I know you *think* he looks harmless, but this lil’ Dude means business. Step off that last step and try to get past him, and he’ll rip your hiney clean off.


So, are you feelin’ lucky, Jen K.L.? Are ya?



  1. eek trembling in my shoes.

  2. Cute or Menacing?™

  3. *backing off slowly* nice pooch … niiiice doggy …

  4. Aw, what a cute widdel frowny face! Check the ominous brow wrinkage. He’s a teeny savage.

  5. What cute fuzzy ears, though! – I am compelled to pet…good pup, good pup…yeewouch!

  6. cutie!

    (ooooh, numero six! ;P)

  7. Michelle says:

    “I thought you said your dog did not bite!”

    “That’s not my dog.”

  8. Ooh, PH33R the wrath of the French bulldog! Seriously, those things do not comprehend that they are small. I went to a dog show and witnessed a Frenchie confronting a Great Dane the size of a small horse.

    “You want a piece of me, longlegs?” shouted the Frenchie. “Come on. I’ll take you on! Oh, yeah, walk away. Walk away on those long legs!”

    “D00d!” said the Dane. “Someone needs to cut down on his caffeine.”

    I agreed with the Dane, but you’ve got to admire the attitude.

  9. My daughter owned a Frenchie, and although aggressive and playful with dogs, they are such sweeties with people! They never bite, and are the Ultimate Definition of the word snorgle…if you have ever been lucky enough to be snorgled by one you will never forget. And that’s actually his pitiful face, as if he’s saying “do we have to go in now? I want to play some more.”

  10. Tiny animals trying to look fierce is *nearly* always cute. …unless of course they try to make good on that glower. Such was an erm adorable Chihuahua that tried to feast on my ankles.

  11. oh no! hes gonna get us!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hee. My (substantially larger) dog does that face. I call it the “Mom, you’ve got to be kidding me” look, since she normally does it when I’m trying to convince her to do something she has aboslutely no interest in. I’m very sad though, I’ve been carrying my camera while walking her trying to get her “Look at my sexy belly! you must snorgle me now!” face, and today I just missed it. Instead I got a “Bwhahahahahaha! My Belly will eat your soul!!!! picture.”

  13. Hello Everybody,
    can anybody tell me how i can out a cutetracker on myspace.com?

  14. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Since it appears he’s resting his chin on that stepr, he doesn’t seem to be TOO serious about the tearing off of faces. What a sweetie! *earruffle*

  15. Actually, he looks rather sad to me. And what a schweet little wuppy face!

  16. Flame73 says:

    Awesome squishy face..makes Me want to smooth out all the wrinkles!

  17. StormCat says:

    I do wuvs this little face, but you have to admit that nothing beats these widdle things when they smile!!! I wuvs their smiles…

  18. haha, why does the dog say negro?

  19. hah — that is very fierce. I bet I can win him over with some bacon tho.

  20. Mike (VC) — the dog doesn’t. What page are *you* reading?

  21. AuntieMame says:

    He’ll bite your hiney? More like your ankle. If he can reach that high. And if he hasn’t worn his teeth to nubbins by chawing on the concrete. Heh! Cutie.

  22. SNORGLE!!!

    Michelle, you’re my hero. First, the amazing poem with the cat boxes, and today you quote The Pink Panther. I’m not worthy.

  23. This baby is adorable, menacing look or not. I just want to pat his little head!

  24. ”Eef you try to pet mee, I weel byte your hand off, Beecause I AM a gret BIG dog. Grargh.”

    Says the wee french bulldog!

  25. “Galgh” maybe?

    He looks a bit like Jean Gabin:

    (as Inspector Maigret)

    (Young Gabin: http://www.tacto.jp/frepo/j_j%20gabin-integrale.jpg)

  26. twentythreecakes says:

    Oh no!!! He’s suffering from Heavy Head Syndrome!!! His little head gets so heavy that he must rest his schnozzle on the nearest, most convenient object! My doggie suffers from this as well. It’s so very sad.

  27. it IS heavy head syndrome! I recognized it right away, both my frenchies do it! They get lazy and just rest their heads on anything nearby. Absolutely adorable!