‘Double’ Snorgle CAUGHT ON FILM

Jorden C. proudly reports: "I went in for my dog-walking shift and saw these little dandelions in the nursery!" Soon after, the enormous, tightly-gripped double-snorgle was caught on film.


I love the "Whatevs!" look on the kitten’s faces while their ESSENCE IS ABSORBED!



  1. WEAHHHHHH!!!!!
    >> POIT < <

  2. rebekah says:

    Awesome! Mmmmmmmmm….

  3. those are the fluffiest kitties ive ever seen!

  4. constance says:

    …I am killed.

  5. Tabby heads… ocelot eyeliner… TEH FL00F…

  6. constance says:

    Hum, I think you have it backwards, their essence ismn’t being absorbed! They’ve sucked the lifeforce from that unsuspecting snorgeler…and now…now they are SUCKING THE ENERGY OUT OF THE CUTE OVERLOAD AUDIENCE! RUN!!!!! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CA*thud*

  7. You know, it really is hard not to torture cats when they are so damn cute when irritated. And scared. Those cute little eyes are just BEGGING us to hold them upside down and whuffle their tummies.

  8. oh, they are gorgeous!!!

  9. thehawke says:

    the grey is a spitting image of Sir Clark D Katt, who is now 11 years old. The king of our mighty household is Sir Lewis D Katt, Clarkie’s brother. He is a benevolent king.

  10. They would never get any exercise at my house. I would never put them down! Overwhelmed by the fluff!~

  11. Mind control…mind control…eyes boring into head, my mind…voices…ordering me…orders…must buy Fancy Feast…Fancy Feast…

    “You called me a scanner. What is that?”

    Freak of nature, born with a certain form of ESP; derangement of the synapses which we call telepathy.”


  13. Dude, those are some seriously large kittens. Maine Coons, maybe? Super adorable though.

  14. Paws the size of fuzzy canoe paddles…

  15. punkpie says:

    omg…. sooo much cuteness…. must snorgle!!!1

  16. I do believe those are the cutest kittens ever.

  17. ummmm, they look kinda pissed. But cute as hell though!

  18. Jay Fry says:

    They look like they’ve just been rudely awakened. Those ‘eye beams’ could kill ya.

  19. xiii.lucky says:

    these are some of the cuttest kitties ever!! their markings are absolutely beautiful!! and look at their pissy little faces haha, i just want to love them!

  20. I take that back. They’re looking particularly evil. I bet you they would ambush anyone walking through the house!

  21. …this is the first time I have *literally* been rendered utterly speechless and incapacitated by a picture on CO. It took me five minutes to recover…and I don’t dare look at it again. Why, WHY must the kittenless suffer?!

  22. They look like Siberians or Maine Coons. So cute!

    Siberians: http://siberiancat.com/kittens.html

  23. having worked in an animal shelter for 8 years, i can personally attest that *many* kitties wear that face frequently in shelters.

    you’d be cranky, too, if you were homeless, confined to a cage, surrounded by other cranky kitties in much the same situation, and feeling hopeless.

    i bet these little angels are secretly purring away, so grateful for the physical contact.

    the message from this post? drop those purebred fantasies, and go adopt a shelter pet, pronto! or, at least volunteer at your nearest shelter! :O)

  24. They look as if not only has the snorgling taken place ad nauseam, but the picture taking as well.
    “You gettin’ all this down in digital form, shutterbug? Cuz gawd knows it’s only the bajillionth time this morning someone’s crammed their eyelashes and nostrils full of our fluffitude.”
    {plotting destruction of the carbon-based bipeds}

  25. i have just had a very frustrating encounter with a boring highly un-cute ink ordering site. i am proud to say that these kitties cheered me up imensely. not only that they are WAY too cute for their own good, they look more miserable then i am!

  26. P.S. i agree with DLT…

    who needs shmancy purebreds when you can have adorable dumpster kitties from a shelter?

    my kitty was actually found in a dumpster… i bet she could beat any purebred siamese cat’s cuteness factor any day!

  27. We *WILL* be a kitty foster family. Oh yes indeed we will.

    Bounce & Spot have just had their update shots. I have the screen-door cutout & the secret closet litter-box door planned out in my stack of mental blueprints. The Home Depot and PetSmart shopping lists await my next paycheck.

