The hazards of holding a baby bun

Be careful People [start on the left on this photo and pan right] Your baby bun may look sweet, small and tie-tie in your hand, but may poop at ANY MOMENT!


Absolutely hilarious, Oh Joy!



  1. The rest of Oh Joy’s photos are fantastic too…

  2. aaaaawww what a sweet bunbun face! But wait the picture changes as I go right – ew.

  3. Well, them’s the dangers of holdin’ a real, live critter in yer hand!

    ( )
    ” “

  4. joodster says:

    awwww…teenie bun = teenie poop.

  5. ()_()

  6. Elizabeth says:

    My friend’s Maltese comes to visit and -always- ends up pooping in my bedroom. Drives me crazy, but she’s such a cute little bundle that it’s hard to stay mad at her.

  7. This bun also has a valid “excuse,” because its eyes haven’t opened yet…

  8. Meg (and all) – Oh Joy! also fostered this bun, previously featured on C.O.:

    Here’s the URL from Oh Joy’s photostream (plus her caption):

  9. EC, I love your rationale. You have a true bunny heart! Of course, bunnies are *perfect* no matter what they do–even while disapproving.

    This little babe has my full approval! Marmalade bunny….

  10. *rubs noses with bun*
    I lubs him.

  11. pistache268 says:


  12. constance says:


  13. hm where are the ears? hehe

  14. punkpie says:

    that’s poop? I thought it was a dirt crumb!

    teeniest pooplette ever

  15. DavidBoBavid says:

    lol.. it pooped while sleeping??

    the cuteness of that greatly outweighs any sort of grossness.

  16. jaypo, check the photographer’s photostream:

    The bun was only 8 days old when this shot was taken – I mean, we were excused for similar behavior at that age, no? 😉

  17. “it pooped while sleeping??”

    Nope, their eyes aren’t open for the first 10-12 days after they’re born.

    You need Bunny Awareness Training! [g]

  18. LOL – that is hilarious!

  19. DavidBoBavid says:

    ohh.. yeah, my knowledge of the littler, hairier critters is sorely lacking.

  20. I hope that is a speck of dirt on bunbun’s nose…

  21. ka9q's wife says:

    This is what GFY might call a scroll across. You start with the sweet sleepy head then move across the picture passing the prosh hind leg, next thing ya know you are staring at that prosh teeny tail all straight up and proud…then surprise you see a teeny dot of bunny boo on the hand that cradles the bun.
    Actually i find even the teeny poo cute in an oh, ew sort of way.

  22. Danielle says:

    even the poop is cute!

  23. Ok, don’t judge a book by its cover…But this isn’t a book it’s a…a…a…POOPSIE BUN BUN!

  24. the little guy is sooo adorable! hes gonna poop

  25. Heh, as little poos go, bunny poo is pretty darn innocuous. I worked in a kennel, bunnies are nothin’. 😛

    I had a guinea pig that pooped on my friend every time she tried to hold piggy, and never pooped on anyone else.

  26. moptOPMouse says:

    I imagine Sat night’tocks was to prepare us for this one..

  27. JessJess says:

    Awww so cute… and yet disgusting lol

    (\ /)
    (> < )

  28. I demand reposting of the bunny basket pic that was the main one Oh_Joy’s bunny page! Way cuter than one lonely bunny doing the doo.

  29. OK, myth number 2 is about to be exploded:

    Bunny poop is hard, dry and smell-less, unlike most other animal (and human) poop. That’s one reason why this pic is cute.

    If you want to learn more about zee teensy lapins, see (for starters, there’s lots more out there).

  30. It’s a bun-poo!

  31. Carlisa says:

    mTM——-I agree, it’s either that or Meg’s trying to tell us something. lol

    I think I’d have to squeeze the rest of the poo out of this little bun bun. Just too cute for it’s own good!

  32. Beware o’ bun crumb! lol
    () ()
    (m m )3_____.

  33. Bunny frass!

  34. “It’s a bun-poo!”

    Is that, like, a bunny-poodle mix? 🙂

  35. Carlisa says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if bird poop was like that? It would just bounce off the cars- no problem :o)

  36. He is not sleeping, or too young to have opened his eyes – he is clearly concentrating on squeezing one out; *nnnnnnnnnngggg*

  37. Even his turd is little and…well…if ever a turd was going to be cute, it would be this one.

  38. I’ll take this cute little sweetie poo and all!!! After all it washes and last I checked no one melts! *g*

  39. I once rescued a baby domestic bunny who was sitting in the grass near a bus station. He looked about five weeks old. I brought him home, placed him under a laundry basket with a clump of hay and some greens and hoped for the best. I had to go out, and when I returned, most of the hay and all of the greens were gone and there was a sprinkling of poops not much bigger than that in their place. I knew at that point that this little guy was going to be fine.

  40. According to a Columbia University Press Encyclopedia article on rabbits, their poop has two “stages.”

    From the article:

    “When feeding on green herbage, rabbits, like hares, excrete soft pellets which they reingest; the waste products of the redigested food are excreted as dry pellets.”

    I guess this is how they get all the nutrients out of their food?


    Article here:

  41. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

    These are the reasons I enjoy fostering so very much. I always get my cute fix and don’t end up owning my own personal zoo for it 🙂

    Here’s a link to the basket picture someone else had referred to earlier:

    They’re now 2 weeks old as of today and I swear you can almost watch them grow. I tuck them in at night and when I go look at them in the morning they’re already bigger!

  42. Chris Tucker says:

    What nice, warm, soft hand.

    For me to POOP ON!

    (it had to be said.)

  43. Singing in her best singing voice!

    “Little bunny poo poo,
    Hopping through the forest…”

  44. What a sweety-weety-cutey-wutey-pie, and a sweety-weety-cutey-wutey-poo. They go together so badly. I shall ship them like the fangirl that I am! Even though it’s going to the invisible, portable little bun’s room, it’s still a precious little thing. And a boy, it seems…

  45. Chelseya says:

    It’s cute, but I saw poo in the arm! :*