Cat Box

Says Padraic C.: "My parents were taking out some recyclables, when a few old cardboard boxes fell off the stack. By the time they got back from the end of the driveway, they saw this"


OMG, are you for Reals, Padraic?!?



  1. Tiffany says:

    Adorable!!! 🙂

  2. ailurophile says:

    I love it! My Bubba likes to be driven (pushed) around in his box…

  3. ailurophile says:

    but only if you make motor sounds (brrrrrrm, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm)

  4. They look like they are getting ready for a kitty soap box derby or are in airplanes, getting ready to taxi down the runway.

    I love it!


    “Delivering ‘Little Bundles of Love’, in a box, directly to your door.


  6. Cats are weird.

  7. I love this kind of soap box derby – challanging the skills of the drivers by covering both the asphalt and dirt tracks.

  8. That is so hilarious and SWEET!!!!!

  9. Cats-n-Cardboard. Never fails.

  10. That has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen since the dog stuffed into the cat’s basket


  11. eeeeeeee!!! 😀

  12. Gillian says:


    I love kitties!!!

  13. Isn’t there some law of physics that states that all boxes contain cats?

  14. Haha, they’re all looking different directions kind of mysteriously — it’s like they’re posing for an album cover photo.

  15. Siirenias — well, you know, if you have a bunch of closed boxes, you can’t confidently deny that each and every one could have a cat in it 😉

  16. OMFG


  17. Michelle says:

    Padriac’s Parents had recycle paper –
    A stack that resembled a smallish skyscraper.
    The recycle truck was soon to arrive,
    So they wrangled the stack to the end of the drive.

    Padriac’s Pop hollered “Bend at the knees!”,
    As the mountain of boxes swayed in the breeze.
    Once they got started they couldn’t well stop,
    And the boxes on top were now starting to drop!

    It’s a good thing Padraic had trained all the cats
    From very small kittens to quickly react,
    In case of a breeze-triggered paper stack sway
    To prevent the dropped boxes from blowing away!


  18. Soooo cute! I love cats in boxes. My roommate’s cat once disappeared into one of my cardboard file boxes and tried to play peek-a-boo with me through the handle hole!

  19. For some it isn’t Christmas they look forward to, but the day after Christmas – here we see the Von Pelts enjoying their yearly Boxing Day tradition, taking part in their annual corrugated festivities.

  20. Shannon says:

    Michelle, that is the best poem since Dr. Seuss. How did I ever consider my life complete before cute overload????

  21. It’s weird ‘cos it doesn’t look like they’re doing anything other than just sitting around and chillin’ in the boxes. Which, I suppose, is a sensible enough thing to do, but it does look a bit funny. Such is the feline nature.

  22. Oh my god, thats great. My cat would be right there with ’em.

  23. *Jaw drops at Michelle’s poem*

  24. strange* Cats are weird!!! Ya gotta love em.

  25. I wonder if anyone else thinks this pic is very surreal?

  26. It is kinda surreal… I did a search on “cats” and “surreal”:
    I hope I don’t have any giant cat dreams, unless they’re benevolent. 🙂 Time to go honk-shu!

  27. I love this photo so much !!! Perhaps it’s got to do with their curiosity and their territorial nature, so each one got one box of their own. So cute.

  28. that is hilarious!

  29. i wonder how long it took for a car to round the corner.

  30. When my mom and her husband are getting ready for a trip, and they have their mid-pack suitcases open on the bedroom floor, Tommy the Cat has to go and sit in each on for a little while.

    I think it’s some kind of cat law…

  31. Welcome to Cat in the Box
    Dander-Free Food, Fast!
    Home of the Famous Fluffburger
    Drive-Thru Now Open!

  32. Ohhhhh, isha koot kittehs… them are soooo koot oh mah gah.

    …Yes. This is so cute. Cats + boxes = happiness.

  33. lmao, that’s fantastic! i’d be so be there too, fighting over one of the boxes. there’s a massive printer box in our office right now, and the temptation to crawl in and snuffle around a bit is irressistable.

  34. scubaPSU says:

    Eat your heart out, Erwin Schroedinger!

  35. Villeline says:

    Fantastic shot! Absolutely catastic, actually.

    And hooray, indeed! Michelle, that’s the best poem ever!

  36. hilarious! 😀

  37. I thought about Schrodinger, too, scubaPSU.

    Here’s an interactive version of the quantum puzzle.

  38. Svenster says:

    Will you snorgle it here or would you like a box with that kitteh?

    It seems like the kitteh delivery truck dropped a few boxes when they passed that bump.

