You PIG!

Sooty the Guinea Pig might be the new hero of men everywhere. Get this. The Sootsters decided he wanted to get into the Girls pen, so tunneled his way in, then proceeded to "romance" each one of the 24 females. One gestation period later, he’s the proud Baby Daddy of 43 new pigs.   


Apparently, after the one-night stand, Sooty slept for 2 days straight. Wot a stud, Muriel L.!



  1. Now THERE’S a player.

  2. DavidBoBavid says:

    Sooty: My new hero!

  3. whoo. exhausted. lol.

  4. “Shattered” indeed! 🙂

  5. That’s hilarious! Hope he doesn’t turn out to be a deadbeat dad.

  6. punkpie says:

    that’s “whore-able”!


  7. pistache268 says:

    24 pigs? 43 pigs? How many?

  8. Sooty went on a booty call?

  9. pistache268:

    24 mothers
    43 babies

  10. naughty piggy!

  11. Mary had a little ‘Pig,
    whose feet were black as soot,
    and everywhere that Mary went,
    his sooty foot he put.

    (looks like he left his prints all over THAT night!!)

    Go Sooty!!

  12. You put your soot foot in, you take your soot foot out…

  13. …you make yourself at home
    ‘Till the ladies throw you out…

  14. I love how he’s leaning against he fence like he’s saying, “Hey baby! Want some fries with that shake?”

  15. Tony James says:

    You do a little piggin’ and then you sleep for days,
    That’s what it’s all about!

    Good to see that 6 years after his epic night of [ahem] piggin’, Sooty is still going strong – check him out with his friends here:!.html

  16. What a way to put a smile on my face on a HOT Friday afternoon here in the bay area! Sooty, you da man!

  17. Tony James says:
  18. He “romanced” them… LOL.

    Is THAT what they’re calling it these days?

  19. Tony James says:
  20. no, no, s’ok, TJ. The links are great.

  21. He’s gorgeous with those Siamese-like markings…no wonder the ladies were taken in by him!
    Givin’ gigolokitty a run for his money!
    (thanks, shadow – Über redonk!)

  22. I lurve Sooty! Those wee little black hands holding on – and those velvety ears! I want to Snorg him!! My kids & I read about him years ago before we adopted our piggies (and hammies, and kitties and puppies) – He is our fav pigger!!

  23. Kris, in New England says:

    What a ma-yan! Let me introduce you to Lyra:

    I’m 2 1/2 years old and like country walks and playtime on the couch. I’m
    a tri-color – white with stunning accents of nutmeg and pumpkin. I’m into the punk look with one pink ear. I like ice skating, car chases and birdwatching.

    If you like keepin’ it real and chillin’ with fresh salad and a good movie, call me babe.

  24. he the guine pig man! lol

  25. Maybe that’s why they put him in a separate cage in the first place–if they didn’t, he’d be dead inside a week!

  26. Michele says:

    Even more frightening/charming: 43 were born on one day, but he fathered 80 in all from that one night!

  27. jeanniec says:

    “That’ll do, pig; that’ll do.”

  28. jeanniec: Good one.

    Did anyone else notice the odd usage on th 1st site Tony James linked to? “Fell pregnant” is *very* weird.

  29. Kama Sooty.

  30. I did EC. I think it’s a Britishism.

  31. TheLuna says:

    He looks so sad in that picture! “Let me back in! I’m all rested up!”

  32. “fell pregnant” is definitely a Britishism 🙂

  33. “He was absolutley shattered…”

    I bet he was…. 😉

  34. “And he fell asleep for two days…”

    …what? No cuddling? That pig!

  35. Briticism or not, it’s still wierd! I’m not sure how “fell” relates to “pregnant,” but I really don’t want to go ther. 😉

  36. it’s a bit like I’ve heard rural people (in Canada) say he “took a stroke” or “took a heart attack”. it’s rather amusing. just a different way of expressing it.

    I think “fell” is related to something “befalling” you…

  37. Hmm. Never heard that, though I did once meet someone from West Virginia who was interested in various localisms – he told me that calico cats used to be called “party cats” in his neck of the woods, due to their resemblance to Halloween crepe paper.

