"Bebe" the Pom and "Chanel" the Cocker Spaniel share a nice moment outside with the flowers. At first, they’re all smiles, and then…




In other news, here is the same "Bebe" pup getting a custom bath. Ahhhhhn. Wet pawsitude.


Mani Pedi-licious, Yulia K.!



  1. puppy bath time!

  2. ahwn, puppy-sitting.

  3. Not my scene. The dogs are diggin’ it tho.

  4. OMG the bath picture!
    the belly!

  5. mariser says:


    MUST you come in, complain, and ruin it for the rest of us? if you can say something nice, go to another thread, mister! 😉

  6. Mariser — but… but I wasn’t… ah fergit it

    instead i needs
    must cry “attack”
    due to this stoat
    jammed up my crack…

  7. Well, I think this is too sweet for words, ‘specially the little pinky tum on Bebe.

  8. Aw, it’s a puppy-hug.

  9. Did anyone else notice the letters on Chanel’s collar? I bet you a dollar that it says “Chanel”

  10. Tisha, looks like the HAN of the name…! good eyes.

  11. mariser says:


    ya know I was jus’ kidding, right? go dry out those tears and come back and play.
    and no, no proposals to you. and not just because votre schmoop is watching…

    btw, have you heard of this place?

    I have it on good sources that it is THE place for a 2nd honeymoon.

  12. TheLuna says:

    Must … rub … puppeh … belly …

  13. Mariser — yeah I saw the winkie smiley.

    OATE, I’ve heard of haunted houses, but is it possible for house to haunt? ‘Cause there’s this one that seems to be following me around, and what’s more, it appears to be a *cat*house.

  14. LOL! A haunt-*ing* house.

  15. T,

    there is only one way to exorcise the cat-house haunting:

    1. take out your credit card and a calendar
    2. pick up a phone
    3. dial 651-565-2500
    …the rest of the steps will be revealed at that time.

    no,no, there is no need to thank me. however, when you get there, you *could* say hello to Aloysius for me: from the pics, he is my fave…

  16. me too, mariser!

    such a royal boy.

  17. Forgot to mention in my last post how much I LOVE solid black cocker spaniels. Ours was named Sherman and he was a sweet baby.

  18. not sure i’d swoon if my schmoop took me to a “cat-house” for a romantic getaway.

  19. Does anyway else think that chair looks like a toilet seat? No? Just me? Sorry then. I’ll be quiet.


  20. If only I had Chanel’s long Cocker Spaniel eyelashes!

  21. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love the little paw on the human hand, and the slightly worried look!

  22. A Fine Morsel: hahaha!

    It is probably just me but there is something obscene about the human foot under the puppy in the bath… :-0

  23. Fleabag, it is not just you…I just didn’t want to follow my toilet comment with that. Where IS my mind!

  24. aw that is too cute! I just wonder how the owner ever got the second picture taken except with an extreme zoom. My dog would get too curious about the camera to snooze!

  25. EL – hehe, mind like a sewer… but the chair DOES look like a toilet. (The kind of toilet someone like Elizabeth Taylor might have installed in the 80s)

  26. Dear God – Sir, I have been observing the cocker spaniel’s collar, and contrary to previous findings and captions, I seem to make out ‘HAM’- not ‘HAN’!. Could this animal be the latest inductee into the monstrous hamster battalion? Does this creature so boldly wear its loyalty for all to see – ah, the boldness of them, sargeant, the audacity! Have they crossed the borders of species, culture AND good taste? Is he embracing this poms body while absorbing its soul? How could they have come so far so soon? Sir, our men can only do so much!
    Has the world gone mad?

    And did I just read that Theo lives in a cathouse?

  27. OMG – did anyone else notice Chanel’s eye lashes?!? what cuties!!!

  28. Aubrey — I’m being haunted by a large B&B full of cats. But, close enough.

  29. Ah – I see. But, Theo, is that necessarly a bad thing?

    Just remember not to go into the light.

  30. Aloyous (or however it’s spelled) is very handsome, what an expression: “Excuse me…?!”

    Room 19. The Cat Room. Choose one to have with you for the night.

  31. Annie- I agree with you on the lashes on Chanel, just a beautiful dog!

  32. The cot for ‘Goblin’ the cat seems to be empty. Gone for its nightly visit to Theo’s abode?

  33. Actually it turns out that not *all* of the rooms are cats-allowed. They have antique furniture in some of them, like the whirlpool suites. Life is full of little compromises.

    There’ll be a write-up, naturally.

  34. YAY!!!

  35. So they have antique whirlpools? Theo, will your write-up have pictures?

    I like shiny things, and also pretty pictures.

  36. We’ll be bringing the camera, yes, but as this will be an anniversarial outing, I was kinda hesitant to open that door.

    The photos will be of the cats, the accomodations, the hosts, the setting, and very probably the food.

  37. Yes, was thinking that, Teho…

  38. Hey, it’s your anniversary – as much as we’d enjoy the pics, the focus of the trip should be on the two of you, not pics for CO addi… I mean us. By the way, what number will this anniversary be?

  39. Heck, I dunno. Third? Tenth?

  40. Heheheh Theo – you’d better start planning for more than a weekend now!

  41. How did they get them to blink in unison? Now that’s training. Too cute!

  42. Picture 3- Put on some clothes

  43. Yulia, I wanna be your dog.

  44. what kind of dog is the black one??? loooks similar to my mix.

  45. what kind of dog is the black one??? loooks similar to my mix.

  46. the doggies r getting it on!! that is inappropriate