“Justin” has a smooooshy face

…At least, that’s what sender-inner Vincent says. I’m inclined to agree! Someone has been using the Photoshop "Fluff" filter. I think it’s "Command-F".


And, turn to the riiiight…




  1. juliette says:

    eeeg the fluff! he looks kinda cheshire-catty in pic 2. love!

  2. That’s like the Yoda of housecats.

    “Intrusive your camera is on my patch of sunlight warm.”

  3. Tony James says:

    “Oh, putting a happy face on. What an interesting philosophy. At what point did you forget WE’RE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD?”

  4. head? check
    tail? check
    body? erm, let me get back with you on that…

  5. very very nice!!!!

  6. His name is Justin? That! is hysterical! Too, TOO cute.

  7. Oh yikes. That’s not right.
    The photography’s not bad, tho.

  8. this little fluff ball reminds me of oscar the grouch.

    love the sunshine!

  9. jenni joon says:

    And I so love that one can see Vincent (?) in the reflection! “Now Justin, would you just turn a bit to the right…? Yes – perfect [flash]! GOT IT! Meg & co. are gonna EAT this up!”


  10. Aelfwyn says:

    Aaaghh! It’s a Gremlin!

  11. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. justin looks kind of angry in that first picture.

  12. flat faced animals look perpetually sad or mad. it’s like their smile mechanisms got squished.

  13. Like with the previous bunny, and now this kitty… Is there a rule of fluffness?

  14. ♥'s G.D. & animal says:

    oooh da smoooooooooooooooshtitude! oh! i have a kitty just like that! ‘cept we shav-ed heem for the hot days coming up. he meows at you if he even THINKS you have butter cheese or meat!

  15. ♥'s G.D. & animal says:

    lol the sender inners control f button is stuck on the photoshop program!

  16. Poor Justin. He also has a grumpy face, through no fault of his own. I want to kiss him and tell him it’ll all be ok.

  17. This picture scares me…..
    I like the ones of small fluffy bunnies.

  18. another disembodied head! :O

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Justin looks a little pissy pissy! 🙂

  20. StormCat says:

    Jenn: He does indeed look like Oscar!!! OMG!

    That is only wierd lookin’ kitty… But then most Persians are in my opinion…BUT cute nonetheless…

  21. Trouble with Tribbles:

    The trouble with this wee Tribble
    is he’s got himself a quibble,
    “Enough with the cute dribbles –
    Vince, I need some more kibbles!”

  22. what a baby! and a big head!

  23. kariboo says:

    what’s going on here? where’s the cat’s body???
    unless, of course, it IS a tribble.
    and we all know they are trouble.

  24. Yeeeeah, this cat looks kinda like it was designed by a committee. Things are in weird places. He does look uber-pissy about it, too! Hee!

  25. Lillith says:

    Aww its Cranky McCrankerson!

  26. It is indeed, another one for the “Heads” category.

  27. I think I would have that look on my face too if someone smacked me in the face with a frying pan!

  28. mariser says:

    Grumpy McGrumperson in da house!

  29. Laurie C says:

    That is not a cat. That is an alien trying to disguise itself as a cat, but had bad satellite reception of our TV images on its own planet and got some of the allometry wrong. He thinks he’s “passing” for cat.

  30. huge eye!

  31. “I was just trying to look out the window… You didn’t have to push my face into it!!!!”

  32. “Now my plastic surgeon is going to get even more of my money! By the way…Like what he did with my tail??!”

  33. “He completely botched my body though. But I’ll give him a second chance. Can I have Ryan Seacrest’s nose. Kisses!”

  34. supergirl says:

    it must be tough to get around with just a head and two furry flippers.

  35. Did Michael Jackson die and reincarnate?

  36. I’m not a fan of flat-faced pets… but there is no way on this green Earth that Justin is the reimbodiment of the former King of Pop.

    Nothing “cute” about MJ.

  37. SunnysMom says:

    C.O. is relieving my stress AND improving my vocabulary – thanks Laurie C!

    Allometry – relative growth of a part in relation to an entire organism or to a standard; also : the measure and study of such growth


  39. I think I would be scared out of my skin if Mr. Curmudgeon there jumped on my chest in the middle of the night and started glowering at me…

  40. if not MJ, then the Dark Lord of Mordor? (or at least just the baleful eye part.)

  41. Dith ith a pithure off me wiff justht my head and tail. Dee restht of me ith at dee cleanerth.

  42. Laurie C says:

    SunnysMom, I lived with a biologist for a number of years. You pick up a few things.

    For my part, I love how CO commenters teach my improved lateral thinking.

