First stand-alone monkey

People, Cuteoverload exploded six months ago. We have yet to post a monkey (on it’s own, not with the ‘help of a kitten’.) In all of the 1.2 billion C.O. posts, this is the first MONKEY!

Welcome, lil’ Dude:



So prosh. Just like Jocelyn C.



  1. Wow. it’s tiny and it’s wearing a diaper. eep.

  2. and the EYES!!

  3. *cracks up at the diaper* He looks so fuzzy.

  4. Umm. It’s a little creepy.

    Reminds me of a [VERY] premature baby!

  5. msumissa says:

    How cute is that teeny tiny diaper!

  6. Leilani says:

    OMG, that cute little bugger! L@@K at those darling little fingers! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  7. Leilani says:

    P.S. Doesn’t his little head look like a brown kiwi fruit? LOL!

  8. Flame73 says:

    SO adorable! The eyes are so soulful, it’s like you can see the emotions, just like a human baby.

  9. Oh, I’m so glad you finally got to the primates! Now for a baby chimp, a baby gorilla, a baby bonobo, a baby orang … and all the monkeys and lemurs … yay!

  10. Glances at second photo in cuteness-induced haze from first photo and…..dies….


  11. These two images have killed me dead. oohhh the nibbling on the finger!

  12. at first it looked like a doll! how sweet

  13. toddspal says:

    I just threw up all over myself from the cute sickness. This monkey is so shiny and cute I’m a little pissed off.

  14. Jan Spencer says:

    You can really see the soul of this little guy in his eyes. Oh, you just want to hug him and protect him forever.

  15. carolion says:

    wait! you forgot about this little fella:

    and we must admit, he is too cute to be forgotten!

  16. “Doesn’t his little head look like a brown kiwi fruit?”

    It *so* does, Leilani! LOL!

  17. Monkeys are unique animals in their cuteness. They resemble humans so much that it’s amazing and creepy all at the same time!

  18. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like he’s made of chocolate. With a little chocolate-kiwi head.

    Coochy-coochy, little monkey!

  19. Kris, in New England says:

    That first picture did me in,never mind the finger sucking in the 2nd one. Peering into my soul indeed.

    So OK, the monkey is cute, but I thought we had “agreed” on all bunny Friday. At least E.Collins and I agreed….

  20. pendlerpiken says:

    how sweet is that, at the very end of the week 🙂
    hooray! 15 minutes ’til weekend!

  21. Wee fuzzy head! And shoulder! Even the knuckles are cute.

    /agrees with Mary about amazing and creepy at the same time

  22. Cookies says:

    Adorable! You should compile a list of all the under-represented animals and try to post one every day.
    Next do chinchillas! 🙂

  23. How dear is that…!? Oh my. Jan Spencer is so on to it. He makes you want to pick him up, hug him, and protect him from all harmful things forever, even more than if he were a baby. With babies, it comes naturally to want to do that. With a little being like this, the power of our emotional responses can me overwhelming and confusing. I’m goin’ with the flow….

  24. oops, I meant “can be…”

  25. Kinda creeped out…kinda in love…Kiwi for sure!

  26. I am not sure. Too much human, not enough cuddly furball for my liking. It is a bit weird.

  27. Sorry, maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t understand the cuteness of monkeys. The one with the cat was nice, but only because of the cat.

    Give me a tapir any day 🙂

  28. I’m very disappointed. I sent yinz a picture of an even CUTER (if you can believe it) baby munchkin monkey named Mango, and you didn’t post her photo! She would have been your first monkey…

  29. StormCat says:

    That first pic looks like he’s saying “Mommy?”… Look at how he grasps the towel? Oh man, I wish he was holding on to my shirt like that…I’d hug him gently and make sure no one ever hurt him…What a darlin’!!!

  30. lol, i love the way it looks like he just turned around to squeal something, and someone shoved a finger in his mouth. he’s all like “eh?”

  31. you know, there’s nothing I like more than a little kiwi with chocolate… thanks. now I’m hungry on one hand… but full of cute at the same time.

  32. For some reason my ovaries just exploded.

    I want one of them! What a cute little guy!

  33. Now wait a minute… there has been a previous monkey posting. I shan’t soon forget the adorable monkey hugging his stuffed duck! And SHAME ON YOU for forgetting him yourselves.

