From the ‘Where are they Now?” files

The behavior they learned as kids;


Has followed them INTO ADULTHOOD!


"Galgh!!" to Lasse I.



  1. 1st comment?

    this is cute!

  2. Lick My Pickles says:

    wonders how bad the dog breath is wen they grew up lol

  3. “STILL a jabbermouth, aren’t ya? Shuddyup!” 🙂

  4. That is absolutely PERFECT!!!! I love it! 🙂

  5. Key-ronshe!

  6. juggle geese says:

    Ever noticed how perfectly a dogs snout fits into another snout?

  7. good point, it’s like a puppy puzzle muzzle with one solution – canine kissing 🙂

  8. Michelle says:


  9. Clearly these two have some unresolved sibling rivalry issues.

  10. …ohmigod, CUTEST PUPPIES EVER.

  11. “Got your nose!”

  12. Turnabout is fair play!

    Looks like the biter became the bitee…

  13. are those the same animals?

  14. ChizzzzzzzzzOMP.
    “Mpht mphm hmm ghmmph mmt!!”

  15. Karen — close enough, eh?

  16. Hee! What are the chances? That second pic is by Monty Sloan of Wolf Park (, where I interned. I believe that’s Karin and Orca 😉

  17. The one whose muzzle is being covered is soooo, “Are you QUITE done?”

  18. Gillian says:


    I love how the one who gets kronshed always just sits there and takes it.

  19. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “Got your nose!”

    Posted by: John

    Cute caption John…LOL! 🙂

    This photo pairing is aces Meg! so cool & so funny!

  20. I had an ex-girlfriend that kissed like that. 😦

  21. LOL Marvo – no wonder she’s an ex!

  22. Is this literally the same brothers? Or just the same gesture by similar looking fellas?Amazing!

  23. But wait – is Marvo’s unhappy little smiley because she’s an ex or because she kissed like that? Was it the ex you did the video for? (ha, can you tell I just did a quick jog over to your blogs?)

    And on the topic of the pic, does anyone know the reason for this loving act of one animal inhaling the muzzle of another mother? (sorry, stop me now – I should go to bed)

  24. This is a matter of a muzzle power-play – who owns the alpha nose? Whose snout has the clout?

  25. The unhappy smiley face is there because of the way she kissed…and the saliva ring she formed around my mouth.

  26. OMG! They really are th same puppies!!

  27. is it legal to have two cute photos like that in one post?

    Maybe they’re not sure if they have bad breath, so one of them checks for the other.

  28. Katrina says:

    They are not the same dogs because the puppies are Huskies (I think) and the adults are wolves. Plus, look at the patterns on their fur.

  29. i don’t find this cute, somehow…

    what exactly are they doing?

  30. hmm maybe one grew up to be a dentist??

    in that case- GOOD JOB : )

  31. God knows what they’re doing, but the one on the left sure looks surprised.

    Perhaps they’re checking for brains?
    “no-oh-oh-oh… i can’t see anything-ing-ing-ing… open wider-er-er-er…”

    (that was his voice echoing btw, not some kind of terrible speech impediment)

  32. That is awesome — I love how the “kronsh-ee” has the exact same expression of perturbed tolerance in both pictures.

  33. Carlisa says:

    Maybe they’ve been stuck like that since they were pups.

  34. Elizabeth says:


    I love wolves. That is the cutest picture. Maybe it’s a dominance thing? I know that when I work with my dog, holding her mouth shut like that (with my HAND, not my mouth) is a dominant move. Plus it lets me kiss her shnozzle more efficiently.

  35. Svenster says:

    I think this could be a very rare case of siemese twins among wolves.
    They are usually fed with a straw.

  36. That’s real wolf behavior; it’s a dominant wolf telling the other to stop behaving improperly.

  37. Just following up with what a few people have said, yes, this is a dominance gesture.

    The biter has higher status than the bitee and is reinforcing that.

  38. Tony James says:

    “See how YOU like it! Not so fun, huh? This is payback from when we were kids – you know mom STILL gets that picture out when I bring girls home!”

  39. It looks like it’s the opposite ones, though!!! The one who was bitten in the first picture IS BEING BITTEN now, if you look at the white ring around one of their necks! Ha! The bullier became the bully-ee! They are soooo cute.

  40. Aelfwyn says:

    pheral – ‘checking for brains’ – love it! lol 😀

  41. “Whose snout has the clout?”
    LOL Aubrey.

    (I’ll catch up on the rest of these later…)

  42. *Dies from the absolute cuteness of this post*

    I want to note that this might just be my favorite post ever! Way to cute for words!

  43. um, didn’t i send that in? anyway at least it’s finally on CO!

  44. Baby Biter – “Hehehe this never gets old!”
    Baby Bitee – “Wanna bet?!”
    Big Biter – “You remeber when we were kids?”
    Big Bitee – “Yeah?”
    Big Biter – “Hehehe STILL never gets old!”

  45. I’ve seen those two pics made into a “Successories”-style poster-type image with the caption:

    A dish best served cold.

  46. ~KaZhmiR~ says:

    Not the same animals but still cute nonetheless 🙂

  47. A Fine Morsel says:

    Baby snouts! Grown-up snouts! I love them all!

  48. I love them! I always used to wonder why when my dad was tussling with his labs, he’d grab their snouts, and they loved it so much. Goes towards explaining why Dad was so good with the dogs. He really knew how to stay alpha.

  49. 2nd picture: so is one wolfing the other one down?

  50. [rimshot]

  51. “Yep, I’m afraid those tonsils are going to have to come out…”

  52. Just goes to show, it really IS a dog-eat-dog world out there.

    *ducks and runs away really fast*


  53. AuntieMame says:


  54. Yeah, I used to work for a vet that sold a leash called “The Gentle Leader” that looked a little like a harness, but it was a leash that fastened around the dog’s snout, and we used to explain that it worked so well because it mimics Alpha dog behavior. It really did work well too, most ornery dogs we would put it on would calm down instantly.

  55. I put the link to it in my nameline. Some interesting factoids in there!

  56. looks like someone’s being told whose boss. ^_^ best not get out of line in the pack.

  57. Why oh why is this so adorable to me? I want a wolf!


  59. The fact that the second picture is copyrighted by Monty Sloan or someone doesn’t deter the cuteness.


  60. Sorry, I knwo no one cares, but that DOES have canine social meaning. When one wolf/dog puts their outh over another’s it’s like saying “I’m a good leader.” I mimic that with my dogs by holding their muzzles in my hands. They seem to get it.

  61. waya augusta says:

    as a matter of fact raile some wolves/dogs will bite/nip at another’s snout or nose, this is usaslly a sign of friendship. atleast that’s my conclusion. and from the looks of things is that they are friends, most likely pack mates

  62. They are so cuute! If dominance wouldn’t the other be in a subservient posture? Maybe a little struggle for dominance as the chompee is tall and proud. I envy the owners/caretakers.