Perfect ear flops

Searching for perfect ear flops? Look nooo further. Behold the deliciousness I call: "Golden Floppitude on the Grass." One ear per bite, please. Don’t try and stuff both in your mouth at once.


Great find, Brian S. 😉



  1. ear:head!

  2. whoa the muzzlepuff!

  3. Melanie says:

    OMG those little ears….. I’m dead now.

  4. I’ll bet those back legs are splayed out in the “buntastic” position!

  5. 15, 13, 3, 2. Did I miss any?

  6. We prefer *bunny* earflops in this house, but still and all, this pup is prosh…

  7. rainbow says:

    you know that i about 3 seconds after that photo was snapped that little puppers went for the photographer. chomp!

  8. …the eyes are amazingly blue. I didn’t know puppies had blue eyes? he must be a real young’un.

  9. Wide-Eyed-Innocent-Yet-Prone-To-Romp-Expression

    ‘Sqee-ness In The Grass’!

  10. punkpie says:

    If you were to hold each ear up

    then let them drop

    you’d hear the faintest


  11. I was just thinking the muzzlepuff might be more of a snarl closely linked to the imminent chompage of the photographer

  12. TheLuna says:

    Not only am I leaving work in a mere couple of minutes, I get to stare at *this* before I leave. This is now officially The Best Five Minutes Ever.

  13. Jane Whoo says:

    “I lof your ear flops”
    Look under Categories, Barn Animals. Sorry, I don’t know how to create a link.

  14. Just before the chompage…a high-pitched “rrrrraoww.” Then earpiercing yips. And squirmels and nippages when you try to kiss him. I want to smell his little neck!

  15. Whiskerage! <3

  16. chackler says:

    And a kissable nose to boot!

  17. Ohhhh…and the puppy breath! Worf the needle sharp teefies on the nose!

  18. mejezabel says:

    Jumpin Jugglefarts!!! I can even smell him!

  19. WOW, that’s all I can type..Too CUTE!

  20. All the “SMELL THE DOGGY” comments are kinda icking me out… super cute pup tho.

  21. Oh my gosh – I’m dying – so cute!!! eeeeek I exploded.

  22. T, just pretend it’s a cat.

  23. Unbelievably snorgle-worthy

  24. I showed this pic to my mom and she was overcome by cuteness. That looks my my brother Casey’s dog Joe when she was a puppy (or one of those baby Canadian seals)!

  25. Golden Retriever pup?

    Doesn’t matter, puppies are always good!

  26. But, Theo, puppies smell WONDERFUL, especially that little kissy spot on the forehead, just between the little doggy eyebrows…

  27. I’m….. dead.

  28. hehe, looks just like my dog 🙂

  29. Sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! This is the first time I’ve posted here, but I just had to say how cute that puppy is! I just want to snorgle his ears!

  30. Perfectly bite-size earsies!

  31. Jennifer says:

    I love this cutie pie! I love floppy ears on dogs!

  32. StormCat says:

    I bet that we can get him to do that crazy side-ways wobble run they do when they’re playing…What a cutie!!!

  33. Puppins + Anderson Cooper _ ever seen ’em in a room together?/Users/hilaryneidhart/Desktop/andysmooch.jpg

    dear god the IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ!

  35. christina r says:

    one word…….AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  36. BTW, great caption there, Meg – I especially like the bit about not stuffing the ears in one’s mouth all at once.

  37. Ohhhh, the sweet puppy floppage…thanks, Meg…I really, really, really needed puppiness right now!

  38. doesn’t it seem that some animals often look, in a strange way, like humans? he looks like a little league baseball player. okay…i could be insane. but it’s still cute. 🙂

  39. Michelle says:

    Puppies smell like Juicy Fruit gum. mmmmmm

  40. Cassidy says:

    look at the baby nose, the baby eyes, the babyness!oooooh the poopsy ees just too coot!!!aaaaaaaw he so coot i just want to eeet heem! Dinner tonight: GOLDEN FLOPPITUDE FOUND IN GRASS

  41. Baroo?

  42. I luff him soooooo much! Can I keep him, can I can I? I offer you [looks around for schwag] 4 saltines and half-full bottle of Gatorade!!!

  43. [looks at massive handmade glowy-green computer, wicked joystick/throttle combo, surround headphones, homemade desk with built-in lighting, skunk-stripe stapler, bungee chair, and all the other fantastical goodies in the Catcave]


    Yeah, OK, deal. I won’t use the Gatorade tho.

  44. Awwww….he looks like a Nintendog, in real life!

  45. NOSES!!

  46. Those glassy eyes and intense stare!! Brain-sploding cuteness 🙂

    That isnt a golden retriever pup by the way, Rafael. The ears are too short.

  47. Talking of doggy smells… a load of my fellow dog-owned friends and moi would swear that our dogs’ feet do smell like popcorn.

    Thats all I am saying! *grin*

  48. That made all kinds of curse words pour out of my mouth before I could cover it in shock. GOD that’s cute!

  49. ka9q's wife says:

    God i just died and went to heaven. Keep the other heaven pics i want to die and see dog.

  50. ka9q's wife says:

    but not right away

  51. *PUPPY*!

    Golden lab is my guess. Ears might be long enough, cuz I think I detect a little fisheye lens type disproportioning. But the fur isn’t fuzzy enough, too straight. At any rate . . .


  52. A day later and I’m still oogling over this picture! There should be a rule of cuteness for eyes set wide apart. This is the best week ever – I love pups, monkeys, and bunbuns!

  53. i think i know this puppy!
    my boyfriend and i rescued a litter of pups from underneath a house in gainesville, fl and this puppy looks just like one of them. (i also have the wierdest, most sure feeling that i’ve seen this pic before..)


    (ignore the dead flea on his head, when we found them they were literally covered in fleas- their ears were bleeding from it- so he just had his first pseudo-flea bath..)

    =by the way, he’s a sharpei-pit mix

  54. Cierag — your pup has a black nose; the one at the top has a pink nose. Definite resemblance, tho.

  55. OMG! He is so cute! He looks so inocent! 0:)

  56. Thanks, Meg. There’s a rainbow leaking out of my ear now. :p

  57. oh dear heavens… my focabrulary haf been reduced too mushy squishy puffle earies!!!::buries face in puffle fur::

  58. I haven’t seen anything cuter.

  59. What a lil’ darlin’

  60. Nampeung says:

    hahaha…I just started laughing once I just saw him…I felt like I have been watched by such cute and innocent eyes : )

  61. Nampeung says:

    hahaha…I just started laughing once I just saw him…I felt like I have been watched by such cute and innocent eyes : )

  62. To die for puppy, to die for! I mean C’mon who wouldn’t love that I mean C’mon? LOL.

  63. Anne and éloise says:

    He is so cute!! no dog could cutter and prettyier than any dogs.