  28. Oh, and our application is on file at the local Humane Society, so they do know we exist.

  29. Left Kitty:”Another snorgle sesseion?”

    Right Kitty:”Just bear it, when the time comes we will have our revenge.”

    Left Kitty:”Whatever….”

  30. I Want the Gray One.

    Where do these adorable floofballs of impossible cuddliness exist?

  31. Teughcats says:

    DLT – not all shelters are nasty like that. I volunteer at a great one where the kitties roam free and absorb love until they find the right owner and go to their forever homes.

    Theo – WTG on being a kitty foster! I currently have my 4th family, mom and 3 3-week-old babies, and it is great. Tell me about the secret closet litterbox door, though! Sounds useful.

  32. OMG, where are they?!?!?! I must have them!!! They look so much like my sweetie pie, Tora…she is a big furry-ball!!!

  33. OMG! I want to adopt them!

    Do you know where the shelter is located?

  34. Driver B says:

    Those kitties look deeleecious!

    I must echo the comments about wonderful shelter cats. I adopted an older, chubby kitty from the SF SPCA back in October, and now I volunteer there. Cats and kittens of all sizes, shapes, and colors are there waiting to be your friends! Volunteering at a shelter is a perfect way to get some weekly snorgling and help out some sweet animals, esp. if you are in a situation that doesn’t allow pets.

  35. Yes, due to Extreme Kitty Deprivation (EKD), I have come to the conclusion that I must visit the local shelter. ASAP.

  36. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Two for the precious of one!

  37. Kitties of the Damned!
    (theramin music) “Dry cat food? I think not.”

  38. 2cats — the secret door is actually only going to be a commercially-available kitty door that I’ll fit onto some bi-fold closet doors. But it’ll keep the litter box out of the general atmosphere, y’know. We’ve already got one on the door to the under-stairs storage space for our resident cats. Works well.

    The screened cut-out for the main door will be the clever bit, since that’ll be 100% home-made. Not totally sure how I’m going to do it yet, but it’ll be hinged & latch-able. The idea is to provide safe contact between the “home” and “away” teams, so to speak.

  39. Double-fisted snorgling! Kattitude! Love the white ighshadow and seductive ighliner.

  40. Theo, when the cats arrive, I demand photographs. Forthwith.

  41. There is no doubt in my mind, Theo, that your mission, since you have chosen to accept it, will be successful and acceptable to everyone concerned.

    And btw, those fistfuls of floofernutter up there are irresistable! I’m getting a new kitty in June and I can’t wait to visit my local shelters. Perfect kitty awaits me, even now!

  42. Tony James says:

    “The entity known as Jorden C has been assimilated and pwned. Resistance is useless. There is no Other, there is only the Schnorg.”

  43. Tony James says:

    Theo – once upon a time the pwnee known as Tony James was adopted by a teenie-tiny pwner known as Siouxsie Boots (on account of being marmalade with 4 white boots). The pwnee thought he was being really smart by getting one of those catflaps with a solenoid latch that could only be activated by a small magnet attached to the collar of aforementioned pwner. Pwner arrives, and is fitted with the magnet. Some nights later, the pwnee is awakened by anguished pwner yelling from the kitchen. Descended, expected the worst. Found pwner attached to the fridge by means of said magnet. She didn’t see the funny side.

  44. ohmigosh, Tony James, that just elicited the heartiest belly laugh I’ve had in a long time!! What a wonderful picture!!

  45. lmao, TJ!! :-p

  46. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Kitten’s thoughts:
    “Sheesh! How flippin’ many times a day will our cat naps be interupted just so these visitors can get their snorgle on! Yawn…”

  47. I’ll be going to sleep tonight with visions of a cat with a big-ass strong round magnet strapped to its back like a saddle, saddle-side sucked back up against the fridge, kitty legs flailing in the air, claws at the ready.

    Oh, and laughter fading away to deep sleep breaths.

  48. Thank you TonyJames! I haven’t laughed out loud in a very long time. The picture of a cat attached by magnet to the refrigerator… priceless.

    BTW, I’ve been lurking for a couple of months now and can no longer get through a day without CO and all your comments. Thanks.

