Must chihuahuas always be in pairs?

Is it just me, or do Chihuahuas travel in pairs? Check these little Dewds out, and
these guys and
these guys and even
these guys! oh, and don’t forget


Courtesy of Sharlene K.



  1. Meg, it’s you – you *like* wah-wahs that are in pairs. I know, ’cause I’ve sent you links to pics of solitary wah-wahs. 😉

  2. Awwww happy-face wah-wah and sad-face wah-wah! The faces of Comedy and Tragedy!

  3. 2 of hearts

  4. Oh oh oh (raising my hand) – is that Rule #5 with fisheye lens?

  5. Those are french bulldogs! Cute!

  6. Those aren’t chihuahuas are they? Baby somethings? They’re cute whatever they are!

  7. Yeah, bh, I do believe those are baby French bullies.

    So wrinkledy and cute! I could nibble those snouts all day.

  8. adorable! look at the smile on his/her face!!!

  9. I think Skwerly is right. At first I thought they were Boston Bull Terrier puppies, but they have no white in their coats, which I believe is a colour standard for BBTs…upon further investigation, I’m pretty sure they’re French bulldogs. 🙂

  10. Ergh…what I meant to say is the black one has no white…BBTs aren’t solid colours.

  11. ringtail says:

    yes, they are french bulldog puppies; probably 8-9 weeks old.

  12. yeah, agreed. Total squashed faces does not a chichi make.

  13. bellabell says:

    omg little cutes…….. awwwww

  14. oh so sweet i want the black please :)))

  15. Aren’t those French bulldogs?

  16. oops, everybody already figured that out. Guess I should read before I post!

  17. Cute babies!! But enquiring minds want to know, whats RUFUS up to this weekend???




  18. def. Frenchies! mais, oui!!!!

  19. The white one is all “HI! What’s your name?”

    The black one is all like “don’t look at me!”.

  20. “some assembly required”–on the right we have example 1, folded in half. On the left, we have example 2 erected.

  21. OMG i want to play with their feet so bad!

  22. It’s been said already by the folks above me, but yeah, check out that muzzle. No chewy wah-wah can look *that* happy.

    These pups also have a “Pinky and the Brain” vibe, don’t they? (Narf!)

  23. Yeah! Where’s ROOFIES???

  24. Living Beanie Babies.

    The black one is tugging at my heartstrings!

  25. Brain: “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    Pinky: “I think so, Brain, but why is my tongue so big and how can I lick my human friends to death?”

  26. elizabeth says:

    Um, chihuahuas? These look like Frenchies. So cute.

  27. Hey Bartender! Can you phone a cab for my friend? And afters, how about another Red Bulldog ‘n Stoli?

  28. 1. OMG, I did not know they were bulldogs! My bad, People!

    2. Thank you for enquiring about ROOFEES. Though it’s very difficult to catch a photo of him, Sparky has been dispatched to do so.

    For those who don’t know who ROOFEES is (a.k.a. Rufus) This is him:

  29. lorelei says:

    Whoa, head bigger than body!

  30. Michelle says:

    Their lil hind legs don’t fold up when they sit, they sorta just collapse like cheap card tables.

  31. The little black one looks like he/she is wearing a bikini bottom! Schnugie-woogie snurf snorgle! Gimme gimme!

  32. ohmygoodness. Those are the most redonkulously, absurdly, CUTE wah-wahs I’ve ever seen. SO, they can be cute and not just strange! huh.

  33. uh, oops. French bulldogs. So, what I said about wah-wahs…

  34. That is the cutest, happiest puppy I have ever seen. If I start to feel sad, I’ll just revisit this page to get a reminder of the happier things in life.

  35. Kris, in New England says:

    All I can think of is “Ren and Stimpy”. Happy happy, joy joy.

  36. pistache268 says:

    OMG French bulldogs!
    Rounded heads!

  37. So comical and cute! Awwww!

  38. or maybe Boston bull terriers?

  39. Jay Fry says:

    I’ll have one in each color, please.

  40. They look like Sifl and Olly.

  41. OMG! Yin and yang personified! Equally snorfable – can’t have just one! Thanks for the Cute Fix!

  42. CORRECTION – not personified, PUPPIFIED!!

  43. Denise in Nebraska says:

    What is going on with these little doggies’ legs?? They look like they are trying to assume the “lotus” position in Hatha Yoga! The white one is all like “here, do it this way”, to the black one. Ohmmmmmmm…..

  44. They’re definitely French Bulldogs. Nothing can be cuter than Frenchies at this age. I want to put both of them in my pocket and take them home…

  45. I *HEART* French Bulldogs!

  46. This pic really reminded me of me and my best friend. She’s the outgoing one that’s always grinning and I’m the shy one hiding. :o) Love it

  47. those aren’t chihuahuas.

  48. J’aime les chiots francais

  49. That tan dog has a freakishly large head!

  50. I thought a smile could only be so big.

  51. I think they’re pugs. Anyone?

  52. Pockafwye says:

    Nope, sorry Enia. Definitely French Bulldogs.

  53. OMG how cute!

  54. akirasato says:

    *Puppy* “WAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!”

  55. sup?

  56. Chi’s? They look like cutie little frenchie bulldog pups! They are so adorable! I can’t stand it!