The rug is getting pulled out from under us

This little dude is tipping us over with his CutePowers™. Much like this little guy, who had me STUNNED for hours, "Captain Jack", below, meets so many rules of Cuteness, I don’t even know where to start.


Thanks, CuteTracker!



  1. Flame73 says:

    I have never been so completely overcome by cuteness…this pup is taking over the world! Look deep into his eyes and see this message..”I own you”

  2. Awwwwww! Look at his little fuzzy ears!

  3. His fur looks soooo soft!!!

    Too dark to be a chow…hmmm…ok I give up. I can’t remember the name of the dog breed – what is this little guy?

  4. His fur looks soooo soft!!!

    Too dark to be a chow…hmmm…ok I give up. I can’t remember the name of the dog breed – what is this little guy?

  5. Michelle says:


  6. I’m guessing he’s a Pomeranian…?

  7. So there’s a dog under there somewhere?

  8. OH NO! The cutenes of the face, the tugging of the … shirt? So very cute!

  9. OH mah gaw.. tooo cute.

  10. Looks like a baby Pom to me. Could also be a sniffler-fox or ferret-chow hybrid. Must squeeeeeeeze!

  11. oh dear, oh dear, oh my goodness, what is it?!

    new levels of fuzzy cute.

  12. Laurie C says:

    I’m counting the small-ear-to-head-ratio and juicy eyes and nose Rules of Cuteness at least. We can’t see if he has a teeny tail. That would make three.

  13. meg, you should have tested us. you’re spoiling us. giving answers away. letting us look in the back of the book at the odd numbers! i feel you’ve let me off too easy and i just expect you to enumerate the cuteness rules. i need to be tested.

    and hey, you’re not angering the TPoMAs (tame people of middle america). i’m truly missing people ranting at your own personal, do-it-for-out-benefit blog because you used terms commonly found on TV.

    i think you need an “asps in ass cracks” section… for so many reasons. loving you in Brisbane!

  14. This little guy has no idea about the danger he’s in… He just might become squished during excessive smooching and Snorgling. How does his owner prevent this oh-so-obvious accident?!?

  15. 2; built-in 5 (just naturally fish-eye lens face, no?); 13; 15; 16 (8head)

  16. This reminds me of the yappy fuzzy thing from “The Dark Crystal”, only not so many teeth…but I don’t even care what it is, it’s so cute.
    It’s a tribble with eyes and ears!!!

  17. Brak_Silverbone says:

    It’s a mutant powder puff!!

  18. It’s DARLING! I can hear it’s little growly noises. “grrr, grrr, play play play, grrr. play, gr? grrr!”

  19. The Chompage Factor™ is off the scale here! (Not to mention BEF.)

    Must admit that I’m ready to snorgle at a moment’s notice. (Make of that what you will!)

  20. It’s PUFFY! 😀 Oh those teeny tiny ears! The LEAVES are bigger than his ears!

  21. The picture was loading slowly on my browser (crappy internet) so first I saw the super prosh ears and I started squealing in anticipation, then the puffy forehead eeeee!…then the beady eyes eeeeeee!… and finally the cute nose the shirt-tugging so now I’m totally DYING!!!

  22. ok semi-recovered *deep breath* – this pup makes me think of another cloth-item stealer! 😀

  23. thebewilderness says:

    it burns! it burns!

  24. SQUEEE!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    *is dead from the cute*

  25. Jan Spencer says:

    “mmmph…I mphhh..willmmph, winmmph thisphf! Thisphf…mmmpfffhh, will beee miinnneeemmmpppfff!!”

  26. Oliviaface says:

    Bonus points for any animal named after a Johnny Depp character.


  27. I actually screamed from cuteness when I saw this. You just want to pick up this little guy and hug him, and I am NOT a dog person! This is the cutest photo of a pup I have ever seen!

  28. B. Modern says:

    Captain Jack of all Cutes: he definitely deserves to be the photo example for Rule # 16 in The Rules…. and I am a CAT person!

