Would you please check out this (literally) BUNTASTIC bun just lounging around. He totally owns the place. And of course, his ‘buns’ are authentic.


Bunny Lovers Unite! On Flickr is sweet.



  1. OMG! Bun-tocks in effect!

  2. First!?

    Love those buns!

  3. Jan Spencer says:


  4. Absolutely totally completely chilled-out bun-bun.

    They are the *sillist* creatures and I lurves ’em.

    ( )
    ” “

  5. Err, make that “silliest.”

  6. Is this the same “pantaloon” bunny owned by Debbie C. in an earlier photo posting? That rug looks mighty familiar….

  7. I don’t think so – though it is another lop-eared bun with similar markings…

  8. English Chick says:

    total pantaloon and bun tocks in effect.


  9. I think it may be the same bun as Senor Pantaloons… both pix are on the same flickr photostream anyway…

  10. Aww that is adorable! Those are some real buns that he’s got there. kind of looks like he’s ready for a massage or something. =P

  11. Given his salt-and-pepper coloring, I’m naming him McCormick.

    Also, it looks like he was trying to slide into third/the water dish and fell short.


  12. That is one relaaaaxed bunny. (You can tell how relaxed a bunny at rest is by how long it would take them to get from their current position into an upright-and-ready-to-flee position.)

  13. yeah, I’ll go with the “it’s Cakes [Deb C.’s bun]” crowd, on second thought. Still, this bun looks like lots of other lops whose pics are posted on Flickr, in the various bunny-owners/lovers’ photo pools.

  14. I think my brain has just melted. It tried to integrate “sexy” and “cute” in just one concept and it failed miserably.

    Damn you, Cute Overload!

  15. Those are the sexiest paws I’ve ever seen.

    Still amazed. ^^

  16. Aww Bunbun and buns are all nice and cool on the hardwood floor. And he’s totally trying to slide himself over to the water – “ehn!” A perfect summer picture!

  17. lol alice, he tewtelly is!

  18. coral a says:

    that is so cute .
    i love bunnies

  19. That’s the bunaloons bunneh, right? Looks like the purfect house bun. <3

  20. Lillith says:


  21. hehe ‘didn’t notice but Mike G. also has him sliding over to “third” – great minds think alike 😉

  22. Here’s the same bun (Cakes) testing his ear-span:

  23. Do you want a firm, furry body just in time for Summer? Of course, we all do. But to achieve this, and so much more: to be able to slide to your water dish using your flanks, torso and biceps, you will need to buy the DVD: BUNS OF STEEL!

  24. holy crap! i have that same rug!
    (i heart ikea)

    mine didn’t come with a bunbun, tho 😦

  25. That looks like a great bunitat. I needs a place like that for my bun-bun to roam…

  26. Bunneh BUTTTT!!! sooooooo cute…. bunbunbunbunbunbunbun…

  27. hehe Aubrey and E.C. –
    Plus a one-time-offer, bonus package that shows you warm-up ear exercises!

  28. punkpie says:

    My cat sits like that. It’s so weird LOL!

  29. This is the closest to “approval” any self-respecting bunbun will ever get–to be viewed from the back only, if you please. It’s the pwnee’s responsibility–nay, *obsession*–to catch the fleeting, rapid-fire tongue flick of contentment.

  30. abbynormal says:

    I like bun bums
    and I cannot lie
    The buns so cute
    that I’m going to die.

  31. A rabbit oddity (those of you with bunnies will know what I mean)–when bunny hunkers down or stands up, his hindquarters are, of course, bigger than his shoulder area. When bunny stretches out, the hindquarters become narrow and the forequarters look wider. Shaper-shifters they are… totally bewitching and lurvable!

  32. you guys r silly says:

    * bunny * heiney * ……

  33. you guys r silly says:

    i want to
    the *bunny heiney*…

  34. Alejandro says:

    Remember. You can ‘love’ those buns, just don’t ‘LOVE’ those buns.

  35. nyquilchaser says:

    Is this CAKES again??? I am in love with this bunny!

  36. It seems almost wrong, finding that soooo cute.

    But I do.

  37. This bunny is so freaking cute that it’s painful.

  38. Kris, in New England says:

    Bunny stretched out frog-leg style – gotta LUV the bunnies! BUNNIES!

    I call for another All Bunny Day – tomorrow maybe? For my birthday? Pretty please???

    LOVE the BUNNIES!!!

  39. I would *love* to have another all-bunny day.

    Hint, hint, Meg… 😉

  40. Uh-Oh!!! This is the chill-pose always get’s me in trouble…When i catch my bun Maximus like this, i HAVE to squeeze his bootie and tell him he has a PUDGY BUTT!!!

  41. lauowolf says:

    Bunny is working on her turn-out for ballet, doing a froggy stretch.
    See her later in Bunny Lake.
    Her jumps are fabulous.

  42. Kris, in New England says:

    And please, do you have any idea how SOFT those back feet are? If your bun lets you pet their back feet, you KNOW they love and trust you. Especially if they let you separate their LONG toes while you pet the feet.

    Ooo – pet feet.

    Meg, pretty please for all bunny day tomorrow????? (I know I’m begging now, but can’t help it, just LOVE dem BUNS!) 🙂

  43. Just when the job search and being stuck with the rents is starting to get me down, the fluff reminds me that soon I, too, will be free and on my own, with my own bun

  44. I LOOOOVE BUNNIES!!! Just got my 2nd bunny, Skittles… He’s pretty skittish and isn’t yet used to being with people, or other bunnies for that matter. Snatch, my 1st, pretty much owns the home right now and so Skittles is probably feeling quite out of place. Hopefully they’ll get used to each other.