  34. TheLuna says:

    Aww, fuzzy skull cap!

    He does look frighteningly close to human, tho.

  35. Miss Mary says:

    So cute it makes my teeth hurt.
    Look at the eyes! So cute.

  36. Nicholas C says:

    So prosh, prosh, proshous…!!! Finally all these months of Jocelyn cute overloading pays off for everyone! Way to go, happy cute-hunting, and keep up the good work!

  37. I can’t decide wether or not he looks like a brown fuzzy helpless old man or a kiwi with big alien eyes.

  38. English Chick says:

    This little dude is sooo cute!!
    the eyes have it!!

  39. Danielle says:

    It’s a Gorilla baby, making in an APE, not a Monkey. But still cute.

  40. So cute he’s ugly, or so ugly he’s cute, but definately agree with the kiwi comment. Add a little pudge and he’d be infinitely cuddle-able!

  41. Holy. Crap.
    I love him/her!!!!!

  42. Wisefool says:

    I’m deeply in primate love over here. Would you folks consider building a primate category (non-human primate, that is)? If you build it, cuteness will come.

    Danielle – check out the tail in the first photo. Monkey, not ape.

  43. OMG…the eyes! So…staring-into-my-soul-ish. Proshness beyond proshness.

  44. No diapies in the top pict. Diapies on the bottom. [*heehee*–pun intended]

  45. La Lola says:

    okay, I’m officially in love!

  46. 1st pic: “Hi! May I monche on a ring finger,please?”
    2nd pic: “Um, yeah…I asked for a ring finger and this is definitely a pinky. Just ‘cuz it has a ring on it doesn’t make it a ring finger. Ring finger please….”

  47. Monkeys. Are. Scary.

  48. martha in mobile says:

    my child was quite premature and she looked a lot like this. in fact, we called her “monkey-sweet” until the hair on her forehead fell out.

  49. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Gahh, my heart just melted. The eyes the eyes.

  50. YAY!!! I love monkeys and apes! Anyone know the species? He looks like a langur maybe? Oh and orang babies are totally prosh – CO needs one of those!

  51. i dunno. i think i’m seriously creeped out by this photo.
    the eyes look so wise, and old, for such a little monkey. like an accusing glance at humanity: ‘you’re destroying the planet…
    …and we’re going to take over.’

    i dunno. maybe i’ve just seen (the original) planet of the apes too many times.


  52. falnfenix says:

    Pheral, you just made me laugh so loud my boss thinks something’s wrong with me. too funny!

  53. So at 5:30Am this morning I bolt upright in bed (Knowing this post is gonna go live soon) and I remembered the OTHER FIRST MONKEY that we posted. Oops!

    Then I went back to sleep.

  54. Danielle: “It’s a Gorilla baby, making in an APE, not a Monkey. But still cute.”

    No, he’s definitly a monkey. See the wee tail in the first pic? Gorillas don’t have tails.

    But you’re right, Still Cute!

  55. Shell Bell says:

    Ok – regarding my previous comment (re: birdies) that everything *baby* is cute…I take that back…(gulp)

  56. Meg – Well, *technically* Mr. Squirrel Monkey was not the star of his own show but had to battle it out with Mr. Goose. So… this is the first stand-alone monkey! 🙂

  57. I hope this isn’t a privately owned monkey. I’d be really disappointed if you started posting privately owned extoic animals on this site. Think about the repercussions.

  58. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh, the innocent look on his face. He’s too much.

  59. Whatever kind of monkey or ape this bitty baby is, he ain’t a gorilla. The nose, snout, and head shape are all different.

    Either way…

    I am knee-deep in Puddles of Amazing Baby Monkey Cuteness! Gah!

    I try not to duplicate most of the “exploding” sentiments often expressed here, but if I were to have my head explode from cuteness, this post would do it.

  60. aw, Meg. CO is taking over your life.

    I, too, thought that about the previous monkey. he was snorgling a goose–so technically not alone!

  61. not a crier says:

    i.. okay.. i have never posted a comment before, but this picture actually put tears in my eyes, people. TEARS! i mean! gah! those arms and fingies. gah!

