It’s Bananular!

BananularRing ring ring ring ring ring ring ring,


This is the dumbest thing. But the song is so great! So, watch it 15 times before you go to bed tonight. Night night!

Thank you, Cathy!



  1. Cool. The Bananaphone almost as scary as the LandShark.

  2. …I don’t get it. Is there supposed to be a link?

  3. That a Gundam(tm) BanannaPhone.


  4. hmm maybe I’m stoopid but I’m still searching for the link, clicking on everything in sight.

  5. Espilonarge says:

    Not this song!!! 0_0

    *screams as his head explodes*

  6. wow.

  7. Ah! Linkage!


    Oh dear god, that’s gonna stick.

  8. Yay to clickage! Uh oh, I’m going to be dreaming of bananaphone and badgers!

  9. Sweet tap-dancing Christ on a cracker.

  10. Lick My Pickles says:

    Ok so the original of this is actually the song! So if it could make a bit more sense which is really hard this is why…

  11. Lick My Pickles says:

    ok so badger badger badger has gone 😦 sowwy

  12. Lick My Pickles, don’t worry, nothing that pure and good ever dies on the internet. Click my name-link and enjoy the badgery goodness.

    Love the banana-phone version too.

  13. Driver B says:

    OMG! I LOOOOVE this song! I have a gazillion little brothers and we always had Raffi tapes for them in the car. Good times!

  14. This is fun, but it doesn’t even come *close* to the redonkulousness of the “I Love Egg” song/animation! (

    Ooodle doodle!

  15. It reminds me of this:

    Forget Norway!

  16. And this one, too (“We Like the Moon!”):

  17. Ring ring…I want a banana phone in my cereal…

  18. Tony James says:

    Defintely a big fan of the SpongeMonkeys and their lunarphilia, but these two do it for me everytime…

  19. The badgers are created by and have copyright held by Weebl – original can be seen here:

    Not trying to be a killjoy, but the poor guy has had his awesome work ripped off for years.

  20. JessJess says:

    So should I bill you or the makers of that song for the therapy I will need to get that scary little jingle out of my head?

    *bangs head on desk*

  21. Abahaha says:

    Oh, bahahaa. Now i want so desperately to listen to raffi… damn this computer for not having my music on it. -.-

  22. Abahaha says:

    Oh, good Christ. Can there not be a SINGLE post on cuteoverload without someone getting upset over some part of it? What is this world coming to that there is always and without fail drama on the CUTEST SITE ON THE INTERNET?

    Sorry he got ripped off, but it’s not like anyone’s making any money off of this. It’s just amusing. So please… can we at least enjoy it?

  23. Ya know…if you actually examine close enough (not that close…back up a little bit. lou’ll end up wearing glasses), you’ll notice that Weeble has been credited for most of the graphics involved in the animation. Also, that song is cool. 😀

  24. I’m in no way shape or form pissed off, Abahaha. I only put the info there so that it WAS attributed. This site obviously isn’t a giant multimedia megacorp by any means, but a) if people liked the animation, I put forward the information to the creator so they could see more and b) Weebl has been ripped off by other websites in the past (not this one) who have HUGE revenue, without so much as attributing the files back to him.

    I love this site, and I don’t want anything to happen to it, so there we go, I put the referral back to the original creator of a large chunk of the animation. Done and dusted.

  25. Abahaha says:

    Yeah. You’ve a right to mention that, and i’m sorry that I got pissy. I’m mainly just annoyed at the constant drama on this website, not you specifically, so i’m sorry i took it out on you. Weebl makes some great stuff, so he should definitely get attributed. Glad it all worked out, anyways. 😀

  26. Woods Walker says:

    In listened to the song and watched the animation.It is almost addicting, Ultra cute at the very least. When people say I am crazy I just tell them it makes life interesting especially for those around me.-Woods Walker


    i rest my case.