  49. That’s the kind of look of resignation that kitties have when you put clothes on them… Heh.
    Fuzzy little cuties… 🙂

  50. Laurie C says:

    That woman is going to be picking cat hair out of her nose for hours after. What great cats.

    Have a good thought, y’all for the boxcar cat colony(ferals/strays) I’m sort of helping to look out for. They live under boxcars converted into a restaurant, and at least two of them are pregnant. I hope to maybe rescue the kittens in time and get them into a fostering situation with the local cat rescue group. I used to foster and loved it, but now have no room in my new place with my own three furballs. I recommend it highly, though.

  51. THEO: Congrats on your fostering the kitties! I adopted my two fur babies from the Dane County Humane Society in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1999. I went in for one, and walked out with two. 🙂 My one short hair, Tedi, picked me. I was looking at an orange long hair but he didn’t really want anything to do with me, so I sat down in this rocking chair, totally perplexed and looking at all the kitties in the room. All of a sudden, Tedi jumped on my lap and looked at me and went “meow?” And that was it. She didn’t tell me she had a sister that came with her. LOL Basically, when they were surrendered, the wishes of the people who had surrendered them was that they both be adopted together. They were 5 and 6 years old when I got them. Sassy and Tedi. Their names WERE Yeti and Smudgie…yeah, I changed them real quick, but to something that sounded like their original names. And I always wanted to have a Sassy after seeing Homeward Bound, the Movie. I love my fur babies I adopted.

  52. You folks with house bunnies (you know who you are) had better make sure that your rabbits like the cats you’re thinking of bringing home, or else the felines are gonna have a tough go of it!

    Back to the pic: So funny. They look *so* annoyed!

  53. awww a gold and silver pair… so cute

  54. I fostered a kitty in February for two weeks, a 14-yr old whose human mom had died. She had one of those funny box-y squarish looking old kitty bodies and was all white–except for a skinny, weeny little orange striped tail! I *loved* her and cried when she went to her new home. It was hard to say goodbye…:-(

  55. These kittens were at the NHSPCA in Stratham NH which is a GREAT shelter with an incredible staff. I volunteer as a dog walker but also foster kitties at home. Theo-you are in for a TREAT! I hope we’ll see lots & lots of pictures!

  56. de-lic-ious!!!!

    I want ’em. Where do I get ’em.

    Used to work at the ASPCA in NYC, which is how I ended up with 4 cats and a dog in a one bedroom apartment. 3 of my babies have since crossed over the rainbow bridge, and my last is a furry love bug. No more kittens for me until my old man (the kitty, I mean) is gone. I think it would be more than he could bear. The dog is enough of a cross for him.

    Wish I could have those two!

  57. I could never foster kitties–I’d end up keepiong them ALL.

    EC- My kitty Pascal jumps about 2 feet in the air when sniffed by my little bunny. :oD

  58. Yay to DLT for bringing up the shelter issue. Mad props to all the shelter workers and volunteers. You do amazing work giving pets love and finding them humans.

    Could you maybe put the location of the shelter where these kittens live in the title? Wouldn ‘t it be amazing if their exposure on cute overload found them homes?

    I firmly believe that animals find you. My Darryl-kitty was a stray. The second she saw me she jumped in my arms and we have been besties ever since. She’s a beautiful, shaggedy calico that is super-tiny with the most chill, loving, cuddly personality.

    Anyhoozle, love to all y’alll.

  59. I love it when you can see that two cats are obviously related. I also like how they each have matching arm bars.


  61. TOO much fur-covered love! I can’t take it! They are adorable…makes me want to go out and get another kitten but I already have 3 cats! Boo-hoo!

  62. TJ — oh man, that’s a hoot. I do know how cats can get themselves into things. The first night we brought Z home, she somehow wedged herself under the *stove* — and then, once she realized she was stuck, discovered she’d been an air-raid siren in a past life. That was a challenge. Anyway, this kitty door will be low-tech, no batteries, magnets or RFID. Just a flap to help the litter box keep to itself.

