Theo, asleep on the job

…That’s if Theo ever ever DID sleep. Theo, I think you should win some kind of ‘SuperFan’ Moderator-at-Large, Glossary Enhancer award. Now, if I could only think of the right type of kitten to send you as thanks…


This snooze-a-rama courtesy of "Boxer" the cat and sender-inner Jeremy who wrote up his check list before sending in: "Crossed front paws with one curled over, check…Big smile on his face, check. Strange twisted sleeping position, check."



  1. Tony James says:

    Marmahlayde Kitteh!! mWoot! Pwn! POIT!

  2. AuntieMame says:

    Hmm…that’s a tough one, Meg. Lessee…a tiger kitteh? No, wait…a tortoiseshell? Ooh, I have it! A marmalade!

    (Why do I feel like taking a feather and tickling kitteh’s lil tummeh?)

  3. *** splode ***

  4. sender-inner Jeremy forgot:
    “crossed back paws high in the air, check”.

    do the Rules of Cuteness(TM) differentiate between front and back paws? ‘cuz if they don’t, they otter…

  5. oh….mah…..GAWD!!!! He looks just my darlin’ Bustopher Jones, curled paws, sweet belly, pink kisable nose and all. SNORGLE!!!

  6. The back feet are KILLING me.

  7. Solange says:

    OMG! i soooo love it when cats do this! I get in there and just swoosh my face against that belly and emerge with all that hair stuck to my face. No worries, no problems, good times….

  8. Svenster says:


    Soooo peaceful. I’m quite sure kitteh won’t mind us snorgling his belly.

  9. Solange says:

    snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle! and more snorgling!!!

  10. herenthere says:

    That is a kitteh in need of a good snorgle…and I’m just the human to deliver it!

  11. I *lurve* the crossed back paws. Wonderful kitteh.

  12. it appears to be wearing “kittaloon” (see post on “bunnaloons” below).

  13. Oops – “kittaloons,” that is.

  14. Double crossedness…curled tail…marmalade with butterscotch swirls (can it be?)…lustrous chocolate satin sheets…this cuteness is cracking my cranium like Krakatoa.

  15. Awww I wanna snorgle Pseudo-Theo! What a cute, stripey, Cheshire tail!

  16. oooh would that count as one paws-up or two? After all, one is curled down.

  17. Oooh, he’s doing “rabbit feet” with his back feet! I MUST SNORGLE!!

  18. teho must be in a meeting – I’m amazed that he hasn’t commented yet!

  19. EC:
    He suffered a cuteness explosion, post #3. Still recovering, perhaps.

  20. im supposed to be able to drive in half an hour
    how am i going to do it like this
    splain pleez

  21. Kristie says:

    OMG! I so want to blow raspberries on that beautiful kitten tummy!!! He is positively dee-lish!

  22. Molly Molly Oxen Free says:

    His back paws are crossed too!

  23. purplepansy says:

    ooooooooooooo doze fuzzbug kneeeeeeez!!!!!

  24. Woo, opera hippos! Bed monsters! SNORGOYLES!!
    Thanks, Thinker.

  25. Yipes! to Cuteoverlord – same guy who won losingest on Cutetracker? (Most) still cute, though evil.

  26. Oh, if only he was on the blue couch of fabulousness!

  27. I love the front paws, sooooo kawaii

  28. Yeah, it’s the fuzzy pantaloon knees and the crossed back feet, plus the curled-over tail… He’s just begging for somebody to blow a raspberry into his tummy.

  29. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yup. Those curled-up back paws destroyed my brain, too.

  30. *door closing behind her so she can go find a simmilar kitty at a shelter*
    screw lease agreements, i need to snorgle!!!

  31. Oh, little Heot, I’m all afluster,
    with your fluffy, fuzzy-buster.
    Heto, Othe, Tharmalade,
    Marmatheto, Theomade,
    Your kittaloons are pow’rful stuff,
    You are Meister of Master Fluff.

  32. Ah, Master Fluff. One of the first images I ever saw on Cute Overload. I was hospitalized for a week.

  33. whatever. i’ve sent in countless pictures of my adorable marmalade kitty, hobbes, in various snoozing, cross-pawed, and other rules-of-cuteness-fulfilling positions and never once has he shown up here. i’m bitter.

  34. We are Very Clever Poets, we, here on CO. Good job, jaypo.

  35. oh, kitty, don’t be bitter! Many of us have sent in lots of stuff to Meg too–she must get a bajillion photos a week. Imagine having to pick only two a day out of gazillions!! I can’t even count that high. How can a kitty named Hobbes NOT be cute? Give him a smooch for me.

  36. “it appears to be wearing “kittaloons” (see post on “bunnaloons” below).” YES! I was just going to say the same thing! Kittaloons on ‘dorable squishy crossed feeties.

    My husband and I call the front paw motion “bunny feets” when our cat does it.

  37. We had a kitteh like this named Opie…also one named Bustopher Jones. But since he was a “cat about town,” he was wearing a Tuxedo! I also love kittehs who put a paw over their eyes to block out the light when needing a nap.

  38. This Kitteh Looks All Relaxed And Cute, But He’s Got That Look Like He Knows Some Serious Kung Fu.

  39. lauowolf says:

    No one has even mentioned his adorable PINK NOSE.
    And look at those ears.
    You can see that they are smooshable ears.
    Do you think his own cuteness will wake him soon?
    Maybe I should just sit here and wait to see.

  40. lauowolf says:

    And his little tummy bulge to the left.
    And those smooshable ears are big.
    And those paws are big.
    This kitty is PERFECT.
    (I’m going and giving my cats a talking to: “Why aren’t you guys being more like Boxer?” That’ll work.)

  41. Squee! *bouncebounce* Snoozy paw crossy smilie marmalade kitteh!
    *runs off to snorgle her own marmalade…*

  42. courtenay says:

    on this one, the caption forgot toe curls on sweetie back padsies….MAJOR “AWWWWWWWWWW” factor

  43. more orange kitty belly here:

    also, a few pics for that cuteoverlord site 🙂

  44. Kris, in New England says:

    This is a Rule of Cuteness all on its own – man is he gorgeous. WHAT is it about the Marmie Kitties. Friends have one named Raja and he does the same thing – most affectionate kittie EVER. And very diplomatic about it – if 2 people are sitting on opposite sides of their sofa, Raja will spread himself between the 2, with front paws on one, and back paws on another. LOVE the kitties!!!

  45. Oh, the seductive power of an oinge kittles. I want to keess the part on the belly where the fur changes directions.

  46. kariboo,

    love your flickr set. Oscar (great name) is a fine representative of the yeller/marmalade/pint lion tribe. the slurping and sunbeam pics are great!

    /don’t mean to diss Isis…is just that yeller kittehs, well, erm, they hold power over me.

  47. mariser: you’ve got a gorgeous orange, too! soo sweet! sooo full of ice cream 🙂 0>

  48. Kariboo,

    thanks a bunch! Steven Elizabeth is my pride and joy.

    yep! he luvs icecream. and yogurt. and smoothies. and strawberries. and lettuce. and raw asparagus. and cooked asparagus. and greens. and fortune cookies. and everything else…


  50. wow this website rocks