We’re farked!

FarkWeirdThe cat box pic made the bigtime over at Fark.com…Why _do_ cats love boxes? What’s the deal with that? [Seinfeld voice] Merci, Drew Curtis, Merci. We’re big fans over here.

Check out the Fark thread.



  1. Congrats!

  2. Deana Rickard says:

    That one was sweet and OH-SO-TRUE..Deanabug =^.^=

  3. Deana Rickard says:

    The Kiddies looked as if they were getting ready for the ride of their lives! K? 1 2 3 GO!
    My cat is even laughing =^.^= MOL (meowing out loud!)

  4. i heart fark! congrats meg, you’re rubbin’ elbows with the big time, between /. and fark!

    fark we lurvs you!

  5. The Winners Archive has just been Digged…

    Have a feeling it will make the Homepage


  6. That is one LOOOOOONG thread full of boxed cats, over there. Plenty of new weirdness and old familiar faces.

  7. i can’t explain it…but i’ve recently moved, and all three of my cats have claimed their own box. they’ve even taken their toys into them, sleep in them…hide in them when readying to pounce…i suggested to my boyfriend that we not bother to unpack because ‘the kids’ seem to enjoy the boxes so much! it’s just another cat mystery.

  8. “Cat Box” The new Pet Rock?

  9. I have a theory about the cat box thing, if you don’t mind me getting all Darwin on you… I’ve noticed it isn’t just boxes they like, but defined spaces about their size. My cats always gravitate towards the piece of paper lying on the carpet or the placemat on the dinner table. (Ok, they get up there sometimes no matter how much you shoo them off!)

    I theorize that their little cat brains are wired to look for contrast on the ground, which back in the desert would mean a shady spot to sit in. Kitty who sits in the shade = kitty who stays cooler, saves energy, and can suddenly pounce on a gerbil from the shadows.

  10. interesting theory. you sure cats habitat is desert rather than, say forest?

  11. good theory. yes, some cats natural habitat (long long ago) is the desert. one of my cats is an egyptian mau — the original spotted desert cat, and thought to be the first domesticated breed. 🙂

  12. Side note — do we have multiple Michelles commenting now, too?

  13. Yay! Congrats.

  14. Much as I would like to take credit for the cat box poem, sadly, that was another Michelle… so yes, there are at least two of us here. (Hey More Talented Michelle, we should totally mess with their heads by dressing alike! Or something…)

  15. I think cats view an enclosed space as a safe and comfortable haven. We once had a family tabby – Juarez – who would always claim kitty rights to my typewriter case.

  16. I’m a Fark reader and C.O. watcher too. Glad to see two of my favorite sites get together!

    you got your C.O. in my Fark! You got your Fark in my C.O.!

  17. MMmmm, tastes great.

  18. Hello hello, im going verigo

  19. My cat seems to love having his tummy rubbed

  20. mr ching says:

    i have a chode

  21. losers…mr ching

  22. losers…mr ching

  23. Willy seems to be fine

  24. Mr Ching says:

    fagets fagets..I love to suk off boys

  25. mr ching says:

    i made babys with my baker

  26. mr ching says:

    im a hrony frisky tiger.
    hear me roar

  27. The Kiddies looked as if they were getting ready for the ride of their lives! K? 1 2 3 GO!
    My cat is even laughing =^.^= MOL (meowing out loud!)

  28. Cuteoverload Staff says:

    Please Stop using us as a chatroom, You have been warned.