  28. This is so gloriously insane. No way 15 times could be enough! 🙂

  29. Yaaay @ 360th >.<

  30. Not very creative. All credit for the cuteness goes to Weebl.

  31. ohmigosh. more badgers. that is the most *redonkulous* thing I’ve seen in a long time. Who comes up with these?

  32. ACK! It’s on a continuous loop!

  33. Try watching it at work, one hand on the volume, one eye on the screen, smiling and nodding and not hearing a freakin thing anyone else is saying to you. Just nod and smile. It’ll be ok.

  34. The Perl comparison operator != is really what makes it art.

  35. I have this ringer on my phone!!! It rings when my husband calls. tee hee.

  36. That song is irritating after about 2 plays….

  37. I really want this for a ringtone…ooh yes I do!

  38. GAH! I’m going to have to hunt you down and kill you now! *bangs head against wall*

  39. Meg —

    Aubrey — word

    Andrew — Jonti *was* linked & credited, y’know

    Pete — “does not equal” applies to lots more than just Perl

    Tammy — word


  40. Theo: marry me? Oh, wait, I’m already married. Sigh.

  41. Hey, what’s the direct URL for banana phone?

  42. Theo, thank you, sir.

  43. Gosh, teho, yer rackin’ up the marriage proposals, here.

  44. What you’re seeing here is a cross between two classic internet memes:

  45. brownamazon says:

    Courtesy of the magical Wikipedia elves:

    “Raffi extols the virtues of his unique telephone.”

  46. Are there ring tones out there for any of these? Email me!

  47. That was abso-too-ta-loot-a-lee the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I think it might even top Peanut Butter Jelly Time now my second all time favorite dancing banana. Well done!

  48. ringringringringringringring

  49. Somehow, WOW! doesn’t quite do it. I second “Sweet tap-dancing Christ on a cracker.”

    Is it wrong that I want a bananaphone now?

  50. Dustbunny says:

    O.M.G. Is there an MP3 of that song available? If that was on my iPod I’d play it all the time and sing along with it…loudly. It’s one way to make sure nobody sits next to you on the bus to work : )

  51. DustBunny — iPod, eh? You can probably just search for “Bananaphone” by Raffi on iTunes. $0.99 worth of insanity.

  52. ah, heck… I only listened 1.5 times and it’s already stuck in my head!

  53. *googlyeyed* I’m sure there’s some sort of subliminal message in there somewhere…

  54. BWAHAHA! You are welcome, my dear. It is the least I can do for all the times you saved my sanity with the loveliness that is your site. Have a great weekend!

  55. Christabel says:

    Someday when I go crazy from the cuteness and am institutionalized, I will be sitting in a corner humming this song.

  56. Rosemary says:

    Love it, love it, love it!! Thanks much for posting it!!

  57. Dustbunny says:

    Theo — I found an online version by somebody named Rhonda Vincent. It’s nice, but it doesn’t have the same demented vibe to it as the one the badgers are singing.

  58. Help me! I can’t stop playing it!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  59. DB — this is the *album* you’re looking for, but it pre-dates the .MP3 music “revolution”:

    I don’t have iTunes on my work PC or I’d check for you.

  60. Hmm… checked the Amazon link for the album, and the original version of Bananaphone also plays at the original *speed*, which is to say, not all spazzed-up and caffeinated like in the badgerphone anim. So, dunno how much luck you’re going to have.

  61. English Chick says:

    Ah!! weebls stuff is like my FAVOURITE website (apart from cuteoverload of course!!)
    My fave is kenya.
    holy crap. LIONS! Tours. (u know what i mean janna!)

    also magical trevor.

    seriously check it out.

  62. okaasan says:

    It’s a Gundam!!!
    *dies in a fiery explosion*

  63. English Chick says:

    I hope you realise it is 10.30 at night right now here.

    you see what you are doing to me!? I have an exam tomorrow.

  64. ringringringringringringring

  65. chackler says:

    Holy crap – BEST SONG EVER! If anyone knows of a ringtone could you e-mail me the link as well???