  43. Laurie C says:

    “teach *me*” is what I meant to say, of course.

  44. Laurie C says:

    Also, does this picture not totally embody the term “hairy eyeball”?

  45. LOL — is this an alien cat? Where’s the rest of him? He looks like he’s just head and paws!

  46. Why oh why is a grumpy face SO much cuter on a kitty than on a person?

  47. ROFLMAO says:

    1st pic: “i was just trying to get to that damn pigeon. i thought the window was open. and then SMACK! now my whole face hurts. i’m so ashamed….”

    2nd pic: “oh look, the birdie came back….”

  48. Awwwww, somebody had a great big helping of grumblecakes this morning, yes he did!

  49. He looks like he’s getting his mug shot at the big house. “Please face forward Sir, now turn to the right. Thank you.”

  50. If Captain Hook were a cat, that’s what he’d look like.

  51. or Bill O’Reilly.

  52. Justin has a smooshy face
    One eye sort of outta place.
    For floofiness he gets A-plus.
    But still we wonder WTF(uss)…?!!

  53. I try to believe six impossible things before breakfast. This cat would be one of them.

  54. Paint him green and he looks like Oscar the Grouch!

  55. MoptopmoUse says:

    if I saw this cat wet I’d probably scream

  56. A Fine Morsel says:

    Not cute. Next!

  57. Cute. Thanks!

    And jaypo, great poem 😉

  58. Aw, poor kitty. Kind of cute, yes, and I’m sure he’s very sweet, and this is nothing against him at all — but that is just NOT how cats are supposed to look! Stupid humans for messing about with genetics and breeding in order to intentionally deform felines like that!

  59. Laurie C says:

    Another nomination for the Cute/Evil category. Y’know, if there was one.

  60. silly wabbit says:

    “the same thing we do every night pinky….try and take over the world!!!!”

  61. English Chick says:

    OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!
    its a clone of Mr. tinkles.

    Did Attila the Hun wear a bonnet? no. Gengis Kahn? I dont THINK so. Well he did wear a furry kind of hat. Maybe a black bonnet?

  62. English Chick says:

    Ah touche Tony James. i note you saw the cats and dogs resemblence also. best film ever no?

  63. Tony James says:

    English – almost, except for the ending which sucked great big hairy things. No WAY should those dogs have won! They scarcely had one brain cell between them, while the cats had brains, class, cunning, and by far the best dialogue.

  64. With that rabbit in the previous post, this is indeed Fluff Day. Bluth-luh! Fluff-day!

  65. Cathouse Blues says:

    I firmly believe that all breeders of the modern Cat Fancy standard for Persians (see the above pictures) should be arrested for animal abuse. This recessed-face standard is notorious for breathing, sinus and tearing problems. Lump these sadists in with breeders of Scottish Folds and Munchkins.

  66. Owner:”My, what big eyes you have!”

    Cat:”The better to smoosh you with!”

  67. mariser says:


    “Lump these sadists in with breeders of Scottish Folds”

    but,but,but,but Scottish Folds are sooooooooooooooooo cute!!
    (Persians, OTOH…)

    please tell me they are not suffering due to their breed. I’ve never lived with one, but I’ve meet a few and they seem happy…

  68. Amen on the cat breeding comments!! There are millions of cats being put to sleep at shelters every day – why do we need to breed more??? I love the kitties themselves, but the breeders should stop!!

  69. Save yourselves! It’s a rogue powderpuff!

  70. Nobody else has said this, but I think he’s rather marmalade-ish?

    Just me?

  71. [raises hand shyly]

    “Please, Sir? I just like the animal pictures, Sir.”

    This kitt*i*n is very cool.

  72. And beige-ish, I think.

  73. Gloom Raider says:

    Just once I’d like to read comments on a site called for-crying-out-loud CUTE OVERLOAD without a lecture about the evils of breeding cats/dogs/whatever. You have no idea what the individual pets’ stories are, and if you’re suggesting I shouldn’t have adopted my own slightly smooshy-faced halfbreed because of factors neither of us could control, well…don’t.

    That said…this is a very cute little evil cat.

  74. Cathouse Blues says:

    No doubt Scottish Folds are adorable. The folded ear helps them retain the rounded baby appearance that all mammals are genetically programmed to respond to. But Folds are very, very prone to all sorts ear issues simply because of that fold; their owners have to be *painfully* religious about checking their ears and keeping them clean. Everything from simple irritation deafness can be brought on just by wax buildup. Don’t even get me started on how difficult it is to rid these poor little guys of ear mites. At least with proper care Folds can be happy and healthy; Persians are bred to be sickly.

