The Pulitzer within his tiny grasp…

Sara the moth set the lens then the stage was set. It was time for Barley to take his shot. The Pulitzer depended on his accuracy. He was not going to lose it to Boris again this year, that bastard Chipmunk.

Steady! he said to himself—steady!!! he waited until the deer and rabbit touched noses and—CLICK!


Thank you, Scott J. and The fabulous Photographing Squirrels series!




  1. the cutest!

  2. Say PECANS!!!!

  3. Aurhora says:



  4. how does a person even come up with this?

    how did he lure all those squirrels over to his camera?

    Most importantly, WHY?!?

  5. HOW????

    I love you squeee-rail!

  6. Simply cheeky!!

    thanks for also posting the link to the A-C-O-R-N photostream!!

  7. Those squirrels are especially fat & red & CUTE!!!!

  8. I’m interested in HOW!?!?! Gotta love kawaii squirels

  9. The Guy Over There says:

    Oh man, that seriously reminds me of the photographer that did photos of a chipmunk that made it look like it was doing things like playing the piano, selling ice cream, etc.

  10. chunkstyle says:

    Nice coat! Must have a great diet full of luring-squirrels-to-cameras snacks–So fluffy and happy looking 🙂

  11. woo-hoo! I knew this had to make it onto CO 😉

  12. Some of the squirrels around my place are black with red tails – very interesting look. I think I remember seeing a grey one with a red tail once too. Local inbreeding, I guess… lol

  13. Now that’s just silly!


  14. AAAHHHH!! SO CUTE! ::keels over::

  15. “Paris! Paris! Over here! Who are you wearing tonight?!?”

  16. so yesterday I was walking and thies SQUIRREL was stalking me, taking pictures. True story- i swear it. Heck i’ve got the pics to prove it



  17. This is laugh-out-loud funny, and so are the rest of the pics on Squirrel 400’s photostream. I’d *love* to know where they got all these weird cameras!


  18. jsccstudent17 says:

    The squirrel is sooo cute it looks fake. i agree with chunkstyle.

  19. Next thing you know he’ll be making video installations of slo-mo acorn collection! Or better yet, I’d love to see a movie this little guy makes! A documentary about how Boris has been stealing acorns from the squirrel community.

  20. Oh the tail – I’ve never petted a squirrel, but I sure want to pet his fuzzy tail!

  21. That is the greatest photo ever.

  22. Bioflux says:

    Thats awesome! Check out the links in the caption. There’s a Flicker page with a whole bunch of these. Great!

  23. Moving on the floor now babe
    You’re a Squirrel of Paradise…
    Squirrels on film!
    Squirrels on film!

  24. Bioflux says:

    Mel, Squirrels on Film! Ha ha! I Lovvit! Even if you are mixing ‘Rio’ with ‘GOF’. It works. What an unexpected place for a Duran reference. Clever.

  25. Peanut butter I swear, is the secret weapon to taking pictures of squirrels. It also helps if you wear the special peanut cologne I made. It also comes with a squirrel-removal stick.

  26. Cute!!!
    But “Sarah the moth” gave me the jeepers…! *shiver* Like a creature from a nightmare; gah…

  27. adrianna says:

    haha, that entire photostream is insane!

  28. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Excellent photos – there’s a squirrel with a Pentax who’s got Skwirrily pantaloons on. Yay for fluffy pantaloons!

  29. I find squirrels evil.

    An exceptionally nasty, fat black Canadian squirrel threatened me specifically some years back– AND I DON’T MEAN TO BE RACIST, BELIEVE ME; ALL THE SQUIRRELS IN TORONTO ARE BLACK, MUCH TO MY AESTHETIC DELIGHT– and I’ve never recovered.

    Keep the fuzzy bastards away from me, I say.

  30. oh but our black skwerls are cute 😦

    and they’re not *all* black–some are the regular gray–and apparently there’s a colony of white ones somewhere near St. Michael’s hospital…

  31. The Guy Over There says:

    No, you must love the black squirrels. Yes, love them all. Let their bushy tails hypnotize you… @_@

  32. abbynormal says:

    I loved the squirrel with Boyd…Boyd was way funny…I laughed and laughed and so on.

  33. it’s true – toronto’s got grey and black squirrels, and apparently albino ones somewhere now too. they’re cute, if a little psycho. i stopped to look at one in queen’s park and it did a full circle around me, like it was herding me. a little creepy, but overall cute.

  34. I once had a baby one come up onto my porch and smell my toes. He was incredibly persistent in coming after me, even though I kept moving because I thought he might bite. I finally stood up on a chair and he “propped” up to see if he could still get me. I don’t know what he wanted.

  35. A Thinker…maybe he smelled corn chips? :::wink:::

  36. eh?

  37. What I want to know is if any of the squirrels ended up pressing the shutter button and if there are any pictures *taken* by squirrels. It would open up new insights to the artistic sensibilities of other mammals.

  38. A Thinker – Feet…corn chips…sometimes they smell the same? Sorry…it was a lame joke, anyway…hehe 🙂

  39. It’s a Rufus thing.

  40. ooh, sorry. me no comprehende. does not mean joke is not funny.

  41. it’s a funny story, and i bet the skwerl was begging for food…

  42. E.C.–I don’t know. It kind of seemed more like he wanted to play. Or he was so young he just didn’t know to be afraid of humans. He had *me* afraid of *him*, instead!

  43. Loving the variety – there has been acorn-ucopia of cuteness lately.

  44. city skwerls do beg, but i believe you. perhaps he was rabid….!

  45. I thought that, too. Didn’t want to take any chances, so stayed away–though he *was* awfully cute 🙂

  46. The boyfriend had to have the phone people over, to repair his ‘lectrical lines. Diagnosis: squirrelies chewed them all the way through!

    But we still love the squirrelies.

    Mother hates them. But having seen this picture, how could anyone ‘shutter’ at the sight of them?

  47. groooooan. aubrey, the queen of puns today!

  48. “hough he *was* awfully cute :)”

    I’m sure, but that unafraid usually means trouble…

    Aubrey, you’ve outdone yourself.

  49. Erhem – I meant that “being unafraid like that” spells trouble.

    Can’t think, can’t write – that’s what happens when you spend hours on the line trying to get your cell phone reprogrammed.

  50. Yeah, squirrels are cute, as long as they aren’t in my garden.

  51. I agree–squirrels have been digging up my flowers! They must have buried something.

  52. “They must have buried something.”

    Perhaps… another squirrel?

    Squirrel hitmen! They’re evil, I tell you! Evil!

  53. i like your blog. ill keep reading 🙂