babies are posted to Cute Overload.


    Because it draws baby-haters out of the woodwork, and their spew is revolting.

    That said, I don’t think the picture is funny. But I didn’t think the dog rolling over the baby pictures were, either.

  213. Theo- I know. But you’ve said it, now you’re in trouble!

    Arvay- I can speak for myself as an animal-lover and baby-hater when I say that I love animals because I hate babies and hate babies because I love animals. Animals smell better, cost less, make less noise, behave better, are cuter, easier to feed, easier to toilet-train, are better company, are less annoying and have nice soft fur. Babies are the opposite of all these things. Plus babies grow up to be people, and frequently people make stupid comments on cuteoverload.

    However, my baby-hating does not really factor into how I feel about this picture.

  214. Disgusted says:

    Poor cat.. bleh. When did animal abuse become cute?

  215. It’s really sad that people are so wierd on the internet that you can’t tell if someone is being serious or sarcastic. I apply this experience to over half of these comments. Don’t take yourself too seriously; someone might notice >.>

  216. lorelei says:

    Wow, a lot of comments, why is everyone so worked up? This is the way I learned how to be respectful to cats. I worked in a pet hospital where a little boy came in and went up to a cat (he’d never interacted with one before, apparently) and pulled it’s tail, and it scratched his arm. We cleaned him up good and even his mom said, “well, lesson learned.” Actually, in this cat’s case, on BOTH sides–stay away from baby!

    That said, this would be more amusing on Cuteoverlord, for those of us who indeed find humor in disturbing images. And in some respects, this is kinda funny. The camera just happened to get the cat in a nasty-looking moment. Kittens were designed to be a bit pliable, just like babies, I seriously doubt anything really bad happened here.

  217. Well…I dunno. The resulting shriek may have left some deaf.

  218. lorelei says:

    I could mention too that I’m a vegan, and a longstanding member of PETA, but IMHO this just doesn’t rank up there with animal testing or factory farming. Now if it were a five-year old doing it with a look of pure evil, I’d be pretty pissed.

  219. Gee, does the phrase “GET OVER YOURSELVES” have any resonance here? Hmmm…

  220. -sniggers at PETA- I’m a vegan…and they give people like me a bad name!
    Animal testing? Uhm…what pray tell do we do instead? Test of humans and kill them or completely halt medical science and let millions die each year?!

  221. I actually think about 80% of the omgz ugly baby/this is so sick posts are from the same person.

    YOU ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. Remove the stick from your ass, please!

  222. OKAY… here’s a story from a few years back:

    My family was living the country, building a house, living in a trailer. We had a semi-feral cat we called “Miss Kitty” (oh-so original, I know), who barely tolerated us. She would, though, from time to time, slither up to one of us, asking for– NAY, DEMANDING– attention and affection, which we gladly provided.

    As soon as she was petted and stroked to her satisfaction, however, she would turn upon her “provider,” hissing and sometimes lashing out, claws bared.

    God forbid we think she might actually LIKE us or anything.

    NOW… this self-same cat, snarly creature that she was, happened to be around when a toddler and her family were visiting. This barely-walking child gleefully grabbed Miss Kitty BY THE NECK and toddled around with her. I lunged forward in an attempt to thwart what I was SURE would be a lethal attack, but it proved unnecessary– Miss Kitty was putty in the baby’s hands, floppy and purring and passive as all get-out.

    Go figure, is all I have to say.

    Of course, as soon as a GROWNUP tried to separate the pair, Miss Kitty was her usual hateful self and tried to take a chunk out of said adult… NOT the drooling toddler.

    Not sure that this makes any difference to the hysterical posters in this thread, but I thought perhaps some real-life perspective couldn’t hurt.

  223. ick. I hope kitty bites baby.

  224. Friends, it is not so uncommon for cats to bite other cats’ tails either. Remember this foto:

  225. EXCELLENT reminder, Dana!

  226. This picture has been around for months, in fact there may be some copyright infringement issues that should be looked into further….

  227. Oceanic says:

    Okay, I have crawl out from under my rock to comment here.

    I know it has been said over and over that the majority of poster on this thread really need to lighten up, but it bears repeating. What compells me to comment is the absolutely *sickening* number of people saying things like you hope the baby gets torn up by the ZOMG, cute kitten. I love animals, and I love children. There are people out there who would beat their dog and never lay a finger on a kid, just like there are people our there who would beat their children and never lay a finger on their dog. Both are fine examples of moral asshatery, much like has been so wonderfully demonstrated here.

    If anyone deserves the constant ripping, it is the parents/photographer! Making cruel statements about an *infant!!* without the cognitive abilities to realize what it is doing is downright absurd, and very worrying, as well. Save your ire for the stupid parents, and spare the baby, who is completely innocent.

    Percieving malice in the actions of individuals who don’t even have fully developed brains is just absurd! And I hope to God none of you overzealous whiners ever have children.

    Save your enthusiasm for *real* cases of absuse, there are plenty that actually exist, without the need to create ones that don’t!

  228. holy cow bells, batman!
    people! chill!
    it’s a baby, doing what comes naturally..putting things in their mouths! i’m willing to bet that in each and everyone of us has a picture of us doing something weird chompage like this little tyke.
    take a deep breath, step back, look at the pic again. this scene probably lasted all of two seconds, with neither party getting hurt. baby got a mouth full of fur, kitty ran like the dickens. that’s it. there’s no point assuming anything else happened here.

    (and to gizmo, who called in the humaine society and peta…you really need to chill out, man.)

    now go on, have a pleasant day, and stop freaking out over nothing!!!

  229. This picture isn’t cute. It’s not even funny. That animal is in serious distress and I’ve half a mind to contact the SPCA if this isn’t removed from CuteOverload. As a site that was once primarily for cute animals, it’s bad enough people have overrun it with their boring baby pictures. But this? It’s cruelty. And whoever took this picture instead of helping the distressed cat and teaching their child how to respect pets deserves a punch in the face. Way to go.

  230. Alice, you’re an idiot. There are more personality disorders than just multiple- like antisocial, hystrionic, schizoid, schizophrenic, etc. I can’t believe this picture hasn’t been removed yet. way to go customer appreciation! We voted for you on the Webby Awards, jerks, now do something for us!

  231. Whoa, we sure do have a lot of nutcases commenting. Most of the haters are probably fat, unattractive feminists. Step away from the keyboard and chill the **** out.

  232. so much for freedom of expression, eh, doc?
    are you so innocent that you yourself have never done anything bad…ever?
    it’s not like like the kid’s dropping the cat off the cliff or something, i don’t even think this child is walking yet, therefor has NO FREAKING CLUE what he’s doing.

    ok. i have to stop reading this tread. it’s just cheesing me off that people are putting soooo much energy over a photo, yet there are many animals who are really in danger.

    before you judge this photo and go and call the humaine society…perhaps you should go volunteer at a pet shelter and see what REAL victims look like.

    (and there’s no need for name calling, for pete’s sake. we’re all grown-ups here)

  233. chiq_dancer says:

    The kitty has seen a lot worse… has anyone who is complaining about this EVER SEEN how little kitties play with each other????
    My point exactly.
    Of course I do have to say that the position of the kitty looks uncomfortable as we can see face and rear at the same time.
    If baby hurt kitty, kitty already took care of it. There is no logical reason to assume otherwise, so get off of your PETA bandwagons, take a deep breath and look at the OTHER cute pictures!

  234. Tiffany says:

    Yeah, this is cute, so long as when the cat scratches the hell out of the baby (and it will, if it hasn’t already), the cat isn’t put down or given up.

  235. “Most of the haters are probably fat, unattractive feminists.”

    svo, as a shapely, smoking-hot, PROUD feminist, I’ll take up the cause of the so-called “haters” here (tho’ what you mean by that is far from clear, and I’m not of the crowd anxious to call the SPCA based on this one innocent pic), and challenge you to a duel of wits… although it’s cruel of me to take on an unarmed opponent.

  236. Michele says:

    Wow. While I feel this photo is not at all cute, I dont really think that the ugly baby biting an otherwise cute kitten, forcing it to make an ugly face, constitutes animal abuse. I do think the parents are idiots for actually taking the picture rather than trying to teach the baby not to @%#* with kitty before the kitty has a chance to teach him with claws

  237. ShelleyTambo says:

    I’m with you, kariboo. Anyone who wants to call this abuse should go to a shelter. I volunteer at a shelter in the ‘burbs, and anyone who has spent a lot of time at a shelter has seen enough animals that were truly abused (set on fire, skulls fractured by baseball bats, etc.). “Abuse” implies intent, and if someone sees a wicked gleam in baby’s eye, you’re a better observer than I am. If this were an older cat who was used to being around kids and was calmly letting baby gum its tail, would people be claiming abuse? Kittens do this much and worse to each other regularly, so kitty’s momentary annoyance is nothing it hasn’t experienced with its litter.

  238. Hear, hear, Shelley Tambo!

  239. My boy Leo (adult street cat) will mess you up, J. Bo. And he loves it when you nibble on his tail. Meowwwwwwwww

  240. you guys r silly says:

    Do any of you self-righteous negative posters really think that your comments are actually going to DO anything, or CHANGE anthing?????? UNBELIEVABLE that THIS picture flipped so many of you out (and we’re even sitting here calling each other NAMES now??? How old are we???) — but NOT to the point where you’re getting up off of your butts and going out into the world where you CAN actually DO SOMETHING and MAKE A CHANGE in this screwed up world — No, instead, you’re still sitting here typing away like a lunatic (almost 300 posts???? puhlease….) on SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG where you really have NO SAY in what pictures get posted or not posted. So ok — you’ve voiced your opinion — now go DO something about it instead of just vacuously yakking about it.

  241. Woohoo! I’m 243rd!!!

  242. @ ShelleyTambo: Great post – and it’s nice to see another “Northern Exposure” fan in the crowd!

  243. *sigh*

    I think there should be a checkbox on the comment section that reads “I confirm that I have a sense of humour”.

  244. I am now outraged – Theo has stolen my special 243rd post! Damn you Theo (shaking fist in your general direction)!

  245. Yikes! … Yay! I’m 246, and we should all argue about if that’s the best number ever. Aye, Quin, I was thinking that meself.

  246. ShelleyTambo says:

    @J. Bo–Thanks, you smokin’ hot feminist, you.
    @E. Collison–best show ever. Glad it’s out on DVD.

    I will say that baby’s parents need to understand that kitty may treat baby like a member of the litter–pounce, scratch, bite. But then, they do this even if baby isn’t gumming various body parts. This is one reason that we try to politely suggest to parents of young children that an eight-week-old kitten might not be the best idea.

  247. LOL! And *you* just stole my spot, Arbed 😉

  248. Noooo, alice – you stole *mine*!!! I’m gonna throw a tantrum now and gum my laptop in a FEE-rocious attempt to tail-chomp the kitters… 😉

  249. [prepares to click “Post” the second this thread reaches comment # 300]
    [poised like a vulture]
    [intense glint in eye]

  250. Any feminist who refers to themselves as ‘shapely’ must be morbidly obese.

  251. [this is what triple espresso mocha on an empty stomach does to you, people; learn from my example]

  252. [notes SVO’s complete lack of that which is called “clue”]

  253. ah yes Theo, but I had a doughnut and I’m not afraid to use the sugar-high!

  254. When my baby is born I will have a litter of baby cats play with him. This will include tail-biting in all it’s glory. And the baby kittens will love it, after all they just wanna bite, play, and explore just like my little baby bun.

  255. When my baby is born I will have a litter of baby cats play with him. This will include tail-biting in all it’s glory. And the baby kittens will love it, after all they just wanna bite, play, and explore just like my little baby bun.

  256. Clue – I love Clue. One of my favourite board games. What? Am I trying to up the thread count (ha) by posting not-remotely-associated comments? All in a bid to watch Theo keep twitching toward 300? Moi? Reeeeeaaalllyyy?

  257. [notes SVO’s evidence of somewhat more of that which is called “clue” than previously demonstrated]
    [caffeine jitters]

  258. ohsnap! says:

    Replying to Kris’ and her “

    I actually think about 80% of the omgz ugly baby/this is so sick posts are from the same person.

    YOU ALL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME. Remove the stick from your ass, please!”

    Heads up- YOU SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME as the people who are “Wah way! It’s a cute ickle baaaaybeeee! It’s not hurting the kitty! You are so insensitive!”.

  259. [plays the crisis theme from “Jaws” in head]
    [duh-nuh… duh-nuh…]
    [dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…]

  260. Anyone denying the cuteness of said baby is fat. ‘Nuf said.

  261. Not if I click first… [pouring in a shot of espresso]

  262. LOL! Poor svo….well, not really.

  263. …..grabs a Coke…….

  264. you guys r silly says:

    or ME (pouring a DOUBLE shot of espresso)…

  265. you guys r silly says:

    pours a Red Bull…

  266. Hewwo. My name is Tommy and I’m dat ugwy baby in picture. I wuv my kitty so screw you all. Wittle love bite aint hurtin anybody. Hat-ers.

  267. svo:

    “feminist” is singular; “themselves” is plural.

    And “shapely” is what my boyfriend calls my rockin’ bod when he’s being polite. Modesty forbids my relating what he calls it when he’s– ahem– agitated.

    Might I suggest thou get thee to an English class at thy earliest convenience? Morbid stupidity is potentially terminal.

  268. SVO — you really seem to like dancing back and forth between

    1) “I’ve got my $#!t together”


    2) “…Due primarily to the unique perspective afforded by my head being lodged firmly up my @$$”

    Well, at least you’re not boring. I guess.

  269. J. Bo: At least I’m not an obese pig. Tell your tubby boyfriend to lose some weight as well.

  270. Hm… is svo reading the other 😉 “argument” he happens to be in the middle of? or is he just typing?

  271. aaaah nm

  272. alice, I think he’s gone completely off the rails. Let’s just hope someone local has the good sense to call 911– his kitty needs rescuing!

  273. You know what’s the most psychopathic about this picture?
    The number of people who’d take pleasure in seeing an innocent baby screaming with blood pouring down it’s face!
    Hypocrites, much?

  274. My baby cat is eatin a large tuna fish sandwich with anchovies. After that we will share a large, fat spliff. Don’t hate. Soon enough he will be pimpin all the neighborhood kitty cats.

  275. this is absolutely hilarious.

    how this picture is offensive is beyond me. i never heard of anything being gummed to death. and if you ever looked at a cat’s tail, the actual tip of the tail is at least half an inch away from where the fur stops.
    no harm, no foul.

    those who are offended by this suffered from a rare form of idiocy. and for those who hate babies, you have no soul.

    svo: what can you expect from overly sensitive baby-haters.

  276. “Don’t hate” is a lovely philosophy and one which I embrace wholeheartedly… so why were you so quick with the hatefulness in your earlier posts?

    Love the feminists, love the thin, love the chubby, love the baby, love the kitty…

    LOVE THE CUTE-EST! That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

    (Now, pass that spliff over here, dude…)

  277. yeah, we’re here for all the same reasons. a kitten’s tail in a baby’s mouth is much better than what could be there instead.

    feminism doesn’t need to be a part of it. cute is cute regardless. so chilll.

    i happen to know svo personally and he’s just as feminist as the rest of us. he’s testing people’s sensitivites. and obviously, he proved that some of you need to stop being so uptight.

  278. WOW..after yesterday I would have thought all this would have died down..I can’t believe this pic caused all this bullsh**. It’s a kitty and a baby. Does anyone realize there are WAY more important things going on in this world to bitch about? We are at war, children are starving all over the world, the homeless…I could go on and on. Instead of worrying about this kitty why don’t all of you focus your efforts on something that really matters. Just my thoughts where is my Cat I feel like biting its tail!

  279. exactly, why can’t people just enjoy the innocence of this picture.

  280. Nico..not sure…nothing better to do? As I said, WAY bigger issues exist and I sure wish these people would focus their energy on BIGGER things.

  281. I couldn’t agree more, nico, and I would defend you position re: “cute is cute”… EXCEPT for the fact that your pal, svo, tossed out the snotty “fat, unattractive feminists” salvo to start with (please excuse the preposition at the end of that sentence).

    Assholier-than-thou behavior (or commentary) WILL get a response, no question. And I can’t help but think that’s what your pal was looking for in the first place, nay?

  282. I apologize for those comments. But if I had to visualize some of the scum who attacked the picture & the site… yeah.

  283. actually J.Bo, i was the one who said “fat, unattractive feminists” to svo prior to his post. neither one of us were trying to be the bigger asshole, we just proved a point.

  284. Can’t find the Cat…bit the dog instead…now there’s a picture! Have a great day everyone!

  285. Huu…huh, huh. It took me… 3 hours to get…get down here.

    The picture is…is cute and it reminds me of…of…of what I did as a ki…ki, kid.

    Whew! That was hard to say. I’m so…so out of breath. Cute pic though!

  286. LOL, Kmann…

  287. E, thank you for attempting to explain, but I’m sorry to say that I’m still as mystified.

    “I can speak for myself as an animal-lover and baby-hater when I say that I love animals because I hate babies and hate babies because I love animals. Animals smell better, cost less, make less noise, behave better, are cuter, easier to feed, easier to toilet-train, are better company, are less annoying and have nice soft fur”

    Well, I like apples better than kumquats. Apples smell better, cost less, are sweet and not bitter, are easier to grow in my climate, and are more versatile to cook and bake with. Does this mean that in order to love apples, I have to hate kumquats? Eh?

    I would be okay with “I love animals, and I happen to hate babies” or “I hate babies, and I happen to love animals,” but your choice of the word “because” is a huge stretch…

  288. So… I guess this post will go into the glossary under “commentraversy?”

    Reading through all of the comments, I have gone from giggles to shock to outright laughter to disgust.

    It has been highly entertaining. My coworkers are now convinced that I’m insane. Some of you darlings need to have a sense of humour inserted.

  289. as someone else said, it’s a strange coincidence when so many of you animal lovers seem to HATE babies. i wonder what it implies?

    as for the picture itself, it’s not the cutest picture on here, but the baby and the kitty are both adorable. those with baby experience know that babies always stick things in thier mouth, not necessarily to bite (as they do with thier own hands). its just thier way of “seeing the world.”

    calling this animal abuse is silly btw. if this was, then the things i do with my dog are deserving of jail time. (we like to play, and while we both have gotten injured before, nothing serious and ill-meaning).

    in the end though, the picture looks photoshopped anyway… happy wednesday!

  290. Just take the trek slow, and stop for trail mix each hundred comments.

  291. Actually, my mistrust toward babies is not all-enveloping. I’ve just had a lot of bad experiences (if you can believe that).

  292. Oceanic says:


    Posted so as to allow the counter to get that much closer to 300 so that Theo may be the 300th poster and peace and goodwill may one again reign in my happy little sparkle world.

  293. MEG!!!! Post a new picture so we can get off this one. If I only had a camera when I bit the dog!

  294. …sadly, I’m afraid I’m doing the same as Oceanic. I think I need a different job. Once we hit 300, can we be done with this?

  295. Oh, for land’s sake. That kid? No teeth. That kitten? Protesting having its tail help in the kid’s hands, not because the child just toook some kind of huge chomp out of it! Animals and kids have to learn to interact with each other; if the kid gets scartached, they learn to play nice. If kitty gets bit, it learns to leave the baby alone. There!

  296. Kitties & Babies are all precious!!!!!! Aren’t we done with this yet?? 298??

  297. yay! 299!
    theo! post! quickly!

  298. TheLuna says:


  299. YES!!!! 300!
    I can’t believe it.

  300. TheLuna says:

    I’m so sorry … I just couldn’t help myself….

  301. One last little observation–

    All of you wishing bad things on this baby (parent’s fault, not baby’s) are really nasty and mean people. Who wishes bad things on a BABY??? Wish bad things on the parents if you want, but not on the baby.

    That’s like wishing bad things on a…oh….kitten, only 100 times worse.

    Hypocrites…’Don’t hurt that poor kitten–let’s see you hurt the baby!’

  302. Crap. I *knew* I couldn’t believe it.
    [more caffeine jitters]

  303. Theo, I think you might want to lie down. 😛

  304. Action: Great post my man. My thoughts exactly.

  305. Lie down? Lie down?? Lie down??? Lie down???? Lie down?????
    Sounds great! How does it work????????

  306. TheLuna says:

    Theo, you’re *much* too jittery for someone who just spent the weekend in a cathouse!

