Once again, E to the C turns on her Bunn-ometer Pro™ to find the most precious buns for posting. In the immortal words of Theo: "BYONG! BYONG! BYONG! SP00F! [wups, gopher hole]"


Tiny tails to Ellen C. ^__^ And the BLU Pool and Ele M.



  1. Lauren C says:

    Awww, it’s Super Bunny! Just a flash of tush is all you need for your daily allotment of vitamin Cute!

  2. Flame73 says:

    Ohh to have energy like that to get moving this weekend! Awesome springy bun-ness!

  3. Blurray Bunnay Bootay.

  4. BUNNY BUTT!!! So cute!! 😀

  5. mejezabel says:

    it’s the ears that kill me – furry little airplane wings.

  6. chicken says:

    I smell carrots!

  7. “Here comes Pter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, letting us know that…hey, Peter! watch out for that…”

    Such nice bun tush to get us through the weekend!

  8. Ooh, nice George of the Jungle crossover there.
    [breaks it down to the kettle drum backbeat]

  9. MeJez — oh man that just BEGS for a ‘shop…

  10. pistache268 says:


  11. chicken says:

    I smell carrots!

  12. AuntieMame says:

    Bunny butt and bunny scut!

    This bun and the white poodle need to have a running-up-the-hill-and-rolling-back-down contest.

  13. Oh the fluffy tail is so anerable! He just BYONGed out of a rabbit hole like the bunbuns in Wallace and Gromit.


    Team that bun up with that byoinging yipster pup for the ultimate Fluff-Byoingage.

  15. Aww!
    I saw that very pick on flickr yesterday and thought to myself “that’s a CO pic if ever I saw one” and now here it is!

    Well done EC and CO!!!

  16. Michelle says:

    the bunny is so cute I just want to eat him!

  17. chunkstyle says:

    mejezabel, you got it dead on…
    [in crackly cute radio voice] Twin engine cuteness requests permission to land.
    >>it’s the ears that kill me – furry little airplane wings.
    Posted by: mejezabel

  18. mejezabel says:

    twin engine cuteness!! LMAO!!


  20. Cosmiquemuffin!! Why arent your pups on CO? THE BEST dog names ever and so dang cute!!!

  21. caroline says:


  22. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    A very hoppy ending!

  23. Lillith says:

    Bun-bum!!! But the feet people the feet!!! *thud*

  24. hey! where the CO glossary go?

  25. punkpie says:

    /makes airplane sounds


    Coming in for a landing!”

    Great call on the ear-wings, mejezebel 🙂

  26. Bunnies in ACTION. comming soon to FOX TV


  27. if only there was a Bunny Channel on TV… (these are aerial ears in more than one sense…).

    ( )
    ” “

  28. Aurhora says:

    ” BYONG! BYONG! BYONG! SP00F! [wups, gopher hole]”

    Lol, that’s just great. Still cracking up like, an hour later.


  29. 😉

  30. Bunny Channel?! How did you know that was the next step of our WORLD DOMINATION BUSINESS PLAN? The secret is out.

  31. Call me prescient, perhaps. Tuned into the collective mind of The Cute™.

    Or something like that…!

  32. There should be a Cute Overload Movie, about how people are saved by cuteness, and how people become more cute and learn to see the cute in others, and how people learn to appreciate rabbit bottoms.

  33. Beauregard says:

    I actually saw this and gasped it was soooooooo cutieeee!!
    Like, seriously:
    the poofy cotton ball tail + flying nun ears + buntocks + boinging in midair + tucked up little feets????

  34. That is HILARIOUS!!

  35. ohhh yeahhh… this made the perfect desktop background for my new laptop! wheee!

  36. binkages and copter ears!! Sweeet bunnay, EC!

  37. It matches that poodle perfectly!

  38. The photographer sez:

    “I’m really happy people like the pic, it’s a baby bunny, only 9 weeks old and belongs to my friend zoe, this was only the second time she’d had a chance to stretch her bunny paws and run around outside so she was quite excited!”

    There are *more* cute pics in her photostream, BTW – check the link Meg posted above.

  39. ‘Copter ears!

  40. lauowolf says:

    And we have lift-off!

    (And pledge to have a bunny on the moon within the decade)

  41. MY GOD, im in love

  42. This pic took care of my 2 day headache 😀

  43. punkpie says:

    /we interrupt this buncast to bring you CaptainSproinger’s first venture into the great unknown… the backyard.

    “That’s one small BYONG for bun, one giant leap for bunkind”

  44. Dumbo’s cousin keeps coming to mind.

  45. Caught mid hop! Kudos to the photographer.

  46. Michelle says:

    You were right, Theo. It begged to be shopped:


  47. mejezabel says:

    michelle that is insane!!

  48. that is *the* most fantastic picture i have ever seen.

