Muncha-buncha muncha-buncha muncha-buncha munch, little wormies make good lunch

Hungry, hungry birdos are ready to swallow their Momma.


Open wide, Rachel H.!



  1. First!?

    Incidentally, this is also my first comment on this site.


  2. Awesome, chimney swifts! Feed us already, ma!

  3. Forgot to add that I tried to hand raise some chicks that blew down my parents’ chimney several years ago…unfortunately they are difficult to rear and none of them made it 😦

  4. i hate to say it but…these birds are just creepy and frightening. i went into “duck and cover” pose as soon as the page loaded. i can only imagine the high pitched squalking and the large pile o’bird doo at the bottom of the wall.

  5. Oh I think the tiny beaks are cute! I just hope that’s a safe nest. Leslie – I would beware the Theo smash 😉 Check out the Cute Glossery under “More, More, More” in the sidebar.

  6. They look like a tiny feathered choir….

  7. hollyberry says:

    To james:
    We have a nest of these baby birdies (barn swallows) every year at our house, and trust me, THEY ARE CUTE! From the moment they peek over the edge in their unproportiate big-headedness to the time they becoem huge fluffballs and eventually fly, they are tres adorable, if you can look past the droppings and feeding time clamor. I love them!

  8. Oh, I thought they were chimney swifts. I think they are related to barn swallows. They are cute tho!

  9. As soon as I saw this pic, I thought: Uh-oh, here comes ‘Not cute!’

    It’s not THAT cute, but it’s pretty funny. Especially ‘birdos’!

  10. “They are ready to SWALLOW their momma.”

    Hah. Hah. Good unintentional pun. :]

  11. Hee. Meg must like gaping maws, cf. the hamster caught by the hungry, hungry hippo… 🙂

  12. You think they have worms that come in Fritos flavor?

  13. Holly Kim says:

    I can even hear their cries! Which, ever since a friend pointed out, I hear as “MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!”

  14. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G ….. I Thought That Was Upside Down Til My Eyes Focused On It. Those Are Some Hungry Hungry Birdies.

  15. They are so adorable! I remember when my cockatiel was just learning to eat solid food. *gushes*

    Holly Kim – or the “Finding Nemo” seagulls: “Mine, mine, mine…”

  16. RavishingRoberta says:

    Hmm. I don’t think this pic qualifies as cute.

    Hate to say it.

    Awwwww How Can Those Baby Birds Waiting For Momma Not Be Cute?

  17. RavishingRoberta says:

    To Hollyberry…..One Of My Husbands Favorite Things Was To Sit And Watch The Birds Feed. I Bought Him A Bird Feeder As Well As A Humingbird Feeder For Right Outside His Window. He Would Have Loved Baby Birds.

  18. lauowolf says:

    Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
    Oh, and definitely cute.

  19. this literally made my jaw drop.
    so f*****g cute!!!

  20. Jessica says:

    OMG that is frightening

  21. adrianna says:

    haha, they look mighty hungry.

  22. they look like backing singers – “momma bird and the hungry chicks” for one season only in a treetop near you!

  23. Creepy! I love birds but something about this pic creeps me out. 😦

  24. Hm, they *were* cute but not so cute after watching Hitchcock’s The Birds…

  25. How can anybody not love baby birds? They’re wonderful! I have nests all over my house and back yard in the spring time and it’s awesome.

    Natural/candid cute >>> staged cute

  26. I don’t think this is terribly cute, in fact I can imagine the little birdies chanting some Lovecraftian hymn in unison.

  27. Denise in Nebraska says:

    CUTEST PICTURE EVER POSTED ON CUTE OVERLOAD!!! I am thrilled Meg has finally accepted and posted teensy, tiny, baby birdies, needing their mom. Has anyone critical of this picture ever HEARD baby birds chirping?? It is seriously one of my favorite sounds, in the universe! They are small, soft and precious. I love the comment on their looking like a little “bird choir”! So true! If you were a bird, you would be doing it, too. So thrilled to finally see more on this site outside of dogs and cats….so many postings of the same old thing!!! Thanks, Meg!! Now onto more turtle submissions (wink, nudge…)!!! xoxo

  28. I’m with RavishingRoberta! It took my eyeballs several seconds to get oriented on this one!

  29. Awww! How tweet! they’re like the Mormon Tabernacle Birds’ Nest!

  30. Beaks wide open, locked on target.

  31. ka9q's wife says:

    i bet mama is tired at the end of the day feeding those gaping mouths. Open wide babes *here’s some partially digested worms for you* [singsong voice] I was always so busy keeping the cats in during the spring to watch the bebehs. I think they are adorable.

