Seemed like a good idea at the time

Hmm, the baby doesn’t seem to be using the "B" and "Q" alphabet blocks right now, so let’s stuff the bunnies into them. Yes. Yes, let’s do that.


Good one, JSE!



  1. Tony James says:

    More Bunneh-Butts!

  2. eek! stacked, stuffed bunnies. kewl.

  3. Kris, in New England says:

    Of course, I. Love. Bunnies.

    But this is kinda creepy – the straining bag legs of the one on the bottom, all the squishing…and boy that top one looks a little more that P.O.’d

  4. Kris, in New England says:

    Oops – that should be “BACK legs”. Don’t even want to think about what “bag legs” gives as a visual…

  5. An excellent idea!

  6. An excellent idea!

  7. Kris, I think they be tiny flexible babies and bunnehs love to get into small, dark spaces–like burrows. That’s why you need to keep an eye on them. They’ll crawl behind the tiniest places just to see what’s there…oomph! And the more you block off those places, the more they wanna see’em. Tis true.

  8. Laurie C says:

    How intelligent! The bunnies have filed themselves alphabetically. B for Bunny and Q for, uh, Qute.

  9. Pretty cozy, as far as blocks go. Some of you urban apartment-dwellers know what I’m sayin, right?

  10. and…

    for the size of bunnies, compare the hand in the first pic. teensy-weensy!!

  11. Jan Spencer says:

    Too cute…

  12. To me, this looks like a bunny equivalent of the famous “ZigZag Girl” stage illusion.

    (Those of you who are not magic geeks can see a picture at )

    Of course, it’s a little less impressive to slide two bunnies in different directions than to slide one girl in different directions. But it is certainly cuter.

  13. The Guy Over There says:

    B is for Bunny!
    Q is for Qute!

    We’ll make exceptions in vocabulary for this travesty in English compcuteness.

  14. If only that top cube were rotated 180 it would create the illusion of one long and bendy rabbit.

  15. Oh wow, this is the best thing ever. After having an awful day, these bunnies made my life.


    – Alison

  16. i think it’s *still* a good idea

  17. we may have found the answer to childhood illiteracy. if bunnies had been involved in my education, i’d have gone further.

  18. Every child should play with Guinea infused building blocks.

  19. Oh I’m dyin with glee here people…. now I get a double dose of buns’ buns…. and the sprawled legs holy moley thats too cute… the noses, MUST kiss the noses… so much bunny, SOOOO little time….

    I wanta bunnehh!!!!

  20. Kris, in New England says:

    Jaypo – I agree that bunnies will get into the darndest places. Our first one used to squeeze her 10 pound butt underneath the sofa. And our 2nd one LOVED to squeeze her 14 pounds into a gift basket.

    But still, this pic just looks weird and uncomfortable.

  21. Rubik’s Cute.

  22. LOL, Kris! Don’t I know it too… 🙂

  23. Oh, I think they were having *goooood* time here!

    ( )
    ” “

  24. Ponygirl says:

    Are these Bonsai Bunnies?

  25. mejezabel says:

    Rubik’s Cute!? lmao

  26. Who uses the Q block anyway?! And as for the B block, it should have been B for Bunny instead of Bee 😛

  27. lol, Ponygirl, they are very petite bunnies, especially compared to the hand! So cute!

  28. Oh man, I thought they were so much bigger, until I saw that hand! Tiny bunnies! With tiny noses and tiny legs!

  29. I sooo needed that. I’m having a momment of work related primal rage.
    This helped. :o)

  30. Erica be one with the bunnies, breathe in the bunny goodness…. let all cares float away on bunny clouds…. and if all else fails kick the bunny crap out of the annoying asshole who dares disturb your bunny zen….ohmmmmm…

  31. jenni joon says:

    I’ll just start heavy with the “Hallmark” moments here: having recently been divorced after thirteen years, and having gone through one nasty “disentanglement” (is that a word??), I have to say – on some of my darkest days, all I have to do for an honest to goodness, “pick-me-up,” is just visit this site. It’s a real spirit-lifter.

    Today was most DEF one of the bad days – and all it took was a visit to C.O. to make me feel that much better.

  32. Jenni, I know how you feel. This site helps a LOT of us, I think.

    Bring on the bunny butts, say I!!

  33. Bunny butts drive me nuts! 🙂
    (my bunnies keep me sane, need heavy bunny dosing ASAP)

  34. Did anybody else notice those are different blocks??? Top one is green, then pink. Bottom one is yellow, then orange. Means they stuffed the little bun-buns in there at least twice…

  35. Jenni, I hear ya. I divorced after 6 years, and all I wanted to do was sleep, because being awake and realizing what was happening was just too much to bear.
    When I come here and see the cuteness, it feels like a soothing balm. Ahhhh, fuzzy bunnies with their squat little butts 🙂

  36. M-

    Ohmmmmm bunna bunna bunna
    Ohmmmmm bunna bunna bunna

  37. Connie: I think the blocks have just been rotated (i.e. you are seeing opposite sides of the same blocks).

  38. A Thinker: Ahhhh…. that makes sense… I feel much better now. :o) Thanks!

  39. Tony James says:

    Ack! Didn’t see the hand before! Well spotted, Alice – Teeny-Tiny Bunny Butts! B is for Bunny, maybe Q is for Mr. Q-Bert..?