  66. Um…Theo? Proposals? Plural???

    Ah, the cruel light dawns! While I’ve been typing my fingers to the bone, building web pages to buy our daily bread, my husband has been lolling around CO getting lavished with kittens and marriage proposals.

    And next week’s our anniversary, too.

    *chin quiver*


    P.S. Schmoop, you just got a big ol’ calendar reminder above. 😉

  67. Ten hut Theo!

    Heheheh Jaye – any gift ideas you’d like us to work into the comments for the next few days?

  68. OH NO!!!!

    It’s stuck in my head and won’t come out!!!


  69. Hee hee, arbed…perhaps a subliminal message about the perfect second-honeymoon getaway for a couple of CO addicts?

  70. eeek I’m still addicted to bananaphone! Here’s the full song, if anyone is interested!

  71. (Just read comments above) It plays on Quicktime on my browser so being the computer *genius* I am, I don’t know how much luck you’ll have in getting that onto your ipod.

  72. 1) The anniversary I wouldn’t forget, ’cause that’s when the kittens were born. It’s those other weird dates that get troublesome.

    2) I was earning my bit o’ bread too. ‘hem. Just because you’ve got *staff*…

    3) I must say, that Anderson House is flippin’ genius. I kinda doubt that’s the *original* TV-commercial Morris they’ve got there, but still. They got beds?
    Holy crap, *36* rooms?! As in, thirty plus six? That’s no B&B, that’s the Wabasha Hilton.

    4) Er… remind me, what’s the definition of “subliminal,” exactly?

  73. re: the MP3 — right-click on the link and “Save As” to your desktop. Then you can import it with the “Add Song to Library” option in iTunes’ File menu.

  74. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, I got the song on my iPod now, thanks, y’all! Me happy.

  75. Yay! Got it on my iTunes and will now listen to it quietly on headphones to avoid driving my roommate and her cat crazy!

  76. 0x336699 says:

    A cautionary tale about the banana phone song:

  77. potter potter potter potter, weasley weasley!

  78. Oh, Jaye, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! That has got to be the most *wonderful* hotel EVER! Now you have got me longing to go there, even though I have no schmoop to take a second or first honeymoon with 😦

    “Cats are delivered to your room with their litterbox, food, water and toys for your enjoyment and comfort.”

    Is that for REAL? How, HOW I ask you, could it POSSIBLY get any BETTER than that?

    *falls on floor weeping and pounding fists*

    teho, you’d better take that hint.

  79. EC said last night: “doesn’t even come *close* to the redonkulousness of the “I Love Egg”

    you had to go and open old wounds for me… when the “I Love Egg” song was first posted to CO, I made the mistake of showing to my nieces, 7 and 9 ears old. the 7-year-old was somehow immune (as was I), but for the 9-year-old it was love at first note. she played it (and played it, and played it…) and sang along, and memorized it, and when she got up in the morning, began all over again.
    I had only seen her that obsessed with Jack Black’s “School of Rock”.

  80. Soooooooo Theo, I understand your anniversary is coming up next week. Any plans? You know, looking at this bananaphone thingy, I was reminded of the bestest place I heard about once. I just happen to have the URL:

    When you’ve got a spare moment away from bread-earning sans staff, heck, give ’em a call and make some reservations.

    Note to Jaye: Subliminal never works with men – gotta do a full throttle blatant battle cry. Oh, and I too now need a Schmoop of my own so I can go…..


    original and best version

  82. this makes me cry…what ever happened to the pure raffi of my youth? this song used to make me smile, now it just makes me want to bury my head under a ton of cement to never hear it again… >.< its also missing some of the best parts of the song...about calling my cat etc...

  83. Katy — you can still get the original Raffi CD on Amazon.

    Thinker, Arbed — I have this strange image in my head of a historical hotel full of cats. How weird is that?

  84. WOW. Theo. YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THAT HUNCH. Hmm, think I might have a URL for you…


  85. Theo, are you sure your real name isn’t Cleo, as in Miss? Your powers are astounding!

  86. “Your powers are astounding!”