  32. Really VERY cute!!!!

    I have bird feeders all over my back yard, as well as a bath, some nesting boxes….so I may be predisposed to think these are cute.

    But they are!

  33. TwoShedsJackson says:

    I love watching huge fledgling starlings or even huger fledgling herring gulls following their parents everywhere pestering for food when they are more than ready to get on with feeding themselves. I can just imagine them going – ‘oh go on Mum just one more wormy(starlings)/ regurgitated godknowswhat meal(seagulls) – you know you love me – pleeeeeease.’

  34. Tony James says:

    Got to say, baby birds is cute – when they’re all covered in downy fuzz, why, they’re just like teeny tiny kittens with wings! 🙂
    PS Saw this, thought it deserved a mention…

  35. eek!! TJ! astonishing. actually his fur in that picture *looks* like he’s been through the shredder…

  36. Tony James says:

    Tink – looks like he and I have the same barber… 😉

  37. These little dewds are gonna grow up to be The Fates in some heady grecian play.


  38. LOL, T 🙂

  39. AuntieMame says:

    I think the baby birds are adorable. It cracks me up how they open their mouths and beg for food in perfect unison.

  40. TJ, aT, hammie Mike looks like he ate his way out of the shredder. He’s probly still dreamin’ about that awesome hamster runabout he was in.

  41. Awww…
    SO cute-I wish that was my house! You would have to feel very honored if they picked your place to raise the fam.

  42. Mama’s wings are awesome.

  43. T.J. – wow, that is a pudgy hamster! Amazing that he survived – except now he’s thinking, “I’ve escape that giant machine thingamabob, but why do I have such a hard time escaping that kid’s grubby hands?!”

  44. ShellBell says:

    Just about anything *baby* is adorabubble and these little birdies are included!

  45. A Fine Morsel says:

    (clearing throats) ahem, ahem, ahem. “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!!!!”

  46. Piggalette says:

    Birds in general creep me out a bit. Baby birds other than fluffy lil chicks are not cute to me. Just kinda gross. Of course, I would do everything I could to protect the lil buggers; they just aren’t SQUEE inducing, only blech.

  47. Piggalette!

    I love birdies! I always see sparrows setting up house inside of street signs. In a couple of weeks I’ll be able to hear the little peep-peeps coming out of those signs.

    But if you linger too long, one of the parents are guaranteed to buzz you, so have a care!

  48. Silence Dogood says:

    I vote for cuteness of baby bird-mouths.

    My son did the same thing at my approach, starting when he was a couple of weeks old. Eventually, the open mouth turned into a baby smile when I approached him.

    And nine years later, it’s “Mom, I’m hungry!” when I come home at night.

  49. Ponygirl says:

    How can birds creep anyone out? That’s like being creeped out by grass or the grandmas or something equally ubiquitous.

  50. Ponygirl says:

    Not sure why I typed “the grandmas” but okay.

  51. hey piggalette, i’m with you. maybe it was that horrifying experience i had in trafalger square and the legion of pigeons…but i too think birds are kinda creepy. they are important, and i would protect these little guys ….but but i would also use a different exit from my house to avoid them.

  52. mooncustafer says:

    Things can be Lovecraftian *and* cute!

  53. chunkstyle says:

    This is an amazing shot, no matter how cute you might think it is. I think that unison baby movement should qualify as cute–we all love the whole fuzzy suckling action, right? Or the basket-full of kittens? C’mon people, think outside of the cute box!!!

  54. like a tiny bird choir

  55. We had barn swallows every year at my house, too. The mess they made on the patio and the damage their building mud does to the paint, not so cute, but I always found them fascinating. And these babies don’t peep. They SQUALL! Hee!

    The adults are beautiful, cute little creatures too. I had to catch one inside the house once, and finally pinned it gently between a curtain and the window. When I held it in my hand, it was so soft and sooty black and it felt no heavier than a single feather. It’s glistening little black eyes just stared up at me, and when I opened my hands to release it outdoors, it looked at me for a while before it left. Such a gentle, tiny soul.

  56. ElfOwl, that’s a nice piece of writing there!

    And it *is* an amazing shot.

  57. I’ve always liked that there are birds out there called “barn swallows.” I’ve got a very visual imagination, y’know; it’s like Cartoon World in here. If I were to add a few frames to this pic here, for instance, then mom-swallow would be regurgitating whole BARNS one at a time for the baby swallows.

    Gulp, gulp, gulp.

  58. Having been attacked by a mama barn swallow protecting her young, I find this picture SCEEERY!!!

  59. babygirl says:

    wow this is cute

  60. wow! these baby birds are long big mouthed! and their mom looks scary!