mmmmm Delicious steeeeeeeeak

Mojo: [licking chops] Oh no she di-int!
Mojo’s Mom: I did. Happy Birthday, Kid!
Mojo: You’re gonna have to help me with that steak.


Dellea P., you outdid yourself!



  1. Meg, when are you going to start a “happy birthday” category”?

    this is the 3rd or 4th entry, I think. also, only dogs have been featured. we want equal opportunity celebrations!

    luvs the licking chops.

  2. Och, that makes me hungry!

  3. Mom, just say *when*!!

  4. If that little bitty doggie eats all that food, that’ll be one sick puppy!

  5. it has a helium aluminium balloon and i dont. 😦

  6. Jan Spencer says:

    Wow, a feast fit for a KING! Dang, hope I have that good of a birthday in July…dang…So cool they do this for their pup.

  7. I think the little poopsie only has eyes for the steak, Wendy!

  8. Yup, I think pretty soon “Animal Birthdays” or just plain “Animal Celebrations” is going to have to be a category.

    And I wonder what they used for the writing on the steak?

  9. EC,

    I bow to your google-fu. yet more of a reason to have a category, ne c’est pas?

    and btw, Butters the bunny highly disapproves of birthday parties…

  10. Laurie C says:

    I’d like to help Mojo’s mom eat the cookies and the cake slice. Nice to see the celebration includes people food, too.

  11. Mariser, soooo true and sooo true to form.

  12. oops,

    Butters also disapproves of New Year celebrations…

  13. I hope those are puppy safe carob bits on the cake & covering the cookies, that amount of chocolate can kill a pruppy that little in size.

    What did they write on that steak with? That is brilliant! Powdered cheese, maybe, powdered milk? Protein & dairy!

  14. I don’t think she REALLY fed all of that stuff to the puppy. I think it would asplode! :[

    But… man. Lucky pup! I don’t even get that much food on my birthday. 😛

  15. moptopmoUse says:

    Decadent.. period.

  16. [whips out magnifying glass]
    [scrutinizes suspicious white powder on meat-slab]
    [concludes it’s likely *not* onion-based]

    Whew, that’s a relief.

  17. BTW… Mojo has to be one extremely well-behaved micro-dog, to be that excited about all those goodies, yet restrain himself long enough to sit still for the photo. Kudos.

  18. Yeah, Teho, check out the ears, the ruff, the paw *inching* toward the table, in utter Preparedness to Pounce. A very well behaved little booboo.

  19. [breathes on mag glass, wipes on shirt]
    Oh I *saw* the ears. Yes. I saw.

  20. Looks like he’s already hit the little cakes. Observe, the one on the left has no candle, it’s half gone, and there are crumbs both on the plate and the couch. I think the clincher is the “Holy cow, I just had cake!” look on his face.

  21. mariser says:

    does anyone else thinks like Mojo looks remarkably like Macro the kitten in the first of his mug shots?

  22. I like the rainbow cookies on the plate on the left. I’m going to have to figure out how to make a batch of those. Probably some kind of sugar-cookie dough with food coloring you refrigerate and slice up? Very pretty.

    That is one well-behaved dog.

  23. And is that a crumb on his chest fur?

  24. Debbie — you’re right, good eye! (Stupid magnifying glass…)

    Mariser — ahem. Yer dangerously close to dissin’ tha tiger tabs, girl.
    [tail fluffs up]

  25. so sorry. would not care to incur in the wrath of our majestic pint lions. please do not advise the authorities and allow me to rephrase:

    does anyone else thinks like Mojo’s EXPRESSION looks remarkably like that of Macro the MAJESTIC AND MOST WONDERFUL PINT LION IN PROGRESS in the first of his mug shots?

    luckily (some) pint lions have a weakness for ice cream and can so be appeased (click on my name to see)

  26. uh, this reminds me of the dog my grandma made diabetic. she spoiled him way too much. but it’s SO hard with a face THAT cute!

  27. Villeline says:


    I think Meg needs a vacation!

  28. Mariser — OK, that’s better. Much. 😉

  29. that was close!

  30. Macro had Mojo for lunch.

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Yikes! I couldn’t eat that much food, and I probably outweigh the dog by 130 pounds…

    And yes, that is a crumb of blue on the pooch’s tummy.

