Listen up, you Punks.

Listen up, you Punks. I’m out to pasture, OK!? I don’t want to play your silly, "funny [makes quote marks with hooves] games",OK?I’m here to relax after a LONG career of working hard, OK? So take these GLOVES OFF MY HEAD.


Dappled whinnies to Sarah N.



  1. Aelfwyn says:

    aaww. Beautiful horse – shame about the gloves!

  2. first?

    horses always have such pretty eyelashes.

  3. [whistles “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Glove-Ear”]

  4. Aelfwyn says:

    Sorry Ann! 🙂 You’re right about the eyelashes. Horses are just effortlessly beautiful.

  5. who says there aren’t hands under there? let’s not discriminate against mutant horsies now.

  6. Oi! Poor sweety. That’s a very patient (as well as very pretty) horsie. Most horses do not like their ears messed with very much.

  7. Horsie looks like an oldster, as well, which may go some way to explain the patience.

  8. awwwww, schmootie! nuzz nuzz nuzz!
    (aaaaaand he bites my neck when i get too close)

  9. Oh a beautiful horsie! Have you guys seen the movie, Dreamer? I just watched it this weekend – awesome! Cried like a baby… A great animal movie – shows that animals do indeed have emotions and personalities and can think for themselves!!

  10. Tony James says:

    Despite being a popular attraction at the rodeo, Dobbin’s career as a shadow puppet artist never really took off.

  11. HAHAHA!!! Perf caption to a perf pic!

  12. What a beauty. That sculpted face, those gorgeous lashes, those handpuppet ears!

  13. Carlisa says:

    Haha! Looks like a moose!

  14. StormCat says:

    Tony – great line!! I loved it…

    I’d rather see his ears really…I love animal ears…They’re so cute!!!

  15. Mutant indeed. I stared at this pic a while, wondering what was wrong with his antlers…so small and hand-like.
    Yes, I just woke up.
    But those sweet eyelashes and those fashionably pieced bangs are also adorable!

  16. Aww, moose-envy.

  17. bwahahaha! yes! moose envy! and lookat his little downcast expression, like he knows they’re not as good as the real thing but he’s trying his best. bless.

  18. Carlisa, maybe he’s imitating MiniMoose.

  19. Tony James says:

    Very a-moose-ing, Jaypo 😉

  20. Hahaha!! So cute… The amazing thing isn’t that the horse puts up with it, but that its ears are actually pointing forward. Meaning it’s pretty happy… Any way the horse got the gloves on there him/herself? 😉

  21. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Lend a hand, lend an ear — what’s the diff?

  22. he’s not happy, he’s just getting ready to beat the punks to death with their own gloves. the irony.

  23. …or perhaps he’s getting ready to toss the glove.

    “I shallenge yu to a doo-el, monsieur!! Non, a double-doo-el, eh!?”

  24. “I don’t want to play your silly, “funny [makes quote marks with hooves] games”,OK?”


    Gorgey horse!!

  25. “Jazz Ears”

  26. Jazz Ears just made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Trish.

  27. Courtney says:

    Maybe his ears are cold. 🙂

  28. What a pretty horse! or he makes quote marks with his ears!

  29. Actually, many horses are rather used to having things on their ears, because fly masks often include ear protection:

    Teho, ‘shop that. Challenge.

  30. StormCat says:

    A thinker: What’s a “fly mask” please?

  31. a mask to stop flies.

  32. pheral is right.

    Flies torment horses, and faces (due to nose/ear/eye excretions) are one of the flies’ favourite targets. Usually a fly mask will be used when they are out to pasture to prevent them being “bugged” too much.

  33. yaay! i guessed. it was either that or a mask for flying horses, and i thought that less likely. 😛

  34. Hah! That made me snort. Or whinny even…

  35. “A mask for flying horses”

    *That* calls up some funny images. “I-i-i-t’s SuperHorse!” *That* would be one for Theo to photoshop.

  36. Some horses just don’t want to be handsome. And some just have it thrust upon them.

  37. And that one is truly gorgeous–a very fine dapple.

  38. I know what you’re thinking. “Are those gloves leather or kevlar?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of forgot what the filly behind the counter said. But being as I happen to be horse, with one of the most powerful kicks in the world, and could knock your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  39. Aaaaaaargh very very busy today, too busy for shoppin’… besides, Michelle already did a flying horse, a while back…

  40. Those gloves look like they’re in “attack” position! 🙂

  41. Not only does the horse have mutant ear-hands, but the right is left & the left is right. Poor guy.

    I just picked up my new little bunnies, Tesla & Faraday!! Their dad is lop & their mom is regular-eared, and they have in-between ears. They are straight half-way up, and then flop over. Ha!

  42. Are your bun-buns going to grow up to be ‘lectrical engineers?

  43. Pictures of the genius wabbits! Show us the bunny!
    We demands it!

  44. >Not only does the horse have mutant ear-hands,
    >but the right is left & the left is right. Poor guy.

    hey, at least he can shake hands with himself when he’s lonely, or has accomplished something!

  45. A Thinker said – “Horsie looks like an oldster, as well, which may go some way to explain the patience.”

    Actually grays get lighter as they age. Since he’s got dark gray dapples, instead of a mostly white coat, he’s fairly young. Definitely not an older horse. 🙂

  46. yeah, yeah, I knew some other horse person was likely to come up with that 😉 I re-thought it after looking at the photo again. It’s hard to tell but you are probably right, Adri Lewis.

  47. Cute and silly are not the same thing. This photo is just plain silly.

  48. But I want to smoosh and kiss him/her and take the silly gloves off.

    So that makes it cute?

  49. Aboslutely! Silliness (IMO) is part of cuteness, more often than not.

  50. Yeah! E.C.’s with me.

  51. Displayname says:

    Remember that Far Side Cartoon?
    All of the other reindeer
    USED to laugh and call him names!

  52. Such heart … such heart!

  53. Such a georgeous creature! & lol the gloves add a nice touch hehe

  54. Thing that is beautiful:
    “A horsie with long eyelashes”
    Thing that begins as one color and ends up as another:
    “A gray horsie”
    Thing that has gloves on its ears:
    “A horsie that’s Comcastic!”

  55. The Guy Over There says:

    Methinks I know the culprit.

    Somewhere behind the fence, Cousin Thing is giggling to himself.

  56. Carlisa says:

    Jaypo and TJ—- You have Acute Overloadpunitis *hehe*

  57. punkpie says:


    [makes quote marks with hooves]

    made it for me. Good show Meg!

  58. “Yeah! E.C.’s with me.”

    You betcha!

  59. Subhangi says:

    Me lurves horsies! There’s 3 brown lovelies in my neighbourhood for summer horseriding classes and I can’t get enough of em.

  60. Putting gloves on your ponys ears is a classic trick around christmas for that reindeer effect. (But of course nowadays you can buy reindeer-horn attachments for ponies in most well-stocked equestrian outlets.)

  61. What’s next? A legwarmer for the schnoz? He’s cute enough without all the stuff. He probably bucked the guy when he rode him after that.

  62. Hmmm cute, but kinda creepy since those look like leather meaning they’re either dead cow, sheep, pig, goat, dog or cat (if made in China) or… horse.

  63. rotflol