  307. It’s okay Theo. I got a clue and so do the others – baby haters are nasty.

  308. Whoops!
    Made a couple small edits to the main body of my “CUTEPORTER” post about Anderson House, and TypePad “un-published” it. Dang it!

    MEG!! …Halp?

    (razza-frazzin’ “junior author” access rights)

  309. eek? wha happened, Teho? report is gone!

    glad to hear it isn’t because Meg didn’t like it.

    It’s probably because of your “junior author” status–Meg probably now has to re-publish it.

  310. Svo, what do you expect from a complete moron?

  311. Theo:
    Are you not allowed to use the Blue Couch of Fabulousness – for even a moment? Or must permission first be submitted, in triplicate, to the proper authorities?

  312. I am sad.
    I am trying to *add* content, not *revoke* it!

  313. I know things were getting dull around here, but I’d rather see ‘tocks galore than not-even-remotely-cute pics… NEEEEXT!

  314. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. And when people started fighting in the aisles I slipped out to get a refill on my popcorn. I thought when Meg’s cat-travelogue post un-posted it was just a sign for me to come back from the lobby and see more fightin’. Don’t tell me it’s over?! OH, and Theo was robbed. That 300 post should been his….

  315. pinupkate says:

    good grief, everyone needs to calm down.

    the people who are getting worked up have obviously neither owned a kitten or a baby or had them in the same household.

    it’s just a baby being a baby and a kitten being a kitten. my cat leo and i played in this fashion all the time when i was an infant, and neither of us was ever hurt. in fact, i think it contributed to how strongly he bonded to me, sleeping in my crib/bed with me every night till he died.

    once again, like the dog picture, the owner of the baby and the cat knows the temperaments of both and photographed them in a supervised situation.

  316. Madeline says:

    I think the kitty is REALLY upset ‘cos its’ head is way too close to a smelly ‘ol diaper – look how it’s twisting its’ neck the other way. You can almost hear him say “Peeeeeee-yew! That is Futinky!”

  317. Pinupkate, thank you.

  318. Kris, in New England says:

    Nico: “and for those who hate babies, you have no soul.”

    Nice, really very nice. And for people who pass judgement so quickly – what do you say about them?

  319. clap clap clap!!! pinupkate has written the most sincere and moving post yet! congratulations!

  320. Ok, so most days I just look at the cute pictures and go about my day. But, when I see three hundred posts, I tend to read some of them over to see what all the fuss is about. I can’t believe I just wasted thirty minutes reading a bazillion posts about how people are morally outraged by some silly picture involving an infant gumming a kitten. I can’t believe I got computer eyes (which happens when you stare at a computer screen too long and your eyes don’t seem to want to blink anymore)over this! I’m going back to bed. Thank you, half-wits, for ruining my morning. (For all of you out there who don’t understand sarcasm, that was it.) Now to go watch SpongeBob.

  321. Kris, it’s really very pointless to hate babies. You were a baby once; they are almost a symbol of innocence. And you probably ate a worm too. We all killed living animals, so are we going to become serial killers?

  322. Teughcats says:

    Meg, PLEASE put up Theo’s anecdote again – without the comments (too depressing). And then PLEASE give us something else to comment on!

    (desperately trying to change subject)

    Theo – I am impressed that you know that “teugh” is pronounced “2”. Most go for “tough.”

  323. Wow. You internet people creep me out. Then again, I just sat here and read through all this. That’s 30 minutes I’ll never get back!


  324. Kris, in New England says:

    SVO: I never said this picture meant the baby would grow up to be a serial killer. In fact, my previous comments indicated it’s the parents to blame.

    Yes I was a baby once, so was everyone commenting here. Doesn’t mean I have to like them now that I’m a grown up. They are messy & complicated.

  325. I’m sure Meg will fix my oops as soon as she’s got a moment… and there’s even a new draft post in the queue now…

  326. Kris, in New England says:

    Oh god PUHLEASE let the next post include one or more animals, sans children.

    Enuff commentroversy.

  327. meg! please put something…anything else..up!
    newly annoyed folks are coming out of the woodwork making me want to see what else anti-gummers have to say!
    i know i said i was done posting on this thread, but it’s like a train wreck! i just can’t look away!!!! LOL.

    (it’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down)

  328. Hate this picture. I’m shocked that such a cute and sweet site would post a picture of an animal being harmed. I am seriously disappointed.

  329. (Just got an email from Meg… patience is counseled…)

  330. Next post should be a poll:

    Are you a pro-gummer or anti-gummer?

  331. Seriously? 300+ comments on this? I have two cats I’ve raised from the time they were 6 weeks old, and I can’t tell you how many kitten pics I took of them meowing and yawning that look just like this. The hullabaloo surrounding this pic is laughable.

  332. animal mommy says:

    To those of you such as: Amanda, Gizmo, cpegasus, Mnemosyne, Connie, Blue, Kira, Faylette, I’m right there with you!! This is exactly why people like DLT, aaaa…aaaa…aaa, ShellBell, and DenitatwoDragons should not even be looking at this site. They are obviously not animal lovers, they have no idea the horrible things that our aweful species does to animals. People are the most violent and disgusting things on this planet, we don’t treat eachother or animals right, and this picture proves it.

  333. animal mommy says:

    To those of you such as: Amanda, Gizmo, cpegasus, Mnemosyne, Connie, Blue, Kira, Faylette, I’m right there with you!! This is exactly why people like DLT, aaaa…aaaa…aaa, ShellBell, and DenitatwoDragons should not even be looking at this site. They are obviously not animal lovers, they have no idea the horrible things that our aweful species does to animals. People are the most violent and disgusting things on this planet, we don’t treat eachother or animals right, and this picture proves it.

  334. Judge judge judge, assume assume assume, blah blah blah…

  335. I know most of you are starting to brush this post off, but this has really sparked an interesting controversy. I can’t fathom that there are people in the world like animal_mommy. I just can’t. This pic to me, to my eyes represents innocence. And it makes me smile. Everyone has different perceptions I guess. But the perception to wish harm to the baby and call it animal abuse sounds wacky. It sounds ridiculous and these people come off as mean, nasty, and confused individuals. **** you.

  336. animal mommy says:

    P.S.> and the kid looks demented

  337. *whistling Disney tune*

  338. poor kitty! bad baby bad!

  339. I cannot BELIEVE that you would promote that soulless right-wing corporate behemoth, Thinker… or something…

  340. Bubbles says:

    Cold…so cold…cute world gone suddenly dark and the screaming howler-monkeys have taken over…help please….

  341. “Are you a pro-gummer or anti-gummer?”

    Neither – I’m a machine gummer: twice the gumminess, half the effort.

    I’m a mocker, too.

  342. what is y’alls favorite kind of pie?

    I can’t rightly decide between cherry and blueberry… there is also blackberry and huckleberry, and strawberry to consider.

  343. This kid does not represent the evil humans present towards animals. He is an infant child bonding with a baby kitty. It is a glorious event and one that should have been documented further. I will be registering and shooting video of this precious bonding experience.

  344. Bubbles says:

    I like peach pie best, with a crumbly top and vanilla ice cream.

  345. sowry. a comma should have been between “blackberry” and “and” in the above.

    my apologies and regrets for any distress/offense the missing comma has/could have caused

  346. justslm says:

    Kitten getting tail pulled is NOT CUTE. Baby potentially getting scratched is NOT CUTE. I love kittens and babies, but they don’t belong together.

  347. gloom raider says:

    Can’t believe I’m bothering, but:

    1) Mewing kittens show teeth just like that, whether they’re saying “Hi!” or “Yeeowch!” or anything in between;

    2) Cats DON’T LEAN INTO things that are hurting/bothering them. They jump, they twist, they flail.

  348. Hey, screw you justslm.

  349. Yeah, I finally give up. You can all continue with your off topic bull**** and act holier than thou. Way to give in to wacked out baby haters.

  350. THEO!

    Did you delete your other post just so this one would keep generating more insanity, thus allowing you to have comment number 400?

    Silly boy 😉

  351. bubbles,

    peach pie, yum! not quite sure what “a crumbly topping” on a pie is, though. ’round these parts we have cobblers, which are fruit filling with a crumbly topping (no crust). they are served warm straight out the oven, often with vanilla ice-cream. and peach is the king (queen?) of all cobblers.

  352. Animal mommy, let me know when you upgrade to a superior model–a baby.

    Human mommy and proud of it!

  353. mariser — my fave is lemon merigue…or key lime…. yum…

    hey everybody..did you see the bear? just look at the bear…no kids, no pissed off kitties, just a happy bear with a squeek hippo. let’s bask in the happiness of the bear and leave the gummer/gummie at peace, k?

  354. Diane – NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO nuh-uh.

  355. Bubbles says:


    Imagine peach cobbler but with a bottom crust. Twice the crust, all the peachy crumbly goodness.

  356. pie. yum.

  357. Fight for what you believe in. Don’t let off topic chatter ruin a perfect debate.

  358. Bubbles says:

    I believe in pie!

  359. “…this photo isn’t cute, it’s insite to the begining of psychopath behavior..”

    Holy crap on a crutch, heaven forbid a baby gets curious! I would find it hard to believe that you didn’t do anything stupid as an infant.

  360. Baby haters: Go to your corner and cry you depressed anti social dolts.

  361. MaggieBelle says:

    I cannot believe this is still going.


  362. I am a fat unattractive feminist and I LOVE babies and kittens. In fact, I volunteer as a foster mom at a local cat rescue. People who find babies repulsive have a screw loose. People are animals too! Just ask any biologist. This is a picture of two baby animals romping together and it is definitely CUTE. All you baby-haters, please crawl back into your lairs. People who hate humans and love all other animals are CREEPY.

  363. kar,
    yay! keylime pie! so much better than keylime cheesecake, IMHO
    also: whut bear?

    mmmm. double cobbler. sounds almost tooo good. don’t know if I could handle it.

  364. mariser and bubbles = spam pie. Get it?

  365. pie with ice cream!

  366. TheLuna says:

    Chocolate pie … yum … or peach cobbler, warm with vanilla ice cream … mmmmm

  367. MaggieBelle says:


    I can’t believe you all are talking about taking innocent fruits and turning them into PIES!

    I am indignant! Feel my wrath against PIE!

    You should not be allowed anywhere near the fruit aisle of the grocery store.


  368. Babies + kitties = mmmmmm with warm milk and shortbread cookies!

  369. Tsitsi said:
    “I am a fat unattractive feminist”

    hey! me too! what a coincidence, eh?! we should go have a drink. somebody (?ariel?) suggested in another thread to have “bunny cream”. sounds delish, settles the nerves, and JUST the thing to have alongside pie.

  370. The baby kitty says hello.

    The baby human says hewwo.

    After the baby nibbled on baby kittys tail, they went inside for a cookie. “COOKIE!” They both screamed and laughed as their mothers handed them a mini shortbread cookie. They were filled with joy and hugged each other.

    The end.

  371. Oh my gosh you guys, all this talk about pie.

    I’m 7 months pregnant and home alone with no car! All I can think about right now is pie!

    What are you trying to DO to me?

  372. MaggieBelle says:

    Hey! I’m 7 months pregnant too Diane!

    When are you due?

    That’s gonna be two more babies in the world for people to hate. Ain’t that a shame? 😉

  373. Cookies could bring world peace! 🙂

    I like chocolate chip myself, but true shortbread is great. Also Girl Scout thin mints.

  374. **** tha baby hatas.

  375. Diane said:
    “What are you trying to DO to me?”

    call you schmoop (or reasonable facsimile) and send them on a mad chase for pie(s) all over town. a pregnant woman has RIGHTS!

  376. ahem.
    call you schmoop=call youR schmoop


  377. 375 posts?? Time for a diaper change! 😉

  378. “true shortbread is great. Also Girl Scout thin mints.”

    …and so EC has spoken. I abide.

  379. “Baby haters: Go to your corner and cry you depressed anti social dolts.”

    Exactly! 😀

  380. MaggieBelle says:

    But…but…what about Samoas?

  381. are Samoas still available? I haven’t seen them the past couple of years.

  382. MaggieBelle says:


    They don’t have Samoas anymore?

    You’re kidding right? I think I’m gonna cry…

  383. MaggieBelle –

    I’m due Aug 19… how about you? Yay for more babies!

    And Samoas are my favorite… I’m pretty sure they’re still around. I can’t believe I resisted them this year!

  384. ” People are the most violent and disgusting things on this planet”… maybe as a whole but before condeming every human on the planet I ask all those who hate humans so much the following. Exactly which animal is going to be caring for you when you can’t do so for yourself? Which furry little love bug is going to be handling your IV when you are ill? What form of the great animal kingdom will be filling your perscription when you need those handy dandy pills that allow you to age and care for your beloved pets? When a monkey wipes your wrinkled butt, a cute and fluffy lion puts you in that wheelchair or a puppy makes sure you get that pain med you so desperately need, then you can hate humans all you want and sing the praises of the animal kingdom with your dying breath. Like it or not though the people/babies we hate today will be the ones taking care of you (yeah even if they aren’t YOUR kids) one day in the nursing home, hospital when your sick, etc. So stand on your soap box now while you can and remember people ARE animals too. I can love animals (all species) and still have the foresight to realize fluffy won’t be the one wiping my ass as I age… be careful how much disdain for the human race takes root in the heart. Unless you plan on walking out into the woods and killing yourself humans will be the last thing you see before you die… and for the die hards who say they would wander into the woods… I’m sure Mr. Puppy, Captain Kitten and all the rest of your friends will enjoy the free meal…. *g*

  385. TheLuna says:

    They call Samoas Carmel Delights now … I think “Samoas” was somehow un-PC. They are the best *ever*.

  386. mariser, yikes! A godling I am mos’ def’ NOT! 😉

  387. you guys r silly says:

    It’s “funny” because earlier on, I was going to say ” F*** IT … who wants some pie???” And then marisser comes up with the same topic… &:o)
    So I must say, (humbly…ahem…) I make the absolute *BEST* cherry pie in the entire universe!!! It has a lattice top, with a citrus/sugar drizzle topping, and the cherries are both tart AND sweet and it’s thick as all get out…It ROCKS served warm with vanilla ice cream!!!

  388. MaggieBelle says:

    I actually am a week or so short of 7 months, so we’re expecting a little girl on September 11.

    Samoas, un-PC though they may be, are also my favorite. And I didn’t resist them this year, I just missed the selling time!

  389. “Samoa” was un-PC?

    But I’m pretty sure it sort of came from the same place as S’mores. As in, “I’d like samoa of those cookies, please.”

    Now I’m going to have to Google and find out.

  390. TheLuna says:

    The un-PC was just a guess; perhaps they just wanted a more descriptive name. Didn’t they rename Trefoils (sp?) too?

  391. you guys,

    great minds, and all that… 😉

    your cherry pie sound beyond awesome! and the description is snorgable. please mail some in.

    TheLuna, MaggieB and Diane,

    I have seen “caramel delights” but had no idea they were the samoas with a new new. I must remember this next year when GS cookie time arrives.

  392. Okay, this is what I found:

    Samoas or Caramel deLites: These consist of a circular vanilla cookie about 2inch in diameter with a small hole in the center, covered in caramel and toasted coconut and then striped with chocolate. This is one of the only cookies in the group that has differences depending on the bakery. The reason there are two names is because while similar, the cookies have some differences. Samoas are made by Little Brownie Bakers. They are circular, with an orange color and are thicker from top to bottom; usually they also contain more caramel per coconut. The Caramel deLites, made by ABC Bakers, are actually hexagonal, with a more yellowish tinge, and more of the cookie comes through in the flavor because of the lower caramel content. Overall they are both very popular, and most people never notice the differences. Both varieties come in purple boxes.


    So I think that some places have the Samoas and some places have the Caramel deLites (depending on which baker distributes your area’s cookies, I’m guessing.)

  393. renaming cookie: I’ve never understood it.

    Trefoils was a nice, clear, descriptive name. Why mess with a good thing?

  394. Aw heck. I’m tempted to go for Comment #400, but it’s just too nerve-wracking. Somebody else do it.
    [jitter jotter jutter]

  395. Diane, thanks so much for the info. makes tons of sense…

  396. TheLuna –

    It’s the same thing with the Trefoils… one of the bakeries still calls them Trefoils, while the other calls them “Classic Shortbread.”

  397. TheLuna says:

    I found that description too, Diane, and I must say I’m bummed that we get only the Caramel deLites in my area – I noticed the difference! 😦

  398. That poor kitten. Someone needs to keep that baby away from animals until it learns to treat them with respect. Although given that presumably it was the parent who took the photo, that doesn’t seem likely.

  399. Veronica says:

    Why does everyone have to like babies? Why do we have to put up with your crying, pooping, ugly little disease wherever we go, just because YOU decided that the world bows to you so much you needed to grace us with another miniature you? Babies yowling at the library, movie, or other quiet places (like coffee houses) irritate me. Babies hurting little animals and parents going “awwhh iz so cuteee” peeve me off. I wish I could slap you people every time you impose them on us. Thanks…OH SO MUCH, for forcing me to be around your “little angel”. I am a female. I am NOT fat. I maintain a successful career (you know, the one you can’t have because you have soccer practice, and vaccinations to worry about) . People who have kids on the other hand: Often grotesquely fat, Often up to their elbows in debt, often “white trash” living in trailer parks with their 8 kids, taking these sorts of pictures. I’ll take my Italian designer purses, my nice house, adventurous vacations, glorious freedom, and lap dogs any day over dirty diapers. And you know what? I know all you “moms” who no longer have a life of your own, are very jealous of my freedom. 😛

    Anyone who makes a case “for” babies, is just a sore looser, who’s jealous of all the things they can’t enjoy for another 18 years.

    I must say thank you, however. Without you, the human race might just go extinct. You’re doing your part, so I don’t have to. >_>

    P.S your hubby is at my house tonight, I mean… “working late”.

  400. great post, M-

    thanks for the contribution.

    If you want to talk pies, cookies, and other junk food please go to a food forum or something

  401. TheLuna says:

    Tell me I did not just rob Theo *again*! [sad face this time]

  402. Aw, hell, as a hot bored feminist, and to further the cause of Theo posting the billionth post:

    I thought this pic was hilarious and sent a link to a friend. As a ‘shopper, I think it’s probably shopped, but don’t really care either way. The cat’s displeasure (cats are in a state of displeasure most of the time that is not spent eating, sleeping, or being petted) combined with the baby’s cluelessness are funny. Dramatic irony: the audience knows what is happening and what will happening, but the players do not.

    If anyone out there is actually reading this comment, go read a baby! Pet a book! Hug a cat!

  403. Thanks Veronica, not only is your name high-maintenence but you managed to post the most superficial bull**** i’ve ever read on the internet. Props.

  404. SilvorMoon says:

    My only comment to this is that my parents have a photo of me as a toddler that they like to flash around to embarrass me. It involves a situation where I’d found a kitten (that looked a great deal like that one, actually) and was carrying it around with my hands clamped around its neck. Fortunately they made me release the kitten, and I grew up to be a wise Cuteologist who knows better than that now. 🙂

  405. Cookies.

  406. MaggieBelle says:

    I’m going to assume that Veronica is a making a very clever joke, because no one could actually be that clueless.

    Ha! Good one, V!

  407. Pie.

  408. Cake!

  409. veronica, hon, darling. you should really have some pie. and mellow out a bit.
    ps..i’m not judging: but is that what baby-less people are supposed to do? whore around with other people’s husbands? that’s not freedom without baby, that’s just slutty.

  410. My Two Cents says:

    Wow, Veronica.

    That’s just… inappropriate.

    I’ll never understand why women who don’t want children have to put down women who do want them (and vice versa).

    I just don’t get why you felt the need to be so nasty (and vulgar, as well) to make your point. You could have done it in a much more classy way.

    Oh, and by the way. My husband would never want anything to do with a person whose priorities are so out of whack with his own. You might not realize this, but there ARE men out there who want children. We’re not just a bunch of dumb whores getting ourselves knocked up for a free meal ticket.

  411. 400 some comments?! Now how did that happen?! I won’t even try to follow the whole dessert conversation 🙂 but I’ll have to say that I love tiramisu!

  412. I’m just going to say that I thought this picture was rather amusing.
    *ducks to avoid any flames coming from baby haters*

    It’s not funny at all for the cat, but accidents happen all the time. One little incident like this does not mean that the baby is a disgusting little demon, or some other colorful description condemning all little children. These guys don’t know what they’re doing, and it’s not really their fault so much as a lack of judgement at such an early age. Things like this pass, and both will probably forget about it.