  29. Hey, guys, the puppy pictures of the “Move over, Hamsters” dog nearly made me faint!

  30. ear:head! ear:head!

  31. Oh. My. Goodness.
    **flips over and passes out from cuteness**

  32. I had to comment. This puppy is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  33. Can we get this one as a desktop-sized pic?

  34. Can we get this one as a desktop-sized pic?

  35. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Jan Spencer:
    your post is great! So clever & funny 🙂
    Thanks for the chuckle fest!

  36. look at those eeearrs!

  37. oliviaface: johnny depp character? namelink for you.

  38. The biggest ball of fluff ever!!! SOOOOO cute!!1

  39. if it can be made to look like he’s pulling the shirt, this should be CuteOverload T#3 😀

  40. MLE: You mean FIZZGIG!!!
    Yes, looks like Fizzgig without the teeth! Too funny!

  41. Bunny, that is an awesome idea. Make it look like he’s tugging the bottom of the t-shirt up. Sooooo cuuuuute! What kind of breed is it???

  42. Saw the web app you made at Ning, pretty sweet, and cute!

  43. When dustbunnies attack.

  44. I guess this is OT, but how do you guys think the rules of cuteness (specifically the “a thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing” one) deal with the picture in this article?

  45. Espilonarge says:

    Suddenly this reminds me of Chesta from The Nanny. 😉

  46. Thanks Netherlanddwarf! 🙂 It just looks like he’s tugging and saying something at the same time, but of course, his mouth is full, and all that comes out is mmmpppfff! LOL 🙂

  47. He’s not a pomeranian, he’s a baby ewok!! 😉

  48. eeeks cute chick on the CNN page, Becca! That totally belongs on CO.

  49. Is this a DOG????? too cute for words.

  50. OMG I can’t believe it! this is my puppy 🙂 I’m 12 and Capt. Jack is my first dog! and I’m his fave in the family LOL! I can’t wait to tell him he is famous!
    btw he is a pom, and he is tugging on my babysitter Char’s skirt in the picture
    **sends Capt. Jack licks to everyone**
    ps my babysitter took this picture of him 🙂

  51. I felt so proud of Jack when I saw him on the internet! he’s so cute, he loves me best. Isn’t he the cutest darn thing? I’m 10 years old and that cute little thing lives in my house!!! he loves new people and would kiss all of you!!!

  52. Hey guys, look out. That thing could make you famous. He’s a star, and he KNOWS it!

  53. Yay! Captain Jack made it big!! If you check out my “URL”, there’s a Captain Jack photo album. The one called “Big Jack” is large enough for a desktop image.. It’s been mine for about a month! 😛

  54. Charlotte says:

    Ohhh, hehe.. I can actually enter the URL so you don’t think I’m trying to send you somewhere scary.. 😛

    Jack Photo Album:

    Oh.. My.. Gosh.. He really does look like Fizzgig! Hehee!

  55. OMG! We (his friends) are all just so proud of him! We always knew Capt. Jack had star-quality!

    We knew him when . . .


  57. Madi and friends – I cannot stop staring at the other pictures Captain Jack. He’s absolutely adorable – my brain is melting! 🙂

  58. Auntie Dawn says:

    Captain Jack, you’re the cutest!!!

    Auntie Dawn
    Cousin Missey

  59. Yum, yum, yum, little pom-pom pup. God, I want to eat him up!

  60. widdle mouf, itty bitty ears, teeny tiny juicy nose, and so much fluff that his widdle paws are invisible–that’s BEYOND the cuteness trifecta! Must…snorgle…now!!!!!

  61. Oh my gosh! That doggeh is the RULER OF CUTE-Y-NESS!!!

    It’s all like “Rawr I am theh blankeh pulling masterrrrrr!!!!!! Don’t mess with meh!!!!”

    I want one *Eyes grow big*
    Too cute ^ – ^
    Oh and any dog named after Jack Sparrow?
    Woah babi that is one shnazzeh pupppeh.