The scroll down close up

I love it when I get submissions and LOL. Raymi sent in her cat ‘Cid" who is "crazy". Well, obvy, look how he sleeps.


C.O.X.C.U. [Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up™]




  1. Tony James says:

    KITTEH. With Paw! Cute!

  2. Prosh paw! Prosh paw!

    *falls over*

  3. Cid dreaming: “I will catch that mouse. I will catch that mouse. And I will snatch him by his tail.”

  4. SLeeping kitteh…*giant* paw… SShhhhhh!
    [tiptoes past very quietly]

  5. i love the way the light reflects on the furs! does this kitty have six toes? that would be cool.

  6. Oh, you could just touch his wittle paw!

  7. Perspective Overload.
    Good Morning Fabulous Kitteh!

  8. Jay Fry says:

    Cid is cute! I wuvs him. He makes me miss my kitties (however, they will be moving back in with me next week after I move to a pet friendly condo!).

  9. I want to snorgle paw except I fear the claw.

  10. Extended sleeping cat paw.
    He’s just toooo chill to be bothered with it.

  11. Tugg's Mom says:

    am i seeing an extra toe there? or am i just crazy?

  12. My brother-in-law calls that pose Long Arm. My kitteh gives me Long Arm all the time.

  13. aw. majestic regal snorgly kitty, with cute lil’ paw. move over, kitteh. me wants a nap.

  14. hee hee. you could call it “The Long Arm of the Paw.”

  15. Elizabeth says:

    kitteh is definitely doing her best impression of the six fingered man!

  16. MikeyFur says:

    “Long Arm of the Paw”!! Very clever, A thinker!

  17. Shanchan says:

    LOL A thinker!
    My Miki gives me the long arm when she’s laying on my chest- her paw goes along the side of my neck. Makes me feel special.

  18. Jan Spencer says:

    My cat just last night was laying next to me in bed, and she put her paw on my arm like “You know I love you, don’t you?” and I was like “OH my GAWD…this is a moment we are sharing!!” You know, how you reach out to someone and put your hand on their arm or their hand, as if to reassure them? Exactly what my cat did. Extreme close up of paw reminds me of that! Paws on kittys are awesome!!!

  19. Tony James says:

    Jan – that’s the “You weren’t thinking about moving this arm and disturbing me, were you?” move. It’s the one that says “You think I’m reaching out to touch you. It’s really just to reassure me that you’re still here so that if I wake up then there’s someone to feed me.”

  20. Jan Spencer says:

    Tony: Yeah, I guess you are right, I should have KNOWN there was an alterior motive…she’s a CAT for goodness sakes! LOL

  21. lauowolf says:

    This is not a sleeping cat.
    This is the new, energy efficient


    in charging mode.
    Eyes will open when charging is complete.

    (By the way, look at the little ridge of fur on the forehead, caused by cleaning both ears.)
    Someone needs to pat this cat, and smooth this down.

  22. StormCat says:

    *Storm reaches out gently to smooth out the “ear cleaning” fluff on top of his head…then gently rubs her hand along the top of his paw and sneaks out of the room*

    My black kitty “Beep” loves to grab your hand, pull it under her head, then lays down to sleep with her head resting on your hand…I’ll have to see if I can get a pic of that…

  23. Jan and TJ, during the night my kitty would put her head on my shoulder, purr loudly and stretch her arm and paw across my chest… “You’re mine, all mine.” Of course I agreed.

  24. Tony James says:

    Laouwolf – well spotted, but it’s a sign that the kitty’s a Klingon (or maybe a punk):)

  25. thanks meg. that’s actually my boyfriend’s cat and best friend

  26. Jan Spencer says:

    jaypo: I love being owned by my cat!

  27. Its a zen kitty…. our little white baby actually does this stiing up completely… I swear you can almost hear them purring Ohmmmmm when they do this….

    BTW… is this a polydactyl/Hemingway or am I counting the toes wrong?

  28. Donde esta Theo? Has he reached marmalade overload implosion? It’s been a great week for cats here on C.O.

  29. he has massive paws but only five buds no sixth and he was declawed but im guessing they left a lot of stub so it makes it seem like he has a hundred fingers

  30. That is a paw of fluff and a paw of death.

  31. chacha: I was wondering the same thing. I think he still hasn’t recovered from the sleeping Theo imposter.