  38. It’s a French thing too: tomber (fall) enceinte (pregnant).

  39. Je suis tombee enciente! You PEEEEEEEEEEG!

    (Sooty lowers sunglasses, gives Jake Blues look)

    Oh, Sooooteeeeeeee, venez, peeeegeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  40. He looks like he’s whistling through a construction site fence! “Hey baby, I’ll be back to catch you LATER!”

  41. Dang. That’s hilarious. I can’t believe that Sooty is still around 6 years later! That’s one healthy piggie (well, obviously…)!

  42. Too bad Sooty’s not a Yank; he’d have better than even chances in the next Presidential election.

  43. 24 females in one night? I’m surprised he didn’t wear it down to a nub. Or maybe he did– has he been breeding any since then?

  44. Susan — yes indeed, just not wholesale. Check out the links that Tony James posted (above).

  45. Little Friend Farm Staff: “Sooty!! What did I tell you about breaking into the girls’ cage?”

    Sooty: “What?!?”

  46. BenPanced says:

    Oh, Sooty. What’s Sue have to say about this?

    (No, I’m not British. I just like to think I am.)

  47. Heh. Cute story. I remember it circulating (the exact article with pic) around my senior year of high school. I’m 25 now. But still funny.

  48. What an animal.

  49. Sooty’s interview with BBc Wales is here:

  50. LOL, one night 24 stands…

  51. Katrina says:

    hehe it’s so funny!! How on earth he could break out of his I don’t know but still cute. Must have been a crap cage.

  52. Love ’em and leave ’em eh? What a cad. As for sleeping for two days after, I’m hardly surprised! You know what they say about men after… ahem…

  53. E Collison: Likely the WV guy was saying (even if he didn’t know it) “parti” cats. There are certain breeds of dogs and cats that are known as “parti-colored” which is simply partially one color and partially at least one other color. Example: , which are disqualified by the AKC but are still bred. Lots of people incorrectly think the dogs are “party-colored.”

  54. Rodents in the news… here’s another amazing story:,,1789571,00.html

  55. ‘Go forth and populate the Earth…’ isn’t that in the Bible somewhere?

    Sooty took it literally.

    JeannieC, THAT was hilarious!

  56. Now that is just ridiculous! I’ll admit, I’m impressed


  57. cat, maybe, but this person was pretty clear on it being a colloquialism from his area of WV. He’s quite knowlegeable about antiquated words and prhrases.

    On the other hand, he could have made it up for the sake of a laugh. It certainly is whimisical!

  58. Whimsical is right – I really like the idea of a Party Cat from West Virginia!

  59. ~*Wolf*~ says:

    haha, lucky rodent

    good thing he dont have ta pay for all them kiddies o his~!

  60. E.C. and Cat, language has a funny way of capitalizing it’s own “mistakes”. Likely the parti-colored explanation was part of the original term, but people like to give words their own interpretations, and party-colored for Halloween might also have developed as a new definition as people became less familiar with the other. Both are apt.

    I *LOVE* words and their origins, almost as much as I love PUPPIES!!! I would like to know the actual history of that usage . . .

  61. Rayndrop says:

    Mm, isn’t that called a folk etymology? Like ‘tawdry’ or the non-word ‘Chester drawers’?

    I remember when I was little I used to call eyebrows ‘eyebrowns.’ Makes sense to me! 😛

  62. ElfOwl, what you’re saying makes perfect sense. (I love words/word origins, too.)

  63. Sooty!!!What a guy!, too bad most of our human boys will never compare! Ya wanna see something really interesting…my guinea pig and my rabbit together I’ve never seen anything “have fun” faster than them…thank goodness they’re both males or God only knows what we’d end up with!!

  64. bang her and leave her, it happens, just leave her with the dang kids

  65. He’s a guinea pimp.

  66. GrandDuchess says:

    I never laughed so hard at anything. Speak of a player.

  67. Therese says:

    This is old, but still a goodie… A Guinea Pig version of Kevin Federline… LOL…

  68. In a follow-up, after this article was published, BBC Wales did a spot on Sooty, and the publicity meant that within half an hour of the original broadcast, most of the offspring had been found homes. The year following the featurette, 206 cards were sent to Sooty on Valentine’s Day — the most ever received by a guinea pig according to the Guiness Book of World Records.

    References: and

  69. Garret Sandow says:

    So, he was gettin’ piggy wit it?