  62. bunnymom says:

    Like “not a crier,” I also am a first-time poster despite my addiction to CO. I…must…touch…this…darling.

  63. Not true! There was the one sickeningly cute little monkey with the fuzzy stuffed duck. 😛

  64. Oh what a little hunny!! The eyes r totally delicous. God, he reminds me of some type of toy… or kiwi > <

  65. Ponygirl says:

    Monkeys sans mamas make me sad.

  66. Oh…. the eyes, such sweet little windows to the soul…. how can one resist such sweet eyes calling to them…

  67. sweet jane says:

    Little monkey wears his diaper the same way my grandpa wears his pants–high over his poochy little belly. Aww.

  68. Irishka says:


    I just wanna cuddle the itty-bitty baby!

  69. not prosh. terrifying. doesn’t belong here…neither do babies. ick.

  70. monkeys just aren’t cute. Even when they look like they’re almost cute, or they should be cute according to all the rules, it’s still not cute.

  71. AWWW!!! Its a little….human–alien…hybrid thing. Ok ok…kidding. That is one adorable monkey!!

  72. Ugh. So. Not. Cute. 😦

  73. awwwwwwww!!!! he’s soo adorable! HE LOOKS SOOO…DEFENCELRESS AND…OOOOOOOOO!!! His eyes are sooo…deep!!!

  74. MusicChick2 says:

    It’s been said before but bears repeating: Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  75. That first picture is *killing* me! 😀

  76. it is amazingly cute i want one

  77. Odd some people still believe we’re not close family with the apes.

  78. How cute – more monkeys please!

  79. There should be a “Cute or Scary?” category. And this should be in it.

  80. Eek! That is really, really horrible. *backs away from computer*

    (Good thing some people think those things are cute though, or they wouldn’t get looked after ;))

  81. Tiffany says:

    I dunno… the first one is pretty cute, but the second looks like a charred skeleton or something. 😛

  82. Sharoney says:

    Gollum! Gollum!

    What about… the PRECIOUS?

    We wants the Precious! Must have The Precious!

  83. Sharoney says:

    Gollum! Gollum!

    What about… the PRECIOUS?

    We wants the Precious! Must have The Precious!

  84. I truly don’t understand people not finding this cute… look at his sweet little smile in the first photo!
    And why is it that there’s always someone coming in all po-faced to harsh the cute mellow with comments like ‘I hope that’s not a privately-owned monkey, think of the repercussions’?
    Subtext: Because I am the kind of Serious and Worthwhile Person who thinks of repercussions all the time. While you guys were just squealing over a cute photo, repercussions happened! You could have stopped them, but you didn’t care! Bah.
    What, like a whole bunch of people who saw this post are going to run out and buy black-market monkeys?

  85. ellenbrenna says:

    “Thinking about consequences” a couple of people on this thread compared it to a human baby and at least one expressed a desire to own one. Monkeys are not human babies and they do not form social bonds with humans in the same way that domesticated animals like dogs horses and cats do. It is bad for the animal and I think you would agree there is nothing cute about a deeply unhappy wild animal that snaps and starts throwing shit at your head.

    Yes I too would be disappointed if CO posted pictures of privately owned exotic pets. Not because I do not appreciate cuteness but because I appreciate animals for what they are which is frequently unbelievably face smushingly cute but principally animals.

  86. that is by far the cuttest monkey ever !

  87. I am agog. That is the cutest. Monkey. EVER.

  88. Aw, baby woolly monkey.

    To reassure those who are worried that he is privately owned, he is from Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset, UK, and is being hand reared as he was abandoned by his mother. Check out the link for even more baby woolly monkey goodness.

    (Not the OP, just someone with Monkey Worlds newsletter in front of her.)

  89. abbiegrrl says:

    Wow. And that babe will NEVER talk back or borrow the car w/o asking.

  90. jetgiiirl says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. i love this it made my heart melt

  91. purplemegan says:

    has anyone noticed that the monkey looks like don cheadle?

  92. thats so cute i wish my boyfriend looked like that!lol just playing but it is cute

  93. Awww, he is so cute.. I want one. ♥ lol.
    I am falling in love with this adorable little guy ♥ ..

  94. billy the kid says:

    omfg. he’s so hackin cute ! :]

  95. In my classroom im literally a monkey