  75. Cathouse Blues says:

    Gloom Raider, guess what! If the site posts a picture we don’t think is cute, we’re allowed to say so AND explain why we feel that way. No, we don’t know the story of each individual animal but we can comment on the breed as a whole. Concerned about the comments? Learn not to read comments on pictures of Persians. very simple.

  76. Yes, could we just enjoy the cute/humour?


  77. Tony James says:

    I’m with Ms. Collison on this one. The site is CuteOverload – if you don’t think it’s cute, don’t post. It Am Tha Law!

  78. oooh dear. commentroversy strikes again…time for a new photo!

  79. My what big eyes you have! And my…what big….eyes you have. lol Justin, you’re cute, even w/your smooshed little face! Okay everyone, I have a kitty family in need of forever homes. The lady who is fostering them already has 5 kitties and cannot keep them, but rescued them from the SPCA. Anyway, if you’re in the Houston, TX area or nearby and would be interested in giving a kitten or the momma cat a home, please visit my site. Just click on my name to link to my site. Meg, I’m not trying to create traffic at my site, just trying to help a kitty family in need for a friend.

  80. “Please, sir – can I have some more?”


    Though I would Never equate Meg with Mr. Bumble. The Artful Dodger, perhaps?

  81. OMG. Emma, i went to your flickr site and my head exploded when i saw mama orange cat, with her piles of baby orange kittens!!!
    feel free to click on my name to see my orange man.
    (ps..i would LOVE one of your orphan kitties, but i live clear across the country!)

  82. carolion says:

    i’m tired of justin– he’s simply not cute enough to get me through my day. i need more cute!

    ps. and regarding all the debate over whether certain critical comments ruin the rainbows and sunshine culture of cuteoverload– i find the photos perfectly wonderful by themselves, and i tend not to need others’ oohing and sqeeing to enjoy the site. so take in the cute, and remember that getting into a tizzy about someone’s comment is just as unpleasant to read than a comment about puppy farms and overbreeding.

  83. these woods i’ve found
    are dense indeed
    here panthers pounce
    and pants are peed

    the dewclaw gleams
    the feathers fly
    the downy fur
    gets in your eye

    but all must share
    this fluffy grove
    from Carrot Top
    to Karl Rove

    so shall i help
    this garden grow?
    with tender… BORING!
    shyeah — f#@% no.

    instead i needs
    must cry “attack”
    due to this stoat
    jammed up my crack

    dissent with reason?
    sir, good luck
    cause i’m OK
    but you just suck

    why stir the pot?
    why fan the flame?
    for chrissakes, kids,
    this $#!t is lame

    (must go to a meeting… anybody care to finish this?)

  84. hm I did not know that about Persians, Cathouse Blues – CO is my subsitute for the Discovery Channel. I looked them up on Wikipedia. This guy kinda scares me:


  85. Not to fan flames! Justin is sweet, despite his grumpy face 😀

  86. Be Careful How You Act
    Take Note of How You Plays
    In Case You Haven’t Noticed
    This Cat’s Eyes have RAYS

    There’s Good In All Things
    All Warranting Applause
    There’s Even Some Waiting
    In This Cat’s Hidden PAWS

  87. Theo, I think it’s done. Any more would be…ahem…overkill. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!

    [slightly whining with EC and TJ] “Please, sir, may we have another photo please?!”

  88. Well, that clinches it. We have found Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks. Hee!

  89. Good pome, Teho.

    And I agree–’tis complete as is.

  90. Why, it does look like a Crookshanks!

  91. moPtopmouSE says:

    If you think Justin has problems just look at poor Mickey, a cat who is now on the Reuters newswire.. I felt like crying after seeing poor Mickey..

  92. some dude says:

    This is what happens when you pose your cat for one too many cute overload shots…

    “..okay Justin this is the last one (for now) I promise…”

    Poor kitty needs a vacation from his human :p

  93. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    Trouble with Tribbles:

    The trouble with this wee Tribble
    is he’s got himself a quibble,
    “Enough with the cute dribbles –
    Vince, I need some more kibbles!”

    that is tooo funny i love it!

  94. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    hes prolly all pissy cuz hes body wass body-napped!

  95. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    a place for cute is NOT a place for learning!

  96. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    I try to believe six impossible things before breakfast, aubrey heres a couple, um that dolly parton kills immagrants henever she gets the chances, aliens [outer space]exist, that mj did NOT do what we think he did, that opra is NOT an alien trying to brain wash the masses…. uum, thats all i can think of

  97. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    tony james, i soooo agree with you about that! and the cats were funnier!