  39. Just wanted to inform you, that Cute Overload was mentioned mentioned in a Finnish newspaper V.

  40. Svenster says:

    Cats just lurves them boxes!
    Go on, spoil YOUR cat today.

  41. DavidBoBavid says:

    hahaha. that’s so hilarious!

    i can only imagine how weird and goofy that must have been to come back to for them.

  42. Lillith says:

    Kittehs do just love boxes, but lets not forget their great fondness for shopping bags and drawers! I can almost here them saying “I’ve got dibs!” as they each claim a box.

  43. *shakes head*
    *looks at the screen*
    *shakes head again*

    human goes “baroo?”

  44. very David Lynch-esque
    great pic!

  45. Unbelievable… what instinctiveness to sit there in those RING RING…. er…. boxes and think it’s a place to BANANAPHONE…. oh…..OH THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL, I CAN’T GET THAT DUMB SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. MEG…. YOU’VE POISONED ME!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  46. “I think it’s some kind of cat law…”

    I put forth the theory that the Position of Cats at any given time is what controls the force of gravity, the speed of light, laws of quantum mechanics and, of course, Murphy’s Law. This is why you may observe a cat wake suddenly from a nap in one room and race frantically into another, only to plop down and commence yet another nap. They KNOW where they need to be to keep all the particles in the Universe spinning as they should.


  47. What you are looking at is the patented No-Fail Cat Trap. Have wild cats that you are attempting to lure and capture? Fear no more. Simply place the No-Fail Cat Trap in strategic locations near their habitat, and presto! the cats cannot resist its lure. You will catch them every time. We guarantee it or your money back!

    The No-Fail Cat Trap relies on the myterious allure of the Boxed Cardboard construction to the feline.

  48. On second thought, the other question is–dundundundun–

    *How* many cats do Padraic’s family have?

    What number of cardboard boxes could have been dropped and still filled by cats?

    The mystery continues…

  49. Finn,

    did you do this? it is the most absofreakinglutely ‘shop I’ve seen in CO. I luvs it! do you mind if I grab it for my wallpaper rotation?

    btw, the title rocks…[daydreams], if only Dali had been a cat person…

  50. LMAO I so believe this- my cat climbs into any box he sees…even if it’s way too small for him. But how did THREE end up there? Are they the owners cats? or strays?

    This picture is a CLASSIC!!!

  51. He was a cat person, he just loved them in a different way…

    …like throwing them in the air and soaking them with water… so… perhaps not.

  52. Siirenias, yes, that would be Copley’s Law of Boxes: Boxes contain cats.

    That is awesome. That is so awesome. That is an awesome thing of awesomeness.

  53. that blows my mind! neighborhood cats must have heard the rustle of cardboard and come peeping from the bushes until the foolish humans lost their hold on the preshuss boxes, and all leapt for one as soon as they turned their backs!
    btw, comments in this thread are freakin AWESOME

  54. finn, that is one Awesome and Amazing ‘shopjob.

    I congratulate you.

  55. and this is for real??? very freaky…..

  56. Becca nailed it – it looks like a faux-artistic cover for some altera-band’s album. I propose a contest to come up with the name of the band and album. Here’s my entry:

    Tabbybox, by the Fuzzbuckets.

  57. Jan Spencer says:

    J BO, my cat does the same thing, HAS to sit ON or IN the suitcase…for some reason, it’s like a magnet and steel. Their little radar goes off and they “must sit in suitcase!”

  58. DavidBoBavid says:

    I wish this picture was big enough that I could use it as a wallpaper.

    it’s fantastic! i can’t stop coming back to look at it.

  59. omgzzzzzzzzz at michelle’s poem! omg omg omg

  60. jenni joon says:

    I want to know what they are thinking! Like, did they just suddenly look around at each other and think “Hmm.. are we on candid camera..????” or something! Hilarious. Whoever says cats don’t have personalities..? They are crazy!!

  61. Bless you, Padriac and your magical cats.

    This, to me, is perhaps CO’s Magnum Opus thus far.

    Michelle – That poem wasn’t too shabby either! ;o)

  62. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Stick a person sitting in a box in there and it would be a Pink Floyd cover.
    Michelle – fantabulous poem and Finn – magnifikis ‘shop. CO attracts the most talented of peepols. (myself not included lest that sounds big headed:))

  63. manxcat luvr says:

    My favorite childhood book:
    “My cat likes to hide in Boxes”
    The cat from Spain flies an airplane, but my cat likes to hide in boxes.
    The cat from France likes to Sing and dance, but my cat likes to hide in boxes.
    etc., etc.