    Aubrey — of *course* there’ll be photos. For the time being, tho, all I’ve got are someone *else’s* photos; Carlisa’s been fostering too (and placing her wards at new homes). 😀 Here’s one of her recent furbs; little dewd’s probably already adopted tho…

    E.C. — Willow the Pillow is actually more of an indoor hutch rabbit. He only gets let out with supervision, because he WILL chew through any and all cords he finds, be they expensive computer cables, or plugged-in power cords, etc. Besides, we’re designating a “foster zone” where the visitors will be secure & comfortable, yet not isolated. When it seems like the populations are ready to mix, then we’ll do that in a controlled manner. We’ll be socializing them for adoption into new families, after all; it’s almost the whole point.

  63. ctaulbee says:

    LOL to Tony James! That was great, and I NEEDED it! We too got our dog from the SA, TX defense league. In 2 weeks , my older son will be old enough to volunteer with me:) What a treat! Also, our cat was a stray that the mother cat left on my porch. She hung around for 9 months getting one guaranteed meal a day, then one day the tom cats came ayowling. She got fixed the next day and has stayed “under the bed” ever since:)

  64. Meep!

    ….that is all.

  65. Lick My Pickles says:

    Those kitties know how cute they are look at those eyes lol

  66. Righty:”Well, what are we going to do tonight?”

    Lefty:”The same thing we do every night, TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

    Righty:”Oooh! That tickles!”



  68. Theo – sheesh, and here I thought you had all the electrical cords covered with non-chewable materials (like moi).

    Willow should be the boss of the cats, methinks.

  69. Theo:
    That photo. Gadzooks. If kittens realized the power they can wield, the human race would be doomed. But in a good way.

  70. lauowolf says:

    TJ. We have those magnet collars on our cats. No problems yet with the refrigerator (all our magnets are up high), but our boy cat (Motley) keeps coming home with little gravel bits, or bits of wire, or hair ties caught in his magnet.
    So we now groom him for burrs and metal bits daily. Who knew?
    Oh, and rescue cats rule.

  71. SF/SPCA is, BTW, an absolute must-visit for any dog or cat lover, if you’re ever in SF don’t miss it! Some of those cat condos are nicer than a lot of places humans live in there!

    All of my kitties are rescue cats, and if my landlord would let me have more than 3 I would foster too!

    My Pendo, I understand, was found in a Dumpster too, along with his litter mates. Poor thing, he was born with feline herpesvirus and had retinal damage to his right eye, and someone just threw him away, can you imagine? With that darling personality and addictively silky fur? Insanity.

    I’m told my Binkley was actually found in a soda machine in Phoenix when he was 1 month old. Someone was walking by and heard mewing, and sure enough, they opened up the machine and there he was! He must have crawled in there to cool off and couldn’t get out, the poor thing. He’s so huge now, it’s hard to imagine he was ever tiny enough to fit in there.

  72. FL00F Overload! And I’m not even a cat person… *grin*

  73. I lof their fl00fy chunky ‘arms’!

  74. Svenster says:

    “Look deep in our eyes!”
    *waves paw mysteriously*
    “We are not the kittens you’re looking for. You can go about our business. Move along.”

    At the shelter we had more or less decided on a cat, but had one last look at the others, and one licorice cat winked at us twice from inside his little house. (You couldn’t see anything but his glowing yellow eyes.) We decided on Snaffronbubbles right there and then. Shelters are the best.

  75. Aubrey, he’s the last one and Carlisa is hard put to let him go. I think he do got the power over her…

    Theo, a thought–when I had my bunny, I bought one of those brass “doggy fences” that are in 8 parts and foldable. I’d set up a playpen area for Patsy (the bun) with access to her cage, toys, food, water, the works. It kept her out of trouble, room to play and binky. I could climb in and play with her. It was great! (And I live in an 800 sqft condo.)

  76. dude, i wish you’d quit daying ‘poit’, it’s freaking me out!
    congrats on the kitties. 😀

  77. jorden: NO WAY!!!! That’s where I live!!! I’ve been planning on visiting the shelter for some time!!!!! Are those kitties still there?? I can’t believe it–hyperventilation–collapse–

  78. Does *poit* mean anything besides being a private *word* existing only in TO’s private universe?

    AT–I’m in Western Mass! All of NH seems far away to me.

