A perfect “Rule 20”, trotting around

Look, I know I’m in the minority on this, but dammit, Eye Capsules are cute. A perfect example of Rule 20. You can practically hear him blinking. "Plink plink!"


Tiny (but earth-shattering) stomps to Mr. T!




    here I come!!

    : )

  2. HOLYLAWD, this is overthetop, no…over the *BigTop* cute! The ears, the ears! The happy crook in the tail…

    ::clears throat::
    “The hills are alive
    with the sound of stomping…”

  3. Oooh, elephants! The baggy skin, the big floppy ears, the goofy look… they’re wonderful.

  4. ooh, I literally gasped when I saw this! I LURVE it! Ollyphonts are one of my favourite critters, and this is the cutest ollyphont baby I have *ever* seen. Props, Meg.

  5. Ollyfonts, Ollypants, oily fonts, ellyfunts…

  6. Courtney says:

    Wow, he looks really happy!

  7. brownamazon says:

    I’ve always been astonished at how their ears look exactly like the continent of Africa…

  8. He’s doing exactly what the boing-boing poodoodle was doing earlier today, only ollyphont style.

  9. a thinker (and others), more babies here:


    Take your time; the photo a archive is, well, elephant-sized!

  10. here’s another cute ‘un, born to the famous Echo (of “Echo of the Elephants” fame):


  11. My skin is of the wrinkle
    My eyes betray a twinkle
    My memory is the best
    The legend says.
    For stomping I’ve a zest
    I’ll never take a rest
    While my ears flap in the wind
    Like sails before they’re trimmed
    While my trunk is long
    And my game is strong
    I intend to run and romp
    And carry on the Dumbo pomp

  12. And yet another, snorgling its mama:


  13. Christine says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    I actually said, “Squeee!” when I saw this…!!

  14. A baby who seems to adore their new world has to make any and everyone smile! I love it!

  15. And a whole gallery-full of babies:


    I wonder if they fall over when tickled, like their tapir cousins?

  16. That mama snorgling picture is of course extravagantly cute, but also extremely beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  17. punkpie says:

    oh man…. I have always loved baby elle-funts. They are just so damn cute. And ever cuter in person, since you get to take in all the akward dumpiness.


  18. What would I not give to snorgle – or be snorgled by an Ellyfant!!! (elephant + infant)

  19. ah. I am going to drift off to sleep with that precious image of the snorgling baby carrying my dreams. ‘night all.

  20. Oh and he looks mighty proud of himself, like he just squirted water on his favorite zookeeper.
    Totally prosh pictures, E.C.!

  21. I’d absolutely love to snorgle a baby elephant. A tapir, too.

    Glad y’all enjoyed the pics.

  22. That’s not a trunk-it’s a noodle! TOO CUTE!!!! A welcome antidote to the 4 horrifying episodes of 24 that I just watched.

  23. fw sunshine says:

    I am in LOVE with the floppy-eared eppeleep!

  24. Don’t know if it’s a rule, but I love-love babies that are going to grow big! And this one is just precious–what a happy, bouncy personality! “Happy happy stomp stomp!”

  25. CatBookMom says:

    This is an instant flashback to the John Wayne movie “Hatari!” Claudia Cardinale or one of the other gorgeous European actresses of the mid-60s found herself fixated upon as a mother-substitute by 2 or 3 baby elephants. This movie is the source of the song, “Baby Elephant Walk.” Da-da-da-DUH, da-da-da-DUH!,,,,

  26. Is THAT where “Baby Elephant Walk” comes from? How ’bout that? That has got to be the most accurately-named tune ever, and this here baby is clearly humming it through its trunk. Doooo de-doot-doot DOO-doot-doot-doot DOOOO-doot!

    I am the Official Bad Influence of an eight-month-old infant named Ella; I call her the Ella ‘fant.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    A heffalump! And he’s smiling! What a cutie.

  28. Holy adorable Affy ears! I love the way his trunk slenders down…

  29. eye capsules whatever!!!!! ellies are so super cool, holy ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i LOVE elephant, ella phunt.
    if ella fitzgerald married varth vader they would have ella vader…………
    peanuts, anyone?

  30. slacks for ella phunt

  31. Hey, Meg, the eye capsules rule of cuteness is not on the rules of cuteness page. Just letting you know!

  32. Shannon L says:

    Anyone who can’t see the cute in baby elephants or baby wombats needs a heart transplant!

    Oh hey, did anyone seriously consider the paws-over-face rule of cute suggested in the “ham-choooo” thread?

  33. The honorable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Nelly the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye to the Circus off she went with a trumpety trump, trump, trump, trump.

  34. Eye capsules are so not cute ;~; But, baby elephants ARE cute 😀 *huggles it*

  35. juliette says:

    well, meg, it was only SORTA cute ’til you threw in the *plink plink*. NOW it’s ridiculously cute, eye capsules and all.

  36. I love them snuffles!

  37. Inachis says:

    What with this head cold I just came down with, I probably sound a lot like that little guy there. *blows nose for the gazillionth time today*

  38. L’elephant!! Très adorable!

  39. Melanie says:

    Eye capsules are cute, but they just don’t sound cute… need a better name for them than that.