  64. Would you want them to sit on the ground? How undignfied!

  65. Re: Cats in shopping bags.

    So, there was this brown paper gift-type bag with rope handles that ended up on its side on our kitchen floor. Kitty, of course, decided it was the best thing ever. She kept jumping in, and out, and in, and out. We sat at our kitchen table, just laughing and watching. A couple of times it looked like she almost got her head through one of the handles. We laughed and said that would be so funny.

    Sure enough, on one of her jumps out of the bag, her head when through the handle so that the bag was caught around her neck. She, of course, freaked out. She tore through the kitchen, feet scrambling on the tile floor. It was pretty funny, until… the greyhound AlinaBeans saw this paper bag flying across the kitchen floor and, not realizing it was Kitty-powered, started chasing it. Things stopped being funny, as we yelled at the dog to stop. Kitty made it under the bed safe and sound, and poor Beans got really confused and sad as to why she was yelled at like that.

    After everyone calmed down and the bag was removed from the still-freaked-out Kitty, it got funny again and we laughed until we cried. The End.

  66. Beauregard says:

    Michelle, that was phenominal!!! You should write children’s lit! This entry and all its comments really started my friday off great. Thanks everyone. These little dudes are so cute.

  67. Are they poopin’? I think they’re poopin’!

    They must’ve been waiting in line a long time and then the Kitty-gods above blessed each and every one of them with their own box to poopin’.

    Michelle, I LOVE the Seusesque poem!

  68. Becca — they do indeed. New Mew2 album?

    Michelle — *you* get a Yay! That was fantastic.

    Alice — I wish I’d done that giant office-cat pic. Sending link to Schmoop now…

    …and w00t!!! Sexy Chicken and Wolf-Spawn return, back on another surreal beachscape holiday (stretching the 3-day weekend into 4)!
    [incites the troops to chant] Finn! Finn! Finn! Finn!

  69. Laurie C says:

    AlinaBeans, once I came home from work and found one of my cats had got its head through the handle of a shopping bag I’d left out for them to play with. He looked so forlorn, hadn’t been able to play properly all day. Now I cut the handles before I give them bags and we’re all happy.

    I am too awed by all the amazing posts above (Michelle, finn, etc) to attempt anything creative beyond offering a name for the cat band: The Fuzzbots.

  70. Ha, ha,finn!! Great image.

  71. Very eerie. Twilight zone stuff.

  72. agent_phosgene says:

    How to catch a cat:
    1) Place a box in driveway.
    2) Wait.

  73. mariser says:

    band name:
    Aslan Lion and the Fuzzypaws

    album name:
    Sitting on a Box on the Drive

    [after “Sitting on a Dock on the Bay”, of course]

  74. This begs the philosophical question, if a cardboard box falls on the ground and there are no cats around to fill it, is it really empty?

  75. I know I watch wayyy too much TV, but those do the cats poses in this picture remind anyone else of the album cover in South Park where Cartman, Butters, and Token became a Christian rock band? (I think the name was something like “God+1”) .

    that is my favorite episode evar because of this exchange:

    Cartman: Token, go to your house’s basement and bring back the bass guitar.
    Token: I don’t have a bass guitar.
    Cartman: Yes you do, you are black!
    [Token returns with bass guitar]
    Token: damn you Cartman!
    Cartman: OK. Token, give me a bass beat
    Token: I don’t know how to play a bass guitar.
    Cartman: Yes you do, you are black!
    {Token begins strumming a blues beat]
    Token: damn you Cartman!

  76. Cindy — I think physics is just as likely as philosophy to answer this question.

  77. XDD aww! Cute! My kitty loves boxes, he tried sleeping in a box that he could hardly sit in once, he managed to fit in. I guess they like the security. ^_^

  78. sybaris says:


    Yeah.. I thought that too.—Album_Cover.jpg

    (paraphrased for language, so I don’t get yelled at) 😉

    Cartman: Token, look away to the right. More. More!

    Token: Why would I be looking way over there??

    Cartman: So it looks like you’re too cool to care that you’re on an album cover

  79. AlinaBeans–I take it your greyhound does coursing? Kitten-powered course!

    And that picture is purely hilarious. Who knows what lurks in the minds of cats?

  80. sybaris,

    thanks. glad to hear I’m not the only one that tought of South Park…

  81. “In its first days, the Boxer Rebellion was rather a confused effort…”

    And yes, EC – very surreal.

  82. Bubbles says:

    Okay, that’s IT!!! I am leaving an empty box on my front porch tonight and by tomorrow morning I’ll have a kitty of my very own! You might think I’m joking, but no- I’ll really do it. Wish me luck.