  79. ::arranges A Thinker in recovery position::

    hee. that was fun.

    ::arranges A Thinker in a knot::


  80. You MUST go! Those kittens were adopted in under a nanosecond-but there are ALWAYS great animals. Say hi to the horses too!

  81. yes it does mean something, and i’m not explaining it here! use a dictionary. 😛

  82. jenni joon says:

    Fuzzlemuffins! Ohhhhh… I miss cuteoverload for three days and THIS is what I am greeted with! *blissful sigh* Nothing like starting my day with a cup’o’joe and my C.O.!!

  83. Tony James says:

    Is this a “muzzlepuff” moment?

  84. Pheral, Jaypo — “Poit” is not only a time-tested Pinky and the Brain word (actually just Pinky), it’s also one of the sounds my head commonly makes upon overload. Picture a floating soap bubble making contact with a kindergardner.

    I’m not so much a “squee” guy.

  85. okay, but you know what it actually refers to, right? right?

  86. looks like it might be colloquial. quite glad you didn’t know the meaning i’ve heard it used with anyway, lol!
    nevermind then, i’ll think of pinky&thebrain when i hear it.

  87. Aw c’mon Pheral… if you scroll down to like the fourth or fifth definition of pretty much *any* word in the Urban Dictionary, it’s bound to veer into the blue material.

  88. My husband and I fostered for about two years. I loved it but it did come with some negatives (not to be a downer, but if people are thinking about fostering, they should know). Three of our fosters died of various ailments, despite our best efforts. Plus, there’s the whole “getting attached” issue; I cried every time we found a home for them, even though the adopters were wonderful folks. We ended up adopting two of our fosters (we’re now up to seven(!) kitties). I had to give it up because it was tough on the ol’ heart. All that being said, it is a VERY worthwhile thing to do and I recommend it to everyone!

  89. *turning blue from being in a knot*

    jaypo: it *is* far. I’ve driven through western Mass on my way to points Westward several times, and it ain’t a short jaunt.

    jorden: I should have known 😦 oh well, it wouldn’t be good for me to see those kitties anyway, as I’m currently in a situation where I can’t adopt, and I am convinced that if I *had* seen them I would have walked out with one or both firmly attached to some article of my clothing. Meh.

    I will say hi to the horsies. I will hug the pony currently up for adoption.

  90. but i didn’t get that from the urban dictionary, i got it from just.. everywhere! i’ve never had to check it in a dictionary. hence why i say it must be coloquial.

    eep ::quickly unties A Thinker::

  91. *aaaaahhhhh*

  92. Oh! Are they beautiful or what! And eeeevil! Love the markings.

  93. lol!

  94. I am so with you, DLT. My kitty LucyFur is one of the most snorgle-able critters I’ve ever seen. She was born a stray, and I got her from a shelter, where she was begging me to pick her up and cuddle her.

  95. pendlerpiken says:

    they are definitely planning *world domination!* —but hey, i still lurrve’em 🙂

  96. I think Pheral & Thinker need to get a room. (The Historic Anderson House has plenty left, btw.)

  97. har, teho.

  98. ::snort:: 😛

    [sigh] …deny it if you must. I can’t force you to be happy.

  100. BTW, “LucyFur” is about the perfect-est name for a kitters. Laura clearly knows her feline personalities.

  101. i’m… i’m just not ready for this yet… A Thinker… it’s not you, it’s me…

    and other such cliches ad nauseum. 😛

  102. hang on a sec, also, i already became one with ariel didn’t i, so surely it would be cheating!

  103. Boy gets around. Whew.

  104. er, I’m hetero as they come, so sorry…

    I love you anyway, pheral!

  105. Now that you mention it, I have no idea who’s a boy & who’s a girl for most of the folks here. Some folks have said & some haven’t. Guess I’ve been assuming you’re a dude, Pheral; Thinker I assumed the other way.

    Ah well. Hardly ever matters anyway, in this context. Hey, how bout them KITTENS, eh??? I mean, stheriouthly!

  106. boy, eh teho? 😉

    A thinker, we could have a slow-mo ‘running towards each other through field’ moment now! Hooraaaay! I do, however, refuse to wear a floaty dress.