  32. i love the way the light reflects on the furs! does this kitty have six toes? that would be cool.

    Posted by: amanda | Jun 02, 2006 at 09:08 AM

    I had a kitty that had 6 toes and no tail…his hame was Nubby! I should have gotten a picture! *Curses self for just now thinking of that*

  33. durka allah says:

    I am so sick of cats….please put up more pictures of other creatures, for the love of Jebus

  34. punkpie says:

    He’s saying


  35. Is that a *two*-extra-toes paw??

    Mon Schmoop & I have returned from The Historic Anderson House with pictures and mementos, and most remarkably, without hangovers. Keeping the wine glasses full seems to be almost as important to them as their cats.

    I’ll write something up in the next few days. Right now I’m taking a break from mowing. Mr. Bounce has been helping, as usual, by patrolling the windows & rearranging all the curtains.

    PS — Durka Allah — if you’d been paying attention, you’d have seen a monkey, a squirrel, a moth, a rabbit, a couple of dogs, and even a baby *elephant* besides the cats. For pete’s sakes.

  36. Erin T. says:

    My kittehs do this when we are napping, and if I happen to move or release my “petting hand,” they “gently” remind me that I am not permitted to stop with the ever-so-adorb longpaw reach. They don’t even open their eyes! If I persist, they keep reaching until they get their way.

  37. yay! teho report!

  38. I was going to say that Cid was probably dreaming about windmills; but I realized I was thinking of the wrong character.


    It’s been that kind of day.

    But the name ‘Mr. Bounce’ does pick me right up.

  39. I don’t get it. What’s with the closeup? It looks like a regular paw?


  41. Lillith says:

    Yes my Polly does her long arm of the paw (v.v. clevah a thinker) and one night as I was in bed she put her paw in my hand. It was so cute I wanted to melt.

    Love the marmalade kitteh too!!

  42. Count dem toes, Roger. Don’t forget the dewclaw around the corner. There’s at least six, maybe seven.

  43. i honestly think this pic is just a normal paw. And everyone is swooning. I swear, sometimes this place just makes me shake my head.

  44. Yeah well… we all have our favorites.

  45. roger, you should see some of us when we encounter a real live cat–you’d probably be shaking your head even more.

  46. Double paw, def. I had a 16-lb pitch black Earth Wizard named Bluto who had doubles front and back. He was a giant among cats.

    welcome back, teho!!! We missed yr. wz ss. 😉

  47. Or, say, a humane society full of cats & dogs & bunnies & (uhm…) rats… & one ferret. All friendly, all personable, all waiting for someone to adopt them.

  48. StormCat says:

    *gazes at A Thinker in confusion*

    Why would he shake his head? Just because we coo, talk in baby talk, carry them around like they WERE babies, feed them off our plate, cater to their every whim, snuggle with them, sleep with them and basically treat them as the Gods and Goddesses they are?!?! Why would anyone question that??


  49. don’teventalkabouthtat. squee heaven.

  50. to theo’s comment, I mean

  51. It looks semi-Sphinx-like. (As in, the Sphinx near Cairo.)

  52. Everybody, keep Roger away from Cats in Boxes! He will think we are all irreparably bent.

  53. btw welcome back Theo, we were concerned you might have suffered terminal marmalade overload.

  54. Nickole says:

    Hi, I’m Norwegian. Pardon my quite basic English.

    I’ve wondered when a kitten’s definitely not a kitten anymore, but has transformed into cathood forever. I mean, seriously, that’s an adult cat with very adult claws.

    My hypothesis is that cuteness makes the cat younger. A cute cat may be called a kitten, an ugly cat may not. Do I understand “the naming of cats” or am I hopelessly wrong?

  55. Nickole, there are no ugly cats.

  56. Thank you, jaypo, for that concise and extremely accurate response.

  57. Shanchan says:

    Nickole, I think you’ve got it. My cat is 6 and very cute, and I call her my kitten. (Especially when she’s spazzing out over some speck on the floor.) On the other hand, my parent’s old tom, Max, with one eye, fight scars, and a stubby tail (removed after a bad fight) would probably be pretty insulted if I called him a cutie wootie kitten.

    Any by the way, your English, as compared to my Norwegian? Awesome.

  58. Diane N says:

    Geeze, nobody even mentioned the red and blue, um, thing which has its, err, appendage on the kitty’s other hand! Even red and blue things get to have moments. Ain’t life, hmmm, existence grand?