  83. since we are talking about poetry, relativity, and cats, I heard this on npr once:

  84. They’re at their posts on high alert. God, I love it.


  85. very exciting expt Bubbles! keep us posted!

  86. Hil. Larry. Us.

    “Yeah, I’m in a box. So?”

    “So I’m also in a box, wanna make a thing?”

    “Those two weren’t enough, you gotta looka me too?”


  87. Awesome.

  88. The Guy Over There says:

    “Hey guys, I saw this in a Garfield comic! Let’s go to Abu Dahbi!”

  89. It looks like someone got cats from

  90. Actually, they look kind of like cat secret agents.

    “Hey, uh, nobody look–pretend you don’t notice. Look natural. We’ll keep these rogue boxes subdued till backup arrives…”

  91. Three kitties together
    On their commute
    They don’t use petrol, they’re powered by cute
    Sparks don’t blow
    Fenders don’t dent
    When they’re safe in their boxes, these kits are content!

  92. Ooh, good one Mariser!

  93. TheLuna says:

    This made me think of that South Park episode too (but kitties always make me think of Cartman – “no, kitteh, these are my cheesy poofs!”)

  94. Michelle is a genius. Oh, to have it on video. How long did the cats all sit there while moms & pops laughed themselves silly, then went to get the camera?

  95. rainbow says:

    yes i also thought of the pink floyd “umma gumma” album.

    actually i believe my 2 kitty boys send me telepathic messages for me to go shopping so i can bring home fresh new shopping bags and shoe boxes.

  96. lauowolf says:

    So, uh, if they put down more boxes, there would be more cats?

  97. chunkstyle says:

    I see a brillant stop-motion movie in the making here…

  98. displayname says:

    Michelle – awesome poem.

    Many people don’t realize that paper and cardboard absorb certain wavelengths of sound. When in, near, or on such items, kitties get much better reception from the home planet. (Whiskers, you know).

  99. Screamer says:

    That is sort of surreal actually, I mean, 3 kitties in 3 boxes, and it looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere. Almost like those kitties came from outer space just to watch humans from their boxes

    Also I love the poems from Michelle & Aubrey, Hooray! indeed

  100. Screamer says:

    That is sort of surreal actually, I mean, 3 kitties in 3 boxes, and it looks like they’re in the middle of nowhere. Almost like those kitties came from outer space just to watch humans from their boxes

    Also I love the poems from Michelle & Aubrey, Hooray! indeed


  102. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My cat Sheba loves to sit in boxes. My cat Moxie will do it too, but he always looks like he’s thinking, “… I just don’t understand what you see in this.”

  103. Huh. If you leave boxes, they will come.

  104. Emily Anne says:

    Can we get a “Cats in Boxes” category up in here? Too cute!

  105. I love everything about this picture. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. It is truly surreal though!

    Michelle, the poem was cute and finn, I almost died laughing at the persistence of cats in boxes. Fantastic. I never look at the comments- glad I did this time.

  106. There’s whole worlds in here, Jaymoh. Welcome. 😉
    Any relation to Jaypo, btw?

  107. trumpet_geek says:

    Yeah I believe it my cats are always trying to cram themselves into cardboard boxes.

  108. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    All your boxes are belong to us! 🙂

  109. Sweet Tibbie Dunbar says:

    “Take me home
    country roads,
    to the box
    where I belong.
    West Virginia,
    Boxed-up kitties . . .

    Yee haw!!

  110. hilarious!

  111. Hey, can we have a cat in a box on the next T-shirt?

  112. Caitlin says:

    Duh! It’s a well known law of physics that cats are inexorably attracted to empty boxes.

    On a similar note, has anyone noticed the US Mail tray phenomenon? Having done a few mass mailings, I notice that my cats absolutely MUST either chew on or sit in the trays (whether they’re full or not. Actually, especially if they’re full.)

  113. BeccaL Darn you, Schrodenger! *shakes fist*

  114. Becca: Darn you, Schrodenger! *shakes fist*

  115. Theo, no relation to Jaypo, as far as I know. 🙂

  116. That’s hillarious!!! I just love it!!

  117. I just keep coming back to this picture. It’s such sublime perfection.

  118. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Cat litter…Cat loiter! 🙂

  119. I love the pic, although there’s something weird in it. I just can’t find out what creeps me out, but ther’s something goosebumpy about that picture!

    OH, and nice kittys!

  120. Chelsey says:

    Someone needs to put a motion blur on that picture.