  107. (And yes, I do understand there’s at least 1 more layer of assumption there. Again I must direct your attention toward the magnificent floof above.)

  108. lots of peeps assume that about me, i have far too much fun tricking people. 😛

    definitely a girl. long blonde hair and all that. but not at all girly, nosiree. 😀

  109. mwaha, true. then… i refuse to be white and fluffy.

    oh, and btw, despite my sudden female-ness, i still wannabe a dude! my friends call me ‘dude’, and ‘mate’, and one of the ‘guys’, so no changes required there. there’s nothing like being referred to as camel-poo in the mornin’

  110. man, that sounded a bit like i was egging for a sex change. :s

  111. the fluffies don’t look happy….

  112. Aww I want them! They look like maine coons to me. Cos they look like Snickey my friends maine coon. They doo look a little bit pissed… oh well thats when kitties look their cutest!
    All of my kitties were strays, none are purebreeds… Including one dumpster kitty we thought was pregnant and brough home only to find out it was a very fat boy… He weighs 24 Lbs and is still active 🙂

  113. whoo. I’m not sure whether to weigh in on this, at all.

    I am a girl. Not girly. But straight 🙂

    “running towards each other through field” moment–LOL!!

  114. “there’s nothing like being referred to as camel-poo in the mornin'”


    …to each her own, I spose.

  115. charlie parsley says:

    well–I think these two cats are very cute..but I think they have one too many legs. Sree is the preferred number for kittens.

  116. LGG Alma says:

    wow! that person’s got kitties growing out of her face!! soooo sweet, though! the cat on the right looks like its ticked off with wotver’s to the right. and the grey one’s gonna pounce at the camera in a minute!

    ; – p

  117. once again MY COMPUTER MUST DIE. so to keep myself from killing it i came here. these kitties are my official DONT KILL YOU COMPUTER BECAUSE THEM HOW WILL YOU LOOK AT US ANYMORE image. i would vent about how stupid my computer is and such but it would bore you all to death so i’ll just shut up now

  118. I….want…….them………both…….
    They are the best kittens ever!!

  119. They look like Norwegian Forest Cats to me…it’s the thick fur and the tufts coming out of the prosh earses!!


  120. charlie parsley says:

    hello–i am charlie parsely. everyone here under the bridge knows me very well and I am a little flustered that…well, that doesn’t really matter because I get flustered at a lot of things.
    I just wanted ms cook to know that she might consider taking pictures of tiny animals with sree legs. she ovviously is a very good picture taker and sree is a magical number.
    xx cp

  121. “We are NOT pleased.”

  122. I’m sorry, but you two are the cutest siblings ever !

  123. “Now that you mention it, I have no idea who’s a boy & who’s a girl for most of the folks here… Guess I’ve been assuming you’re a dude…”

    Theo, I’m amazed at the link you missed, in Meg’s caption for Hamtrak ’06…

  124. These two babies grumpy little faces are too cute for words!! They just want to get back to napping! If I saw them in a shelter I would adopt them on the spot!

  125. Are these kittens available for adoption? Please let me know.

  126. The kittens are soooooooo cute! The are the cutest cats i’ve seen. They are so adorable.

  127. Poor babies, they were sleeping :p so cute though

  128. Coast — I can pretty much guarantee that these little epiphanies got adopted in a matter of days, if not hours, barring anything weird and freakish.

    I don’t know the specific organization they are/were at, of course. But kittens tend to get adopted really fast, just in general, compared to the adult cats; and *these* two kits are exceptionally cute.

    That said, there are probably lots of wonderful cats just waiting for homes at your local shelter or humane society. Check it out!

  129. Theo (& Coast)–they were at a humane society in New Hampshire right near meeeeeeee!!! but sadly they got adopted in “under a nanosecond”. See comments above.

  130. What beautiful babies! They look a lot like my Maine Coon, Marek, who is rather large now. He was only 4 pounds and scared to death when I grabbed him from a free kitten truck at Walmart and ran, almost in tears cuz he needed hugs. Now he’s the pampered prince and quite a fluffy punkin!

  131. vivamoxie says:

    fuff power!

  132. Looks more like a ‘I’ll kill you’ kind of face than a ‘whatever’ one XD