Foller Up

WalkieeeRuhmember those yellow and green "Walkie Bits" turtles? Found ’em for 15$ on EBAY at Shop Kyoto—funny little Robotic thangs—check out the video. That is all.



  1. turtle goodness!

  2. We need to get some of these and some of the itty-bitty turtles from together and see what happens.

  3. At first when I watched the video I was mildly annoyed by the noise they make, but by the time they were all going simultaneously, I was laughing. What great late-night entertainment! Just whan I needed 🙂

  4. haha.. that last shot reminded me of Hungry Hungry Hippos. *g*

  5. Katherine says:

    What if someone just got like a thousand of those and lined them up and activated them right in front of some public area? That would be like a turtle takeover.

  6. “We need to get some of these and some of the itty-bitty turtles from together and see what happens.”

    Holy hybrid! *gasp*

  7. Caroline says:

    You can also get them at J-List!

  8. How do we get the other colors like in the video? I need a multicolored turtle army! 🙂

  9. falnfenix says:

    trisha – go to the link right above your post. jlist carries all available colors.

  10. lol, teeny eeny mechanical turtles making a huge sound in the video. “What’s that sound? Is it the attack of the killer robots? Oh, it’s just a little robot desk turtle.”

  11. My 11 yo son begged a co-worker of mine to pick some walkie-bits up on his last business trip to Japan. He’s made some videos of the toys and posted them on his blog

  12. Christine says: –> search “turtle”; they’ve been available since just about forever

  13. Oh, I would love one so much! But yeah, that noise is actually really annoying. I’m not sure I could stand it. Certainly couldn’t play with it at work.

  14. Aaaaaah! The ADD should never own this! I can hardly get work done as it is! I could barely tear myself away from the video. Imagine owning one…

  15. Nickole says:

    Fantastic idea: I’ll buy some of these to my nieces! They’ll love them!


    But my brother will hate me forever.

    And plan a glorious revenge when I get children.


    Better not, then…

  16. My boyfriend ordered me one off the initial website and I haven’t gotten it yet. 😦

  17. Tigergirl516 says:

    I bought my boyfriend one that matches our own baby red eared slider turtle. However, I think that the real turtle is seriously confused now. FYI: they can walk, remember patterns, race, and sing. It is just to cute!

  18. I found new WAKIE on shop.
    It is parent and child’s turtle.