  121. Jesusio says:

    Cats use boxes to ‘recharge’

    When you sleep they walk upright and sometimes contact the mothership.

  122. Jack Schitt says:

    Welcome, you’ve been mentioned on and that is why your server is having conniptions.

    check out the comments there

  123. okay guys, you have to check out the pics on the fark site link above – too many cute ones for words!!!

  124. Catrish says:

    All your box are ours!

  125. What IS it with cats and boxes?

  126. It’s because cats are from outer space. Their spaceships look just like an open box. So they think if they get in the box they will get a ride back home. Simple!

  127. thetango says:

    Great. Now cats are employing boxes in their evil plans to take over the world…

  128. I know my cat loves cardboard because her stratching post is made out of cardboard, and we cover that in catnip sometimes, so for her, cardboard=catnip.

  129. Belhade says:

    I have a cat named Socks who loves to sit in boxes.

    Hence, Socks-in-a-Box!

  130. “these stupid cats are sitting in the boxes because cats SH_T in boxes.” —–> not necessarily.
    my ex-gf’s father used to go shopping and bring back big cardboard boxes full of food and stuff. as soon as the boxes were empty, they were promptly (in a matter of seconds) invaded by the family cat, who wanted to hide and sleep in them. cats are really fond of cardboard boxes.
    furthermore, it would be surprising to find 3 cats (a very individualistic animal, remember) feeling the urge to unload at the same time in the same place, not like girls who always go to the bathroom together ^^

  131. I can’t have a cat. My dog HATES cats. After this, now I realllllly want a cat. I have a lot of boxes laying around. Catless boxes 😦

  132. Caitlin says:

    Just visited the link… priceless! You know, I wish I had a time-lapse photograph of what happens when I set an empty laundry basket on the floor…

  133. purplepansy says:

    I agree Caitlin!…and the receptacle doesnt even have to be empty for felis funnicute to occupy the space!

    My 3 dont even care if it is cardboard! could be a bucket or plastic storage bin…….if there is a place to be cute….they snuggle in.

    Here’s to the cat lovers of the world…and all you who will soon be possessed…just set out a box…..and they will come.

    come kitty far
    come kitty wide
    come to this box
    feel comfy, don’t hide.

    come little kitty
    come big and bitty
    come to our hearts
    theres much room inside.

    come for the comforts
    come for the toys
    come and be happy
    come be our joys.

  134. CAtliker says:

    I’ve never read such a long list of mindless comments. Not one even slighty sheds a sliver of light on why cats like boxes.

    You are all useless.

  135. CATliker,

    “You are all useless”

    …and we wouldn’t have it ANY other way. that’s why we come here. our usefulness, of which there is much, is out there, in our real lives.

  136. I just love the fact they’re sitting there, looking around, saying “yes? And? You got a problem with this??” while the human is desperately trying to control the giggling long enough to take the photo …

    That cat expression of “I don’t understand your reaction there” is one of my faves … reduces me to a helpless chortling mess every time :). Like they don’t KNOW how cute they’re being …

  137. Yay for uselessness! Yay for silly speculation about why cats sit in boxes! Yay for distraction from real life by Teh Qute!

  138. CATliker — how very sad, for you. Ah well.

    I had me a cat, or two or three
    I dropped me a box where each could see
    My cats went hop, skip, jump,
    And sat there purrfectly.

  139. i have a jack-in-the-box

  140. calitex says:

    Our cat does this too. Weird. We like to say that she’s the captain of her own ship. Looks like they’ve got a whole fleet there.

  141. OMG!!! This made me think of my cat Ska (we had two others named Jazz and Rasta dad’s really into music Lol) who, it never would fail if there was a box in the house, jump in and use her back leg to make ‘music’. Ratta ratta tat!

  142. Jason Emery says:

    For some reason, this reminded me of the Mexican standoff @ the end of “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” (as if anything on this site could be ugly)…

  143. Jennifer Koper says:

    Yuppers. My cats each have their own shoe box — the kind that has a connected fold over top. The boxes have been sitting in the hall for years. Every day, my cats will sit in them. Especially if people are running around — they feel safe. And look so darn cute!

  144. “Isn’t there some law of physics that states that all boxes contain cats?”

    Cat nature abhors a box vacuum.

  145. There’s something seriously ‘Far Side’ about this. Or maybe ‘Dilbert’? The associations are spinning me round right round.

  146. I put the link in URL, but here it is again; This is Our web site where you can see the comingsand goings of our 8 cats 24/7.

    This is a cute site thanks for letting us post!

    Scott & Virginia