    If I only had a nickel…

  87. Save it for the cathouse Theo…. 😉

  88. Hee hee…I may not be clear on the meaning of “subliminal,” but I think I’ve got “viral marketing” down pat.

    My schmoop does indeed work very hard at the bread-earning. He’s the IT equivalent of a one-man band, and that spells BUSY.

    Even if you couldn’t always tell from the volume of his CO posts. 😉 But that’s much-needed stress relief, right?


  89. Jaye: no, we couldn’t tell.

    But we believe you 😉

  90. Yep. As Wash so succinctly put it in the Firefly series, “work, work, work…”

  91. Crystanna says:

    This song follows me where ever I go…

    It’s going to the death of me I swear -.-

  92. Crys — if you need me to break the loop for you, just say the word.
    I am the earworm.
    I am the walrus.

  93. aaahhh! had another craptacular day! NEEDED banana phone!!!

    and now this: “The Badger Phone has had to go have a bit of a lie down for the moment – it’s about to kill my bandwidth for this month – so come back in 4 days and it’ll be back up.”


  94. Good grief — we CuteOverloaded the banana badgers!!

  95. Ooh ooh, hey there’s still a working link for the Badgernanners…

    (that’s actually the original site, our link’s only a mirror)

  96. theo, you rock!

    (ooonly in kenyaaaaaaaaa…)

    that’s gonna be stuck in the ol’ brain all weekend 😀

  97. I went to Anderson House (it’s in Northern Wisconsin, right?) when I was but a wee thing of 10 (oh, about 20 years ago). We got the cat. He was a lovely marmalade and full of love, but in the middle of the night, he jumped onto the dresser and knocked everything off, then he decided to walk across everyone’s faces until we woke up. At about 4 am.

    Cats are nice. But not when they’re someone else’s.

  98. Eeee, I know this flash! O.O,

  99. Roxanne says:

    There is also Badger, Badger mushroom and others, so far I have 9 different kinds. OMG OMG OMG OOMG OMG OMG OMG Badgers!

  100. i tried the link and got rejected but found it on

    that song will be stuck in my head all night ><

  101. eviless hardin says:

    soooooooooooo stuck in my head, but I keep pushing the button, OMG bananaphone,it’s for me…ring….etc.

  102. Bananaphone is back up at

    Thanks for your patience

  103. here is the original

  104. ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone ding dong ding dong ding dong baaaannnnnnnaaaaannnnnnnaaa

  105. Jenny Lee says:

    boop a doop a doop!

  106. ScorpioSprit says:


  107. anthonyluva says:

    that is the stupidest/wierdest thing i have ever seen??!!???!!!

  108. anthonyluva says:

    that is the stupidest/wierdest thing i have ever seen??!!???!!!

  109. AnthonyL — this just might bump Bananaphone from your #1 spot…

  110. Ash-a-leeee says:

    That was pretty stupid…. now its in my head… the music startled my dog, a cute boxer named buddy!!!

  111. Ash-a-leeee says:

    That was pretty stupid…. now its in my head… the music startled my dog, a cute boxer named buddy!!!



  113. Hahaha hilarious. I knew COME TO KENYA WE’VE GOT LIIIIOOOONS (Forget Norway – more like Snoreway), and of course Badgerbadgerbadger, but the Bananaphone thing was total news to me. Incredible. Also, thanks to whoever posted the llama song.

  114. Teggles says:

    …ping pong ping pong ping pong ping Bananaphone!! it’s not Balonie, it ain’t a pony! but nothin beats my bannayalur phone!!!!…… If i never post again, know that it is because my family killed me for singing that song overandoverandover again.

  115. Teggles says:

    …ping pong ping pong ping pong ping Bananaphone!! it’s not Balonie, it ain’t a pony! but nothin beats my bannayalur phone!!!!…… If i never post again, know that it is because my family killed me for singing that song overandoverandover again.