The tables are TURNED!

Look, I had to wear that thing for weeks, and you laughed at me, now YOOOOOU get to wear it! Ha!


Nice table-turner, Tina P.!



  1. Am I to understand that the *toy* has been neutered??

  2. Truly cute pic, and I love the cat’s pretty face.

  3. *l* This is the perfect cat picture…
    Cat in superior posistion looking innocent and cute, dog, a ratted out toy neutered and incapacitated… I think this is actually a look into the feline brain!

  4. Proof that kittens play doctor, just like human kids.

  5. Diane N says:

    Hard to believe anyone could get a cat to wear one of those collars. I’m convinced that mine knows how to alter her molecular structure somehow, just based on how she can squish herself into and out of tiny spaces. I figure one of those would last maybe 10 minutes tops on her–and I would not want to be the one to have to put it on!

  6. Diane N says:

    And isn’t it funny how forbearing dogs are when they have to wear them? They have that look of long-suffering patience paired with vague embarrassment, like they think you might be playing some kind of a joke on them but they’re not really sure so they just go along with it…

  7. The Cone of Shame!

  8. jenni joon says:

    And you just KNOW that everytime another animal sees a fellow cat/dog/what have you in one of those ridiculous collars? They are all like TEWTELLY making fun of the poor creature ‘cuz said creature looks so utterly SILLY! LOL.. but it *is* for the good of the creature who has to wear it…!

  9. rainbow says:

    so of course we all secretly or out loud laugh when a dog with a cone tips it’s head down so all you see is the cone and the rest of the body without the head. at least i do.

  10. I always laugh when I see a dog wearing the cone, he looks like the “His Master’s Voice” dog that was unclear on the concept.

  11. jennifuh says:

    What a sweet face!

    Maybe all ves should put a cone of the pets’ toys so they know what to expect, hehehe!

  12. TheLuna says:

    When my dog got neutered and had to wear one of those cones, we were on a walk and a woman of seemingly normal intelligence (she was at least capabble of walking down the street on her own) stopped to pet him just as he banged the cone on a curb. He was obviously unhappy with the situation and the woman commented that “he doesn’t seem to like that thing.” I said “Yeah, he hates it,” and she asked, in the most horrified tone I’ve heard in a long time, “Well, why do you make him wear it?!”

    I had to bite my tongue to keep from advising her not to cross the street alone.

  13. TheLuna says:

    Obviously, that should have been “capable” in the second line. Apparently I shouldn’t type alone.

  14. AuntieMame says:

    What a beautiful kitty! It looks a little bit like Ruby, the filing kitty.

    Her new day job…making sure the dog leaves his cone on.

    I think it’s hysterical to watch a dog eat with its cone on. It’s like magic. Hide the bowl under the cone and watch the kibble disappear!

  15. A lovely cat. Such big ears! Such big eyes! Such a pink little nose! And doubtless quite glad the Cone is on someone else. I always want the backstory.

  16. Laurie C says:

    I knew a boxer who had to wear a cone once. The food bowl disappeared inside the cone when she went to eat, but her snout was so short, the cone stopped her mouth from actually reaching the food. Her owners had to trim it down.

  17. “I think this is actually a look into the feline brain!” M-

    Yes, there is something almost Freudian-like about this. Almost surreal…

    Hmmm…if Magritte ever submitted a photo to CO…

  18. Elizabeth says:

    ahhh…the cone of shame

  19. Aubrey — then the Cone of Shame would be on an apple or a steam locomotive. Or maybe Pierce Brosnan.

  20. AuntieMame says:

    She’s got one paw tucked under, too!!!

  21. I like the locomotive in particular. It could be circling the dog, around and around; the work would be called: “Shame Transfixed”

    I’m supposed to be working, you know.

  22. What a cute kitty – I love the big green eyes. Plus, paw-curl!

  23. Sorry, what are those cones for? My dog never had to wear one – what a funny sight, though!

  24. The main thing I’ve seen the cones used for, is keeping recently spayed/neutered pets from chewing their stitches out.

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Or just in general, to keep the animal from licking/chewing/biting any area of the body. A friend’s dog had a skin condition that wasn’t getting any better because she’d lick it raw, so she wore a cone for a while.

  26. aaah, makes sense. I was hoping those things weren’t like a dog fashion trend, like Elizabethan collars.

    AuntieMame – oh poor thing, hope she is better now.

  27. TheLuna says:

    Alice – I’ve usually heard them called “e-collars,” short for Elizabethan.

  28. No, you’re right, Alice; the queen wore one of those for the same reasons. That it then became a “fashion” wasn’t so much a smoke screen as serendipity, but it probably did prevent some embarassing questions & assumptions.