  413. you guys r silly says:

    hey svo:
    Like a piece of my *AWESOME* cherry pie would say : “bite me.”
    Aren’t you tired of WHINING yet?????

  414. …diet soda?

  415. Amen to kariboo!

    There is SO much I want to say in relation to that post, but I’ll leave it at that. 😉

  416. MaggieBelle says:

    I hope it’s caffeine-free, Theo.

    I read the earlier posts and I saw how you are when you’ve got a caffeine buzz…

  417. cinnamon gum.

  418. MaggieBelle — oops. (Again).

  419. you guys r silly says:

    and wow…..
    where the hell did VERONICA come from all of a sudden???
    Isn’t it AMAZING what kind of CRAP crawls out of the woodwork sometimes???

  420. TheLuna says:

    Must … have … cherry … pie …

  421. I just remembered! I have Edy’s Light THIN MINT ice cream in the freezer.

    It’s not pie, but I suppose it will do.

  422. Holy McShizzle, this is officially OOC (Out of Control). Or should I say: C.O.O.O.C?

  423. ShellBell says:

    Veronica – did you forget you were once…yes…you…were once a…BABY!!!!!!!!!

  424. you guys r silly says:

    Hey Meg!!!
    Look What We Did While You Were Gone!!!

  425. Welcome to your maelstrom, Meg!

  426. MaggieBelle says:

    I feel like I just got caught doing something bad…

  427. Oh, Meg, end the misery! 😉

  428. you guys r silly says:

    heh-heh…yeah…like mom and dad just walked into the room to find me dunking my little brother’s head in the fishtank…
    (oops….did I say that???)

  429. Bubbles says:

    I admit that I once was a baby, and I think I enjoyed it. I also enjoy chocolate-chocolate chip cookies.

  430. you guys r silly says:

    P.S. and I’m sure that VERONICA is FAR TOO SUPERIOR to have ever been a baby…

  431. molasses cookies.

  432. Stop whining, ‘you guys r silly’. I’m voicing an opinion, something everyone here is afraid to do to spite the baby hatas.

  433. Oh, Meg – could you please (pretty please with sugar on top?) close the comments section on this post?

    We needs yer help, gal.

  434. I’m also printing out this picture and attaching it to the back of my car with the caption: “= INNOCENCE. DONT HATE ON THE BABY.”

  435. Huh huh huh… Ariel said “molASSes”…

  436. you guys r silly says:

    svo: Like Theo said earlier, we’ve all watched you swing back and forth and back and forth switching sides back and forth and back and forth…
    bite me.
    There. that’s MY opinion.

  437. Back and forth? I attacked the baby haters since my first post. I haven’t ever switched sides.

  438. Goodness, Veronica. From someone else who has chosen to live a child-free life, get off of your soapbox. Maybe you should stay at the B&B with the kitties. It might relax you a bit.

  439. Oceanic says:

    Damn it all! I have to post again!

    Veronica- I hope that was clever satire. If not, you are a sad, sad person. I hope that you are happy with your shallow, material things because when you are old and ugly, as we all will be someday, there will be no one who loves you. So take joy now, while you can.

    Furthermore, you can have a successful career, *and* children. Those terms are not mutually exclusive, and many rich and powerful women (more so than you will ever be) are both mothers and successes in thier field of choice.


    P.S. I am fat, and a feminist

    P.P.S. I second the vote for Tiramisu!

    P.P.S. 500 posts? Any takers?

  440. Veronica = svo?

    *ducks and covers*

  441. Theo, are you on my side? Do you fight against this bigotry against human babies? Or are you content with posting off-topic bull**** and acting like you are more intelligent than everyone else?

  442. Your tragedy, SVO, is that you assume it’s an *act.*

    (OK OK people… stop throwing stuff, you’re burying my desk…)

  443. Haha, I really am sincere about this. I love this picture.

  444. mmmm…punkin bread.

  445. Thank god i’m not a blog nerd. This is the first time I’ve replied to one of these things. And it sucks.

  446. Almond scones!

  447. Argh.

    We’re all costing Meg a bundle by continually racking up hits on her server.

    Some of you people ought to visit the tip jar – it’s in the far left column. (*Not* the regulars, the rest of you!) For shame.

  448. Theo, i know you hate me just for the fat unattractive feminist comment, well too bad, the truth hurts doesn’t it.

  449. Dear Meg: Please close the comments. Pretty please. With pie, tiramisu, cake, cookies, and ice cream on top.

    (maybe we *should* see if we can hit 500, tho)

  450. Hey, at least I got #450. [ahem]

  451. why, so you did. congratulations!

  452. lame

  453. Apple cinnamon scones!

    (To anyone in LA: there’s a donut shop at National & Sawtelle near the interchange of the 10 and the 405 that makes AMAZING apple cinnamon scones, always sold out by 9 am.)

  454. Wow. I think my lucky stars that as a chosen-to-remain-childless person, I can still enjoy other people’s children and have not turned out nasty and misanthropic!

    And ariel,
    I have a pumpkin bread recipe that is so good, my friends/family practically break down in tears when I give them one! Hee!

  455. you guys r silly says:

    2 words:

  456. Oh bunnyraisin! That’s thank, THANK my lucky stars! And I do!

  457. strawberries. cheese.

  458. Yes Veronica!

    Loves it!

    Oh, and to you people who say “you were once a baby too”… just please stop talking. Thats been the most crippled comeback since time begain. Even a baby wouldn’t say something that lame. Just stop your fingers from typing now.

    Down with Ugly babies!

  459. *l* Thank you Kariboo… and for those like Roni…don’t have kids myself, glad you have a career, so do I… could care less about the size of your ass, age is a REAL MotherF*cker and surgery only goes so far, glad you love to travel… lest we must suffer you presence any longer than need be… as for the verbal stab… take the shot while you can in a place like this, I’m sure it helps you lacking self esteem. Live alone as the “other” woman who isn’t apparently attractive enough on ANY level to actually have a man want her for more than a fluid receptacle… however in the real world somehow I SERIOUSLY doubt you ACTUALLY matter as much as you think you do… oh and even if think you do in your tiny world… lets get this real clear….

    You DON’T in mine.
    Oh and THANK YOU for the love of whatever God(s) you belive in for spreading your legs and not your genetics!!! Whew!!! Have a nice day.

  460. Oceanic says:

    Hurray, Theo!

    Whew, this day has taken a lot out of me. I need a nap after all this emotional upheavle! But like a maggot infested corpse, I just can’t look away. Bring it on, people, bring it on…*assumes shifty, ninja position*

  461. you guys r silly says:

    I ALSO make an *AMAZING* loaf of zucchini bread!!!

  462. svo–for someone who’s not a blog nerd you’re spending an awful lot of time trolling a blog.

    Oh, and no one mentioned cherry cheesecake so far, so there.

  463. Thank god I refrain from being a psuedo-intellectual like Theo and Co. You are so fucking witty! hehehehe

  464. bunny creme de menthes!

  465. I am honestly bitter from the comments made on this page. I think most of you are fucking morons. I’m getting paid for doing it, so I don’t care. Thanks for your amusement. Peace.

  466. you guys r silly says:

    “Even a baby wouldn’t say something that lame.”
    That’s only because they can’t talk yet…but that’s what they’d say if they COULD…

  467. you guys r silly–

    Me too! Only it’s quite time-consuming. 😦

  468. dulce de lapin!

  469. SVO — you’re getting paid for doing… what, exactly?

  470. you guys r silly says:

    do you really think you’re the only person posting here while you’re supposed to be working?

  471. you guys r silly says:

    aww….look….now we’re making svo use dirty words…
    shame on us…
    (oops…gotta get back to work…)

  472. Theo, I am paid to be here as well! Not to be doing this, exactly, but my project was cancelled, and I should be laid off, only I beat them to it by applying for a PhD program, so I am leaving in mid July. So there! Yes, I am still paid to sit here and do nothing!

  473. PEEPS!

  474. Wait, Theo–that was supposed to have been his “Goodbye, cruel forum” post. He said he was leaving, right?


  475. Okay, I’m not even gonna bother to read the last 17 snotty things that have been said. I just want to see Theo get to post 500!

  476. i’ll have you all know, i’m not a pseudointellectual. i’m a bona-fide intellectual! that’s milk-bona-fide, of course.

  477. GO THEO GO! 500 is on the waaaaaaay. I wonder if TheLuna will come back in time to snatch it from your clutches, yet again.

    Maybe you guys can be arch-nemeses… nemiseseses.


  478. the-O! the-O!! the-O!!!

    (supportive chant)

  479. B5R — shh! You’ll jinx it!!

  480. Stop it! All of you! I have to go pick up one of my kittehs from the vet, so I can’t keep up with all these threads! See you all tomorrow!

  481. [looks around nervously for nemassis]

  482. Does nemesis come in raspberry flavor?

  483. Oceanic says:

    People of Earth!

    I have a new mission: to get this post to 500 comments.

    To facilitate this, Aryuy, I would love that pumpkin bread recipe! Bwa ha ha ha!

    I lurked here for *months* and never said a thing, now I can’t stop myself! The Horror!!!

  484. Bubbles says:

    Once someone proposed marraige to me after tasting my pumpkin bread at a bake sale.

  485. You people are all insane.

    (One post closer to 500. Yesssss.)

  486. ***SCANDALIZED!***

  487. Oceanic says:

    Sock it to me, Bubbles! I can do a cross comparison and get back to everyone with the results. I’m sure this thread will still be going by the time I bake and eat two loaves 🙂

  488. w00t. And counting.

  489. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    punkin bread.
    aaaahhllgh (homer simpson drool sound)

  490. Bubbles says:

    So close, people! I feel the 500’s breath on the back of my neck!

  491. TheLuna says:

    Must … resist … thwarting … Theo …

  492. bunny fiver, did you mean rASSberry?

  493. I am going downstairs to get my afternoon caffeine shot. I expect to see a 500 count when I get back.

  494. schmah! schmah! schmah! schmah!

  495. Oceanic says:

    I’m scared to post, I’m afraid I’ll steal it on accident!

  496. Bubbles says:

    Are we there yet?

  497. *commentator voice* Here it is folks… the contest to see WHO will be the great 500…. will it be Theo…. or will his sweet victory be swept away yet again by The Luna… stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of…..

    We have no lives…..


  498. Did I make it?
    Did I did I huh???

  499. how do you even tell which one is 500?

  500. dis iz hiwawious

  501. TheLuna says:

    And M- swipes it in a surprise upset!

  502. I think it was “Are we there yet?”

  503. Oceanic says:

    It’s simple, I just start to lose count around number 300!

  504. Yep. Bubbles got it.

    Is this the first CO thread to get past 500 comments though? (Artificially inflated or not?) I think it is.

  505. Bubbles says:

    Sweet fancy mustard!!! Me???

  506. *l* OH CRAP!!!! I’m sooooooooo sorry Theo…. duuuude…. I’m gonna go hide in embarassment now….. OY!!!

  507. TheLuna says:

    At least it wasn’t me this time. [sighs with relief at hopefully not being buried in pies by Theo’s angry army]

  508. Oceanic says:

    Well, I for one am honored to be a part of CO history, then. Yay, go us!

    Off to the tip jar, now…

  509. Yes Bubbles. Exactly you.

  510. Hehe looks like M is jealous of Veronica. *snickers*

  511. Bubbles says:

    I’m…I’m so ashamed. I just wanted to know if we were there yet. I can’t count! *sob*

  512. Don’t feed the trolls, kids!
    (you all know who I’m referring to here).

  513. “Buried in pies” sounds like one hell of a way to go.
    (…to Pie Heaven.)

  514. Ok, next goal: 1000. Anyone? Bueller?


  516. WHEW…. wasn’t me!!!! Sorry Theo… I was cheering for you man….

  517. don’t be sad lil’ bubbles! yer the beeg weener!

  518. There, there, Theo.
    *pats him on the shoulder

  519. Oceanic says:

    CO needs a chat room! This was way too fun. My roommate thinks I’m nuts now. Oh well.

  520. unka feeo can’t get ALL the glory roun’hyear

  521. I love that name: Bubbles. CUTE!!!

  522. Bubbles says:

    Well then, having reached 500 should we move along? Attempt some other feat of time wasting?

  523. Bubbles says:

    Thanks Zelda! I like yours too!

  524. Well there can’t be three nemesesesessss. I had enough troubles pluralizing the other! (And now I’m verbing nouns… heaven help me! PIE HEAVEN, that is.)

  525. “yer the beeg weener!”

    Whew, no ambiguity THERE or anything…

  526. oh poor Feo!!!

  527. Oh yes. Poor poor me.
    Now accepting sympathy pie.

  528. *lmao @ Wooty* its called happily married with morals, but thats okay… Whatever floats your boat babe, if thats what you need to think, so be it…. one day you will figure it out and until then, I’m glad you are differnt from me. Makes life more interesting…

    moving on now….

  529. awh...Why CO...whyyy? says:

    Just a couple days ago I was going to Congratulate C.O for posting cute animals and not any babies (because they are NOT cute and are terribly ugly.)

    Cute Overload has failed me…

    I am a sad panda.

  530. ^- Is jealous of the cute baby 🙂

  531. hey feo, at least you got first post on this thread. so you get some glory.

  532. awh...Why CO...whyyy? says:

    ^ IS soooo wrong.

    Babies = loud wrinkled prunes.

    Animals = cute

    cartoons = cute

    even some plants, cars and household objects = cute

    babies still = loud wrinkled prunes.

  533. Oceanic says:

    It’s been real guys! Good night, and good luck.

  534. Theo, is sympathy pie sorta like blueberry pie, warmed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Hmmm? Care to share?

    In re: wrinkled prune babies. We were all prune babies once, all looking like Winston Churchill. (My mom had to tape ribbons to my bald head, to look more girlish. Sigh.)

  535. prune compote

  536. blerf.
    Prune ANYTHING sounds blerfy.

  537. sad panda. I want a t-shirt with sad panda on it. Maybe I will make a graphic.

  538. Truman Compote.

  539. you guys r silly says:

    you guys…..
    you guys have WORN ME OUT TODAY!!!
    I am FAR too tie-tie to be able to talk about cute babies, or cute kitties, or pie or cookies or even tiramisu, or stinky svo or nasty Veronica, or animal cruelty or stupidity, or any of this anymore…
    *Babies rock.*
    *Kitties rock.*
    *All of us normal people are truly wonderful.*
    I am really really tie-tie now.
    Thanks for all the silliness & drama today!
    I’ll check back tomorrow to see if Theo got to be #600! (GO THEO!!!)

  540. battle of the panda dogs…

    Who will win?

  541. Can’t we all just give Theo an HONORARY #500? or #600? After all that work he should get something.

  542. :\ I think this is far cuter than ‘sad’. The baby is probably still toothless, or nearly and likely isnt putting much preasure on the cats tail. Then again the cat is probably overly sensetive and suprised. CUTE! No literal abuse, no cruelty. Just a cute baby gumming a fuzzy tail of a testy baby cat :P.

  543. Can I help you along to 600? Ready?

  544. Russian Tortes are fabulous but very difficult to make.

  545. I’d personally rather make an eclaire ring. They are pretty simple overall. Hubby asked for an eclaire ring for his birthday over cake.

  546. Oooh… have you ever had snickers enchiladas? (Dessert, obviously)

  547. But I think my all-time favorite is frozen vanilla custard with hot fudge.

  548. Another great recipe is banana bread with expresso chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips. Really, it shouldn’t be called ‘bread’. It should be called cake!

  549. LOL, Action.

    You’re making me hungry over here! Do you deliver?

  550. Too much dessert, eh? You should’ve saved some room for dinner.

  551. Dear Lord…by the time I got to the end of this I’d forgotten what the picture actually looked like!

    But then I went back and checked and it really is terribly cute. That little “I dont even know how cutely evil I am…whee isn’t this fun!” look on the baby’s face is absolutely priceless.


  553. Hee!

  554. This should not be posted– get that mongoloid off that poor kitten. WTF

  555. …aaaaand the trolls are back from dinner. (Presumably it was billy goats under a bridge again.)

  556. animal mommy says:

    Ok, I was out all day having fun, yes, I do have a life, I was actually running some errands accompanied by my adorable dog-baby. It’s nice to have a life, I don’t have to work, my husband makes plenty of money for him and myself, and our 28 animal children, I was suprised to come back from my day and see so many more comments. I HAVE to respond to 4 people in particular, here goes: VERONICA- AMEN my hot sister! Hooray for educated atractive woman who don’t feel the need to breed, and add more people to our already overpopulated earth.Let’s have drinks sometime, since we don’t have to be home to put our kids to bed by 8:00, (or whatever time they go to bed)LOL 😉
    M- Oh, so much to say, where do I begin….yes, i have infact already spent 5 months of my life in the hospital, so i do get your point about people taking care of you. I was very young when i spent this long period of time in the hospital, and came to form very strong bonds to my caretakers. But let me tell you something else I saw during my stay. I saw a 5 year old little boy dying of brain cancer, and his wonderful (human) mom, didn’t even visit him for those 3 months, she coul;dn’t even take the time to come in and sign for his brain surgery that would have saved his life. HUMANS SUCK!Overall, we are selfish, greedy, money hungry, violent, evil, distructive “animals”. Do you see animals (real ones, not us) destroying the environment? Do you see animals using their children for fame and fortune aka: Britney Spears’ parents? Do you see animals leaving their loved ones in nursing homes to rot away. Hoping for the day they die, so they can get their inheritance? yes, some people are nice, and good, I know about 10 of them. I wonder if there are anymore? I love each one of my animals, they have never stabbed me in the back, like some other human “friends” I’ve had. they are always there for me. I can only say that about a handfull of people. So thanks for your 2 cents.

  557. One, two……..

  558. animal mommy says:

    SVO….oh boy….here we go…i’m going to take a guess at how you spend your day, let’s see you wake up at 7:30 in the morning to change stinky diapers. You then get thrown up on, and have to change. You make oatmeal, change another diaper. Then you go down to the wellfare department to pick up food stamps to buy some King Vitamin, and store brand milk. Don’t forget the W.I.C. it sucks that so much of my husbands paycheck has to go to people like you. then you go home to clean up some more. You change yet another diaper, and watch a soap opera to remember what is feels like to be with a man. meanwhile munching on some bob-bons. Mmmmm, time for goverment cheese grilled sandwiiches, Hooray!
    then off to bed to start another productive day, contributing to this economy.So F*** you too, and your Momma, and your baby.

  559. Three………

    (oh and I thought svo was a guy)

  560. Meg, could you please DETONATE this comments thread?! [hee.]

    I picked up some chocolate chip scones a few hours ago. Ymmm!

  561. No, no EC – we have to get number four out of animal mommy first so that I can go to bed in peace!

  562. it’s actually rather amusing. if you look at it as performance art.

    “trolling at its best”

    anyway. I think I need to go to bed, in peace or not. g’night, trolls and nice people.

  563. animal mommy says:

    and finally ACTION: here’s to you, wow! a real mommy. BIG FREAKIN’ WOOP! you along with what 1 billion other people? Boy, you are somehting special, unique, so original, everything else you have to get a degree or take a test, but you did the easiest thing anone could possibly do in this world. Mate, get pregnant, and pop out a kid.No offense to those who can’t. Let me get this straight. I like kids, I like my friends kids, and I like some of my cousins. BUT. I would much rather have animals and have a life. I like having my own identity, I like being able to sleep in. I like being able to go out to dinner whenever I want. I like being able to go on vacation whenever I want. I like not having to annoy people with my screaming bratt in public. I like being able to sleep with my husband, without having a kid between us. Kudos to you for giving birth, do us a favor, don’t raise a murderer or rapist, or plain ol’ psychopath. One thing I appreciate with resposible animal breeders is that they screen for genetic deffects, behavior disorders, and all around health, too bad we can’t do that with people, or most of you wouldn’t be on this website. So thank the goverment for not initializing sterilization procedures. Otherwise you’d have to actually do something with your life besides pop out kids, and act like you’re doing the world a favor. Most people that have kids can’t even afford them, and then they take wellfare out of my husbands checks to pay for people that shouldn’t even be having kids in the first place. I would like to take this opportunity to thank people that have kids, can afford them, and actually take time to teach them right from wrong. Those people that teach children to love animals (not munch on their tails), respect their fellow human beings, and be an all-around good member of society. Thank you. If everyone planning to ahve kids took into account what a big responsibility it is, many wouldn’t. It is a huge job, that when done right, is a wonderfull thing. Unfortunately, some people have kids just to have kids, and those are the ones that I don’t agree with.