    (Maybe the white stuff on the steak is his medicine or vitamins, and they’re trying to trick him into eating it!)

  32. Laurie C says:

    jaypo, perhaps that’s why Macro was getting mug shots.

  33. Is the balloon attached to the steak? What are those star things with candles in them? I don’t envy Mojo his steak, but that slice of cake sure looks good!

  34. Papillons are so prosh!

  35. eeeeeeeee!! Laurie C, I bet you’re right! The look on Macro’s face is pure “deelish!” Naughty, naughty, Macro, leave the Papillons alone!

  36. Or is he maybe a long-haired wahwah?

  37. Bubbles says:

    Cute checkerboard cookies! Someone spent a lot o’ time in the kitchen for this party.

  38. Not a papillon, certainly. (Ears not large enough and too much fur elsewhere.) This is either a teeny Pomeranian or, more likely, a long-haired Chi. But let’s keep that under wraps and maybe the wahwah haters will keep their yaps shut for a change…

  39. MOptopmouse says:

    I dunno, for some reason this pic looks depressing – heavy and oppressive.. there is nothing cute about it, maybe only the dog and caption that would be enough but when I see all that junk in the front all I can think is that this is ugly..

  40. Wolf Plushtoy says:

    Your Dog Wants Steak. has known this for years.

  41. If that fluff-dog eats all those goodies, he’ll feel more than his Mojo rising.

  42. the boxer says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s not cute. That’s disgusting. I don’t even eat, much less get, that much food on my birthday. Yes, Dellea P, you outdid yourself…in disgusting the rest of us with this display of excessivity. This ain’t love, this is obsession.

  43. Hey The Boxer.
    It’s a birthday party. I think we can assume that more people and/or animals will be present shortly.

    And footnote? You don’t speak for “the rest of us.”

  44. Bubbles says:

    Someone tried to feed me on my last birthday and that was SO WRONG! …but there was no one to defend me so I had to eat the dinner and cake. If only I had a picture of it to show the judge I would sue.

  45. mopTOPmouSe says:

    ‘More people and animals will be present shortly’ THATS EVEN WORSE it is a dog not a child.. also read that article about FAT PETS ‘loving your animal to death’..

  46. moptopmOUSE says:

    good thing you put the curly paws pic up cuz I hated this one

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I’m inclined to suspect that most of the “guests” at the dog’s birthday party will be of the human variety, so we can all relax. Of course this dog isn’t going to eat all that crap. Relax, people.

  48. EEE! Is it me, or do the star-shaped cakes spell out Mojo, with the M being partly eaten? I was always taught that if your dog is an accessory or toy or anything BUT a part of the family, *that’s* when you have issues. Pets are people of a different sort, and any excuse to get family and friends of all species together is a good one. Life is too short.

  49. i like a good ass-cake on my birthday.

  50. omg,


  51. TheLuna says:

    Hooray for dog birthday parties! We humans certainly use lesser excuses to celebrate.

    I hope all the neighborhood pups are gathered ’round, just waiting for a shot at those cookies (which, by the way, look like the ones you find in gourmet pet stores that are made especially for the doggies!).

  52. “Butters also disapproves of New Year celebrations…”

    Maybe, but I’m sure Butters pounced on the strawberry and ate it all up as soon as the picture-taking session was over…!

  53. See, here’s what bothers *me* about this photo:

  54. All the stuff in this picture (with the exception of the steak, which I’m thinking is there probably just for the aroma it will provide) looks like the pet-safe stuff you can get at a doggy bakery. And obviously, the owners didn’t let the dog eat this much food. It looks to me like they just had a lot of fun and maybe went a bit overboard.

    I’m usually with the folks that are worried about the pet, but any owner that went to this much trouble to get puppy-safe goodies is probably taking better care of the dog than most people take of their children.

    I’m sure the “puppy safe” cookies are just like doggy biscuits that can be stored and given to the pup for the next several weeks.

    Let’s all just sit back and love the cute!

