Is Memorial Day weekend over already?

[Hesitant sniffing]




K. Akagami, I BOW in your direction. AGAIN.



  1. Svenster says:

    Couldn’t resist!

    I find Hammies cuter the more I look!

  2. Oi! The little schweetie. This makes being back at work more bearable–the little WHISKERS!

  3. Tony James says:


  4. Constance says:

    I’m so right there with you little buddy.

    *goes off to study for a test*

    Why can’t I just go to school for “cute” ?

  5. StormCat says:

    Hey, Poster #5 today!! Whoohhoooo!!

    I never realized these little critters had so many whiskers!!!! and look at those teeny feet!! Oh cuteness abounds!!

  6. YAY for most perfect captioning!

  7. awwww, why can’t i major in cute. my disertation could be on this guy!

  8. tm,

    you may be able to write your dissertation in cute… you’d have to translate it into academic jargon. I’d envision something like: “An Exploration of Thoughts and Feelings Arisen from Exposure to Juvenile Animals in Digital Formats”.

  9. …and throw in words like “Interdisciplinary” and “Paradigms.”

  10. Darn it, I NEED a hamster!

  11. Jan Spencer says:

    Such a cute button nose!! “snorgle”…I wufs this wittle guy!!

  12. screw premed, i need to talk to my advisor! i also need money to fund cute research…cause it would be for the good of humanity and all…..

  13. Speaking of cute research.. Is there energy involved? Because then I could use it in physics 🙂

    Joule per kitten?

  14. Trond Helge: indeed. If by “energy” you refer to the mental energy generated by the Cute that propels us through each and every day!

    That might be more a study for psychology than physics, though 😉

  15. Laurie C says:

    Do I hear a hesistant, small-voiced “bawoo?” along with the first photo? I think I do.

  16. Thinker — QUANTUM physics is where psychology & physics come together, eh? Where reality is in the eye of the beholder?

    Life is what you make it. And here’s *I* believe (once again):

  17. er… insert “what” between “here’s” and “I” there…

  18. ah. here I demur and admit my ignorance of all things that have the word “physics” in them…

  19. [starts humming some Olivia Newton-John]

  20. “Exploring the effect of limited attention processing capacity, using neurological testing of exposure to undersized animals during unrelated tasks.”

    Class. I’ll see if i can work that in as my next assignment shall i? 😛

  21. schweet puddin pie

  22. “Undoubtedly, there is a reason for cuteness, but who shall say that there is a purpose? The untrained eye at once picks out cuteness and identifies it as primarily belonging to living things, knowing which, we now pass to consideration of the uses to which it may be put, or its advantage to the organism…” [big yawn]

  23. Aww, perfect way to describe how I feel… Let’s extend the weekend another day for this little cutie.

  24. yeah pheral! just hope your prof doesn’t inquire about how you did the testing for that thesis 😉

  25. pheral, you know that show-and-tell would…nay, must…be a part of your presentation.

  26. Need more cute…. hardly back to work and already its heading down hill….. this cute little guy is helping but I need more cute soon!!!! …_ _ _…

  27. i can just imagine it. setting people paper-based tasks and then whipping out hamsters at random moments, and recording the speed with which they do the task compared to those with no hamster exposure.

    ‘course, will have to consider confounding variables such as length of hamster fur, content of cheek pouches, cuteness of posture at time of exposure… 😛

  28. You’d need a control group. Have some folks shuffling paper, then whip out flash cards of rocks and bananas and shoes.

  29. Lmao! aha, but no, that’s another condition. the control group is the group doing the tasks with no additional stimuli at all. But another condition is a must, i agree! Then we’d need preliminary experiments on measuring the cuteness factor of bananas, and shoes. Some people might find bananas cute, then we gots ourselves a confounding variable we need to remove.

    man, cute-ology would be the best ology ever.

  30. LOL I would not be happy if I happened to be in the preliminary group and expecting a hammy, I get a silly banana – unless that banana can sing the Bananaphone song!