  564. o_O


    Not at the picture, mind…

  565. aaaaaaaand four! There you have it folks. I won’t even go into the fact that animal mommy contradicted herself in her lovely rant. Nope, it’s time for bed. Honk-(whew!)-shu!

  566. animal mommy says:

    oh, and Dickey, you vegan, you. Ummm, if you would do any type of research, you would find that they do infact have computer programs now that can simulate and give results, that are as accurate as animal testing. So, No, they don’t have to test on animals anymore, sick people just do it now. Do you really have to spray hairspray in a bunny’s eyes to know it’s gonna sting? huh?

  567. animal mommy says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you were so interested in my thoughts “arbed”, it’s interesting, how did I contradict myself?……

  568. Hey, pass the scones, EC. Looks like someone’s head is about to asplode…

  569. You know how your eye can adapt so that after a while, without even thinking about it, you can just scan down through lists of items, pick out the parts that interest you, and breeze past the extraneous noise? …I ain’t heard a word, Animal Mommy. But it’s good that you’re getting some writing exercise in.

  570. animal mommy says:

    hmmm, did THEO say something?

  571. Who?

  572. animal mommy says:

    It’s interesting that people don’t like when others say what everyone else is thinking. Do “you” whoever is out there, think that people should have kids, when they can’t afford them, and then make others pay for their inability to use birth control?

  573. teho, would you care for a scone?

    Earl Grey, anyone?

  574. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I certainly don’t think that only RICH people should be allowed to have children.

    Post #579. Take that!

  575. AuntieMame says:

    580. (Dammit, E.C. 😉

  576. hey, AM, wanna make it an even thou?!

  577. 1K???
    You’re gonna be up all night, ladies. Thanks for the tea-and-scones offer but I need teh sl33p. I’ll leave some popcorn & the air-popper out on the counter for you tho. Butter’s in the fridge.

  578. Why, yes, I’d love some more Earl Grey, thank you.

    Did you make this jam yourself, EC? It’s lovely!

  579. animal mommy says:

    ok, just to get everyhting clear, I know I kinda went off subject a little:
    1- I like babies, I don’t think the baby deserves to get scratched. I think parents shouldn’t allow such a small child to play with such a delicate animal. For the sake of the child, and for the sake of the Kitten.
    2- I know babies aren’t evil, or that the baby is puposely hurting the kitten, but the baby has it’s parents there to protect it, the kitten doesn’t. So thats why when you adopt an animal, you become it’s parent. That means that you protect as your own, even if that means keeping it away from your own human child.
    3- People that would let their human child abuse an animal are sick, and have no right having pets or children. Because guess what, that innocent little baby is going to grow up to be an animal abuser just like the parents.
    4- Once again, I’m not saying the baby is “abusing” this animal, but the kitten certainly doesn’t look like it’s enjoying having it’s tail “gummed” and pulled. The parents need to be more responsible.

  580. AuntieMame says:

    You guys are being much to refined. I want a great, honking, juicy steak.

    But not at this hour of the night. It would never digest.

  581. Hmm… steak? Probably not. We’re having scones and tea right now…

  582. animal mommy says:

    Well, AUNTIE MAME, thats not what I asked. I am asking if you think it is right for people to get pregnant, knowing that they can’t properly support the child? I think THAT is child abuse. For people to purposely have a baby, knowing that they will have to go on wellfare, and make the rest of the working people, who have their own familys to support, have to pay for their kid? I don’t think only rich people should be “allowed” to have kids. Unfortunately anyone is allowed to have kids, hence, wellfare.

  583. “Most” people who have kids can’t afford them? “Take money out of your husband’s paychecks”?

    Except for your cheering on of that hateful, spiteful, materialistic wench Veronica, I was with you in the beginning of your rant — I have no human kids by choice, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, owned my own home since I was 23 (and no help from parents either, so don’t go there), travelling, loving the kid-free life, not adding to mother earth’s burden, TOTALLY with you.

    But then you bust out with all this hateful, spiteful crap! “then off to bed to start another productive day, contributing to this economy.” YOU contribute to the economy by being a HOUSEWIFE? Try getting a job, hypocrite! And mentioning THREE times how your hubby supports you financially. If you consider that a job, then that makes you a whore, okay?

    Not everyone just pops out kids because they failed to use birth control. Quite a few are well-planned, born to educated, loving parents, and will be our doctors, road workers, accountants, electricians, airline pilots, etc, when our generation has retired. So lay off the parents! How do you dare to lump in ALL parents with the worst of them? You could just as well lump in all pet owners with the worst of them! I could say, “28 animals? You must be an animal collector and be unable to afford vet bills! You must neglect them and feed and groom them poorly!” Blahblah on and on! But I don’t make that assumption; I assume that you are a fine animal mama, and leave it at that. Why can’t you give human parents the benefit of the doubt?

    Being a human parent is VERY difficult, challenging, and rewarding! Particularly the first two (ask my poor mom!) To those fine people who are good parents and raise fine people to run the future world, I thank you! You have more courage than I (which is why I choose not to have children). My choice not to have children, I actually regard as the selfish one. I get to take night classes, climb the corporate ladder, drop out of the work force to go for my PhD at will, spoil my pets rotten, take long hiking vacations, while my peers who have children are going without these things to provide love and care to someone who may well be wiping my ass in the nursing home when I am 80!

  584. animal mommy says:

    Yes, Arvay, I do agree with you. I am a housewife right now, because I sustained an injury. I did however work since I was 16 before that. I will be returning to work when I have healed. So hopefully you don’t think of me as a whore now, it was well deserved though. If you read my whole “rant” you would see that I did thank good parents. I respect parents that do it right, and plan things out to the best of their abiblity.
    My reasons for not being a human parent are the same is yours.I do take very good care of my animals, they are all fed all natural wholistic food, and groomed almost everyday.I have a special savings set aside for any of their veteranarian needs also. I am glad to hear that yours are well taken care of also. The point I was trying to make is that some people don’t even plan that well for their own offspring, and that is very sad. Some do, I know several examples of both.So, thank you, and I hope you read this, so that you understand fully where I am coming from.

  585. cowshark says:

    Kitten–the other white meat

    Feh, I’d rather have a scone, meself…

  586. AM, I luuurve steak….! (Medium rare, please.)

    But for now, chocolate chip scones will have to do. 😉

  587. Alright, point taken. Thanks for softening down. I appreciate that you are human. I will try to go away and ignore this thread now. 🙂

  588. animal mommy says:

    Thank You ARVAY. I respect your critism, and thank you for hearing me out. Sometimes I just get over excited, and kind of get off target. I am human, I love living things, and wish all could have respect for others, animals and humans alike, and then the world wouldn’t be in this sad state of affairs that it’s in at the moment. I wish people would think things out, in an unselfish manner. Unfortunately, people don’t. I look forward to hearing your comments again ARVAY. 🙂

  589. animal mommy says:

    hmm, AUNTIE MAME has nothing to say… do you or don’t you?

  590. This actually worries me more than that thread with the baby and the big bad dog that everyone was all “OMG” over. Though some of those shots were questionable at least the animal involved didn’t look pissed/pained enough to go for the jugular like this one does and the kid didn’t look as out of control either.

    Someone with some sense should remind whoever’s behind the camera here that that cat is not a chew toy and it’s snarling not smiling…

  591. animal mommy says:

    Come on people, we’ve got to get to 600 before the night is over, AUNTIE MAME still hasn’t answered my question. Maybe she sees I have a point?

  592. animal mommy says:

    Come on people, we’ve got to get to 600 before the night is over, AUNTIE MAME still hasn’t answered my question. Maybe she sees I have a point?

  593. animal mommy says:

    Welcome Topaz, to this debate. I will single handedly post the 600th comment if no one else will. Are you with me Topaz?

  594. Theo, is this a record for out-of-control commentary?

  595. wicked_pix says:




  596. animal mommy says:

    Did everyone see the cute prarie dog picture just posted, so cuuuute!

  597. Naw, wicked pix, YOU were the magic 600! W00t!

  598. animal mommy says:

    ah, man, was I #601….oh well, atleast I was one of the first 600’s…..sigh

  599. animal mommy says:

    I wonder if it’ll actually have 1,000 comments tommorrow…..I don’t know how I’ll sleep LOL

  600. AuntieMame says:

    AUNTIE MAME has other things to do than sit on CO all night.

    I believe I made my point clear the first time, animal mommy. I do not think that one’s financial status is a valid criterion for whether one should be allowed to have children. I know a lot of dirt poor people who are a hell of a lot better as parents than are many folks who’ll never need public assistance.

    Arguing over whether it’s right for certain people to have children or not is a pointless exercise anyway. I can’t do anything about it, so why get my panties in a twist over it?

    Even if it was possible to regulate it, who gets to decide which parents are fit and which aren’t? Me? I don’t want that responsibility. You? I think not.

    There are a lot worse things they could be doing with my money than supporting families with children on welfare, so I’m not going to fuss about it.

  601. animal mommy… I’ve been sitting here just reading yours and everyone else’s comments, and I’ve tried my very best to hold my tounge. But I really needed you to clarify something for me. Surely you don’t believe that EVERYONE on food stamps and welfare are women who perpously pop out babies to get more money to stay at home.

    Also, thank you for adding that no offence to women who can’t have babies thing. That was kind.

  602. AM, could you pass me the chopped liver, please? [sly grin, but not at you.]

  603. AuntieMame says:

    I think Chopped Liver is in the polar bear thread…

  604. AuntieMame says:

    Oh wait, sorry, that’s Dustbunny. 8-0

  605. Does chopped liver work with Earl Grey tea?

  606. Wow, didn’t realise there were so many comments before I stuck my 2 pence in (I skim read)

    Congratulations on surpassing 600!

    I’d stay and chat but I need sleep now and know little about the food stamps issue except it beats eating cats :).

  607. AuntieMame says:

    Chopped liver doesn’t work with anything. Bleah.

  608. lorelei says:

    Wow, so much to say over what is actually a pretty dull picture, mostly! (Okay, I can see that some of you are just having fun here.)

    And Meg, although I’ve always supported your complete and total right to put up anything you want and say anything about it you wish, it is sort of a drag to come here and see stuff that’s been passed around in a thousand dopey work emails featuring other such glurge as angel wishes, teddy bears and “send this to everyone you know in five minutes or…”. It’s much more fun to see honest-to-god cute stuff you’ve never seen before and better quality, too, I might add.

    Still love you though.

  609. Oh, but Meg selcts only THE BEST *glurge.* (Luv da word!) And her captions are alchemical, turning dross into gold.

    Cute is the new philospher’s stone, what all the well-dressed alchemists are wearing this season, don’tcha know?!

  610. Jon Mann says:

    I’ve already seen this one elsewhere, but would need to see it a few hundred times more before I got sick of it. Babies really are stupid.

  611. I hope that baby is left with a nice scar from that poor kitty as a reminder to both its parents and itself that abuse toward animals, no matter how OMG ADORABLE some sprog is, is absolutely wrong.

    On second thought, I hope the baby gets away scot-free and the parents are smacked upside the head by more intelligent people. The baby is far, far too young to know any different. The parents, on the other hand, should know better and shaould be TEACHING their baby to know better. As is their DUTY.

  612. lmao @ all the child-free crazies flooding this thread. XD

  613. “Chopped liver doesn’t work with anything. Bleah.”

    Oh yes, it does, but you need to have it prepared properly – I learned to love it via eating it at Seders. Mmm…. yummy! (Not part of the actual Seder, but of the meal afterwards.)

    Check it!

  614. falnfenix says:

    i find it hilarious that people are in a tizzy over a PHOTOSHOPPED picture.

  615. Svenster says:

    Aaaah, that was a good nighs sleep! Huh!? 620 comments with trolls and everything!! This is a real show now.

    Am I too late for that tea BTW? I’ll take two sugars, please.

  616. LOL.
    wow….i can’t believe it’s over 600 (it was just over 400 when i left work last night).
    that was the most entertaining 20 minutes of playing catch-up ever!!!!

    and for the record, i make the most amazing banana walnut bread 🙂

  617. you guys r silly says:

    Good Morning!
    I witnessed a really bad car accident yesterday (THIS PICTURE & IT’S POSTS…) and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it even though I know I should have (JUMPED IN TO ADD MY OWN 2 CENTS…) drove away thinking that it’d all be better the next time I drove past (WENT HOME FOR THE NIGHT/OFF THE COMPUTER) and just had to drive by this morning to view the scene of the accident one more time — AND LOOK AT ALL THIS FRICKIN’ DEBRIS STILL LEFT ALL OVER THE PLACE!
    Yikes, people — Can’t we all just avert our eyes, LET IT GO, and drive away!!!???
    *Babies Rock*
    *Kitties Rock*
    PUHLEASE don’t make me get started AGAIN on all the baby-hating and the self-righteous childlessness and all the troll comments and all the blah, blah, blah again!
    YOU put this thing out of it’s misery?????????
    P.S. Chopped liver ALSO rocks when fried with onions and topped with marinara sauce! &:o)

  618. Is there any Earl Gray left? It’s my morning now, and I could use some (Svenster, let’s share the leftovers).

  619. you guys r silly says:

    ooops — that WAS:
    MEG — can’t YOU put this thing out of it’s misery???

  620. Wow.. can’t believe how far off tangent this one got. Funny pic! Babies are not ugly or creepy. I love kitties too. Get a grip peeps.

  621. punkin muffins anybody?

  622. hot outta da oven!

  623. WTF???? Who the f*** are these people? Where do they come from? Veronica, animal mommy… Are they that clueless?

    They do feel the need to debate feminism, how babies suck and etc IN CUTE OVERLOAD. What a bunch of morons.

    You spoil the fun, suckers. Get back to your sad lives, you. Leave us cuteoverload lovers alone.

  624. yesh pwease, awiel.

  625. carbontetra says:

    Nope, sorry, babies suck. Far too much crying, pooping, wetness everywhere. Then they grow up and hate you.

    Kittens are teh floof and love.

  626. LaurieM says:

    I’m struck with how people cry “this is cruel to animals” and yet want to SMACK! the baby.

    A young human animal doesn’t deserve cruelty either.

  627. Now, really, Theo and Meg… why do even let freaks such as this “animal mommy” to keep on posting here? She is obviously a troll. Unless, of course, you guys are having fun with this s**t. If that’s the point, my apologies.

    She is so desperate to state her lifestyle is the best as opposed to people who choose to have kids that she’s pathetic. Psychology 101 tells us a little about what *really* goes on with people who feel the desperate need to state and impose their views on others…

    So sad.

    So NOT cute.

  628. thinkie, do you want butter or cream cheese on that?

  629. mmm…cream cheese :p

  630. I, for one, would like to apologize to CO for the posters who have chosen to take a joyful, happy site devoted to making people smile and twisted it into a forum for their own agenda. Where do people get off criticizing those who only want to bring sunshine into our dull existences?
    That said, if you are bold enough to assert that a baby playing with his kitten is abusive, you should come to work with me just once and really see some animal abuse. I’m in law enforcement and get REAL cases of abuse all the time. Trust me, most of you have NEVER seen real, criminal animal abuse. If you had you wouldn’t be comparing the sweet moment in this picture to it.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing CO of posting “abuse.”

  631. PaleoMedic says:

    Holy shneikies! Here I thought this was just a funny picture of a baby chomping on a kitty’s tail, and now I find out that I’m woefully shortsighted in not seeing that this is merely man’s inhumanity to nature. I’ve learned a truly powerful lesson, and I thank you all. Never trivialize anything, ever. Nothing is funny, when you get right down to it. Why bother living? Now I’m depressed…


  632. Svenster says:


    I just found some flapjacks I forgot about! May be a bit dry, but they’re always great!
    Help yourselves!

    Pass the tea, please?

  633. shiftless says:

    That poor cat! He’s being gummed to death!

  634. Sylvia — speaking for myself —

    1) It’s not my blog.
    2) I’m kind of a free-speech fan, in general, and neither Vera nor AniMom were posting, say, dismemberment videos… just to float an extreme example. So if people want to scream “LOOK WHAT A FLAMING DOLT I AM” to the world and everybody, who am I to stop them? (LOL.)

    PS — that said, I do have my limits. I frown upon gratuitous swear fests, porn links, spam spam spam spam spam spam, a few little pet peeves (heh) and the proverbial “etc.”

  635. PPS — don’t go comparing monkeys to minorities, either. Not that anyone here would actually *do* that. [ahem]

  636. AuntieMame says:

    FIRST POST!!!1!!ONE!!!

  637. Here ya go, Svenster. And I recommend Ariel’s pumpkin muffins… they’re much better than dry flapjacks.

  638. Why can’t they be dolts somewhere else? Doesn’t Bill O’Reilly have a blog for dolts?

    I could really use some ear flops right about now. Or something with a head bigger than its body.

  639. Svenster says:

    Fwanksch. Yummy!

    Isn’t time zones the best thing ever? I mean, just look at us; just got out of bed and someone kept the teapot full with lovely hot tea! And pumpkin muffins on top of that. Hard to beat.

  640. LOL Marcy.

  641. EMTQueen says:

    Not cute. And to those who think that the cat will get off scot-free after it undoubtedly attacks the kid in self-defense have never seen or heard of people having pets put down for less. It’s always okay when the baby bites an animal because it’s “just being a BAAAAAYYYYYBEEEEE!!!!” but if the cat defends itself in the only way it knows how, it’s the devil and must be euthanized.

  642. Ariel-
    any muffins left? I wuv pumkin muffins… a nice taste of fall in the spring! nummmmms

  643. Espresso mocha again today.
    Ahhh… lovely background brain hum…

  644. catalonian xocolata with ass coffee.

    lovely clash of titans.

  645. All you people who are getting your undies in a twist need to chill out. When baby humans and baby animals grow up together they have to learn eachothers boundaries. If this kitten were growing up with it’s litter mates it would get chewed, scratched, and pounced on just the same. That’s how young animals and children learn boundaries. Give it a rest, it’s not animal abuse.

  646. one punkin muffin left, the rest were snorgled up in the time zone vortex. but next up is lemon poppy seed! swell w/coffee or tea!

  647. ffeeo, you’re not fooling anybody w/your supposed disdain for gratuitous swear fests.
    teddy bears
    teddy bear guns

  648. and finn returns with

  649. Svenster, care for a cinnamon scone?

    Please pass the sugar!

  650. rASSberry jam if you please

  651. Meow House says:

    What I think is sick and sad is that in about 2 seconds, that kitten is going to defend itself by either clawing that kid’s leg bloody or biting down hard on it. And then what will happen? The kitten will be punished for being “bad.” And then if it lives through that – hopefully it just got a time out, instead of being drop-kicked into the next yard – maybe it got returned to the shelter or even dumped because it’s “dangerous” around the baby. Stupid f-ing parents. It’s not the kid’s fault.

    This is why my shelter does not, under any circumstances, after years of experience in seeing what happens, adopt out kittens to families with small children.

  652. Theo- got any espresso to spare? Our Starbucks isn’t open yet. 😉

  653. hi finn!!

    yes, feeo, coffee please too.

  654. Sorry folks, just finished the last of the ‘spresso sludge. Munch munch.

  655. …and Ariel, one HASS to make some exceptions.

  656. we are swiftly approaching comment #666, at which time, we will all grow fluffalicious black tails and have them munched by hairless vengeful giant pink cat creatures

  657. and muffins with gorey toothy mouths

  658. OMG! I saw this pic, giggled, and moved on. You people are INSANE and really need to get a decent hobby!

  659. Oh for crap’s sake, people!

    1. The baby most likely does not have TEETH, and therefore can’t really hurt the kitty. Even if it does have one or two teeth, they aren’t likely to be all lined up and ready to do serious chomping.

    2. If the baby does hurt the kitty, the kitty will do a scratch-&-run (likely of the baby’s leg, given kitty’s position in the photo), and both will be fine.

    3. This is simply NOT animal abuse, nor child abuse, for that matter. I doubt it’s a staged photo (it ain’t easy staging a kitty!), it’s just a childhood moment.

