Ever notice when bunnies and cats sit up they have instant "Pantaloons’?


Submitter Debbie C. wants to know if you have. Here’s her Photostream…



  1. miss_thing says:

    Oh my God, that is so fricking cute…very Beatrix Potter. Thank you, that is all.

  2. Fat little pants!

  3. Narcissus says:

    Pfft, my cat *always* has pantaloons because he’s so fluffy. But that bunny’s still mega cute.

  4. Wide cut AND Relaxed fit. Not too tight in the ‘bun’ either.

  5. My hubby and I call that pose “prairie dogging”. When one of our cats does it, it cracks us up because they look like little people. Oh, and I love Debbie C.’s skirt!

  6. Marianna says:

    That is pretty much the best thing ever.

  7. No, see, these make me look fat. Lemme try the other pair…

  8. Looks kinda like the bun’s posing all tough-like for a slouchy pants rapper video.

  9. chunkstyle says:

    Wow, Meg is living inside my cat-language head.
    [Read in the Style Lady’s voice from the old-school CNN]
    “Pantaloons are indeed worn by Lady Puffins of Floofiton on her estate. Her favorites are the ones she wears while standing at the back door gazing at the aviary.”

  10. If IKEA sold bunnies, this is what the catalogue would look like.

    Cutest. Bunny. Ever.

  11. Lapine version of the puppy-ism “Baroo??”

  12. Very cute!
    And nice skirt. Where did you get it from? Online-shop?

  13. Theo, would that be…”Bunroo?” 🙂

  14. One of my buns has a bit of a tutu going on when he lies down with his back legs out.
    He’s my tufty butt.

  15. “Well Debs, I do like the skirt, but I’m still not sure on the ‘no shoes thing’. I know it’s very boho, but I doubt Sara will understand. And to be honest, I’m not even sure why we’re going to her party. She always talks to me like I’m an infant or something, and don’t even get me started on her veggie trays. No carrots? Please.”

  16. “Thru the looking-glass… Alice finally catches up with the rabbit…and finds that the rabbit is very fashion concious!”

  17. OMG…what a cute pic! Mini-Harvey just waiting to take a stroll. 🙂

  18. Our sweet (and sorely missed) little bundle of fur, Toby, was so fluffy that we used to ask him how his golf game had been that day. He never answered, but I knew that, secretly, he was honouring the great Payne Stewart…Do I have to explain everything to you people?

  19. OMG!!!

  20. Mr. Herriman: “Oh very well, but you mustn’t forget your shoes, it adoption day after all.”

  21. Oh what cute marshmallow paws! Bunbun looking up at what Debs is possibly holding, “Do I have to wear *that* hat, Mommy?”

  22. I betcha Debbie C. was holding her camera in one hand an a slice of apple or banana in the other to get her bun to sit up like that, begging for a treat… 🙂

    ( )
    ” “

  23. It’s also nice to see a “copter ears” lop on C.O. …

  24. joodster says:

    This bunbun is da bomb!


  26. those are bunnaloons!

  27. eeee! i love it when bunnies sit up like that!!

  28. Oh, just go ahead and shot me! That is the cutest photo ever! So perfect that I thought it was Photoshopped at first. I need to snorgle that bunbun!!

  29. And after you shot me, then you can shoot me. 😉

  30. Heehee. Here’s another pic of her bunny :o) What a cutie!

    My bunny peed on my lap today. Not so cute. We’re not potty trained yet…

  31. Thanks so much for posting the picture Meg, it was a nice surprising seeing cakes the bunny on cutoverload !

    melanie – the skirt was a thrift store find

    e.collision – i was not holding a treat that time but i often do come in with one and i stand there teasing her with it so i guess she’s just trained to investigate whenever i walk into the room. classical conditioning!

  32. Heh… instead of Disapproving Rabbits, what we seem have here is the Bunny of Constructive Criticism.

  33. Hmm.. looks who wears the pants in this house 🙂

    That bun’s called Cakes, how much cuter can it get!