    And michelle, that’s hilarious, lol! kudos for the ear action there.

  49. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Michelle awesome P S work!
    You made a sweet photo even sweeter!

  50. Is there a cuteness rule for the mid-air phenomenon?

  51. good job, michelle.

  52. For anyone who loves rabbits this picture is priceless. I hate caged bunnies. To see them stretch their legs and bounce around is the coolest! Thanks so much for sharing. 😀

  53. Michelle, hilarious!! Super shop-job… :-p

  54. bun bun bun bun!!!!

  55. Michelle — ma belle —
    Vous pouvez certainement convaincre un lapin de voler!
    Lapin de voler.

    (I’d’ve done a version with a propeller, come Monday, but yours is better.)

  56. Erk!
    Dunno what happened to the Glossary link, I’ll ask Meg… meanwhile, it still exists:

  57. Ebenezer "Bob" Cho says:

    Come back, Bunny!!

    I have to hug youuu! !
    …to death…

  58. Michelle – Wow! Fabulous!

  59. when is there going to be a CO newletter…
    can we just get the pics in our mailboxes?

  60. Mo — look in the left margin for “CuteMail.” It’s below the Cuteologist Map and above the Tip Jar.

  61. I only wish there were a picture of the bunbun’s face as she’s hoppitying around. I can just imagine her happy bunny face with the whiskers all gleefully askew!

  62. Oh, awesome ‘shop, Michelle! Hehehe I’d love to see a bunny fly – those ears do beg to be used!

  63. Michelle – absolutely BUN-tastic job there!

  64. Add: the shadow is a super touch! (Ditto for Floaty Foal.)

  65. Lauowolf says:

    Perfect flight of the bunny-bee.

  66. Marianna says:

    Next T-shirt. No poll, just air-bun.

  67. They need to make this pic into a wallpaper. ACTUAL wallpaper. It would be one giant step towards world peace! People would be sitting around with goofy grins on their faces ALL DAY LONG. (much like I have today, each time I revisited this page)

  68. BabyGuru says:

    Ok I can’t really add anything new to this since the reactions have all been done..


    GOd Lord, I wasn’t the only person to follow the link to that flickr stream and think that same thing when I saw this pic? Who else thought it was CO worthy?

    Comments that made me cackle like an old hag at a fishmarket:-

    * Just a flash of tush is all you need for your daily allotment of vitamin Cute!

    * it’s the ears that kill me – furry little airplane wings.

    * “Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, letting us know that…hey, Peter! watch out for that…”
    * A very hoppy ending!

    * /makes airplane sounds “neeeeerrr! Coming in for a landing!”

    * OH YOU DID NOT!!! michelle that is insane!!

    * (any reference to the blurry bunny bottom)

  69. Pomster says:

    Is it just me or is that bunny also pink?
    I have to say that there is a definite tinge of candy floss pink to the bunny!

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Michelle, that ‘shop job you did makes me think of manta rays and the like, and the way they swim. Excellent work! And a very, very cute photo!

    “Cute fluffy bunnies found to not be affected by gravity! Details at 11!”

  71. Holy Sh*t, the cuteness factor is off the chart, all words fail to discribe this…

  72. Dear sweet Christ… that pic is fantastic!

    Bravo to whoever captured this momment of fluffy joy. Yay!

    This and the “Sound of Music” poodle are two of the happiest pics I’ve seen on this site.


  73. I could look at high-speed chases like this every day.

  74. Kris, in New England says:

    I. Have. No. Words.

  75. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee *poof*

  76. hehe… it looks like a little mini piggy. Flop flop flop. Yes, it’s a new species called piggly-wiggly-bunny.

  77. There once was a bun who couldn’t decide
    ‘Tween the soft green fields and the deep blue sky
    He knew he looked like a cloud
    And so he definitely would be allowed
    So he clicked his heels, stretched out his ears
    And off to his new home he did fly!

  78. awesome poem aubrey! bunbun looks like he’s flying away… ohh.. so… cute.

  79. oh gosh i couldn’t stop laughing. it’s just soo cute. nice capture. really. aha is sooo cute >-<

  80. Ogod. This is the picture that finally made my head explode. I think cuteoverload has now lived up to its name for me.

    Completely, ridiculously adorable. You can HEAR the “boi-oi-oi-oing!!” And the ears flopping at different angles, and the puffy butt and tail – just too much.

  81. SO cute.

    No, let me rephrase that.


    Floppy ears. Aw!

  82. Barbara Letsom says:

    Super Bu! Bu is short for Bun,BuBun,BunnyBu,BuBu,BuBunny, Bull Bunny & BuBuBunny – see?

  83. Carol Brandt says:

    I think Sproinger is so cute he looks so freeeeeeee!!!I want him!!!

  84. Amazing Photo! 😉