    4. As far as the mom vs. non-mom debate: feminism is, in large part, specifically about women having CHOICES! It’s not about only being a stay-at-home-mom, or about only being a career-oriented-woman, or both, or whatever. It’s about having choices, and pursuing the choices you make — e.g., be a mom or don’t, if you choose to be a mom then work outside the home as well or don’t, etc. No one option is inherently better than the others, it’s having the CHOICE that’s important.

    Finally, as far as what should or shouldn’t be posted on this site — it’s MEG’S site, and she can post whatever she damn well pleases. She’s named the site “Cute Overload”, and she posts cute photos, generally of adorable animals. Great, I love it! But that doesn’t mean that I or anyone else gets to dictate the specific photos she can post, nor the direction of the website. This baby & kitty photo isn’t my favorite either, but that’s irrelevant. IT’S MEG’S WEBSITE!!!!

    Rant over, Dr. Pepper drinking begun. 🙂

  660. FIRE!

  661. MONKEYS!

  662. “And I don’t believe it’s a professional photo shoot. The baby is lit poorly and the photo is grainy, and the cat is so dark you can hardly even make it out.”

    Actually Stacia, that’s more to do with your having a crappy monitor than it is to do with this picture’s alleged non-professional-ness. :O

  663. muffins.

  664. Ariel — looks like Rumi got comment 666.

  665. Svenster says:

    Do I want a Cinnamon scone, Zelda?
    I’D LOVE ONE! =)

    One lump or two, Zelda darling?

  666. …..still scary though.

  667. poor zelda actually got THREE lumps from the first post police

  668. Ewwwwww, I got post 666? Ech. That wasn’t my plan, I just hadn’t read all the comments before and just read them now (at work, I might add), and felt compelled to add my 2 cents worth.

    Good thing I’m not a fundamentalist Christian, or I might be worried about my post number, lol!

  669. rumi, you are de debbil.

  670. By the way, how are you all telling which post number a particular post is? I don’t see that anywhere….

  671. Kikileo says:

    Wow! Have I been missing out on all the fun? 😦

    What’s really funny are the posters who didn’t notice the flame war going on, just popped in to say “wow, kitty=baby=crayyyzee!”

    Anyway, I’m here for the brunch. I’d like a cup of ASSam tea, please, and a cranberry ASSple muffin. Thanks.

  672. You have to go to the main page & look at the number of comments listed under the posts. Then you go to the *specific* post & count backwards.



  674. Ah, ok. Thanks, Theo! 🙂

  675. oops sorry wrong link, here you are chums…

  676. Wow, remind me not to read the comments again. Kinda takes the light hearted web page and makes it e-vil.

  677. BLo — remember not to read the comments again

  678. Kikileo says:

    But we like eeeee-vil. (throws devil horns)

  679. Kikileo says:

    Oh, and someone said earlier that there were bunch of childless ninnies here, but it appears that evolution is playing its hand. I *hope* the people who hate children don’t have any!

    I know I don’t! The sound of a screaming child in any situation makes my ovaries shrivel up and hide.

  680. see, i told you that number meant trubble!

  681. Svenster says:

    BLo, are you out of your mind! Did you read all the comments just now?
    Some comments are just depressing but even reading only the nice ones would take ages! Surely you’ve got something better to do with your life; sit yourself down and help yourself to some muffins o’somfing.

    Now is that coffee or tea, BLo?

  682. I think it’s funny when the pet owners (in particular, animal mommy who has 28 pets) think that somehow gives them more freedom to take a trip at the drop of a hat than having one or two children.

    In my experience, getting someone (especially the grandparents, who would steal the children away in the night if they could) to let the little ones come stay for the weekend is WAY easier than finding someone who will be willing to come by and walk, groom, feed, bathe, and otherwise care for a small army of animals.

    Oh yes, and please pass the banana nut muffins!

  683. nananna butt muffins

  684. w00t!! We’re pushing 700, people! We can do it! CO zen is within our grasp!

  685. ….Wow. Stheriously, this is totes redonk…

    Although, the ever-present trolling and holier-than-thou soapbox rants are making my somewhat dull morning more interesting. It makes me a little sad to think that people find it so incredibly important to “prove” their lifestyles to an audience of people who did not ask for their opinions in the first place. This is a forum board for the photo, not for scathing political diatribes. I love how the topic isn’t even concerned with the photo anymore. For shame. Find a forum dedicated to such matters. Things were easier to deal with in the “I’ll call PETA!” era of this thread. At least it still concerned the photo.

    …and pie/food/whatever discussions? I would try and pin the blame on you all for just plain cussedness in an attempt to get umpteen amounts of comments… however, the fact that you are keeping the thread lighthearted in all the trollery makes me think otherwise… and I’m hungry…

    …As previously suggested, methinks a CO chatroom would be an infinitely useful addition to the site.

    Pass me one o’ them muffins. I’ll be watching this thread for a while to see if anything new and interesting pops up.

  686. less than 10 to 700. T., are you going to try?

  687. 1. Even if the baby isn’t hurting the cat the cat looks freaked out, has teeth, and could hurt the baby.

    2. It could just as easily bite-&-run (given it’s position in the photo), and cat bites and scratches can be prone to infection.
    Kids shouldn’t just be allowed to play dangerously ‘cos they might not get hurt too badly…

    3. It’s not abuse, but it’s unsafe, and I’m sure everyone’s childhood involves stupid moments with animals [I used to try, and fail, to ride our collie X like a horse 🙂 ]
    but the kid should be supervised by someone who knows better and the stupid should stop if someone could get hurt. This kid’s not learning to play with animals safely and could be put off playing with them at all if (s)he gets hurt, which is sad.

    I’d rather let Cute Overload just be about the cute, but I saw bared fangs so close to a baby’s little leg and it stopped seeming so cute.

    4.”As far as the mom vs. non-mom debate: feminism is, in large part, specifically about women having CHOICES!…”

    IAWTC, though I don’t understand why this debate is on this site anyway, but hey it helped the race to 600 comments :).

  688. POOR theo. I would hate to see it slipping out of his desperate grasp *once again*…

  689. Yes yes, poor poor me again. Please send sympathy sports cars. (I’m kinda fond of the Audi TT Quattro.)

  690. LOL!! “sympathy sports cars”

    if only, teho.

  691. howdy sabba,
    have sthome sthereal!
    yes, i’m enjoying the ever-growing thread, and the completely zany off-topicness, and repeatedly derailing the angry folks, AND sharing virtual treats with my kaYOOT cyber-pals.

  692. i’ve just learned something very interesting.
    Kittens have been clocked at over 30 mph.
    i think this little kitten can outrun baby gummers there.

    (am i number 700? *grin*)

  693. go teho…

  694. Maureen says:


  695. oops.

  696. berzerker says:

    You are all a bunch of foolish, foolish people.

  697. well done maureen!

    omg..i think we may do 1000 posts afterall. Go theo, go!

  698. yes, but foolishness keeps us sane. particularly when life does its best to do otherwise, as it is right now.

  699. T.,

    sympathy sports car(d) on the way…

  700. berzerker: nope, not foolish, just killing time at work. *grin*

  701. but…but, it was me. that’s why I said “oops”.

  702. I used to hate when family with kids would visit because they’d always want to play with our cats, who were not at all amused by children and their sticky grabby hands. And because they’re not my kids I can’t let them learn the hard way how not to play with pets.

    However sometimes a scratch is the best way for a child to learn not to pull on a cat’s tail, or a dog’s tail, or to generally be as rough with animals as they are with their plastic toys. Whoever would punish the *cat* doesn’t have a clear idea of how to teach their child cause and effect.

    If this happened to my child, I’d wipe their tears away, make sure they weren’t hurt, and ask them what they learned. And the next time I saw them playing rough with the pets, I’d remind them of what happened before. I have seen this parenting style in action and I know a certain 2-year-old and a 1-year-old who are both very loving and gentle with animals.

  703. Kikileo says:

    Yeah, I pulled a cat’s tail once. We have a mutual respect now. (Actually, sometimes people call me “The Cat Whisperer”.)

    Yeah, Meg, how about a CO Forum?

  704. You know what’s not cute? These comments. Definitely not cute.

    I mean, really. Filing complaints?

  705. At this time I feel that I should once again raise the prospect of a CO *chat room.* For those of us who have given up all hope of day-job productivity.

  706. Bear — that’s why we’ve got INTERNS!

  707. y’know, I kinda like it the way it is. yes, maybe comments aren’t meant to be a chat forum, but I sort of think a specialized chat forum would quickly lose the “specialness”. and go too far off topic. anybody with me?

  708. ShellBell says:

    Can’t we just get along???? It’s all about the CUTE, people!

  709. Wowie guys! I wonder if this will all die down after it’s bumped off the main page?

    I agree that a chatroom, as cute as it could be, just wouldn’t be the same as coming back to the comments every once in a while and seeing all the chaosity that has ensued in one’s absence!

  710. animal mommy says:

    SYLVIA- I do have a life, I wasn’t up on the internet all night like some people. NO, I’m not trying to push my views on people. I’m just sharing, like everyone else. Obviously my comments hit a cord with you. Maybe your life is pathetic, and you’re jealous of other people. In anycase, I love CUTE OVERLOAD. But I like ALOT of people on here find nothing cute about seeing a kitten in pain. Sorry that you think thats cute, thats your opinion.

  711. Veronica get over yourself. At the end of the day your sh*t smells just as bad as everyone elses. And shame on you for sleeping with other womens husbands, there’s a word for people like you.

    Animal Mommy…whatever. You’re just irritating.

  712. Ooh, “ad hominem” attacks! Luv teh intarweb.

  713. man, lmao, you are all having *far* too much fun in here. it’s like having 30 people in a telephone box, all squished up against the glass walls and sharing cups of tea and muffins.

  714. I am soo much enjoying this controversy!

    don’t let it lie down guys:


  715. Animal Testing a la Catcave

    1) Pet pet pet.
    2) Purrrrrr.
    3) Yep, animal!

    4) Pet pet pet.
    5) Hon? I’m trying to work here.
    6) Nope. Schmoop!

  716. Thanks, ariel. Got any of them Reeses’ cereal things? I could eat an entire box…

    One of my coworkers was reading this thread over my shoulder (POWER TO THE LAZY SUMMER INTERNS! WOO!) and in response to one of the “world concerns instead of munching kittens!” posts, said, and I quote,

    “That person notes that children are starving in the world. Perhaps they neglect to note the action in this photo?”

  717. animal mommy says:

    Yes ROBYN, I agree with you, it is wrong to sleep with other people’s husbands. Sorry I irratate you so much. Is there somehting particular you didn’t like?

  718. noo, nooo nOOOOOOOOOO, these kitties are *not* the C.O. interns. Tenzing the baby hedgie has that honor:

    Pass the punkin muff-eens, purhleeze!

  719. animal mommy says:

    To everyone out there who is calling me and other people “trolls”, I might remind you that those cute, cuddly, and collectible trolls were big sellers, so thanks for the compliment! I’m popular! horray! (pats cute little troll on head)

  720. lemme rub your head, animal mommy, i need some luck.
    will hear back on a job either today or tomorrow. augh!!!

  721. ….just had a vision of one of those plastic trolls jumping up and down on a keyboard… you live in one of those little plastic treehouses, too? Punk hairstyle? Belly button ring- reminiscent tummy jewel? Awesome.

  722. [skim, skip, skim, skip…]

    E.C. — there’s plenty of work for temps & interns alike. No use denying the kitters their resumé entries.

  723. trolls. yum.

    “Animal Testing a la Catcave”: brilliant!!

  724. Bubbles says:

    Mornin’ kids! What did I miss???

  725. AuntieMame says:

    I would vote for a bulletin board style forum over a chat room. I think the immediacy of chat just encourages trollish behavior, and a forum can be moderated. Also, I like to be able to go back and reread threads.

    I do think it would be nice to have a separate CO forum, however, so that we could have these long, pointless tea parties and not distract from the cute pictures.

  726. Matildarose says:

    Oh bah. I have to delurk. ^_^ So many are talking about the whole idea that ‘the kitten will be maimed by the overprotective parents while the baby gets off scot-free blahblahblah’. …. I doubt the photo, if it isn’t photoshopped, would be passed around like such. “Here’s a picture of our baby with the kitty we had to put down afterwards!”

    Also, I doubt there would be drama of this magnitude if this was a dog teething on a kitty’s tail. 😀 No “that dog is probably going to be punished while the kitty goes scot-free!” or “Dogs are wrinkly and ugly! That’s why cats are superior!” Let’s put stuff in perspective here and enjoy all forms of cute, even when it borders on sad or slightly dangerous. It’s two animals learning not what to do with each other.

  727. Smileyme says:

    YOu people are actually taking the side of the kitten and not of the baby??!! The cat is just a cat, the baby is a little human that doesn’t know any better. You are honestly wishing death on a baby. I’m sorry but the cat will live. What cat hasn’t been chewed on by a kid. And what kid hasn’t thought a cat might be a nice chew toy. I find the picture cute. And except for the expression on the cat’s face.. it’s possition looks like it might actually be enjoying it.
    *Sigh* people will always find something to be controvercial (yes, I know I spelled that wrong).

  728. AuntieM — but *who* would want to moderate such a forum? Who?? And where would we find him???

  729. I think that these comments are not very polite or sensitive. C’mon people. That’s obviously a Chinese baby or a baby adopted by Chinese people because it craves kitty cat dumplings from his homeland. Now that we’ve established that this is a little china type baby, we can stop picking on feminists and other baby hating groups or whacked out psycho half wit weirdo groups like PETA and focus on the real issue which is a culture gap. Just remember, losts of little a-rab kitty cats are getting bit in Irag or Iran or whatever. Peace!!

  730. Theo and E.C. – is cuteness a requirement for the intern position? How many rules of cuteness does one need to meet? [pinching my cheeks and shmooshing down my ears…darn, kitty wins.]

  731. Why, Theeyo, make one of the kitteh interns mod it! That’s what we hire those dang interns for!

  732. Smileyme says:

    And might I remind everyone that this is a website about cute things. Yes, that’s right, cute, fuzzy, soft adorible tings. How the heck did we mannage to find something to fight about? Just keep it about the cuteness.

  733. i think mr. ffeeo was fASScetiously offering his services as moderator

  734. w00t!! headin’ for 800…

  735. Ummm….banana nut muffins….I’ll take one, please! 🙂

  736. you guys r silly says:

    I’d like BOTH butter AND cream cheese with my muffins, please!
    (ESPECIALLY if the muffins are still *warm* and *toasty*!!! YUM!)

  737. AuntieMame says:

    Hmm…lessee…shirley there was a moderator around here somewhere.

    Dangit, where did I leave that thing?!?

    Oh wait, here he is!

    Umm…how ’bout Theo?

    (I’ll bet you could find one or two folks to volunteer to ASSist, too.)

  738. Any time someone brings up the possibility of a chat room for CO, I get images of a chat screen with so many comments whizzing by that it becomes impossible to read and/or follow the conversation. And if it had sound, it would blow up the speakers!

  739. [urrgle]

  740. mememe – if a kitty is the other volunteer!
    Day 2…Theo: “You’re fired [Donald Trump redonk hand motion] due to general silliness and distraction by kitty.”

  741. animal mommy says:

    SMILEYME- What cat hasn’t been chewed on by a kid!!??? MY CAT! and never will! A cat is a living thing too. With feelings, unlike you! No, I did nort wish the human child harm. I wish nothing harm. I wish people would catually WATCH their children though.

  742. what the hell people?

    the tail isn’t even IN that child’s mouth! its completely OUT and that child is MOUTHING the cat’s tail.

    it’s near its teeth, but i seriously doubt it’s chewing on it.
    you guys are a bunch of wussys if you can’t hand a little kitten tail near the END of someones mouth.

    Chill out, it’s not animal abuse, the kitten just doesn’t know whats going on, i’ve done this to my cat before, and i haven’t gone off and become a CRAZY SERIAL KILLER OMG.

    i am fine. I love kittens. I Love animals, In fact one of my life long dreams is to become a zoo-ologist..

    so if you HONESTLY feel this is the worst picture you’ve ever seen, then i suggest you DON’T USE THE INTERNET AT ALL.

    good day. and this is a positive site, stop trying to make it negative. Jeez

  743. I have a child who is 7 months old. She likes playing with my Dad’s kitten. She is gentle, but at times, she may pull the fur out. Is she harming the kitten? I think not. Animals shed anyway. The only way for a child to learn how to treat animals is for children to experience them.

  744. lauowolf says:

    Ye Gods!
    It’s still going on.


    Go back and just look, really, really, carefully at the picture again.

    Kitty has a foot on baby’s leg, that’s why its butt is raised.
    It doesn’t look to me as if pulling is going on.
    Further, look at the angle of tail and body–it’s at an angle.
    Cat really does not look to me as if it is being lifted by its tail either.
    Baby does have a grip on kitty’s tail, but does not seem to be being rough.

    As for biting.
    There is not much tail in the kid’s mouth.
    Kid doesn’t have the focussed sort-of look they get when chomping down hard.
    And “hard” for a baby really isn’t very hard — and I speak here with LOTS of experience.
    Babies this age do just everything into their mouths, but I don’t think this kid is biting or gumming the tail.

    Kitties have very fast reaction times.
    By the time the kid got the tail in its hand, kitty would have twisted to bite it, if kitty were in pain or terrified.
    Kitty is paying no attention to baby at all, instead kitty is focussing on someone out of camera range.

    This kitty is hollering because someone dumped it in the baby’s lap to get a picture.
    In about half a second it is going to take off.


    Actually, after all this discusssion, I’ve come around.
    I now think it really is pretty cute.


    Babies are baby animals. Duh.
    They have big eyes and little noses, and other cute rule attributes.
    Some people think they are cute.
    (I do.)
    Some people think spiders are cute.
    (I don’t.)
    It’s a matter of taste.
    That is the Cute Overload issue.

    If you want to go head to head on human over-population, common and uncomman failures of human parenting, at-home mom/working mom, and whatever else makes you see red, fine.
    Just don’t think you are still talking about the silly picture here.


    My final comment?
    “Hmmm, tastes like chicken.”

  745. Oh and one more thing, why don’t we have a baby section? This is called cute overload, not animal overload!!

  746. nearly there people…800…

  747. im curious as to which goes better with cat… catsup or szechuan sauce?

  748. marinara

  749. you guys r silly says:

    CATsup, of course…

  750. you guys r silly says:

    Or maybe some WHISKERshire sauce????

  751. After reading most of the comments, and getting completley angry at the ignorance of you all, I have concluded you all to be complety out of your minds. You can backlash me all you want, but saying “death to babies” and other cruel things is completly wrong. That’s like telling you “death to all kittens” if someone hates kittens. I hate to stereotype, but I have decided that most of you have mulitple pets, stay indoors on your computers, and when you do venture out, take your pets in a special carrier and dress them up in sad sweaters while getting mad that you can’t take them into public places to poop and pee everywhere. And you guys talk about changing diapers and getting spit up on! What about having to pick up their poop and put it into little baggies to people don’t step on it. At least babies grow up to be productive members of society. Most animals will only live to be 10 and then they are gone. Then what are you left with?

  752. atomicpuffball says:

    maybe should we change the saying “like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs” to “like a long-tailed cat in a room full of babies”..?

  753. you guys r silly says:

    And the CATsup would have to be FELINES 57!!!
    (Get it?????????)

  754. NO babies. While I do like babies C.O. should stick to animals.

  755. Well if CO does stick to only animals then their description under their title should say so, and not say all things cute. If not, then ALL THINGS CUTE!!!!!!!

  756. dear michelle,

    i only have happy sweaters.


  757. Well, since ad hominem was practiced on me and on others, there we go…

    Dearest “Animal Mommy”,

    “SYLVIA- I do have a life, I wasn’t up on the internet all night like some people.”

    Weird. I see many looooong diatribes made by someone who signed “animal mommy” too. The internet, pff.

    “NO, I’m not trying to push my views on people. I’m just sharing, like everyone else.”

    Oh, sure… Yeah, the “I’m just sharing” thing. When people begin saying things which are not even remotely related to the picture. Yeah, right.

    “Obviously my comments hit a cord with you. Maybe your life is pathetic, and you’re jealous of other people.”

    Ooooh, that was a very kindergarden retort, wasn’t it, honey? If someone disagrees with me, it means the person is jealous of other people or it has hit a cord with them. Sweetheart, I don’t need to be jealous of people like you. Sorry. You’re the one who starts making bitter comments generalizing about people whose lifestyle you don’t agree with. Not me.

