The guys were feeling left out

OK, People, it was bound to happen—guys want in on the ‘Cats n’ Racks" action too. So here we go, the first male cats n’ racks submission, proudly sent in by Simon R. Who can blame them?


Nice going… 😉



  1. Hee.


  2. Laurie C says:

    I believe one of those darling kittens needs to go into the shop for an adjustment. Her head seems to have been put on backwards.

  3. Courtney says:

    The one on the right (our right) is clearly thinking, “How do I get down from here??? *squirm*”

  4. Oooh, that is just too cute! Reminds me of how my brother used to hold the kittens we had as kids, to keep them close and warm. He’d stick two in his shirt pockets (carefully of course), and the other two would get luffed in his hands as carried all four around.

    *snfsnf* Ahhh, the happy memories.

  5. calico chesticles!

  6. Pets ‘n Pecs?

  7. my goodness they look soooofffftttt (the kitties, people, the kitties)

  8. KITTEHs(tm), now in brand new pocket sizes. The fit praticaly anywhere!

  9. First time i’ve ever thought man-boobs were cute…

  10. He’s just trying to get his wife to hug him. (I bet it will work.)

  11. Who knew man boobs could ever be pussy magnets?

    (DISCLAIMER: Please forgive the vulgarity, but the joke required that particular wording.)

  12. punkpie says:

    LMAO! Tooooooo cute! I want immediate snorglage!

  13. What fluffy kitties – I want to snorgle! Cats ‘n Racks guy is a perfect kitty stroller!

  14. Woohoo! Nice kits!


  15. Carlisa says:

    He’s on his way to a Madonna concert.

  16. teeheeee…..

  17. Madge wows ’em with a new version of her cover song, ‘Calicos On A Dancefloor’.

  18. OH that is friggin’ hilarious…cute, but hilarious! HERE YA GO GUYS! You are one of us gals now!! 🙂

  19. Pets n’ pects?

  20. The kittens seem REALLY not into it. They’re fighting it quietly but with determination… 😉 The one on the left seems about 75% successful; it’s almoust outta the pocket. Heh.

  21. Hey, no fair stuffing! 😛 That’s *fabulous*! And for maximum effect, he found two adorable calicos. Sigh.

  22. Aww, those are some cute kittens.

    But isn’t this the second male cats n’ racks picture?

  23. Sweet.

  24. Nevermind, I was thinking of this Roo entry:

  25. Waiting says:

    I’m waiting for the flood of comments that say “OMGZ I’M NEVAR LETTING MY KIDS LOOK AT THIS SIGHT AGAIN THAT IS SO NOT CUTE!!”

    Because we all know by now that chests are EVIL! Unless, of course, only female racks inspire such vitriol.

  26. Tony James says:

    While they were without question anerable and snorglicious, Dr. Feelgood’s patented breast implants failed to win FDA approval.

  27. Laurie C says:

    TJ, you totally crack me up.

  28. bahaha – now I’m off to bed with Motley Crue in my head… aaaaggggghhhhhhhh

  29. Michelle says:

    Awww calico implants! 😀

  30. Oh, those kitties are way cute. What a lucky man. :oD

  31. Tony James says:

    Not THAT Dr. Feelgood, Arbed – THIS one…

  32. eeek! What if the “Tables are turned” kitty is these guys’ mommy and they are looking down at her? How cute would that be?!!

  33. Tony James says:

    “Free the Twins!”
    [sorry – my sense of humour never got beyond 4th grade either, Meg ;]

  34. Thank you Tony – although I can’t accept blame for what pops into my head when I’m tired, your link will now help me (and my twins) sleep better now.


  35. There once was a fellow named Simon
    Whose pockets he’d let kitties climb in
    The resulting effects
    Were so good for his pecs
    That he threw his Boxflex
    In the trashbin.

  36. Tony James says:

    It’s Beat Poetry night here at the Cute Overload Commune and Coffee House!

  37. I LOL’d!

    If I saw a guy with kittens in his shirt pockets, accentuating his man-boobs so perfectly, I think I’d have to make out with him.

    I’d remove the kittens and snorgle them first, though.

  38. Tony James says:

    [grabs a coupla kittehs and pops ’em in his shirt pockets]

  39. Jen, yes: prioritize, dear, prioritize!
    Tony – whenever we at the Fat Cat Cafe limerick to the animals, we call it Beast Poetry. Pass the bongos!

  40. Tony James says:

    Groovy, sibling!

  41. Michelle says:

    ::lights a clove cig and sits cross-leg in the shadows::

  42. Lefty! I love Lefty! So spotted, so nice.

  43. lauowolf says:

    Another good thing to do with kittens,
    (Though the one on the left is almost out of there.)
    What a style statement!

