Hey Shortie, it’s your birthday…

…we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday


We’re gonna drink Bacardi like it’s your birthday


Be-cause we don’t give a %#$!! it’s not your birthday!

Shortie the anerable rat terrier pup was sent in by his posse & Melissa H.



  1. Buntocks!

  2. Buntocks!

  3. so his leg is better now?

  4. TheLuna says:

    Look at the puppy claws in that first shot! You just know they’re razor sharp.

  5. Happy birfday, puppy!!

  6. OMG…. soooo cute…. it can be his birfday all day!!

  7. aw puppy booty!

  8. My god – I can almost see man-nipple! Have you no shame?

    Heehee – had to say it.

    How old is the pup? Do they get bigger? He’s such a cutie!

  9. StormCat says:

    I’m sure I sound like a NUT in my office oooohing and ahhhing over this little pooch…OMG!!!! The second pic with his little stuffed animal is just to die for!!!

    I wuvs him!!!!

  10. Gangly awkward little adolescent legs–hee!

    What a cutie.

  11. Marble eyes scare me a bit in the first picture. True to the man-nipple!
    What is that stuffed animal Shortie has there in the second picture? Looks like a stuffed turkey or chicken, no pun intended 😀

  12. Is that a mini-lei? Hells no. That’s awesome.

  13. continuing the song… I want to give THIS thug a hug!

  14. JessJess says:

    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEHHEHEH!!! So teeny tiny itty bitty wittle pup-pup! I just want to snuggle him to my bosom and kiss him all over (which won’t take long consider how small he is).

    Positively anerable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The tacky plastic lei is funny, too…

  16. Eyes glazed, wearing a lei…this pup is hungover. He needs a bit of the hair of the dog to snap out of it.

  17. Where is it’s tail?

  18. OMG Never even heard of such a breed! Has to one of the most adorable little teeeeeenist things I’ve ever seen!!!

  19. jenni joon says:

    “..won’t you back that THANG up…!”

    Pupper-tocks! Wah.. so cutie cute! And I *luv* how she/he has tewtelly accessorized with a pink lei. Work it, pupper! It’s yer burf-day!

  20. I like the pink eyebrow-type-things that match the inside of the ears!

  21. The little Jack in the Pulpit ear flops are k*i*l*l*i*n*g me. I lof dem. And the buff eyebrows… you know they move with each expression.
    And, of course, the ‘tocks. Can’t deny the ‘tocks.

  22. schmooshie puppie bum snuggle w/the tiny stuffanimal &flopsy w/the shiny eyes! mrph!

  23. Don’t forget about that ear flop!

  24. this cutie is amazing. however, a hairy naked man with a hicky is holding our beloved pup in the first pic. what’s going on?!

  25. Jan Spencer says:

    My old supervisor had a rat terrier, and she brought him to work when he was a puppy….SO cute!!

  26. eeeeeeeewwwwww! hairy nekked man with hikky!! yick!!!! >< but the pupper, OMG the pupper!! i vansh toooo shnorggggllllleeee!!! oh please oh please, lemme shnorgle????? **Meeeeeeeep**

  27. SQUEEEEE!!!


    I bought my Rat Terrier at 8 weeks and this little dude looks NO OLDER than that. TOOOO much!!!

  29. jenni joon says:

    DOH! Hickey!! Oh-mah-gawd.. ewww… cover that thing up, dewd! And people, are we SURE he’s nekkid?? Omg. Hope not. In fact, am gonna think he is NOT nekkid…

  30. Jenni Joon: He’s nekkid *AND* covered with hickies!!! RUN, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

  31. Catwoman says:

    Stop obsessing over the human! Get a life! The puppy is adorable!! I want him!!!

  32. Why, I believe Senor Puppertocks is giving that little stuffed animal a hickey.
    Will someone please think of the children?

  33. Puptocks, ear flop, and a strip on his head…MUST SNORGLE!

  34. Ponygirl says:

    I can’t believe they make dogs that small and cute!

  35. chunkstyle says:

    **In best Yoda voice**
    Strong with this one, the `tocks are. Fabulous blue couch he belongs on.

  36. The ear floppage could not be better.

  37. The ear floppage could not be better.

  38. so cute! he looks like a tricolor version of my own little Rattie 🙂

  39. I think a Pecs and Pups catagory should be started – for the sake of fairness.

  40. Carlisa says:

    Maybe the guy in the pic is waiting for his own “lei” :o)

    Happy not your Birthday to you, Shorty! Cute puppy *snorgle*

  41. Oh my god it even has its own tiny stuff animal to snuggle

  42. baby fawn lust says:

    oh oh oh, and his coy little look…!

  43. chunkstyle, LoL! I really laughed out loud! What a cutie pup!

  44. hey shortie, its your birthday…(is that a song? :D)

  45. Elizabeth says:

    He is the cutest dog ever!!!

  46. jenni joon says:

    Arbed: am scarred for life.. for life, I tells ya! Covered in hickies? Is that contagious?! (poor dood – he prolly just wanted to post a pic of his cute-as-all-get-out pupperkins and didn’t think to cover up his boobage…)


  47. Button nose, marble eyes, and floppy ears!!! And a stripe!!!! omg.

  48. Totally, totally cute!

  49. I adore this site!!! so cuteeeeeeee

  50. YAY! A Rat T! I have a pup Rat Terrier, too… hmm… pictures, huh? Muhahahaha!

  51. sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    CUTE! 🙂

  52. Bleecker says:

    Why does the person holding this dog not have any clothes on???

  53. [puts on deerstalker cap, puffs on meerschaum pipe]

    What do we observe in this image? Clearly, this young canine is Hawaiian, as evidenced by the plastic-flowery-thinger which has replaced his collar.

    Ergo, they are vacationing upon a beach in Kawaii, which we can infer when we examine the man’s fingernails [the magnifying glass again] …and as it is not possible to see them, unfortunately, we must simply assume that the black volcanic sand is present.

    Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes… and who wears clothing in Hawaii? Please. So therefore, and QED, the only conclusion that may safely be drawn is that I am a fictional lunatic. Hoo-bah-dee-doo! A chicka boom.

  54. The stripe represents “a bad one”! Just watch Gremlins and you’ll see.

  55. The cuteness in picture 2 is nearly debilitating. I may never function properly again.

  56. i have a ratter too!