Ferret Pretzel Central!

Someone is trying to nap and someone is outta there! It’s Ferret Pretzel Central, with your hosts Lupin (LOO-PIN) and Jigen (GEE-JIN). Obvy, Lupin is going to roll in salt to complete his ferret pretzel duties.


You’re right, Trish C., not enough ferrets on the site.




  2. T!!!

  3. on a Blue [Something] of Fabulousness.

  4. An Afferret To Remember.

    Upturned and backwards paw action!

  5. This photo is making me dizzy! Confuuuused about where the ferrets’ heads are…

  6. Ow! I need to see my chiropracter, now.

  7. After staring for a long time – aaah I see! I think… ouch.

  8. Actually, it’s pronounced…

    Lupin: Loo-pahn
    Jigen: Jee-gehn

    It’s from the Anime “Lupin the 3rd” (which is really great btw!)

  9. The Guy Over There says:

    Hey, where’s Goemon?

  10. Ferrets have long, tubular, twisty bodies especially so they can twist into the most redonkulous patterns and still stay intact.

    And I was watching them at the pet store the other day. They HOP. In a very silly way.

  11. hey is that ferret scratching himself? lol if he is! hes got fleas

  12. Jay Fry says:

    This pretzel is almost good enough to eat (not that I would)…

  13. Very cute! I’m always amazed at how flexible ferrets can be!

  14. /sigh

    Okay, I’m home sick and have now had more phone calls from work than I would ever get in personal calls on any other day. How “ferr”et is that?

    (sorry, didn’t have anything much to say about the ferrets but wanted to whine)

    They are cute though!

  15. Truly, not enough pictures of these dudes. Meg, we humbly request that you ferret out some more.

    And I can hear some requests coming my way, but I must respectfully decline, as I’m afraid that they would hurt quite alot.

  16. Holy Kittens! In the middle of the pretzel is a nose!

  17. Hey CuteOttersDotCom – I clicked on your name and I LOVE your blog! Yay for another place to look at cute animals!

  18. Squeee I’m dying of utter otter cuteness!!! And back to ferrets – squeeee!!!

  19. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally just put a “semi-stealth” link to CuteOtters.com in the CO Glossary entry for “Otters.” Yeeeeee!!!


  20. Otters and ferrets
    How to Choose?
    One floats
    One’s twisted
    When they snooze!

  21. Laurie C says:

    Are these little guys a fretzel?

  22. oh man, that otter site is KILLER!

  23. LOL Aubrey –
    How to choose, indeed?! Treats to them I must feed!

  24. Is that a kitteh being squished in the middle of the ferret pile?

  25. jaypo – I think that’s the head of the other ferret… not sure…

  26. Um…I’m…um…are there…how many…is that…um…owwwie?
    Please tell me no ferrets were injured in the making of this post. Cuz, that looks pretty painful.

  27. what the deuce?
    i guess ferrets do alot of yoga….

  28. Wheeeeee! Yes, they are from Lupin the 3rd… mssing from the snuggliness is Fujiko. When we add to the business (that is what a group of ferrets is called) we plan on continuing with the theme. And yes, that is a nose, Jigen’s, to be exact.

  29. Thank goodnes Fujiko isn’t there or this might be ferret pron. O.o

  30. Lu~~~pin!

  31. I know there are a lot of ferret fans out there – I’m not one of them, but I’m more than glad to see other animals representin’ here.

    Equal time for the “weird” ones, puh-leeze…

  32. yay, more ferrets!

  33. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Ferret hops are known among ferret people as the ‘weasel war dance.’ It’s the ferret equivalent of a dog’s play bow. It means they are excited and want to play. My ferret The Cheat goes wild with his war dance, bonking into walls and making his little excited ferret chuckle noise. It’s awesome.