    (I’m totally making this up.)

  29. LOL, Theo. Ah ha! – TheLuna – totally makes sense.

  30. Alice the cones have three uses…
    1st – to prevent animal from chewing/scratching/licking areas with problems
    2nd – Test of the animals creativity and problem solving skills
    3rd – Human amusement

  31. 4th – Focusing sound for better projection over distance (for those cheerleading pets)
    5th – Funnel (just pour the kibble in)
    6th – Diffusion of light, a la lampshade (if you’re lucky enough to have a pet phoenix; heat-resistant models only)

  32. AuntieMame says:

    7th – Random knick-knack reorganization
    8th – Banging into things and making as much noise as possible in the middle of the night
    9th – In-home gym so your pet can exercise by trying to squirm/dig/wrestle out of it

  33. Queen Alexandra of Denmark, Queen to King Edward VII, wore a collar to hide a disfiguring scar on her neck. It became one of the great Fashion Statements of Edwardian England. AND it was called a dog collar.

    Or a cone can be used for any animal who is a Rudy Vallee fan.

  34. TheLuna says:

    7th – treat dispenser. Spread peanut butter on the inside of the cone and watch hilarity ensue.

  35. TheLuna says:

    oops, make that 10th.

  36. Hi all
    I see cute animals on here everyday but where can I get one?!

    I’m actually looking for a cat. I want to adopt- it doesn’t need to be a kitten.



  37. My #1 best recommendation if you really want to adopt a cat (or other pet) is your local Humane Society. Generally the folks who work there are really good to talk to for help & information, too.

  38. You guys make me laugh!!!

    11. Not to mention they make great blinders so puppy will not be distracted by every other dog, leaf, or bug that s/he comes across on walks!

    hehe the function as funnel solves many problems – my dog at home refuses to eat his food in his bowl and insists on spilling it all over the floor first!

  39. TwoShedsJackson says:

    I totally gave up on the bloody cone after the 20th time of having to wrestle it back onto my kitten. I was a mass of scratches and she was seriously pissed off with me. I stuck a big plaster (band-aid?) over the stitches – she was so relieved to be free of the cone she left it alone.

  40. Those cones are also to prevent a dog or cat from scratching at stitches or injuries on the face or ears.

    12th: Improved signal reception. Optional equipment from your satellite TV company.

  41. jasmine says:

    this is soooooo cute!!! but aren’t dogs suppose to wear those?

  42. She’s marked almost exactly like my kittylove Zoe. <3

  43. Theo, bigtime LOL on your list. Hot damn.

  44. I showed this to my brother’s cat, Senor Peaches. He ends up in those collars fairly often, after picking fights with other cats and losing.

    I’m not sure, but I think I might have heard him say, “pwn3d!”

  45. If Senor Peaches ( continues getting into fights, he’s going to get in trouble with the fuzz.

  46. lauowolf says:

    Two shedsjackson–
    Oh yes.
    Every couple of years, after some catastrophe, we’ll end up getting kitty back at the vet’s office, and he’ll bring out one of these.
    I think I did put it on the first time.
    Poor kitty was so utterly freaked I was afraid she’d damage herself.
    And they get them when they are hurt, and groggy, and miserable enough to start with.
    So now I just say “oh yes, of course, doctor.”
    And toss the damn thing.

  47. lauowolf says:

    I also like the way she is totally ignoring the whole thing.
    “I don’t see it. It does not exist for me. My universe does not contain such things.”

  48. theHawke says:

    My dog had to wear one for months. He hopped the fence while we were on vacation (lousy petsitter called a son) and got hit by 2 cars which practically snapped his leg off. So once he was put back together again, he had to wear it while he healed.

  49. Svenster says:

    13th: Impersonating a lamp is no longer a big challange. T’just comes naturally. =)

    Cat’s adorable. Green eyes are awsome!

  50. TwoShedsJackson says:

    lauowolf – yep that’s exactly what happened to my kitten – she was neutered and after coming round from the anesthetic totally freaked about the collar. She ruptured the wound internally and had to be re-sewn up again! The plaster was much better – and it was easy for the vet to get off with some surgical spirits. – Also she couldn’t sleep in the blasted collar so was suffering sleep deprivation – I’m definitely not putting one on her ever again.

  51. Satellite dish head! Woo! My mom’s dog is always having to wear one because of skin irritation. There is nothing more pathetic that watching him try to scratch a spot on his head and being thwarted by the cone. All you hear is a loud plasticky “THWAP THWAP THWAP.”