  55. MopToPMOUse says:

    did I hear LET THEM EAT CAKE

  56. mariser says:


    “I’m sure Butters pounced on the strawberry…”

    I’m sure you are right. I concede to your greater knowledge as caretaker-of-one-they-call-bun
    as opposed to my bunless self.

  57. “my bunless self”


  58. [snicker]


    sorry (?) were we arguing?

  59. MoPTOPMOUSe says:

    perhaps if someone sent a pet birthday party pic from Tokyo or Paris I would go easier on this one.. this picture may not be real at all.. I do remember Shonen Jump had a comic with apets party and the I liked the one panel ‘PARFAIT FRESH FRUITS FOR MR IGUANA..

  60. MopTop?
    Please stop.

  61. MOPTOPMOUSE says:

    Theo, YOU can stop..I can see you’re trying to be the DARLING of C.O. and you are low enough to cut down others with differing ideas and opinions.. to lay it on the line you are jealous of me and you should be.. find another victim cause’ it ain’t gonna be me.. now on to some new cute and forget you!

  62. Uh… huh.
    OK, go right on ahead, then.

  63. moptopmousE says:


  64. I feel oddly flattered.

  65. moptopmouse says:

    you should be flattered..but this is no fun anymore I will going now and unsubscribe – I will miss this site.. best wishes to everyone, yerpal moptopmouse

  66. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Crikey – was that really real? Please tell me that wasn’t really a stroppy flounce-off. I could almost see the hair flick and nose in the air from here.

  67. Eye bee sew confooooooozed now…

  68. Baroo? (to comment thread)

  69. Should someone be offering the Finger of Peace?

  70. TwoShedsJackson says:

    arbed – there, there – it’s ok now(makes comforting patting motions on arbed’s shoulder)

  71. moptopmouse1 says:

    Tell it to the Queen of Cute Overload 2 sheds

  72. moptopmouse1 says:

    Queen of C.O. Miss T that is

  73. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Blimey – the scary mouse is back – take cover – paws over heads!!
    I take it the flounce was jokey then moptop.

  74. /comforts herself with chocolate-covered almonds

    oh, and the shoulder patting motion thingy worked too – sanks!

  75. TwoShedsJackson says:

    you’re welcome arbed- it’s 1am here – I’m off to bed – night night

  76. Moptopmouse &moptopmouse1 says:

    go sit on a pilchard salad 2 sheds, ‘LUV’ the unscary mice mtm,mtm1

  77. This is just too weird.

    OK, MTM/MTM1/DizzyKids/etc. — it sounds like you’re trying really hard to be offended by me. Somehow. I think. And maybe also by 2SJ and whomever else (a pilchard what?).

    If you go back up the comment list and read, again, all I said to you was “MopTop? Please stop” because you really were starting to embarrass yourself, rattling on about how birthday parties for dogs are bad.

    If I wanted to tear you a new arse-hole, that’s not the way I’d go about it. Let me make this clear: I WAS NOT, AND AM NOT, ATTACKING YOU. I seem to remember from some of your earlier comments that the “MopTopMouse” ID doesn’t actually belong to a single person, but rather a dad and a couple of kids, so I wouldn’t go and totally unload on you anyway.

    I may not understand a lot of what your comments mean, but I don’t take you for a troll. OK?

  78. *whoosh*


    will be all ok again in the morn-ing?

  79. God, I hope so, thinker. I feel like I just opened the wrong door. Gunna go read another thread now . . .

  80. OMG!

    Darling Theo and Darling Moptopmouse, let’s not fiiiight. Get Bananular, and you’ll feel better!


  81. But… but I’m *not* fighting…

  82. You’re right.

  83. (all quiet on the birthday front?)

  84. sniffle.

  85. Chantal says:

    my guess is that the white powdery substance on zee steak is icing sugar, judging by the other offerings available to the pupplet.
    and for whoever wanted to know how to make those cookies, it looks like marzipan to me! look up zee recipe 🙂

  86. Hi everyone I’m new. I just had to insert myself because this had an effect on me like Kryptonite, I am completely powerless in the face of this kind of cuteness.

  87. is he happy or has he got a stoumicack.:)

  88. Pretty awesome cakes!

  89. re: the picture:

    These people are obviously trying to make up for something lacking in their lives. Just have some kids or adopt or something if you want them so badly!