  40. I love baby elephants! They’re so spunky and fun.

  41. That’s a loliphant, because she made me laugh with glee when I saw her. More loliphants, please! 😀

  42. useless information time: elephants are the only mammals on earth who cannot jump 🙂

  43. Loliphant! Excellent!
    So, like, when genetic engineering gets its priorities straight and moves from saving lives to creating novelty pets …. I want two tiny, toaster-sized elephants. I will name them Rueben and Sasha, and I will dig a pond in the backyard for them to swim in every day.
    Anyone remember the Looney Toons cartoon, Punch Trunk, with the tiny elephant wreaking havoc around the city?

  44. Wheeeee!!! Baby looks so happy!

  45. Ahhhh, my heart’s gonna burst, I’m so happy just looking at this baby!!
    Happy Heffalump!! OMG!

  46. AuntieMame says:

    “elephants are the only mammals on earth who cannot jump”

    Which is probably just as well. A few good elephant jumps might shift the Earth from its orbit, and that wouldn’t be a good thing…


  47. I have acctually always been a fan of the Eye Capsule. The sea lions at the aquarium had them–a little–and it made them look so squinty and content. Cute!!

  48. How about “eye pods” instead of capsules? 🙂

    AND- Hatari is chock full of baby elephant goodness. 3 of ’em! Plus- they get in the bed!

  49. Space Pastry says:

    Hee hee! He looks so happy! Flap flap blink blink stomp stomp! Heeeee!


  50. TheLuna says:

    Eye capsules AND a teeny-tiny tail (relatively speaking, anyway).

  51. the proper phrase for audible blinking:

    “kablook kablook”

    my friends and i have been working on this scientifically for several years. 😉

    oh, and ELEPHANTEH!

  52. Oh, he’s a cutie all right. Buggy eyes with droopy lids are cute. It’s the term “eye capsule” that whinges me out. It makes me think of gelatin caps filled with eyeballs.

  53. More useless Info:

    Elephants do not “trot”. A Trot describes left-front and right-rear legs moving in unison (likewise right-front and rear-left). The pedantic term for the ellyphant’s locomotion is “pace”, which describes left-front and left-rear legs moving together. (Yes, also right-front with right-rear.)

    Further pedantic info: I use the British rule of quote marks with punctuation. It makes more sense. (Refer to Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss.

  54. Whoretencia says:

    OMG, “eye pods” is perfecto! I love them so much.

  55. Mjit: you do (but not consistently.)

  56. A Heffalump or Woozle
    Is very confoozle

    I totally heart elephants. They have long purty flirty eyelashes just like giraffes!

  57. Deathbecomezher says:

    This reminds me of that Tap dancing elephant commerical on tv, how cute 🙂

  58. Watching “Hatari” right now. 🙂 It’s Elsa Martinelli.

  59. I pity the fool who messes with my pachyderm!

  60. RavishingRoberta says:

    O M G That Is Absolutely Breathtaking. He/She Looks As If They Are Winking And Acknowledging Your Pressence.

  61. Rayndrop says:

    GOSH, it’s about TIME. Elephants are my TOTALFAVORITE animal. Traceable to when I was little and used to watch Dumbo over and over and over again. Watch, rewind, watch, rewind. I can still sing the entire pink elephant song! XD

    “Eye pods” is, I guess, an acceptable substitute for “Eye capsules.” However, this still suggests to me little eye bulbs on the ends of stalks, like Gungans or cartoons of slugs. Somebody said “buggy eyes,” and I think this is MUCH more what we’re looking for. The cute eyes in question are not really separate little eyeball containers or anything, they’re just bug-out, vulnerable, sleepy-looking eyes. Got my thumbs up.

  62. It’s the kink in the tail that gets me!

  63. The word “eye-capsules” bothers me for some reason. It makes me feel eerie.

    Baby elephant is very cute, though. You can tell he’s totally imagining crushing downtown New York. “I AM GODZILLA RARRRR” XD

  64. AWWW SO CUTE!!!

    look at him/her bouncing around so happy!

  65. How about “Marty Feldman” eyes?

    He was the actor who played Igor in Young Frankenstein…

    tee hee.

  66. *gulps* I just did some research and discovered that Marty Feldman suffered from a condition known as “Graves Disease” which caused his protruding eyes. I withdraw my above suggestion. Apologies.

    I now propose they be called “eye bumps” instead!

  67. it’s a thyroid problem. Barbara Bush has it, too.

  68. Yikes — Kat — I did not know that. It’s a kind of hyperthyroid condition. One of our cats died of the kitty version. Not good.

    I used Mr. Feldman as a link to the “Wah-Wah” entry in the Glossary. I’ll find a better example.

  69. I don’t believe it’s fatal in humans, if treated properly. But then, I’m not an endocrinologist.

  70. I think eye capsules are called eyePods.

  71. How do you post a picture?

  72. i love baby elephant phant ! ! ! looks so happy !

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  74. eee! this looks like a very confident elephant, all “doot doo doo, i am mega-adorables and will be *huge* one of these days!”

  75. Let’s just say there needs to be a helluva lot more baby elephant pictures on here! Come on, people, get out there in the bush and get snapping!