  45. but we hasn’t had all-kitty day yet…

  46. Jay Fry says:

    Bun-tastic bun-tocks, displayed with ‘bunnitude’! Oh, the alliteration! This site almost makes me forget I’m an English major!

  47. A Fine Morsel says:

    Bun-Bun!!! I want to chomp the rump!!

  48. MusicChick2 says:

    Um, hmmm… this has my 16 lb. cat mesmerized. He’s staring at the bunny intently, laying on my desk with his nose about an inch from the monitor. From Pooh: “Mommy, can I go out and play with that bunny??? Can I, huh? Can I?” *eg*

  49. Seems to me like that bun should loose some of that fluff-u-loshe!

  50. EEEEE, the bun’s doing “basset hips”! When I was a kid, our basset hound, Daphne, used to lie around like that. I’d never seen it before, so I called it basset hips. SQUEEEE!

  51. I have concluded that should I ever reside with such cuteness as this, I would be entirely unable to leave the house. It’s hard enough to leave the puppy and her kitty…a bun would condemn me to a live of hermit-hood (albeit anerable).

    Although to the best of my knowledge, most hermits are not known to squee.

  52. Definite bun-tocks in full effect here! It makes me want to get a bunny. Can they be litter trained?

  53. “…this has my 16 lb. cat mesmerized.”

    No doubt your 16-lb. cat would be in for a *big* surprise – like getting chased by this sweet lil’ bunny. Rabbits can intimidate if they want, and they’re good at it.

    All-kitty day? Whaaa? 3 kitty pics today and one yesterday and you’re pining for more? Perhaps we need an all-equine day to even things out…

  54. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  55. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  56. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  57. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  58. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  59. dwarf rabbit owner too!(No I'm not a dwarf...My bun bun is though.) says:

    Bun bun Bu…donk…a…donk! 🙂

  60. “Can they be litter trained?”

    yes, which is why so many of us are keeping house buns these days…

  61. LOL. One can never have *too* many kitties.

    But I ‘spose you’re right.

  62. A thinker, I was just teasing, but hey – I’d be happy with an all-equine day! We need another image on a par with the floaty foal…

  63. yeah, I’d be up for all-equine day–was supposed to go riding today but it tunderstormed 😦

  64. Same her (thunderstorms), but not riding. I’m too out of shape!

  65. I meant “here.” Argh!

  66. I enjoy hugely everything here.

    But I have been feeling the lack of the otter, lately.

  67. “lack of otter”

    ’tis a serious problem, methinks!

  68. Very cute!

  69. Deathbecomezher says:

    Sweet Bun buns!! I love it, damn you Cute Overload, !!

  70. What about an all pup day? I’m feeling a need for beagletude and retrieverhood. My favorite pictures are pup-heaven and cheek/haunch rolls. Need more haunch rolls!

    About otters, I just checked out, and Lick My Pickles made a prosh otter wallpaper!

  71. Ah, but bunnies have haunch rolls, too…. [Gotcha! hee.]

    ( )
    ” “

  72. ohhh I guess bunbuns *do* have haunch rolls…but let’s see a bunbun play fetch like pup-heaven dog! 😉 Kidding aside, bunnies are a clooooose second for moi, especially lops! 😀

  73. BenPanced says:

    “Well. Hel-LO, ladies. Care to step into the hutch for a while?”

  74. Its like, redundant, redundant. Bunny buns.

  75. alice, bunnies might not fetch, but they do play with balls, rattles and most anything they can toss, fling or push with their noses. Jingly cat toys are a big fave…

    From a fellow Liker of Lops,

  76. Bioflux says:

    I saw a rabbit (I refuse to say ‘bun’. D’OH!!) rear up on its hind feet and roar at a squirrel that was getting too close to it. It was in my back yard down by the birdfeeder where all the ground critters much on fallen birdseed. Ok, maybe it didnt roar. I wasn’t close enough to hear whether it did or not. But it clearly stood up like a grizzly bear and was all like, ‘Back Off you stupid @$#*% squirrel! Grrrr!’ No lie. Just ask my mom.

  77. Svenster says:

    Looks like the exhausted bun drags himself through the desert (living room) to the awaiting oasis (water bowl). Too dehydrated to hop, and even the eares has gone all floppy.
    Will he make it?!
    What a cliffhanger that is…

    Theo, can you P-shop that by any chance?

  78. I can actually see him/her/it breathing. I think I am just hallucinating, though. @_@ Fluffy lovely legs. <333

  79. bunnies says:

    i used to lie on the floor with a book and my bunner would come and lie down next to me just like that and eat the pages while i read. i loved her. she was excellent.

  80. Kikileo says:

    Hm, we’ve got a category for racks, maybe it’s time for a category for those of us who like a little junk in tha trunk?

  81. Sven — I’m away from most of my tricks & toys at the moment… but I see what you’re saying.

  82. I am sorry cheri’, your bunny is yummy, but you have another bunny problem, DUST BUNNIES!!!! Look under the dresser, please clean before you snap!

  83. aw yay, thanks for posting the picture! and yes that is cakes. 🙂

  84. p.s. cakes is a girl!

    i wonder why we tend to regard bunnies in the masculine?