  34. Loooooooooove the bunny name “Cakes” and Marmot, “Bunnaloons” is fabulous!

  35. insanely adorable. I love the angled, looking at something else, expression.

  36. That Rab is making me weep!
    I LOVE him..please make him come and live in my house.

  37. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My poodle sits up like that sometimes, like when he’s at the top of the stairs looking out the front-door window. I call it the “meerkat” pose.

    I just love what the bunny’s ears are doing! *ker-flop*

  38. bunny lover says:

    That’s just what I come to this site for.. awwwwww!!

  39. Oh, for cute! *head explodes*

    (Can we get that bun on the next t-shirt? Please?)

  40. One of the sweetest bunny shots evar!!

    Jes, the link you included–pure muzzlepuff. The bunnaloon’s got super muzzlepuff.

  41. This is amazing! too cute 🙂

  42. This is a children’s book illustration if I ever saw one. I could write a book just around this photo!

  43. Pity that this one doesn’t have a poster-size blowup.

  44. Bunching of Bunnage.

  45. OMFG, that is too prosh. You know he’s looking in the mirror going, “Now THAT is one gorgeous bunbun!”

  46. pixie-stix says:

    Instant Pantaloons…I laughed out loud.

  47. Cakes! The bunny’s name is Cakes!

    Cakes with the ‘copter ears!

    I can’t stand it; that’s just TOO cute…

  48. The bun bun is tre’chic, but please mademoiselle, put some shoes or socks on.

  49. Kris, in New England says:

    Cakes – gotta love THAT name. Our beloved bun – Blossom (who crossed the rainbow bridge a long time ago) – turned pear-shaped whenever she sat up like that. Just the cutest thing evah!

  50. I dunno, 8950gt; I think the barefoot-ness completes the picture, with the wood floor, the family rabbit and the homespun needlepoint dress.

  51. yeah, gotta be bare feet, here.

  52. Theo apparently has never done any needling…er, I mean needlework. Embroidery, my friend, not needlepoint.

  53. Outed. Crap.

    (Actually I *can* sew, just not decoratively. I make a mean claw-resistant denim quilt.)

  54. A Fine Morsel says:

    This is one of the darlingest photos ever. Great job, guys!

  55. that image is one of the best ones i’ve seen on this here sweet site =D … will probably be my new wallpaper

  56. OMG!!!! Are we sure a little angel bun didn’t fall to earth… all Cakes needs is the wings….

  57. May I point out that this bunny is named Cakes.
    CAKES the bunny!
    Can we get a section for cute animal names going, cause Cakes the Bunny is the most anerable one eva!

  58. I think Bunny McInstapants here is potential T-shirt material. Wadda you lot think?

  59. Of all the awesomely cute bunny pix on C.O. I agree, this one would be great on a tee. The pose is priceless.

  60. M-
    Not even necessary. Wings would only be frosting…on the Cake.

  61. Cakes is a name with pure, unadulterated Bunnitude! I loooove eeet.

  62. bunnies says:

    oh i love cakes. i have a picture hanging on my computer of my bunners doing the exact same thing. though, mine looks more like she is wearing a little hula skirt.

    tooooooooooooo precious.

  63. “mine looks more like she is wearing a little hula skirt.”

    I don’t s’pose you could post a link to this, now could you? Please?!

    ( )
    ” “

  64. I don’t have a bunny, but my little black cat, Esmeralda Lucrezia McWeasel, hops up on the bathroom counter when I get home (so she can supervise how I wash my face) and I sometimes sit her up to get tummy-rubbing access. Her pantaloons look like a black velvet tutu.

  65. Kelsi Denham says:

    Bunny: I like that color on you. You look great!

  66. Your bunny is stunning!! I lost my little mate not long ago but your photos brought a smile to my face! He (or she) is lovely!!

  67. That bunny is the epitome of CUTE! It looks like it knows its a person, but with fur….care to take a walk, bunnykins?