Full and Total Flop

I CANNOT FACE another Monday. Don’t make me go back to work. [Ears finally flop]




  1. bunny bootie!

  2. Rabbit feet look so much cuter when they’re not on a keychain.

  3. Aurhora says:

    I love how the tail just kinda spills onto the floor too.


  4. This is hilarious!

    ( )
    ” “

  5. makiono says:

    too cute! I love how the ears stick up in the back (front?) like antenna, while the rest of the bunneh is so ploopy and soft. ^_^ Yay for big bunny feet! XD

  6. Katrina says:

    awwwwwww cute!!.. poor thing looks like it is on a lead though. >:-(

  7. displayname says:

    Bunny, I know how you feel!

  8. chackler says:


  9. chunkstyle says:

    Can I just say, nice stretch. It’s my life’s goal to be that limber and relaxed…
    Guru Bun-Bun, I presume?

  10. He must be tie-tie.

  11. mejezabel says:

    I like Bun Butts and I cannot lie,
    You other bunnies can’t deny,
    When a bun lays down with a fuzzy wuzzy tail n’big fat feets you go

  12. PosterGirl says:

    Why is it sad if the bunbun is on a lead? I take my 2 buns outside all the time on their harnesses and leads, they love it!

    Cute flopsey mopsey flat laying down bun!

  13. Bunnnnn!!

  14. Tony James says:

    Lupine Porn! 😮

  15. Tony James says:

    Sorry, that should be “leporid porn” – guess I shouldn’t watch Hot Nympho Chearleader Wolves (vol.II) last thing at night…

  16. BabyGuru says:

    Full Frontal Buntocks!!!


    Run away!! Run away!!!

  17. And this is how the Bun Salutation is done. Proshest tail and feet combo evar!!

  18. Aaaaww! The tail is the sweetest part. <3 Cartoon bunny tails never do them justice.

  19. we have been getting lots of buns lately…


  20. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I just gave myself the giggles imagining the leash is for dragging the relaxed bunny around to dust the kitchen floor…like a Bun-Bun Swiffer.

  21. Bun butt!!! Fuzzy bottoms rock my world. There, I said it. I feel better now. *sighs*

  22. Yeah Julie, it actually kinda looks like the bun has already swept a clean path on the floor 🙂

  23. Dustbunny says:

    I think we need a subcategory called “Fuzzy Bunny Butts”. Which would also make a cute name for a band, IMO.

  24. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay for the bunny and the band! I can just see them with their wee instruments and their bunneh babes . . . . Sproi-yoing pit, anyone?

    (This is my first post. I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks, I’m Tewtelly Hooked on this site. Many fuzzy snorgles to Meg for the Cute that Rocks the World!)

  25. I’m surprised that nobody has commented on the ultra-pros feet…….

  26. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Bun Bun Buns weekend now playing @ the C O Picture Show!

  27. Haha, unrelated, but I just looked over at the side and thought it said Cute or Salad? xD

  28. ya preempted me, E.C. I was going to comment on the ultra-dense fuzz on this bun’s feet. I was at an aquarium this week where they said that penguins have up to 200 feathers per square inch of skin, compared to other birds’ 30-50. Maybe buns are the same in the feet fur category!

  29. Bunny porn??

    too far!

    Teddy : )

  30. Tony James says:

    Juliet – you mean these guys have competition..?


  31. TJ, wolves are canis lupus. A lupine is–


    details, details. 😉

  32. Brak_Silverbone says:

    We certainly are seeing a lot of bunny behinds lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  33. Tony James says:

    Jaypo – indeed you are correct, sir/ma’am – however, the wolf-smut that I was perusing the previous evening involved the wolves romping in the lupines – I naturally assumed that my fellow posters were familiar with this oeuvre, but perhaps everyone has cleaner minds than mine 😉

  34. I can’t believe I’ve sunk this low, staring at rabbit butts – and I love it!

    …i’m sick to bloody death of lupines, though…

  35. Les lapins are tres chic, as are actual lupins (the flowers, I mean).

  36. bunny butt – on a Sunday!! sacrilegious

    Mejez-nice Sir Mix A Lot nod.