  98. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    mariser, scottish folds are INSANE! i know some one who had on. the gene that makes their ears foldmakes them go crazy [that and if they get ear mites you cant clean them out and they burrow into the poor things brain making it crazy]

  99. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    sorry im totally over killing but

    When he saw that damn pigeon fly thru the window

    the owners widow went “oh i just piddled(?)”

    The others all romp and play,
    unsmooshed faces glow all day

    but just you beware, wear a helmet at night, cuz you never know when the smoosh face bites!

  100. chackler says:

    mooshy faces!!!! Yum!

  101. “The others all romp and play,”

    For a blissful moment I thought you wrote ‘otters’…

    I think Mr. Squish is delish, but the thought of otters just had my thoughts roaming.

  102. OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS [screeeeching brakes noise]…
    Dammit, not again!

  103. TwoShedsJackson says:

    alice – aarrrgh – I’m going to have nightmares – that wikipedia kitten cannot be real ?
    Ahem – sorry but – I agree that breeders are evil for continuing genetic mutations. However adopting a pedigree cat from a rescue centre is good – poor unwanted kitties should all have lovely homes.

  104. Michele says:

    aww poor smushy baby!

  105. “Hearts G.D.” aside, I think a lot of us *do* learn from C.O. Here’s my preaching-to-the-choir lesson du jour: we can all do our part to discourage overbreeding by never buying a pet at a pet shop and by discouraging our friends from doing so. I happened to get a wonderful Persian kitten, years ago, which ended up at a shop because she wasn’t smoosh-faced enough for the breeder’s taste. She had a short but normal cat nose. But all cats since have been from shelters – including my beautiful Ragdoll.

  106. Kathleen says:

    I just adopted a female red smoosh face Persian from a Persian/Himalayan rescue foundation. She had been dumped b/c she was too high maintenance.
    I agree that we shouldn’t encourage this kind of breeding but existing kitties do need homes.
    FYI, she does have breathing, nose problems.

  107. I love that this is a cat named “Justin”. Somehow, that just kills me! Very cute.

  108. tablemountaingirl says:

    That cat head has no body!!!!!!!

  109. *A jazz beat in the background. *

    I am an angry young kitten.
    My smooshed face…
    Mocks me…
    Crushed under the jackboot of genetic purity.

    I long to frolic
    To play with the catnip mousie
    To chase the beetle flying though the air
    To be…
    a kitten

    I hear them
    goo goo gooing

    The man pins the ribbon to the cage that is my world.

    I mew into the night
    I am a kitten!
    Pet me!
    Love me!

    Mock not my smooshed face
    Spare me your pity.

    Pet me!
    Love me!
    I am a kitten!



  110. [clicking fingers!]

  111. Thanks for the snaps, Theo. ;o)

  112. Does this cat live in dorm room??? I hope not! He’s hella funny. 🙂

  113. Love the jazz weebl!

  114. I prefer the cat with knees:


  115. That is wonderful, E.C.! I particularly love that the cat is called “Vladimir Veitch”. SOOOO funny.

  116. EricaE — can I just add a quick coda to your last stanza there? ‘Cos I think Justin has earned a “…hear me roar!”

  117. Theo,

    Absolutely! :o)

  118. BarthexDeRosa says:

    Actually, he looks like Aughra from “The Dark Crystal”

  119. BarthexDeRosa says:

    Mmmm…some of those photos are mildly terrifying…

  120. I wonder if this is what Meg was thinking…

    “Justin has a smooshy face
    “Smooshy face, smooshy face
    “Justin has a smooshy face
    “With whiskers white as snow”

  121. English Chick says:

    “If you will please turn your world domination pamphlets to page three”

    I know what you mean Tony J.
    Cats rule!

  122. Not cute. Next!
    People can be so cruel.

  123. His eyes kind of scare me.

  124. I am a mother of two young children and was showing them pictures of kittens (seeing as we were going to get one soon), but both of my kids were so mentally disturbed by this picture that I now have my children in counceling for 200 dollars a session.

  125. This is the awful offspring of the illicit affair between Crookshanks and Hedwig. Crookshanks got himself into the Owlery late one night, bringing a mouse that he shared with Hedwig (Pigwidgeon was not invited to this romantic dinner, and he is peeved [pun intentional] with Hedwig still) … thus, this kitteh’s mutant history was born.

    Kitten looks like a fookin’ owl! Cute … WEIRD cute, SCARY cute, but cute.

  126. Wow, EricaE, good poem!

  127. Fizzgig !!!! How cute