  31. yes, then we’d be dealing with the effects of cute withdrawl for those participants that got the fruit instead of the hammy!! lol.

    i can feel ideas hatching, an experiment is forming in my head… i need more practise with statistics anyway, so i might go ahead and conduct the first cute-ologist experiment!

  32. I have an exam in thermodynamics on fridag, but I’m afraid the professor will not agree with me if I squeeze in a little cutephysics…

  33. That is the cutest quick release gel-cap I’ve ever seen.

  34. pistache268 says:

    Oh pink nose!!

  35. Does Akagami-san have the cutest hamsters in the Entire World, or is it just me? BTW I think the controlled productivity study is brilliant. I am convinced my office productivity would go up if I were regularly exposed to live hamsters during the day.

  36. When I grow up, I want to be K. Akagami.

  37. Theo wrote: “…and throw in words like “Interdisciplinary” and “Paradigms.”

    Don’t forget that every self-respecting dissertation title in humanities has to:

    1. Have a colon somewhere in the middle, and

    2. Consist of a run-on sentence about 3 to 4 lines long at the rate of 72 chars per line.

    Something like this:

    Interdisciplinary Paradigms: An Exploration of Thoughts and Feelings Arisen from Exposure to Juvenile Animals in Digital Formats and Its Effects on the Recent Feminist Interpretations of Post-Colonial Discourse.

  38. Replace “Colonial Discourse” with “Colonic Discharge,” present at any bio-med conference bankrolled by Big Pharma, and your grant’s as good as gift-wrapped. WITH stipend.

  39. brownamazon says:

    Honours Thesis–
    To Squee is Human: aspects of interconnectivity bridging anthropomorphic aesthetical fantasy and early 21st-century decline in free-trade zone labour productivity.

  40. ah-hah. brownamazon pegged it, IMO.

  41. or, to go with another literary reference: “To Squee or Not to Squee:” etc etc.

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Poor little bewildered, bewhiskered hammie… I’m with ya, dude.

  43. AuntieMame says:

    And every page must be *at least* half footnotes. It’s obligatory.

    CO could be your primary source.

    (I’m still trying to force myself to read my bro-in-law’s doctoral thesis, but every time I see all the footnotes, I start feeling faint…)

  44. Dustbunny says:

    Those disseration titles are nice and all, but what about those of us who ‘ve already graduated and are now corporate drones?? The search continues for a job that combines cute furry animals and eating lots of chocolate…

  45. Dustbunny says:

    Ehh…that should be “dissertation”. Disseration sounds like something unpleasant involving sharp implements.

    Bonus pic of the day – Duck Eats Alien:

  46. Dustbunny, the dream job does exist. Check out “Dream Office” in the CO glossary! (I don’t know how to link to it here…how does one do that?!)

  47. Dustbunny says:

    Jaypo — I read that, but I don’t recall any mention of chocolate in the job description (?)

  48. We DO need chocolate in the Dream Office…teho, are you listening?!

  49. AuntieMame says:

    The Dream Office should be *built* of chocolate.

  50. Brilliance. Just brilliance. Both the expressions and captions are perfect! ^_________^

  51. Footnotes are evil. My tutor counts footnotes in the wordcount, so they kinda hide down the bottom while you write, and then you find out at the end that you have ten bazillion words. 😦
    ::has traumatic flashbacks::

  52. *gleep!*


  53. *Footnotes in the wordcount*? wow.

  54. Yup, it’s a bastard, and in-text references too! I’ve almost started cutting out grammar completely in order to get to say what i need to in the word limit. 😛

  55. Phr – u cn js tk in txt n nyms n drv evr1 crzy 😉 s vy fun.

  56. lol!! i dnt thnk my tyootr wd aproov!

  57. Awww, look at his wittle nose :o)

  58. Holy crap!
    D-Bunny, Jaypo, AuntieM — check this out:

    It would appear that the CO Dream Office is available in THREE VARIETIES of chocolate.

  59. Dustbunny says:

    Yummm. I’ll take the dark chocolate, plus one hammie to go, please!

  60. christine says:

    Rule of Cuteness #21:
    Prolific, perky whiskers. This little ham wins on whisker-perk alone!