  44. hedgedog says:

    too cute! GIVE!

    …uh… no, sir, may I have just the cream puff colored tiny kitties, please?

  45. Hey buddy, nice moobs.

  46. Villeline says:

    Is that a kitten in your pocket, sir, or are you just happy to see me…?

  47. >Who can blame them?

    Well, I’LL blame them!! RAAARGH!! BLAME BLAME BLAME!

    There. Sorry, i don’t know why i’m blaming them, i just feel like being contrary. Nice rrrrrack btw.

  48. Cute kittens, but if this is to balance up the last female rack picture, I think we require a) flesh b) a more sexual part of the man – probably a side-on view, wearing a thong.

    (On second thoughts though– maybe not.)

  49. hedgedog says:

    (kitty on the left)

    uuhhh… daddy… put me down! I’m DIZZY!

  50. Svenster says:

    Cats as rack would be more accurate 😉

    BTW, firefighters posed with cats for a calender, some of them were not wearing much more than the cat itself. If you ban CO for Cats’nRacks then you should also ban the fire brigade for the same reasons. (No sir, I’m letting you nowhere near my burning home with that hose of yours!)
    I luuuuv the category!

  51. Whoa! Look what I missed.

    But if *this* is a Cats ‘n’ Racks, shouldn’t *this* technically be as well:


    btw, you all are too funny. Aubrey & TJ, as usual, rock.

  52. yaaaaaay!

  53. kariboo says:

    LOL…kitty pasties!

  54. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    aubrey i second Pets ‘n Pecs. that way both men and wwomen get to be in the spotlight with cuties on their chests

  55. Now we all know what cross dressing men use to stuff their bra…pretty tittys…errr…uuh I mean kittys!

  56. Uh, is that a suede shirt? No wonder Leftie is getting outta there! Ew!!

  57. There are more kitten pictures (when they were younger) here:

    Unfortunately for you ladies, there aren’t other Pets ‘n Pecs pictures …

  58. (I’m ashamed to be taking part in this discussion but…)
    I think this category would be called “Cats AS Racks”

  59. Lillith says:

    Calico Kittehs!!! I love them as much as I do Marmalade Kittehs. Oh heck I love all kittehs. Sweet pic, but the next photo probably would have shown them rappeling down Papas chest using their widdle claws.

  60. lauowolf says:

    Oh yes.
    I so want to see the picture about one minute later as the kitties unpack themselves.

  61. Displayname says:

    (side whisper)
    Are those things real?

  62. jenni joon says:

    “they’re REAL and they’re SPECTACULAR!” LOL… yeah.. I’ll second Pets-n-Pecs! Most eggzellent suggestion!

    You know the kitters are all like “WTF? One minute I’m playing with that ball thing-eee over there and the next? Doink. How did this happen?! Mommy???! MEW Mew..”

  63. FINALLY I get it!!!! Now I understand why men like to snuggle the chest… I TOTALLY want to sink into these!!! *l*

  64. OMG, Aubrey, I laughed at that poem.
    The kitties are very cute.

  65. As a man, I’m seriously disgusted with this blatant sexist imagery.


    Feminista retards – get a life 🙂

  66. A new category:

    Kitties as Tities

  67. Now we know men have bigger right Kit than the left one.
    (ok got to stop now)

  68. Those kit-tits are entering mini-“nyerhe!” territory… 🙂

    I’d snorgle quick before the teeny tiny claws come out! (owwwich!)

  69. “A guy” ^^^- what a moron! : )

  70. If the pups n’ pecs idea has to evolve, so be it. 😛

  71. LOL — so what are we saying here? If men had boobs, they’d have claws and fur?

  72. Awesome! I love fluffy calicos.. maybe it’s because I have one myself.. GO FLUFFY CALICOS GO!

  73. Svenster–Are! You! Serious!? A fire calendar with hot firefighters and cute kitties?

    Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t seen that…the simultaneous eye candy overload might cause my head to explode.

  74. Kit E. Katz says:

    I can’t stand it!!!!! They are soooooo squashy, I want to kiss they little heads and gnaw on them awhile. Being calicos, these wittle fur balls will grow up to be naughty which makes them even cuter. The Calico Amazon tribe rools!

  75. Marianne says:

    For guys they should do cats as racks. But cuuuute cuuute pic. I love little kitties that color.

  76. Svenster says:

    Jen: I’m not kidding at all!

    I haven’t seen the other pictures though, only read a review in a cat magazine.


  78. cute very cute!!