  59. The FEETS!!! LOVE the KAT FEETS!!!

  60. Only a cat can hypnotize you with its eyes closed.

    And I didn’t comment on the unidentified plush object (UPO)…I found it spatially confusing and therefore frightening. It might be an unidentified reptilian object (URO), or an identified monetary object (EURO). Hard to say.

  61. Nickole,

    A cat that is older than six months but less than 1 year or so is a teenager.

    They are called a “Cat-teen” as opposed to a Cat or a Kitten.

  62. Very lovely looking cat! This reminds me of the two-arms-out-while-sleeping pose that one of my cats is always doing. My boyfriend and I call it “Superman.”

  63. sweet! It’s a “come give me a hug” pose.

  64. fawn lust says:

    cat foot! i love cat feet!

  65. Ever been tempted to put a cape on him?

  66. Ever been tempted to put a cape on him?


  68. lauowolf says:

    It is a Klingon.

  69. Nickole says:

    I see.

    Even if there’s no such thing as an ugly cat, the hyphothesis still holds: Cuteness makes the cat a kitten.

    I will not mention that fleas, scabs, scars, broken tails and matted fur may be considered ugly. I don’t want to tread on anyone’s paws:)

  70. Polypaw?

  71. Anyone who names their cat Cid is awesome in my book. The paw makes this cat doubly awesome.

    (Source of the name Cid, for those who are stumped: )

  72. Don’t forget this one, SpamGuy…

  73. theo is correct tho the ff cid did come to mind when i bestowed him with his name

  74. Nickole – I think you’ve got it just right. Being a fully matured cat doesn’t stop the cat from being a little kitten to people who love it and think it’s adorable.

    I personally call all dogs, regardless of size and age, puppies. The full grown chocolate doberman down the street included. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him at his gate barking ferociously and said, “Puppy!” and been looked at like I was insane and told, “That is NOT a puppy!” But then I love dogs very much, and alway want to hold and cuddle and care for them.

  75. OMG, my cat does the exact same thing when he’s content and sleeping.
    And he’s a tabby too.
    His name’s Bazzle. :]

  76. That’s not a kitten…that’s a cat. Whoever is the webmaster here is an idiot and needs to learn the difference :o)

  77. uh, WHERE do you see it called a kitten?

  78. Nickole says:

    It,s called a kitten in some of the comments, not by webmaster as far as I can see.

    At least, I think it’s called a kitten. I just assumed that “KITTEH” meant the same;-)

    I also assume that “I wuvs him” means “I love him”, but who can tell?

    Life’s not easy when your knowlegde of the language was aquired in Norwegian school fifteen years ago…

  79. I think peanutbuttercup up there might be referring to the CATEGORY name. Some people get kinda hung up on things.

    Reese — you can go here for all kittens all the time:
    And calling the CO webmaster an “idiot” isn’t going to win you any friends, sweetie.

  80. Nickole says:

    Oh, I see.

    There’s a category named “Kittens”, but none named “Cats”.

    This supports my theory that all cute cats are kittens, and ugly cats, IF they exists (won’t restart that discussion – it’s a potential minefield!) don’t need a category here.

  81. Patricia says:

    Where are this cat’s claws?
    Disgusting how people in the USA will mutilate their cats in order to “save” their furniture.
    The blogger should take a stand against the horrible practice of declawing, and refuse to have pictures of declawed cats…as that is certainly not ‘cute’

  82. Patricia, *must* you try & start flame wars?

    I’m American. I don’t declaw my cats. And most likely, this cat’s claws are simply *retracted* (notice that he’s not spreading his paw out).

    You can take whatever stand you like, and make yourself sound as foolish as you like… but [ahem] the blogger doesn’t answer to you.

  83. Patricia says:

    Theo, look closely there are NO claws, just stumps at the end of the “toes”. Also not a flame war, but thanks for the unsolicited opinion. Sorry you are against a humane opinion and a simple suggestion to the blogger…are you his/her mommy? I think blogger can make up their own mind, but needs to know that some people in more civilised countries feel very strongly about this topic.
    But don’t let a few facts stand in your way sweetie.

  84. Beth Burmahl says:

    What a sweet paw….one of the best things about cats….

  85. My kitty sleeps like that sometimes too. It’s so cute.