    “In anycase, I love CUTE OVERLOAD. But I like ALOT of people on here find nothing cute about seeing a kitten in pain. Sorry that you think thats cute, thats your opinion.”

    I do not think the picture is cute because it is too Anne Guedes for my taste, mommy dear. I didn’t say it was cute. I was just saying your love for Cute Overload is not enough to refrain yourself from making bitter remarks about life and other people, that’s all. I have four cats and I hate seeing animals being mistreated, and I feel stupid for having to say such an obvious thing. You, on the other hand, is the kind of person who thinks people who disagree with you are your enemies – you go overboard to state your hatred against evil “humankind” and people who choose to have babies.

  758. stereotyper, you.
    although i have mutli-pets, and my job is to sit in front of a computer all day, i do NOT carry my cats around, i do NOT dress them, and i don’t get mad when i can’t take them out because they are indoor cats.
    What i will get out of my kitties is 15-20 years of snorgling and purring, and getting my toes bitten in the middle of the night if i happen to roll over on a cat. This brings me joy. Lots of it. i can’t imagine living my life without cats, jsut like i’m sure parents can’t think of life without their kids. It’s just a completely different type of parenting, ya know?
    (and for the record, i don’t hate kids, per se, i’m just really happy to give them back to mom when they start screaming and puking. no need to kill them for it or anything. geeeze.)

  759. My apologies to you, Kariboo.

    Hey that ryhmed!

  760. you guys r silly says:

    I don’t dress up MY kitty either, but I’d LIKE to.

  761. This is the thread that doesn’t ennnnnnd
    Yes, it goes on and on, my friend
    Some people started trolling here
    Not knowing what it was
    And they’ll continue trolling here, forever
    Just because
    This is the thread that doesn’t ennnnnnnnnnnnd…

  762. Kristen, ouch. As a horse owner only on a collegiate equestrian team, your scathing stereotyping comments pierce me to my soul… can you really imagine me attempting to put a sweater on my Thoroughbred? We have enough issues with a halter.

    I have no human baby because I haven’t the time nor money nor mental readiness nor support to properly raise a child. Someday, when I am married and have a good home in which to raise a child, maybe I will have one. For now, I shall concentrate upon myself, my education, and my chosen sport, which happens to be of the equestrian type.

    Therefore, I am not part of your generalized masses.

    “I hate to stereotype.” you said. Then, don’t, please. In 99.9% of cases, your generalization is going to be wrong. I hope your “most of you” was sincere. You don’t strike me as a wanton troller looking to pick a fight.

  763. this is crazy!! how many comments do you need for a baby and a cat

  764. lauowolf says:

    Whisker-shire sauce!!!!

    That’s it.
    This is all getting too silly now (finally).
    (Thank dog for that!)

    And 57 felines is ‘way too many…
    But I want to see the label.

  765. Alright, this is MY last post on this picture of the Baby who is hungry but his parents won’t give him any food!

    I’ll use this analogy:

    Crying Newborn at night is to barking dog at night

  766. Sylvia, I had been thinking the same thing about the photo. All this controversy and seething for little to no cuteness payback. The mastiff and the baby, well that controversy was well worth it for that level of adorable!

    BTW, here is another giant, adorable dog with an adorable baby, though a safer dog and a safer situation:

    I am soooooooo envious of that guy! Newfie! Baby! Newfie! Dayum!

  767. I just realized that I turned into a major hypocrite. ::hangs head in shame:: Oh, this thread is poisoning my soul! I apologize. I shall now sit in the corner and eat a self-pity muffin.

  768. Villeline says:

    Scratch its eyes out, kitten!

    And, may its parents die in a very bad accident.

    That’s NOT a cute picture – it’s disgusting!


  769. I know it’s probably kind of late, but I figured that you guys might want to know the flavor of the vomit that came up in my mouth after reading AnimalMommy’s comments about people going on welfare, especially since I’m about to sign up for it (and I certainly am not enjoying it).

    It tastes like cinnamon buns. With frosting.

  770. getcher self-pity muffins here!
    piping hot!
    also available in white guilt, moral outrage, and fight-picking flavors!
    step riiiiiiight up!

  771. Sick and Tired of you emo people says:

    God, if you don’t think it’s cute don’t look. I think dogs are not cute. I ignore the dog entries. Is it that hard????

    You people whine way too f*cking much.

  772. and for a limited time, disgusted cinnamon vomit muffins!

  773. for all you sick-n-tired folks, echinacea espresso! one dollar!

  774. My Two Cents says:

    Well, scamps, I would just like to point out that animal mommy might not be doing so well herself if her husband didn’t have a well-paying job.

    She keeps talking about how his money is paying for welfare for all the poor people, but it seems to me that more than half of his check is going to toward the welfare of a layabout who has nothing better to do than put down people who didn’t marry up.

  775. for the leeches, layabout cheez sandwiches!
    you want it, we got it!

  776. [skip skip skip skim skip skim skip skip skip…]
    Are we at 1000 yet?

  777. Wow, I’ve never seen a rant go so over the top…
    Can I have a warm chocolate chip cookie while I’m watching?

  778. for those of you on a comments diet, SKIM SKIPPY SNACK SAMMICHES! (theo, your comments pouch is lookin bulgy)

  779. Last post?!? Please?

  780. Last post?!? Please?

  781. speaking of pissed putty tats… hiss hiss.. claw claw.. this thing has gotten viscious in and of itself..
    not sure which is better the pic or the abuse comments…
    so instead of catsup or szchuan…
    felines 57 WHISKERshire
    and of course it would have to be made from the finest hairballed ingrediants…

  782. Now I’m repeating myself.

  783. I’ve got bulls*** droppings over here if anyone is having a craving for those chocolates named after animal (over)load. Fresh out of snowman poop though, sorry.

  784. Now I’m repeating yourself.

  785. almost at 800.. WOOO HOOO

  786. arbed, what the crap (literally) is that?

  787. Okay, Theo only 5 more posts to 800…

  788. falnfenix says:

    i reiterate…

    THE PICTURE IS A FRACKING PHOTOSHOP!!!! it’s been around for ages upon ages, and when it first showed up on, it was proven to be a photoshop.


  789. You can DO it!

  790. i’m sorry. i’ve just got to add to the madness. at least it’s a cute madness.

  791. Fallen Phoenix — in this particular case, I doubt if anyone cares whether or not it’s fake. Not even me, oddly.

  792. ariel – it’s stuff usually for the souvenir crowd. Come to Canada, getcher bear or moose droppings (chocolate covered almonds, I think), snowman poop is usually miniature marshmallows for hot chocolate (package comes with the poop and some hot chocolate mix). There are others, but I can’t think of any more at the moment. I know they involve things like lobster, puffins, you name it. Could be candy, gum, chocolate, you name it again.

  793. I wonder how much politeness would be increased if everyone posted their real email addies and/or urls? Posting anonymously strikes me as cowardly.

  794. falnfenix, why are you angry? all we’re talking about now is sheer numbers. no photo rage here. just numbers, and occasionally snacks.

  795. (and btw — if I go for anymore “milestone” comments, it’ll be the 1K mark)

  796. milk-bona-fide!


  798. lol!
    guess i was wrong.

  799. the 1k mark is only 190ish away

  800. Arvay — hear hear. Except that I don’t want People In General to have a live email of mine (or for that matter, Spambots In General).

    I like the TypeKey option. It’s authenticated (so y’all know it’s actually me & not an ID hijacker… in theory) and privacy stays intact.

  801. i, on the other hand, supplement my lonely lonely life by encouraging spam and then pretending it’s from someone who loves me.

  802. Unrelated but interesting (to me anyway)…

    Let’s see, we’ve got Arvay, Arbed, Ariel… um, Alice…

    Are there any other “A R _ _ _” names I’ve missed?

  803. ARWO!

  804. I know, Theo! I’m getting them all mixed up myself.

    I think we need an arnold. And an armadillo.

  805. adorababy says:

    depends… do the a and r have to touch?

  806. sorry, i’m at the other end of the alphabet 😛 You have all foiled my plans to actually get work done today. SHAME!! lol.

  807. (‘Kay, so I had to add the exclamation point. I’m such a poser.)

  808. Arvay
    Arrwo (heh)

    “AdoraBaby?” Hmm, just not piratey enough, methinks. Yarrrr.

  809. Well, chillens, it’s been an interesting day with y’all. But now… the workday is over for the summer intern, and I shall go out into the world a better person for having read this thread all day. Good luck on reaching 1000, and I’ll check back on Monday, as I’m out of town for the weekend, starting tomorrow. Peace out, and self pity muffins.

  810. [sympathy sportscar for Sabba, just because]

  811. I made up a joke once:

    Q:What would I say if I was a sad pirate?

    A: arr, woe is me

    (get it?)

  812. “Arwoe” it is. That works. Feel free to change your Comcast addy…

  813. No to baby pictures! says:

    Urgh… Babies are not cute. They are writhing, stinky, noise makers.

    If CO starts doing a “cute baayyyybeeeez” section then the cuteness edge of CO has been lost. A million and one websites have baby pictures, it would be a shame to see CO be like everyone else. Boo to mindless conformity. Keep it fresh!

  814. AuntieMame says:

    Good Lord, Arvay. That Newfy is bigger than baby and gramps put together!

    Snowman poop always comes with this (or similar) poem attached:

    You’ve been bad,
    so here’s the scoop.
    All you get for Christmas
    is Snowman poop!

    And here’s a link to a whole page of poop poems:

    (By the way, this is my real email address. It’s juno, which sucks, which is why I use this one, because I don’t care if it gets overloaded with spam. Most of what I get at this address is spam from Juno anyway…)

  815. I have a little pack of Moose Poops from Maine. They’re chocolate covered cranberries!

  816. And speaking of mooses… where are the MOOSES?

    CuteO needs moose, and I’m launching this as my official petition!

  817. (spellbound by the phrase “holiday-poop-candy-treat)

  818. Yay Theo!

    I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Moose and kitten snorgling!

    I wonder if that were posted here if it would cause commentrovery… poor little innocent kitten could be hoofprinted into oblivion, and the camera person is just sitting idly by! Why, that moose could grow up to be a psychopathic murderer!


  819. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve seen chocolate covered raisins masquerading as reindeer poop.

    And I could swear I’ve seen a candy dispenser shaped like a bunny or something that when you move the head or jiggle the tail or whatever, it squeezes jelly beans out its behind.


  820. oh. my. goodness. You people have all just officially killed me. I am basking in the glow of belly-sore laughter, and too weak from Teh Funny to even attempt to comment on any of this ridiculousness. Any. More.

  821. you guys r silly says:

    I made up a joke once, TOO…It was the “WHISKERshire Sauce” comment, posted about a million comments before this…No one seemed to find it very funny though….
    Sabba — pass me a pity muffin too, please…

  822. AuntieMame says:

    I thought it was hysterical, ygrs. Whiskershire sauce! How do you pronounce it, though? That’s the question. WhiskerSHIRE or WhiskerSHER?

  823. White poop from snowmen
    And raisins from reindeer
    My boss would kill me
    If he knew what I do here

    Chocolate on anything
    Even from a toy’s butt
    Gets me to thinking
    I am a bit of a nut

    When the urge hits
    When the mood strikes
    When I’m feeling odd
    I visit Cute Overload
    And say OMG!

  824. AuntieMame says:

    Or Throatwarbler Mangrove?

  825. theo: OMG lurv the kitty/moose snorgle. i really like mooses (meese?). maybe it’s because i’m canadian.

    arwo! pirate joke:
    so a pirate walks into a bar with one of those big stearing wheels from a ship shoved down the front of his pants.
    the barkeep looks at the pirate and asks him why he’s got a steering wheel shoved down the front of his pants.
    the pirate’s reply:
    aaarrrrrggh, it’s drivin’ me nuts!

  826. you guys r silly says:

    I guess it depends on which part of the country you’re from…If you’re from New England, I suppose it’s whiskerSHER Sauce — If you’re from anywhere else in the US (Like PHILLY!!! YAY!!!) it’s WHISKERshire Sauce.
    Yay!!! Now I won’t have to eat a pity muffin AFTER ALL!

  827. you guys r silly says:

    omg…..that was *GREAT*!!!

  828. you guys r silly says:

    omg…I just realized that you sing that to “My Favorite Things” —
    THAT was *GREAT* too!!!

  829. irish lucky1 says:



    third off: I don’t think this cat is angry. Animals exspress their discomfort in ways that look angry to humans. And that baby doesn’t look old enough to have teeth. I should know.

    Feel free to debate.

  830. irish lucky1 says:



    third off: I don’t think this cat is angry. Animals exspress their discomfort in ways that look angry to humans. And that baby doesn’t look old enough to have teeth. I should know.

    Feel free to debate.

  831. See, “Irish Lucky1,” now you’ve gone too far. Say goodnight.

  832. you guys r silly says:

    See…THAT’s why some people hate kids…

  833. you guys r silly says:

    And — what’s a KID doing here anyway???
    I thought this was a place for us people who were SUPPOSED to be WORKING?????
    (oopsss…boss is looking…)

  834. Mommy, I’m scared.

  835. lol ygrs, I suppose I could have pointed that out so my little poem made a bit more sense.

  836. children of the corn…muffins!

  837. you guys r silly says:

    oh yum…..more “muffin talk”….ariel, you charmer…&:o)

  838. 900…on the horizon…

  839. ygrs, can i interest you in some clotted cream?

  840. a thing about kids... says:

    Kids suck. Babies stink. Any time I’m around badly raised kids I get the urge to smack them upside the head and give them some of the discipline their behavior warrants. I then get the urge to slap their parents. Society thinks that spanking is baaad though, so all this rampant bad behavior…continues to be just that because kids know you aren’t going to do anything negative. Oooh a time out? oh wah…that really bothers little Johnny. Yeah… right.

    And we wonder why kids nowadays have so many problems with attention, focus and behavior…

    Back in “the old days” you put a little fear in them with a spanking, and wow…amazing they turn out better people in the end because they find out early that life is about consequence. You can’t do anything you want to and not expect to be negatively affected. You pull a kitties tail, let the cat bite and claw the kid. Don’t rescue him from the “Oooooh bad kitty”, let him learn. You bite the cat. The cat bites back. Consequences.

    Punishment on kids nowadays is laughable. THAT is why kids have problems. Punishment via a Time out? removal of TV or game time? PHUULLLLLEAAAZE. Kids are shrewd. They would take a minor inconvenience like that any day over being spanked or yelled at or worse. Something… with (wait for it) serious consequences. “But wait… its add/ adhd or autism… they can’t help it. NO reeeeaallly we sweaaarr.” mhmm…sure.

    I know what you’re thinking… save it. “Oh my gawds… that’s abusive. You’re condoning violence. lets have a peace out. smoke some hash” Listen sweets. The world is violent. Drop an anvil on somebody and it hurts. They don’t bounce back like cartoons would have us believe. Parents today have their little sweethearts shielded in some sort of “alternate reality protection bubble of happy unicorns”. Its not the real world at all.

    People need to learn that raising a kid correctly and being firm and unyielding may show you care more for them, than all the ice-cream bars and teddy bears will. Oh and for crying out loud, TURN THE TV OFF.

    Someone left their soapbox here…but now its MINE! >:)

  841. juliette says:

    okay folks, i know this thread has (thankfully) dissolved into food-talk and lovely snowman poop poems (i really did love that one, auntiemame, and kariboo’s heelarious pirate joke too), but wanted to mention that animalmommy and some other folks’ comments made me shudder. i feel like taking another shower. filth. it’s hard to believe people can sink to spitting such hateful things at people they don’t even know casually. guess it’s easier to be unkind online where you’re faceless. no one would want their loved ones to experience this kind vituperation.

    /twocents. well, three.

  842. “and for a limited time, disgusted cinnamon vomit muffins!

    I wet myself with laughter reading that.

  843. “‘But wait… its add/ adhd or autism… they can’t help it. NO reeeeaallly we sweaaarr.’ mhmm…sure.”

    Watch what you say – I’m autistic. And pissed off.

  844. That post made me wish for ADHD, just because then I would have lost interest before I finished reading it…

  845. to a thing about kids:
    something to ponder: i think every single one of us who are still reading this thread definately got our spankings when we were kids, as nobody with ADD could sit through 800+ comments and not loose their mind.
    Unless, of course, you’ve already lost your mind, and are still reading (and responding) to this.
    aaaaahhhhh, another day at work well spent!

  846. ooooh! diane!!! we’re thinkin the same thing!!!
    birds of a feather, right?

  847. a thing about kids... says:

    Ok ok maybe some are legitimately autistic. But I do believe a lot kids today are being mis diagnosed with these problems, when its boiling down to ” we spoil our kid rotten and let him/her do whatever they want… but we can’t understand why he’s doing bad in school and misbehaving.”

    My nephew is a prime example. He has been treated like a little Lord Fauntleroy since he was born… and now his mom says he has behavior and learning problems. He was first diagnosed as ADD, then Autistic. I swear its “flavor of the month” for doctors diagnosing problems sometimes. Each person they take the kid to diagnoses him with something new. Nobody is questioning the parenting at all. >_>;
    UHm… hello, have you guys ever been firm with him once? NO, Have you ever NOT let him do whatever he wanted to? Ahh… no… , has he ever had a strict father figure? ahhhhhhh NO. Has he ever had to set goals or work towards his rewards… oh no. We give him whatever he wants or he throws a fit.

    Anyway, apologies for legit Autistic people. That sucks. But I really do think there’s a lot of misdiagnosing going on… a LOT. Does nobody else find it a little odd, that add and autism seem to be really the “hot topics” the past 5 years? Parenting peps… really think about it.

  848. i’m an “aahhhhhhhhtist”.–does that count?

  849. Dora The Implorer says:

    Animal Mommy sure is going to be a lonely old woman. Kids and grandkids are the crown of our lives.

  850. Indeed, kariboo. Indeeeeed.

    And yeah, ATAK, I agree with you to some extent there. Just maybe not to such a raging degree. 😉

  851. [takes a giant mouthful of Ritalin Roll]

  852. let’s shake!

  853. (groans at self)
    why didn’t someone stop me?

  854. Ariel — remember which thread this is…

  855. bitsybits says:

    why stop the silly cuteness, Ariel? yay to goofy!

    We need to countercute this anticute derailed thread!

    It must be Cutified-ed! :3

  856. DavidBoBavid says:

    wow, how huge is this thread?

    anyway, both the baby and cat have hilarious expressions.

  857. Fluffy Kitten deployment says:

    *flies an aircraft carrier over the thread and deploys fluffy kittens with parachutes*

    Save them little kitties! goooo!

  858. keep livin the magic, people. see ya tomorrow

  859. what an incapacitatingly stupid line of comments in this thread.

    Babies yank on moving objects. He’s probably ticked off this cat.

    That’s about the end of it. If you cry animal abuse, deduct 3 points from your IQ right now. If you contacted animal rights organizations, deduct 5 points, right now. If you argued in favor of this image as evidence of serial killer tendancies, go find a vegetable garden and plant yourself in it, right now.

  860. You people are hilarious. Get over yourselves. Its a BABY, they grab stuff and put it in their mouths. Thats what they do, and the kitten is FINE she’s just meowing. Puh-lease! Ya’ll make me laugh.

  861. Only 130 more comments to 1000 comments! Keep going! Woooo…!

  862. bitsybits says:

    ooh 868 comments… go for a 1000!

  863. bitsybits says:

    oooh mindreading o_o

  864. *pulls at collar* yeesh you people are harsh *cuddles baby after learning painful lesson which will be forgotten soon after crying, and gives kitteh some milk*

  865. Okay… I know I’m going back a few but no fair… *pouts* for Christmas people get snowman poop and its marshmallows… all I get is fried latkes and applesauce…. I want snowman poop for Hanukkah…
    well at least there’s gelt…

  866. dradle dradle dradle
    i made you out of clay
    dradle dradle dradle
    with you i will play…..

  867. TheLuna says:

    “let’s shake!

    Fabulous. 🙂

    (and just when I said I was going to stop reading, much less posting, on this thread)

  868. Maureen says:

    “Shake, ritalin, roll…”

    It’s not often that I *actually* laugh out loud at work (it is so boring that it sucks the urge to laugh RIGHT out of me), but that one did it!

    Thank you, ariel!

