[Sound of hitting the keyboard with head]

Oh, exscuse me while I BANG MY HEAD AGAINST THE KEYBOARD from FALLING OVER! Ms. Tiny McTailersons is just too, too much. Even her little yellow bowl is cute.


Her paws look like Q-Tips, don’t they, Ellen C. and Woupidy?



  1. Itty bitty butt! Awww.

  2. OMG Too cute! What is she?

  3. She Rah says:

    What is it?

  4. oh my goshness! hamster?

  5. it’s HAMSTERBUTT!

    ’bout time… we’ve had entirely to many bunny posteriors and not enough hamsters on tippy-toes.

    how cute!

  6. Aurhora says:

    Qu’est-ce c’est?

  7. Bubbles says:

    I’d know a hamster tail anywheres!

  8. check out this picture of her “dreaming of sunflower seeds”:

    veedy veedy similar to a golf ball that showed up ’round these parts sometime ago…

  9. Have you guys noticed there has been a sudden increase in animal posterior in this site?? 😛

  10. Is it bum week on CO? 🙂

  11. Jay Fry says:

    Yep, there are a lot of ‘tocks on this site. But I LOVE bunny and hamster ‘tocks. So cute.

  12. We at American Hamster Classics are proud to present the story of one family, and the dish they loved:

    ‘The Magnificent Tailersons’

  13. note to self: “self, call calbe company and Demand AHC channel. pronto!”

    good one, Aubrey

  14. punkpie says:

    I don’t mean to be cheeky butt…

    (ha ha)

    I love HamTocks!

  15. AHC.. All Hamster Channel

    All hamsters, all the time! SWEET!

    This lil’ gal looks like she’s really pigging out at the ol’ feeding bowl.

  16. Can I get a “Eeeeehhhhhnnnn!” ?

  17. Laurie C says:

    Zelda, maybe little hammybutt doesn’t quite reach because she’s actually stealing out of the cat’s bowl…

  18. BinkyBink says:

    ohmygord! This just made my crappy day much, much brighter! Thanks, HamsterButt!

  19. Beauregard says:

    Q tippy toes!

  20. You know, I’ve been wanting to get a hamster for weeks now. Until I remember the way they smell. That’s why I love CO, all the cute, none of the odor and upkeep.


  21. demonstar says:

    OMGOMGOMG, hammy butt!!!


  22. her paws and tail are teenier than Q-Tips, methinks…

    However, “QUTE-tips” they are, indeed!

  23. LOL, if it IS the cat bowl, I wonder if kitty’s looking on, wondering “What is this big porker doin’ with MY yummies?”

  24. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh my God, the feet!! (falls over)

  25. Q-Tips! Yes!
    And I love the word ‘tocks!
    This picture is TOO cute!

  26. Is this the CO way of saying someone is feeling a little bummed? *g* Maybe we need to get to the bottom of why….we are a bit behind on it….

    somebody stop me please!!! *rofl*

  27. Again, it’s the backstory I want. One must assume either that hammie’s owner has observed this behavior in the past, or that the stretch-n-munch went on so long that there was time to assess, get the camera, lie down on the floor behind hammie’s behind, and snap away.

  28. [sorry irrelevant post]

    for those who might miss it on the “football alpaca” post:


    The whole menagerie.

  29. M-
    Enough of your cheekiness. Step to the rear, please.

  30. Awww hammie bum!!

  31. Q-Tocks™

  32. T.,

    new glossary entry, I presume?

  33. We’ll see.

  34. mariser, the snoozeball in the first link up there has a very unhamsterlike tail. Is that a gerbil perchance?

  35. AuntieMame says:

    Will we ever get to the bottom of all the puns?

    I expect so, in the end.

  36. Mame,
    Perhaps a dose of arse-nic would be the only cure.

  37. it’s pics like this that make me wish i had a nubbin tail
    er um i mean…


  38. 1 more cm and he’s in the bowl! (hope the cat doesn’t come!)

  39. jaypo, I can assure you that Polinésia is a ‘ster.

    The pic you’re talking about (I think) has this caption:

    “Minha linda Hamster, Polly, sonhando com sementes de girassol :)”

    i.e., “My beautiful hamster, Polly, dreaming of sunflower seeds.” [And there my Portuguese comes to a screeching halt!]

