Hanging out in warm laundry

Amazing. Warm laundry looks purdy nice from here… Since we know from previous postings that all  Chihuahuas (er, French bulldogs) need partners, I think someone should climb in there with him…



Thanks to snuggly Steve A…



  1. AuntieMame says:

    It’s rainy and chilly here today, so I could just use some warm laundry to snuggle in. Scooch over, lil wah-wah, I’m divin’ in!

  2. Just make sure you hup on out of there before the ironing & folding starts, pooch-ling…

    (definitely a real wahwah this time)

  3. Whoa. I thought only cats did that.

  4. ‘Yeah, this is my favorite laundry. On Wednesdays, you get a free wah-wah in your wash. Color-coordinated, while supplies last.’

    Hey AuntieMame – it’s hot and evil here in L.A.; where you at?

  5. TheLuna says:

    Mmmm, warm fresh towels with a doggie inside. Scooch over, AM; it’s raining here too.

  6. V1ctorya says:

    wait – a non-paired chai? Where is the other one! It must be trapped amongst the towels and things! This Chi is an intrepid explorer searching for his Chi partner lost in the laundry.

    won’t someone help him find his partner? There can never be just one, it’s a cuteness impossibility!

  7. Jan Spencer says:


  8. One lone chi-pet wandering lost amongst the vast Strouds wasteland. What could be more terry-ble?

  9. TheLuna says:

    Perhaps he’s the Highlander of chis … there can be only one!

  10. Julie J says:

    pick me…PLEASE!!! I need a good Snorgle!!!!!!!

  11. Ohmygod-mygosh.
    A wahwah in the wash
    If I turns it on
    I’ll hear his song
    Woof arf arf then slosh.

  12. christina r says:

    so cute lol i hope noone accidently sits on him then there’d be a slush puppy in those towels

  13. I think the invite to snorgle is just a ruse to get your hiney!

  14. Bubbles says:

    Ha ha! This is so me! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I bury myself in the clean laundry, but who can resist that springtime-fresh softness?

  15. Tugg's Mom says:

    one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do….

  16. Two can be as lonely as one
    Depends if you’re out
    Before the spin cycle’s done…

  17. AuntieMame says:

    I’m in Denver, Colorado. Of course, the sun is breaking out now, but that’s Colorado weather for ya. I’m sure it’ll be hot and evil here soon enough…

  18. There once was a wa-wa who sat
    All over the laund-ery mat
    The towels did hold him
    And no one could scold him
    For the cuteness that covered his back

  19. Bubbles says:

    Hey, IdleRecep? Do you comment on Gallery of the Absurd?

  20. I’ll join snuggly buggly any time during a Minnesota winter. Not now though, when it’s a bizillion degrees.
    What a cuteum pie!!!

  21. Guilty as charged!

    [Hides behind the laundry pile.]

  22. Danielle says:

    that puppy looks EXACTLY like mine. as in, they must be siblings. she has the same ‘eyebrows’ and similar coloring. is there a way to find out where the puppy came from?!

  23. TheLuna says:

    Cutie-pup with a sword – too funny! Thanks, Theo! 🙂

  24. A Fine Morsel says:

    GASP! The face! I want to pounce on him as though he were my prey, then nawwmmm-nawwmm him until he squeals!

  25. I want that little creature IN MY LIFE.

  26. The eyes…the eyes

    O_o# they watch me at night

  27. Deana Rickard says:

    Such a cute little chi-chi!