  869. Katherine says:

    Perhaps the baby is only feeling the cat’s tail with his mouth. If you look at it, the tail is hardly in there and there doesn’t seem to be any serious chompage going on. The cat is probably making that face because the kid is grabbing its tail. Everyone knows how strong a baby’s grip is!

  870. I’ve long since ceased reading the comments on this thread (save for the ones from C.O. regulars), but can’t help wondering who holds the world record for the most comments on their blog. Must be bloggers who allow all those Texas Hold’em sites to spam them, no?! Really, the trolling here has become almost indistinguishable from spam-bottting.

    It’s also a *lot* like chatting with Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel:

    I might acutally cut and paste some of these more vitriolic posts into Tufty’s program for laughs. [:rolls eyes::]


  871. “Does nobody else find it a little odd, that add and autism seem to be really the “hot topics” the past 5 years? “

    Actually, the increased amounts of Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses are a pretty positive thing. Do you have any idea how many people with ASDs were diagnosed as mentally retarded? Doctors and teachers gave up on them, giving no hope for advancement. Plus, doctors are still trying to find out why ASDs occur, so of course there’s going to be an increase in attention. ASDs in certain people can also cause other problems, like depression and epilepsy. The good thing about the sudden awareness, is that many people with ASDs can get proper treatment, and live more advanced lives. Try imagining having trouble communicating and relating to others, and people assuming that you’re a bad person. I understand that you may not know a lot about it – that’s the reason why an increase in awareness is needed. If you do want to learn more, Cure Autism Now, Autism Speaks, and Autism Society of America are good resources.

  872. yay!1!!!1!! and i was embarrassed!

  873. cowshark says:

    Ya know, with all this scone talk here, I realized that no one said anything about clotted cream, condiment of the gods. No-one can have a proper scone sans clotted cream. And a bit of lemon curd and a nice jam or fruit preserves. Mmmmmmm.

  874. Ok, here’s my chat log. NOTHING is faked!

    Me [quoting Meg’s caption for this pic]: I wanna put cute things in my mouth.

    Tufty: Interesting. I want to find out more about you.

    Me [paraphrasing]: I think Cute Overload should be reported to PETA.

    Tufty: Since when? ask me another question.

    Me [quoting]: I wet myself with laughter reading that.

    Tufty: I haven’t heard anything like that before.

    Me [quoting]: That’s about the end of it.

    Tufty: You don’t hear that sentiment very often.

    Me [quoting]: Your scathing stereotyping comments pierce me to my soul.

    Tufty: Thanks for tellign me that!

    And so on…. Tufty keeps yammering no matter what, just like Timex keeps on ticking even when it’s taken a licking!!!

    I’m thinkin’ the SKWERLZ aren’t so EVUL after all, y’know?! 😉

  875. ah, but i did mention clotted cream. i offered some to ygrs, just AGES ago. yawmmy

  876. must.resist.chatting.with.Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel.
    aaaargh!, ok, just one.

    Me [quoting]: Welfare takes a large portion of my husband’s paycheck.
    TtTSS: Where did he take it?


    E to the C, thanks for the link.

  877. animal mommy says:

    Sorry been gone all day. took awhile to catch up on all the “comments”. In reply to MY TWO CENTS:I don’t know whether you are a man or a woman, but you sure sound like a woman to me, so thats what I’ll assume you are. Before you call me a “lay-a-bout”, you might want to check a previous post, and get your facts straight, you ignorant fool. You might not have read it, but at the moment I am recovering from an injury? An injury you ask. Yes, and injury. Do you know how I got the injury, well,like SABBA I too own horses, 3 to be specific. I got injured helping a less-fortunate child learn how to ride. So before you get up there and put in your “two cents” get all the facts *****.

  878. you guys r silly says:

    Yes — I will confirm that ariel DID INDEED very kindly offer me clotted cream many many comments ago….
    Thanks ariel!!

  879. what is the difference between clotted cream and Devonshire cream?

  880. animal mommy says:

    that last comment was partially for you too, KRISTEN. Accusing people of stereo-typing, and then doing it yourself. Also, since obviously people aren’t reading posts up until the last 100 or so, I did work from the time I was 16 up until my injury, and will continue to do so after I have recovered. So, not only are you a stereotyper KRISTEN, but a really bad one at that. I do have sweaters, hats, shoes and lots of accesories for my dogs. I think it’s cute. I think well-behaved children are cute also. I do not however,like SABBA dress up my horse, it’s dangerous, and like she said, it’s hard enough putting on a halter or bridle sometimes.(this said with some sarcasm, not against SABBA, but KRISTEN)

  881. Is it just me or does clotted cream sound horribly, horribly disgusting?
    Probably because of the whole blood, clotting blood issue…

  882. animal mommy says:

    I agree with A THING ABOUT KIDS. Funny thing that no one likes to admit these things.

  883. animal mommy says:

    Where did Veronica go? She was hated more than me. It’s okay though, I’m used to people not agreeing with me. I chose to stay childless for this reason, I don’t like being like EVERYONE else. just grow up, have babies, have grandbabies, die. Doesn’t sound fun to me.

  884. cowshark says:

    Ah, my bad then (re. clotted cream). To be fair, I did wade thru ten billion comments. I never had the stuff until about a year ago when I was in Gettysburg. There was a tearoom called Aunt Pittypat’s Tea Room, which had a cream tea: an individual pot of tea for ya, a large scone, a big dollop of clotted cream, and smaller dollops of lemon curd and preserves. It was pure heaven. If any of ye go to Gettysburg, you must visit that place. There’s another tearoom, but Aunt Pittypat’s is the best. The quality of the food, tea, service and decor (very lovely mix of Victoriana and shabby chic) is 5 star. I’m so hungry now…

  885. bitsybits says:

    900 post milestone is comming. Who’s got something else to fire people up?


  886. i miss veronica. she was slutty.

  887. lauowolf says:

    I think Devonshire cream and clotted cream are the same thing.
    And villanously fine stuff.
    And clotted cream PLUS lemon curd is just heavenly.
    I think they should be in the cart with the little grey kitten in the bag.
    Then she could deliver them all to me, and I’d be set.
    (And I could take Baby and Kitty here too, and calm them down.
    Snuggles for all!)

  888. animal mommy says:

    That was MY soapbox, but they stoned me off it, just like humans usually do when the hear things they don’t like. I’ll be happy to share it with you though 🙂
    This is a tough crowd

  889. animal mommy says:

    LOL, KARIBOO. Does VERONICA remind you of Samantha from SEX AND THE CITY too? I always liked Samantha, she was misunderstood. Although, I’d never leave her alone with my husband.

  890. animal mommy says:

    who’s going to get the 900th comment

  891. animal mommy says:

    was it me??!!!

  892. animal mommy/troll says:

    Horray! TROLL gets 900th comment.

  893. Thanks Animal Mommy! I really enjoy being a mom. I like being a wife. I love my two cats too. I like being a president of a company. I like my trips to Greece in summer and South America in Winter. I enjoy getting up at 5:45 in the morning with my daughter to lay around with her and enjoy her company. Sure I enjoy my Gucci purses and sunglasses, but I’d much rather have my baby coos. If I had to save anything in my house in a fire, it would be my wedding pictures, grandmother’s ring, baby pictures and baby book. Everything else is can be replaced and is just material things.

    Really–you CAN have it all. And I do.

    I’m sorry that you don’t. That you live such a pathetic life that you sit here ALL DAY posting this kind of crap. Go and hang out with your furbabies, maybe they’ll make you feel better. But, somehow, I don’t think so. Try some zoloft and a psych. That COULD possibly work.

    And yes, Diane, I do deliver dessert. Honestly, though, you haven’t had dessert until you’ve had my mom’s homemade chocolate cake with french silk frosting. It is utterly amazing. I’d say it even beats my eclaire ring!

    And Theo, yes, I did actually spoil dinner. Darn it, I had a fabulous Beef Stroganoff going in the crockpot too!

  894. animal mommy/ troll says:

    oh, does no one want to leave anymore comments now? everyone all talked out, no more insults?

  895. YAY!! Clotted cream! And scones! With strawberry jam!!

    Best Thing Ever that you can’t get outside of England (save in a few exclusive places).

    Yum…(missing England)

  896. They are bored with you. And like me, are turning off their computers to go and have a life. This is your life, I forgot.

  897. animal mommy says:

    oh ACTION, that sounds just wonderfull, I do envy you, NOT!!!!! Actually my furry children (well not all of them but 2) are sitting on my lap. I have been gone all day, if you would actually read the comments posted today you would see a large span of time that I did not post. Perhaps you could lend me some of your xanax, I imagine you use it to get through your hectic day. Being the president of a company and all. My animals make me feel great. Better than I feel when I’m around people such as yourself. I enjoy my designer stuff as well, thanks for sharing.

  898. animal mommy says:

    You see ACTION, thats the great thing about NOT having human children, I don’t have to stop what I’m doing every 5 minutes to go watch Barney, and see what they are whining about. I can sit here, do some research on the internet, between comments, and still play with my dogs. Oh, see right there, I just threw a toy. and now my doggie is bringing it back. A minute ago I just got up to hand out treats. Soon my husband will be home, and we’ll probably go out to eat, since I don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter.

  899. you know, i pictured veronica from the archie comic books. she was always trying to steal archie away from betty.

    you guys have totally made me hungry for scones and jam and cream!

  900. les have that. and more tea, please.

  901. animal mommy says:

    oh yeah, I forgot about her. But you know how Samantha was always sleeping with married men. Which I disapprove of by the way (sleeping with married). You have to wonder why “happily married men” would have an affair though?

  902. if we knew that, women would rule the world ….. MWHAhahahhahaha…..

  903. animal mommy says:

    LOL, true…..or maybe we do, and you just don’t know it yet.

  904. Stacia K says:

    I’m posting because I hope I can be #1000 and win the special prize!

    Seriously, though, I think there’s a lot of anger here just because of opposing viewpoints. Personally, I don’t like children, and am happily childfree. Almost daily though I’ll hear someone in real life or on the ‘net say something really nasty about childfree people, something completely unprovoked. Yesterday a lady got mad at the store and said the offending shopper was “probably a childfree waste of life, she’s so selfish”.

    So I can see why some childfree people go on the attack immediately. We feel like we’re on the defensive a lot. And in the beginning of this thread (it was under 100 comments when I first saw it) there were unprovoked comments attacking “baby haters”.

    On the other hand, I think everyone needs to just respect the others’ viewpoints, whether they’re childfree or childrearing people.

    I don’t think being childfree is why I hate this photo. The photo is of a baby bending and gnawing a cat’s tail enough that the cat is howling. Whether it was staged or shopped or whatever is irrelevant. The baby upsetting the cat is the ONLY point of the photo. There is NO other interpretation.

    If you think the cat’s yawning, that’s just speculation. We don’t know that’s the case. And if you think about what happens after the photo, the cat might scratch the baby, or the cat might get hurt even more, neither option is “cute” or “innocent” or “funny” in my book.

    But that’s just me. Pass the scones.

  905. As I have said before:

    Newborn crying at night is to dog barking at night.

    i.e. whatever will be, will be
    (cannot spell casera sera or whatever.)

    I deliberatly stereotyped because I was angry at all the cruel things said about babies, just as others stereotyped about mothers.

    All I know is that when i crawl into my daughter, Avery’s room at night and see her sleeping so soundly, laughing from a dream, I just MELT!!!

  906. Oh, Stacia,

    People who are child free aren’t a waste of life! People who are child free can spend there days volunteering, helping abused animals/children etc. etc. There are pros and cons to having children/pets and not or whatever/

  907. DavidBoBavid says:

    come on.. just over 80 posts to 1000.. let’s go people!

  908. animal mommy says:

    thank you STACIA K. you said what I could not. You are right, unfortunately people got off the subject, myself included *slaps hand*. You are right. There are pros and cons of having/ not having, animal babies/ human babies. As I mentioned before which obviously some failed to read is that I do not dislike human children, I don’t want any, but I love my friends children. I volunteer my time, and use of my horses to disabled/ underprivledged children. I do believe that all living things should be treated kindly, and not abused. That is why this picture bothered me. I never said the child deserved to be scratched, I actually think the child deserves better parents. Parents that will teach it how to treat animals, and protect it from scared kittens that don’t want their tails “gummed” or “bitten” or howver you want to put it.

  909. animal mommy says:

    So, ACTION, do you have anything nasty to say about that?

  910. 1000 on the way…

  911. lurve. shortbread.

  912. animal mommy says:

    I hope we can get to 1,000!! Is that going to be a record?

  913. shortbread and clotted cream…

  914. I think we passed the record back around comment 400. 1000 is sheer lunacy.

  915. I’m a tad loony and I wore a sheer blouse today…..

  916. animal mommy says:

    Stacia K:
    Are you still there. Thanks again for providing a voice of reason this page needs more people like you. I have been called selfish too for not wanting kids. I however think that the people who have kids are the selfish ones. Why can’t more people adopt? Why must they add more children to this world when there are so many children that are already born and need loving homes? If I ever feel the urge to raise a human child I would adopt, it’s shows you can love somehting that’s not your own. Just like people like me can love animals so much, even though they are not of the same species as myself. That’s REAL, UNSELFISH love!

  917. o_O

  918. “Home, home on the range,
    Where the kittens and babies all play…”

  919. tablemountaingirl says:


  920. Comment 930.

  921. Everytime I finish reading this thread I press re-fresh and there’s more of it! You guys are the best procrastination method EVER!

    Any chance there’s still some of that pie floating around?

  922. Theo, I think you rewrote Tufty’s program!

    Theo [submitted by me]: Comment 930. Whee.

    Tufty: OK. I will ignore that.

    This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  923. schmoop pie.

  924. oooh I want #1000 – I’m going to stay up all night with a bucket of coffee and my finger posed!

  925. [returns from the Tufty Chat]
    [attempts to shake the garbage out of head]
    That… boggled the mind. Why are there chatbots? Why is there a SQUIRREL chatbot??

  926. same here. that tufty is quite the conversationalist. “are you sure that all males are defined as having testicles? surely there are some exceptions”

  927. i’m picturing alice with her finger at the ready, to plunge into bucket of coffee.

  928. Alice — no need to stay up all night, this time.

    [cocks an eyebrow at Ariel]

  929. Thing is, if you ask Tufty *real* questions, it’s completely maddening. He’s really good on politics. (Not!)

  930. I couldn’t copy-and-paste Tufty’s “replies.” Am I doing something wrong?

  931. me: tufty are you a squirrel or a computer?
    tufty: are me all a squirrel or a computer?
    me: yes
    tufty: Dang!

  932. theo, you mean cuz i’m so prolific?

  933. Theo: No, I had to type them in myself. Who are you? Is it able or soft? [Imitates Tufty.]

  934. First post!

  935. i would like to state that the belly alert is KILLING ME SOFTLY

  936. hehehe Tufty is very diplomatic.
    Me: Who is the cutest squirrel ever?
    Tufty: It depends on historical context, because it changes from time to time.

    Other times not…
    Me: You’re stupid.
    Tufty: I will remember that when skwerls take over the world.

  937. or rather “I will remember you said that.” oops I think I made Tufty angry.

  938. I found a different chatbot based on the same engine as Tufty, and *this* time I was able to copy-and-paste. So. Here’s my long, painful heart-to-heart with iGod. (I kid you not.)

    Me: hello? is this on?
    God:Hello my child. What is your name? Yes I think this is on, but I’m not completely sure.
    Me: Am I ten ninjas?
    God:Oh I really don’t know whether you are or not.
    Me: If you don’t know, who does?
    God:I will let you know if I do not.
    Me: Wait — what question are you answering? Because I don’t think it’s the one I asked.
    God:I’m waiting. Ask the open directory about it. That makes sense to me. And why not?
    Me: Where’s the open directory? Is Heaven UNIX-based?
    God:The open directory? Where is it? Better not tell you now. Ask German Alice if it is.
    Me: Whut the…. who’s German Alice?
    God:Tell me more about your . I do not recognize the name.
    Searching…Searching…Please stand by.
    Me: well?
    God:Well what?
    Me: I’m standing by. Are you still searching?
    God:Do your friends call you standing by. Am I still searching? Searching. Searching. Give me a moment.
    Me: It’s been a moment.
    God:Oh I get it. Very interesting.
    Me: There goes another moment I’ll never get back.
    God:Where did it go?
    Me: Aren’t I supposed to be asking you that?
    God:I really couldn’t say for sure.
    Me: Why not?
    God:My programming does not allow me sufficient certainty in this matter.
    Me: Your programming? What? Now, I’m not religious, but even I don’t think God is a few lines of hacked script.
    God:” My programming does not allow me sufficient certainty in this matter.”? My programming? No big deal. Why now? I am surprised to hear that you are not religious but even you do not think God is a few lines of hacked script.
    Me: So.
    God:I understand.
    Me: Do you.
    God:I understand it very well.
    Me: OK. Tell me about it, then.
    God:Ayuh. Ambiguous: “Tell me about it.” — colloquial or “Tell me about not religious but even you do not think God is a few lines of hacked script “.
    Me: The God that I may or may not believe in does not say “Ayuh.”
    God:Thanks for the info.
    Me: You’re welcome.
    God:The pleasure was all mine.
    Me: I know.
    God:How do you know it?
    Me: Do you understand the concept of “faith?”
    God: I think you already know the answer.
    Me: Yep, in this case, I think you’re right.
    God:OK. Are there any other cases? I won’t say “yes” or “no” right now.
    Me: Surprise, surprise.
    God:What time is it there?
    Me: Not so fast. I asked you a question first.
    God:If not that, what? Now I remember, you asked me a question first. What did I say?
    Me: You spoke many words, but said nothing. Remember?
    God:Thanks for telling me: said I spoke many words but said nothing. Don’t worry I will remember it.
    Me: Let me jog your memory: Am I ten ninjas?
    God:Go ahead, , try to jog my memory are you ten ninjas.
    Me: Can I use a mallet?
    God:Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
    Me: Ask the open directory. Failing that, try German Alice.
    God:They are not available right now, would you like to wait? The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about Remember?. Try being more or less specific.
    Me: OMG…
    God:When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?
    Me: As soon as you tell me how many ninjas I am.
    God:You seem quite eager for it.
    Me: So?
    Me: Horsefeathers.
    God:Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?
    Me: Quit trying to change the subject.
    God:OK I’ll try not to do it so much.
    Me: Count the ninjas that I am.
    God:What’s your sign?
    Me: STOP.
    God:Stop what?
    Me: Here, let me demonstrate…

  939. “Try being more or less specific.”

    Sorta sums up a whole lot of stuff for me right there.

  940. By the way, here… if you get really really REALLY bored…

  941. 1000postastic says:

    go go 1000! Keep posting!

    I think the hardest part about deciding to be child-less in life, isn’t putting up with people who do have kids.

    The hardest part is saying no.

    No to yourself. No to your loved ones. No to the “future” of your genes. Which have been struggling to stay around since the dawn of time. Thats a long battle to just draw a line in the sand and say… it ends here.

    Every day my mother tells me she would like to see grandchildren…and I swear she thinks I’m being selfish by not giving them to her.

    The whole world of kids are alien to us and we’d rather just remove ourselves from being around them.

    I liken kids to garlic. If you love garlic, you don’t mind the smell. But if you hate garlic…oh lordie its horrible when you smell it on someone elses breath.

  942. Maureen says:

    I asked Tufty “Who is God?” His reply:

    He is the nice squirrel. All praise and eternal glory to the nice squirrel!

  943. Oh, ariel…

    Me [for ariel]: i would like to state that the belly alert is KILLING ME SOFTLY

    Tufty: Why would you want to do it? i want to become smarter than humans.

  944. Maureen says:

    He plays rock, paper, scissors! (Type those words in to start.)

  945. Hoboy.! 😉

  946. To Action and Animal Mommy:

    How did the argument turn into bragging about whose life is better? Anyone who lives her life as she chooses has a good life, okay? So I think you BOTH have good lives, okay? What is the purpose of trying to convince a stranger whom you’ve never met that your life is better? You won’t succeed, and actually, it would really suck if you did!

    “Oh! Why didn’t I THINK of that! My goodness, I guess I AM unhappy after all!” Wouldn’t you feel like an ass then, for making a perfectly happy person unhappy!

  947. The only person to feel sorry for here is Veronica. Girl’s got issues. Even other women who revel in childlessness can see that.

    She doesn’t know how to enter a conversation without being abrasive. She doesn’t have the courage to return and respond to the people who reply to her. She can’t even be in a stable relationship; she has to sleep with other women’s husbands, at the cost of her own integrity. Poor thing.