  40. All these cute animal butts are reminding me of this anti smoking poster: Shots of animal butts, and then a cig butt, saying how that is the ugliest butt of them all.

    Eeee cute hammy butt X3

  41. omgosh its sooo cute…ahh so adorable i want one..!

  42. Mika, I saw something like that in Chicago. A billboard with all manner of animal butts, and all it said was “Butts are gross”. Hehe.

  43. i want to give that little booty a raspberry kiss! *pffft!*

  44. jaypo, that *is* an unusually fuzzy tail for a hammy – but makes her all the cuter! I do like bum week on CO! And a double-yay for Thinker and the menagerie!

  45. ooh ooh and it’s another critter ‘n crockery picture!

  46. Bunny or hammie, this photo is beyond cute!! What an adorable pair of baby feet and that tail is to die for! So sweet…

  47. Did I miss the announcement… is this “All fluffy butt Monday?”

    …Not that I mind. ;o)

  48. Maybe AHC is really the All Hinnie Channel?

  49. awww! that looks almost exactly like my dwarf hammie – except he actually climbs IN the bowl!

  50. Beauregard says:

    Hiney is the best word EVER.

  51. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay! Another category, anybody – “Hiney Honeys”?

  52. New category: “Tiny Hiney”!

  53. hiney! ahaha. “i wanna be friends with it…”

    i have watched that movie faaaar to much this week.

  54. *too

    blast. grammar strikes again.

  55. ahhh my brain!


  56. And early the next morning…

    “jaypo, that *is* an unusually fuzzy tail for a hammy – but makes her all the cuter! I do like bum”


    I’ve never seen a tail this long on a hammie…again, gerbil??

  57. jaypo,

    I’m not a hammie expert, but Polly’s owner says Polly is a hammie…so who am I too argue?
    maybe Australian/Brazilian hammies have extra-long tails?

    Polly does seem (to me) to be some kind of dwarf (Russian? Roborowski?) hammie, though.

  58. omgaaaawd. that is way to cute for first thing in the morning!


    *head falls off*

  59. to weigh in on the “hamster vs. gerbil” controversy:

    jaypo, I think what you’re seeing as a “tail” wrapped around the hamster’s belly is actually just a fold of hamster. If you look closely you can see the tiny stubby tail sticking up against the wall of her cage with a tiny wisp of fur on the end.

  60. Thanks, Think–maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight now. 😉

  61. tee-hee 🙂

  62. thanks A T,

    *now* I can see what Jaypo was seeing. I wish I could get some sleep like right now…

  63. yes, I believe that’s a fold of hamster belly + other lower extremeties (in “dreaming” pic), ’cause I can see her tail, too.

  64. jenni joon says:

    New category: buns?

    (not sure if others suggested; haven’t read all previous posts so.. not meaning to steal any thunder here!)

    Or is that just way too… inappropriate? Def wanna keep the site PG-13, yes. Then again, we DO have Cats & Racks. With such a plethora of buns, it surely *does* seem like a buns week! Bring on the buns, yo!

  65. The Guy Over There says:

    That hamster looks like me after I hit one too many bars.

  66. hrh.squeak says:

    We love hineys
    Bun or hamster
    Meg, dear Meg,
    To us delivers . . . .

    To the tune of that classic, Meow Mix.

    (I notice no-one wants kitteh hiney. Me either, because I see way too much of it when one of my qats wants to diss me.)

  67. Nah. Not much picturesque about cat ass.
    Tails, OK.

  68. Yeah, I love my kitties, but I don’t enjoy seeing the end that my father calls the “one-eyed cat”.

  69. LOL!! Laura!

  70. Gillian says:

    it’s the back end of a dwarf hamster.

    I bred the little varmints.

    But I’m not sure that one’s a girl, unless whoever sent the picture in specified that it was, in fact, a female…

    those cute little haunch-tocks are what the, uh, “special-boy-parts” look like from behind sometimes.

  71. Fluffy little buns need a home: could we have a whole Q-Tocks(TM) category????


  72. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Gillian, say it ain’t so! Don’t girl-hammies have cute little ‘tocks? (Love the “special-boy-parts” – much better than an ex-boyfriend who used to refer to them as the “dangly toilet bits”. Off-putting, to say the least.)

  73. Hey, I’m Polly’s owner 🙂

    Polly is a female Dwarf Hamster. She was born in december last year!