  37. t kitty says:

    pardon my total bun-ignorance, but do bunnies not have toe pads on their adorable feets? (no, i have never owned a rabbit foot keychain. & yes, i am a cat person.)

  38. thats how i feel every day of the week !

  39. t kitty, nope – they have furry feet.

    BTW, this bun-o’s name is Banbie. More pics here:


  40. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Thank you muchly E.Collison – I have just sploded over that set of photos – wasn’t s/he a beautiful baby bunny?

  41. I just looked at the stream too. Banbie has gorgeous eyes. I never knew that bunnies had the poses and looks that they do until I started seeing them on this site. Are bunnies pretty labour-intensive in their care or are some bunnies easier to care for than others? I’ve only ever had a cat so I’m wondering in comparison, I guess.

  42. Properly cared for, bunnies require more work than cats. They can’t just be plopped in a cage but require exercise, which means supervision and a lot of bunny-proofing of the house. They are not as independent as cats and require frequent cage/litterbox cleaning, etc. That’s my take though other bunny owners may disagree 🙂

  43. Thanks A.T. – kinda what I figured but it’s good to hear. I’ve looked at rabbits.org and all that but I think I’d have to wait until I was in a bigger place so that I could have a good-sized cage that wouldn’t require being stepped over. 🙂

  44. Bunnies are -quite- labor itensive. They’re very specialised eaters and have delicate digestive systems. Not to say that they aren’t great pets but they take a good bit of work to care for.

  45. I doubts that bunnies are more labor-intensive than dogs… cats seem much less so, but dogs are *definitely* high maintenance pets.

    I think it’s really important (crucial, actually) to make sure that you take time to learn about bunnies and their ways *before* getting one. That’ll help you decide if a bun’s the right pet for you.

    also, there are lots of great adult bunnies waiting to be adopted. Far better to do that than get in over your head with a baby, unless you’re aware of what to expect and are ready to pay for spaying/neutering. (Many shelters and rabbit adoption specialists have the surgery done prior to putting the bun-os up for adoption…)

  46. Also–my two cents again–many people adopt bunnies expecting them to be cute and cuddly. They can be–and some of them are more tolerant than others of being held–but they are not loyal and affectionate like a cat or a dog. They are fun to watch and can be nice to stroke and hold, but they won’t feel about you the same way your cat or dog does. (though some buns are more people-friendly than others)

  47. Some bunnies are very people-friendly, many are shy. You have to work to win their trust. To me, that’s a nifty challenge, but it’s probably not for everyone.

    Some are much more outgoing than others, for sure.

  48. fridgedicebunny says:

    That’s one of my own bun’s favorite postures… 🙂

  49. Instead of a MONEY SHOT it’s a BUNNY SHOT!

    Oh, somebody PUH LEEZE stop me.

  50. Hey i like the pic:-)..Lori

  51. [refuses on principle to stop Jan]

  52. You got that right bunny!! I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Such a cute pic!

  53. Nice ass. (:

    Kudos to this site! The cute paraphernalia is overwhelming and spiffy!

  54. lupine, lupin, leporid….
    I think the word we’re looking for is lagomorphs?

  55. Ahhhh! Bunn butt!

  56. lauowolf says:

    I have kitties, but bunny sit for my neighbor.
    So I can do a direct comparison.
    They don’t strike me as really more work, once you’ve set up for it.
    Her bunnies have pretty much total access to one room, and the run of the house at night.
    She did have to thoroughly bunnyproof the place.
    They are mostly housebroken, and a quick dustbuster run does the rest.
    Seems simpler that my guys litterbox.
    I have to do the catfood thing for my cats; for the bunnies I ended up making basically small salads.
    Hey, it doesn’t smell fishy — and my neighbor says now she’s eating more healthily as a result.
    Again, she had homework to do to begin with, but now it’s just part of the regular shopping.
    I have seen bunnies that seemed pretty friendly with their people, but I haven’t really bonded with these guys yet.
    But we were playing by the end of the week.

