The Hamtrak ’06

This is not happening, People! Please take a look at these anerable hamster teams, lining up to race at the HamTrak ’06. There’s one called "Rocket Rodent" which is the best name. You can see the movie here if you don’t live in the UK.



At least their wearing protective gear, right Pheral?



  1. “Hamsterminator” is DEFINITELY the best.

  2. 2nd post!

  3. whutever, man, “hot rodent” is gonna SCRABBLE him!

  4. Huh. My guy changes to “Surfster” when you click on him. Is that in the rules?

  5. disqualified for a double-entry switcheroo! i call foul!

  6. The NHRA – National Hamster Racing Association. The pink team I’m sure has adopted its color with Snirley Muldowney’s (whose story was so movingly portrayed in “Hamster Like A Wheel”)blessing.

  7. Laurie C says:

    Theo, it means he has a secret identity.

  8. [confusedly imagines secret-agent hamster playing Scrabble on a dirt track]

  9. uh, wtf?

    I hope they don’t crash.

  10. “scrabble” is the hamster equivalent of “stomp”

  11. at the end of the race, the rest of the field will be eating Hillbilly Hamster’s dust.

    we KNOW how to race, y’all.

  12. martha in mobile says:

    what mariser said…we been runnin’ moonshine since before y’all were in pullups.

  13. poor cap’n hamster just doesn’t have the star quality i guess

  14. amen, Martha in Mobile,

    can I get a YEEEHAW!?

    see also: Dukes of Hazard.

  15. Is “Hot Rodent” a “girl,” perhaps, with all that pink and purple? 😉

  16. mwahaha, yay! don’t you just think they should have little cardboard boxes on the track, and starsky & hutch music as they plough through them? fantastic.

    i just came back from X3 (so AMAZING) and am all happified to see this before i go to bed. 😀

  17. LOL that is cuteness at its “coolest”!

  18. Rootin’ for HotRodent – what a cute face.

  19. oooh I just thought of Lucy (of Hamster Tracker
    She totally needs one of these helmets!

  20. This look very similar to the people who did the work for the Fatboy Slim video. Is it the same people?

  21. alice, Lucy leaves them all in the dust, fer shure. The Speed Kween.

  22. hehe jaypo – she probably would! I think Theo needs to ‘shopp her a helmet! Theo?

  23. Okay call me a geek (I currently work in advertsing so I HAD to notice) but I f***ing LOVE the sponsors on the bottom of the page! Hamoline (Valvoline) Hamco (Texaco), etc. that is FABULOUS!!!! I adore the attention to the details!!!

    If I have to go for a racer though… its the Overtaker all the way baby!!!

  24. This is great! My hamster was just in a “hamster ball derby” at a local pet store and won! I have some video on my blog.

  25. aw, yay for your hamster jodi! the third video is real sweet. 😀

  26. Apostrophe patrol says:

    “At least THEY’RE wearing protective gear…”


  27. Heh, not only do us hillbillies know how to drive fast, we know how to build fast VEE-hee-culs.

    I sat behind a guy named Cole and across from Carl in ECON in high school. And I’d tell them what noises my ’73 chevy pick up was making, and they’d tell me what my dad needed to fix. What was fixin’ ta go wrong, if you will. 😛

  28. Totally frustrating. Don’t have cable, don’t live in the UK, HAVE stupid MS Windows media player but the movie craps out before I even get to see the hamsters.