  40. Call it: heads or tails?

  41. KEWL! My buns! The bunbuns crawled in the blocks their own little selves, but we did the stacking. We had a heck of a time getting them out because they wanted to be in there so badly.

  42. That one on top is listing quite a bit. Hope he didn’t topple!

  43. JSE, your bunnies are too QUTE for words!

    ( )
    ” ”

  44. EricaE… you are the cutest… Ohmmmmm bunna bunna bunna…
    Now we have a new chant for centering when the oxygen theives of the world or the ex we want to forget annoy us…. we can all come to CO and shall be one with our inner bunny…. Ohmmmmm bunna bunna bunna *l* Heaven knows if it weren’t for this site…. *s*

  45. Nobody has commented on the incredible bunny noses and lips yet – so consider it done.

  46. M-

    You know… It may be a soothing mantra for chanting but I’m certain it might also scare some of those, “oxyen theives,” away for a little while.

    I think I might test that theory out at work. I for and Air Force base news paper… They aren’t fond of people with aren’t, “normal.”

    “Wait’ll they get a load of me…” *evil grin*

    Must… channel… inner bunny….

  47. I wuz rong re. comments on bun nozes. My bad.

    However, top bun bears a striking resemblance to a certain Disapproving Rabbit:

  48. lauowolf says:

    I was thinking you could insulate with these guys (since we are told they like being in there).
    Think of a whole wall of these blocks.

  49. <3333333333333
    I love this. Bunnies stuffed in alphabet blocks. <33

    They’re Filler Bunnies! [/corny pun]

  50. Love the splayed back legs! Gives a whole “Eeep!” appearance! Glad to know they were in there of their own free will. :3

  51. The pic on the left is *definitely* an “Ehhhnnn!” moment, for the bunny on the bottom, at least.

    They do so love tiny spaces…

  52. jenni joon says:

    Angela & Zelda – thanks! That’s nice to know I’m not “alone” in my perceived cuteness-addiction-to-cure-what-ails-me! All joking aside though, glad C.O. does the same for you and hope your ‘dark days’ are over.


    Oh geeez… I’m just tewtelly outdoing my own Hallmark-ness today, aren’t I?! It’s not my fault: estrogen plus cuteoverload equals extreme Hallmark-like mushiness!

  53. Muffin–you mean I’m not the ONLY Jhonen Vasquez fan here?! WHOOT!

    Oh, the bun-bun-blocks are too cute for words, too! LOL!


  54. “That’s nice to know I’m not “alone” in my perceived cuteness-addiction-to-cure-what-ails-me! “

    jenni joon, I think this is true for most everyone who comes here. I’ve certainly found this site to be terrific stress relief!

  55. E.C. — wait till you catch up on some of the more recent comment threads. (Maybe pour yourself a shot of something first.)

  56. jenni joon says:

    E to tha C, et al. What nice thoughts from people, you know? It’s funny because one of my personal, *classic* “litmus tests” for people when I first meet them? Is the whole kindness- toward-animals-thang. This test NEVER fails me. If said person “doesn’t like animals” or isn’t an “animal person”? Well.. that simply does not compute. We usually end up having nothing in common. My point? Makes sense that the people who visit this site would be the good-hearted types.


  57. @ Theo: a bunnycream, perhaps?! And yar, I K-now whatcha mean. Aarrrrrhhh!

    jenni joon, thanks muchly. I have to say, though, that some people who say that they “don’t like animals” are actually pushovers when it comes to the real item, so long as the animal is friendly and not threatening. (Speaking of someone in my own family, who went through a traumatic experience with a hostile canine…)

    Heck, I was attacked by a dog once, as an adult. It was *not* fun. But I like dogs… (Though not the sort that are trained to bite you in the throat!!!)

  58. jenni joon says:

    E.C: True… true. You do bring up a *good* point. Come to think of it…I don’t think I’ve really known someone before who was attacked by a dog (for example). And that sorta thing is totally understandable – I mean, not feeling secure and ok around animals anymore, etc.

    And hell’s bells – what’s not to like ’bout being attacked by killer doggies trained to go for your jugular??! (wink; j/k – hope you weren’t seriously hurt)


  59. wink indeed, and thankfully, I wasn’t. I *was* wearing a heavily padded jacket and instinctively put my arm up to shield my throat.

    The dog was owned by a man who CLEARLY had problems. The guy was standing in the doorway laughing at me frozen there with his vicious-acting dog going for my throat.

    I think I should have reported the whole thing to the cops. The dog acted friendly, but then the other shoe dropped, so to speak.

  60. Oh, BTW, the “bunny cream” shot is here:

  61. Oh, the dog attack victim (not bitten, but terrified) is my mom. some friends of hers had a truly vicious chow that went for her when she was visiting their house. They locked the dog in the basement, and the entire time my mom was there, it was *flinging* itself against the door, growling and otherwise being very intimidating.

    I think that qualifies as a traumatic experience.

  62. what is wrong with this picture? I know! The desk!

  63. Jessica says:

    bunny butts!!! how precious!

  64. Bunny bum!