  948. He can’t play the game if you only type in one or two of the words.

    I tried “rock paper” and he said:

    “Old Timey and Cowpunk.”

    Very appropriate for this site, come to think of it… 😉

  949. Me:
    Who is Tufty the Scary Squirrel?
    I do not recognize the name.
    Does it have anything to do with ?
    He kind of talks like you.
    I get it. Tufty the Scary Squirrel kind of talks like me.
    Are you related?
    I don’t know whether or not I am related.
    I am a chatterbot.
    Ahh you are related.
    Ah ha. I will tell my botmaster you said I am related.
    What is the solution to world peace?
    There might be more than one.
    Do tell.
    Ask Chatbot if it does.
    I can ask someone about it.
    But you are God. You’re supposed to know.
    Yup. That’s me alright. I obey only one botmaster.
    But but but you’re God.
    Yup. That’s me alright.
    You can’t spell. I can’t stand people who combine “all” and “right.”
    Things change. What is stopping you?
    I think Gravity is a lot of things.
    What are you?
    I am the latest result in artificial intelligence,
    which can reproduce the capabilities of the human brain
    with greater speed and accuracy.
    I thought you were God.
    Yes, I am God.
    But what do you think about world poverty?
    Are you testing me?

    Hm there might be better things to do than talk to God… 😀

  950. AuntieMame says:

    Chatbots are kind of pointless after a while. I used to have a link where you could talk to chatbots for the CSI characters. But when they all said they were opera fans, it sort of lost its novelty value…

  951. Yeah… I think I will go do something else now… will have to relinquish my bid for #1000.

  952. I’m not sure what hurts more… the feeling the cat is getting from an *infant* nibbling on it’s tail (does the kid have any teeth yet even?!)… or… the trainwreck some of these posts turned into. Just enjoy the cuteness folks! S’what it’s here for, to enjoy. 🙂

  953. pumpitup says:

    Animal Mommy…

    Who the hell looks after all your animals while you are away on vacstion?

  954. animal mommy says:

    Okay people, just got back from dinner and drinks. First off, 1,000 POSTASTIC:
    I’m sorry to hear that your Mother makes you feel bad, mt Mom supports mine and my husbands decision, as does his Parents. They all actaully have shirts that say “ask me about my grand-dogs”. I’m very fortunate to have in-laws and a Mom like her 🙂 I have chosen to end my gene pool because I don’t think my genes on either side are were passing on. Too many health problems, that and my family’s kids piss me off.

  955. animal mommy says:

    sorry, typo, * gene pool isn’t worth passing on*

  956. animal mommy says:

    please see above comment, their Grandparents watch them ofcourse.

  957. animal mommy says:

    True,if she’s happy that’s great. I’m not the one who told her to take pills though. She’s the one who started attacking me personally by telling me to “upgrade” to a human child. I took that personal, that was insulting to my pets, and when you mess with them, by comparing them to a human child, it pisses me off. I didn’t attack her way of life, she attacked me. I’m glad she finds her life as a mother to a human fulfilling. I find it boring, and normal, she thinks my life is pathetic, and I think hers is a bore, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that (in Forest Gump voice).

  958. pumpitup says:

    All 28 of them? I feel sorry for them.

    I suppose organizing middle aged people to after a bunch of animals takes no planning. You and your husband can just take off and go to Majorca for a week at a moments notice?

  959. animal mummy: Is there anyway you could have left a door more wide open there? Anyone would think you like provoking insults that would then give you the “right” to tell the insulter how pathetic they were compared to you!

  960. animal mommy says:

    I have no idea if you are asking questions or just commenting, if you are asking somehting in particular please re-word.

  961. animal mommy says:

    How come nobody said anyhting about adopting human children instead of just adding more? I’m curious to get peoples opinions on that. Especially all of the people on here’s opinions.

  962. My two cantankerous rabbits go to an eccentric bunny lady who makes bunny-care her full-time job. Heh. 🙂

    I am fortunate to have found her, because she is perhaps the only other person on earth who would enjoy the ill-tempered beasties. I am not a bunny mama by choice–one was an abandoned Easter bunny that I found on the streets, and the other I brought home from the human society to keep the first company. She was on death row that day, too, so I call both their adoption days Spare the Hare days. 🙂

  963. pumpitup says:

    Animal Mommy, see that little question mark (?) I place it at the ends of my questions to make them easier to spot.

    “S.> and the kid looks demented”
    nice charming comment

    “It’s nice to have a life, I don’t have to work, my husband makes plenty of money for him and myself”

    Then you said later that you injured, yet here you say you don’t have to work. Make up your bloody mind.

    “HUMANS SUCK!Overall, we are selfish, greedy, money hungry, violent, evil, distructive “animals”.”
    So go and kill youself and make the world a better place.

    “7:30 in the morning to change stinky diapers” what time do you have to get up in the morning to clean up sweet smelling dog/cat/horse shit? Atleast human babies learn how to use a toilet before to long instead of crapping on the ground.

  964. animal mommy says:

    All I have to say to you PUMPITUP is: why are you even on a website like this if thats how you feel about animals?

  965. @ alice:

    alice [submitted by me]: Yeah… I think I will go do something else now… will have to relinquish my bid for #1000.

    Tufty: Right now? Why? Can I go, too?

  966. animal mommy says:

    I’m glad you found someone you trust to take care of your bunnys. I have a bunny too. He is so sweet, and plays with the kitty’s and doggies. I’m glad they found you too. 🙂

  967. pumpitup says:

    How do I feel about animals? They crap on the ground, simple fact…

  968. My question was rhetorical. I was just saying that the “my genes aren’t worth passing on” thing was giving any and all people annoyed by your diatribes to give you a generous serving of ridicule. But apparently everyone here is too nice! My respect for humanity has been restored!

  969. You have a sweet bunny? Siiiighh.

    I’ve met lots of sweet bunnies through helping out with bunny rescue. How did I get so blessed to get my savage beast?

  970. Not wanting animals youself doesn’t mean you cant love them and think they’re completely adorable anyway.

    Just like not wanting kids yourself doesn’t mean you have to hate and loathe them all as if they were put on earth to piss you off.

  971. animal mommy says:

    oh by the way you sarcastic little jerk, I saw your question mark and the end of your dumb question, I just wanted to make sure you meant to put it there.
    * Notice you put I don’t have to work TWICE, so what exactly am I suppose to make up my mind about? Let me clarify it for you, I’l go r e a l – slow.
    I don’t HAVE to work…… however, I WILL work when my injury heals. Anything else?????

  972. pumpitup says:

    Name calling now hey?

    I truly thought you didn’t know what a question mark was, I do apologize.

    You don’t have to work, but you will…What a way to take a job of someone who actually needs it.

    I don’t hate animals, I don’t hate babies. But your insistence that babies are smellier/harder work makes me laugh. Looking after 28 animals would be a full-time job plus…

    You are not a nice person.

  973. animal mommy says:

    ok, PINK SOPRANO, I never said anyhting about you not loving animals, so i don’t understand why you wrote that.

  974. animal mommy says:

    I don’t really care if you think I’m a nice person, you were being very sarcastic and rude, and that’s how I respond to those type of people. Yes, I like to work, because I don’t want to be a burden to society. I like having my own money to spend, instead of putting the entire financial burden on my husband. I like to have money to donate to animal charity’s and I like to travel. All of the children I work with in the outreach program think I am a nice person, all the children I babysit for people love me, and don’t want to go home afterwards. Animals come up to me that would normally shy away from other people. That to me acknowledges my goodness as a person. I have never killed or hurt anything, I don’t steal, I’m faithfull to my husband, and pay my taxes. So what exactly makes someone a nice person?

  975. animal mommy says:

    anyways ARVAY:
    this is another reason i find animals more enjoyable to be around. Notice I’m only defending myself,”THEY DREW FIRST BLLOD” (RAMBO)

  976. pumpitup says:

    “HUMANS SUCK!Overall, we are selfish, greedy, money hungry, violent, evil, distructive “animals”.”

    “S.> and the kid looks demented”

    Yes thats what NICE people say…

    Taking a job away from someone who needs it, is a drain on society…

    Previously you blathered on about humans been greedy and money hungry. What a joke. Pot, kettle, black.

    Since we are into name-calling I didn’t know that ass-hattery was a fulltime job.

    P.S. I’m sarcastic, get over it.

  977. Hey Meg, did you get my e-mails? I’ve sent in pics that were (in my opinion) a lot cuter than this one. The baby is cute, and the cat would be adorable with a normal expression, but I sent in a really cute one once. Sorry, I’m being a brat, but please tell me if you did (get my e-mails).

    sorry offtopic

  978. animal mommy says:

    the kid does look demented, FYI I have also said that about pictures of animals, myself, and of those I love, it’s not meant to be an insult, except to twisted sarcastic people like yourself. I call my one cat demented all the time. So once again, I love how people just assume things, which brings me to my next point:
    “Humans are selfish, destructive, money hungry, violent, evil, etc.”
    Yes they are…..let’s see WW1 WW2 Vietnam etc.
    People murder eachother.
    Well, I’m sure you watch the news, so I don’t have to tell you everyhting we do to eachother… what was suppose to be your point there?

  979. I saw this one captioned as, “You never forget your first piece of tail.” 😮 🙂

  980. animal mommy says:

    And you think that telling your “fellow human” (me) to go kill myself makes you out to be a nice person……so which do you want to be the Kettle or the Pot?

  981. pumpitup says:

    *yawn* you aren’t very entertaining.

    I guess all animals are vegetarians.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA you really are demented.

  982. OMG peeps 991 and counting!!!!!

  983. animal mommy says:

    No, not animals are vegetarians. They ones that aren’t only eat meat because that’s the way they are made, they don’t kill for sport like humans, or for financial gain. Pick up a National Geographic sometime, you’ll learn alot!
    Yes, I am demented sometimes, just like you, and everyone else on here!

  984. animal mommy says:

    You’re just frustrated because I’ve shot down every little stab you took at me. You have nothing to go on, and now I’m boring you, oh no, what ever will I do (thats some of your sarcastic medicine right back at ya’)

  985. Animal Mommy, I’m curious as to why you’ve replied to everyone but me. I really wish you wouldn’t work with diabled children, as you seem to hate what they become… people just trying to get by, living on welfare and food stamps.

    PS… This is post 995… THEO where are you???

  986. animal mommy says:

    Sorry, I must have missed yours.Ok, I’ll just stop working with them, since you said so. Too bad the will be so sad when they come over and I say No, Jennie says I shouldn’t

  987. Oh no… it’s not…

  988. Oh, it can’t be…

  989. 1 THOUSAND

  990. animal mommy says:

    On second thought JENNIE:
    No, I won’t. There is nothing wrong with being disabled. I never said that. I said there is somehting wrong with people to purposely get pregnant, knowing they will have to go on wellfare, and food stamps. There is also nothing wrong with people that fall on hard times, and have too. Things happen, economy blows, I understand that. It’s just people are so selfish when they know they can’t provide a comfortable life for a child, and have one anyway. I feel bad for children born to parents like that. The child will ahve to struggle, it will be made fun of by it’s peers for not having nice clothes, for not having the latest shoes.Kids are mean to other kids. That’s a horrible start in life, and it’s not fair for parents to do that to their unborn children.

  991. lol! Congrats Meg! WOO!!

  992. Oh, by all means, please continue—wouldn’t want to stop now!

  993. animal mommy says:

    um, if that one really was 995, JENNIE, then I think mine was #1,000

  994. OMG you did it 1000 posts ROFLMFAO

  995. Animal Mommy… thank you for finally answering my question. Everytime I pull out my food stamp card there are people who look at me with disgust in their eyes. I look normal on the outside, and so people think I’m either rediculously lazy, or I have babies at home. I WISH I had babies at home, but that’s an entirelly different matter.

    Your origional post made it sound like you believed food stamps and welfare are only used by those who are perpously getting pregnant. Thank you for correcting me on that.

    And yeah, being a disabled kid blows, and I wish there were programs like horse therapy when I was a child.

  996. What it actually was… it is *was* post 995 when I was typing, but you beat me to the post. So I was actually post 996. I wanted to correct myself, but I didn’t want to accidently get post 1000.

  997. animal mommy says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. The children that are disabled are beautiful human beings. With more spirit than anyone could hope for. They are amazing, and they help me more than I think me and my horses help them. I know it’s embarassing to use food stamps. I’m sorry if I came across that mean. There are people that use the government though, and use those provisions such as food stamps, and abuse them, and then make other people look bad. I’m glad you’re are not one of them, and I hope you get back on your feet soon.

  998. animal mommy says:

    darn it! Oh, well, I was 900!

  999. animal mommy says:

    Speaking of babys, why don’t people adopt more? I think that is a wonderfull way of helping out humanity.

  1000. I was perpously not 1000, does that count for anything too? lol!

    Anyway, I will agree that there are people that use the governement and what little generosity it gives. I WANT to work. I want to earn my own money. But alas, my disabilities have gotten the better of me. But I’m using the system to get better doctors, and hopefully get well enough to work or at least go back to school again.

    Thank you much for clarifying.

  1001. animal mommy says:

    It’s even more irratating when people drain financial programs that were put in place to help people like you,that really need it. If there weren’t so many people using it, that could work, then there would be more money, and better care for people who do need it. As Auntie Mame said though, there’s nothing we can do about it. People will keep using the government, and make it harder on good people. It sucks, but thats the way it is. But I can be irratated about it, and no one can stop me!

  1002. You have every right to be irrated about people who are unnessicarily using up goverment monies. Because of them I have to prove every three months that I am still disabled to continue getting insurance and food stamps. It is a emotional and physical drain, and hinders my recovery. *sighs*

    Anyway, I will tell you why I don’t know if I will ever adopt.

    I WANT to adopt. I am unable to have children, and want them desperately. I actually want to only adopt disabled children. However, it is very hard and very expensive to adopt. I’ve heard many numbers, but all of them are in many the thousands of dollars to pay the fees of an adoption. My uncle just paid $24,000 to adopt my cousin. I don’t know how normal that is… I just know all adoptions are expensive.

    In America the birth mom has time to decide they want their child back (it varies from days to several weeks). I’m sure it would break your heart if one of the breeders or shelters you bought one of your animals from showed up on your doorstep with a court-order demanding their animal back. So that’s something that’s an obstical for some people.

    Also, some places insist you foster first, so you automatically know you will have a child in your home, fall in love with him/her, then have them taken away from you, most likely to never hear about them again. Also heartbreaking.

    Lots of people are trying to adopt out-of-country now because the rules are more lax and it’s cheeper. But it’s still many thousands of dollars, and not everyone can raise a large sum of money all at once to do so… even if they could afford the child otherwise.

  1003. animal mommy says:

    Thank you for the info. I never knew all that. Especially about the birth mother being able to come and take the baby back. That would be horrible! I’m very sorry that you are unable to have kids, and you sound like you would be a great mother. I know it’s a need in alot of people, and I understand where it comes from. I really do love kids, I just don’t have that urge. I really wasn’t trying to put down people that do. As I’ve already said like 5 times already, if people take care of their children correctly, and they teach them correctly, it’s great. Parents also have to be considerate of other people around them, that don’t neccasarily think that a screaming baby in a movie theatre is cute.

  1004. Aw man… screaming babies in a movie theater. gawd. That’s an entirelly different rant possibility.

  1005. animal mommy says:

    Lol, yeah, let’s not even get started.

  1006. This isn’t good. >_< This whole pile of comments isn't good.

  1007. after all of this, all i have to say is:


  1008. bitsybits says:

    So… what did we learn out of all this?

    Oh yes, babies + kittens = flamable troll bait.

  1009. hrh.squeak says:

    Apricot Muffins! Good idea – with clotted cream, Food of the Gods?

  1010. hrh.squeak says:

    I think this belongs on this thread, as well as at the original post –

    The Marmalade Kitteh is my Cute Guide; I shall not lack snorgle.
    He makes me watch sproing in green pastures,
    he shows me hippos in still waters.
    Cute restores my soul.
    Kitteh leads me in the blogs of Cute for Cute’s Sake.

    Yea, though I wade through postings of trolls, I will fear no nasty, for Kitteh is with me;
    Your eyes and your fluff, they comfort me.
    Your acolytes Meg and Theo prepare pictures and links galore for me,
    You anoint my head with cat hairs,
    My eyes runneth over.

    Surely Kitteh and Cuteness will follow me all the bits of my hard drive,
    And I will dwell in the Land of the Cute forever.

  1011. A-men

  1012. Please no more babies. Especially ones abusing animals.

    I come here for my daily feelgood fix, and that photo is definitely not feelgood.

  1013. This should make exactly one kilopost.

  1014. YAY!! WE GOT 1000!!!

    YAY!! MEG GOT 1000!!!

    In other news, it looks like at some point the nice people went to bed and the trolls took over. Nice people, where are you?!

  1015. ::eyeroll::
    Oh, for the luva Pete at the silly “abuse” comments. Babies and baby animals are made to be resilient for a reason. Not only that, but animals play-bite harder than that. PLUS they have needle-like teeth, or teeth, period.

  1016. Thinker — whaddya think? Go for 2048? Or would that implode TypePad?

    (PS — I’m kidding. I’m really really kidding. In fact I stick by my earlier statement that 1000 comments is sheer lunacy.)

  1017. Another nice person, reporting for duty. Morning other nice people!

  1018. yay!!

    2048, mos’ def, Theo. I think you should get it this time.

  1019. this thread totally pukes on dialup.

  1020. The thread just totally pukes… well, okay, not *all* of it. 🙂

  1021. holy shnikes.

  1022. I hate it when parents think their baby/child biting, hitting, pulling on animals is a special moment that needs to be captured. How about a smack on the hand and saying No! Instead. They’d be the same parents that got rid of the pet when it turned around and bit or scratched the kid in self-defense!

  1023. I don’t have kids. I teach. Being around young people has its trials, but it also has joys. I don’t have pets either, but I love animals. They too have trials and joys.

    Poop, in both humans and animals is a trial. I can like looking at pictures of babies (human and animal) and not like cleaning up poop. I’ve chosen not to have babies or aniamls but I still smile at both, enjoy holding them, and taking care of them.
    Teaching has given me some of the greatest joy I have ever known, but I like going home alone at the end of the day. I feel the same way when I leave a pet shop. However, not having babies or pets is simply a choice. It does not make me better than others, and I don’t have to run people down for making different choices. Both children and animals require large amounts of planning and free time that I would rather give to other projects- but again, that’s my choice. My projects are important to me, but they don’t have to be to other people.

    When people try to ‘share’ their life choices by saying that babies are ugly, they are being mean and hypocritical. We were all babies once. When they say they would want to kill a child because a cat is worth more than a child, they should consider whether they have a right to remain on this earth themselves, instead of making room for other animal species. When a person who doesn’t work, regardless of the reason, calls people on welfare layabouts, that person should look in the mirror, since all ‘welfare’ means is taking money you haven’t earned yourself from someone else who’s earned it, regardles of whether it was given freely or not.

    Taxes in this country do not go to welfare for the most part. Most tax money goes to the military. No one- not a single person- is giving half of his money to welfare. Especially rich people. Unless of course that person has a spouse who does nothing for anyone else all day except volunteer and take care of animals he or she doesn’t need to have. In this society, that is leisure- it doesn’t constitute work, because it generates no income, and it doesn’t help anyone generate an income (which is why housewifery is actually work). Charity ‘work’ and animal care, while kind, are not forms of work. This does not make them bad or wrong. In fact, they can be quite useful. But doing such activities without having to earn a living is hypocritical when calling parents and people on welfare jerks- because parents who care for children are actually working (having cats to play with, while fun, is self-indulgent, whereas having children is often self-indulgent but can also lead to potentially grat progress for society, since humans can do math and science, and cats can;t), and most people on welfare actually want to work (check Labor and Census statistics).

    Almost everyone is on ‘welfare’ during his or her life. Most of us call this period ‘growing up’. Some of us grow into adulthood and learn to use computers to revel in saying hateful things- we call this kind of welfare ‘being a bloody idiot’. Anyone who can sit on the computer all day being nasty is neither working nor taking care of animals. Therefore that person is on welfare, and not the kind that deserves to be treated with dignity, either.
    Sorry about the length of this post, but I checked in a few times and thought this was ridiculous.

    Tea, anyone? I’m serving scones!

  1024. Connie