  57. “I think the word we’re looking for is lagomorphs?


    You got it, Norty! (I like your bunny-nose punctuation, too…)

  58. The Honourable Gladys Anstuther says:

    Bunny bum, Bunny bum, Bunny bum bum bum.
    ( to the tune of the William Tell Overture)

  59. A bunny belly flop.

    Reminds me, apres New Year’s Eve parties, still on the floor, and looking to see if there were any jello shots left…

  60. Jaypo, Norty:

    But if we do mix lupines with lupins, what was Dennis Moore really stealing from the rich?

  61. Rabbits need companions. Don’t just get one rabbit, get at least two. The sight of them cuddling and cleaning and chasing each other is worth all the extra work. Either pick two small ones from a litter or get two from a shelter that are already friends. A neutered male and a female seem to work best.

    A cage is really too small for rabbits. Prepare to give them the run of at least one room (ours were first in the kitchen, then on the balcony). Prepare to have to swipe sawdust (or straw) every day. Twice, if your bunny lives in an area you also use. They do get housebroken but you’ll still have to swipe little rabbit droppings (they’re dry, so it’s not really icky). They will eat your furniture. They love to burrow into sofas. Literally (we had two eaten because we had forgotten to lock the bunnies in). They knew who we were, and one of the two was more cuddly than the other and could sit still for petting for hours. The other one was more fun to watch as she got into mischief. She also liked to play with me.

    My rabbits died a year and two years ago, respectively. I would only ever get another pair if I had a way to keep them outside where they could really kick their legs and dig up dirt to their heart’s contents. They make do with what we give them inside, but I don’t think bunny nature is really satisfied with living on carpets or linoleum.

    I now have cats. Considering how often I have to clean their boxes and the millions of times I have to wash covers and swipe the place because they leave hair EVERYWHERE, I can’t really say they’re less work. But they’re much more attuned to living inside, they’re more personable and cuddly, and I’m glad I don’t carry sawdust on my socks all through the house any more.

    If you work full-time and still want a pet, I’d say go for the two rabbits. Give them the run of a rabbit-proof room and they will entertain each other until you come home. And they won’t hardly have missed you, either!

    Here’s a pic of my two buns cuddling, btw: http://www.jtd.de/jtd-images/JDcuddle.jpg

  62. you guys r silly says:

    Is it WRONG to want to *smurgle* something’s *butt*????????

  63. Kris, in New England says:

    Bunnies. Are. Best.

    We’ve had 2 (at separate times). The first one wasn’t very friendly, at least to women. She loved the men though….no surprise there I guess.

    The 2nd one was a TOTALLY cuddly girl, all 14 pounds of her. She had full run of the house and was fully litterbox trained, in 2 places (upstairs and down). She would sit up and beg for treats (bananas being a fave), she got 2 bowls of salad everyday. She came into our bedroom on weekend mornings for a nice long snuggle. And she LOVED to be snuggled.

    Bunnies are no more work than any other mobile pet.

  64. Is it bad I want to squeeze the bun’s buns? bunnybunnybunnybunnybunnybunny

  65. gosh..that’s so cute..

    what a lazy pose.. and cute buns!!

  66. tiffany says:

    booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere!

  67. (crawling under table) NO! I DON’T WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER BATH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!

  68. hrh.squeak says:

    I just looked at Banbie’s pictures. Wow, beautiful bunny from any angle! I never realized that bunnies have *eyelashes*. Will their cuteness never cease? Let’s hope not! ps to you guys are silly – if wanting to snorgle that butt is wrong, I don’t wanna be right . . . .

  69. I was inspired…and I don’t rap, but this is what came out.

    “I have a big bunny butt
    And I’m here to say
    That your floor is cold
    That’s where I want to lay

    With my ears perked up
    And my feet pushed back
    I’ll be chillin’
    Ain’t it thrillin’
    I’m a happy Jack.”