Saturday night ‘tocks

There’s something about lil’ Corgi ‘tocks/Bun ‘tocks that are just too much… Paw pads are a plus, of course.


Flickr star tchatchke posted this.



  1. ka9q's wife says:

    they are square…dies

  2. i cant make head and butt of it.

  3. I see a paw pad. I see some furry butt cheeks?

  4. Oh God, the ‘tocks are so fluffy and then the paw pads are so WEE.

    Kerplonk < -- the sound of my head hitting the floor. Ow.

  5. Yes, #5!

  6. Yes, #6!

  7. Pretty cute tush if I do say so myself!

    Yes, #7!

  8. snowpupgirl says:

    Square Butt! Hee!

  9. Constance says:

    Oh thank God! An update! I was going crazy w/o my update of cute!

    That tiny paw…so cute!

  10. Aww that is such a cute, peeking paw! I think the paw is going “baroo”!

  11. Hm I can’t believe I’m sitting here staring at a butt though – too comical a picture – time to go honk-shu for me!

  12. punkpie says:

    square ‘tocks =



  13. The Puritan says:

    Well, I think its disgusting. This is supposed to be a family friendly site and you guys are posting pictures of hairy butt tocks. Wont somebody please think of the children! If this egregious behaviour does not stop forthwith, it will be the last time I visit this site and I can assure you, its all your loss.

  14. Have you ever seen a corgi wag? It just sort of wiggles its “‘tocks,” it’s so goofy-cute.

  15. So long without an update, and this was the best thing available?

    Square hairy buns? Looks like a furry notebook, and if not for the paw, I wouldn’t have any clue what it was.

    Points for the camouflage though. 😉

  16. Michelle says:

    heehee. Corgi tocks! I especially love watching em working with sheep. You can’t even see their lil legs, such a blur. I see a paw… but I always thought they had wheels? And then. And then. And then when they really kick it into high gear on their outrun, they just vanish except for that fluffy white bob-bob-bobbing bottom fading toward the horizon. ::twitch::

    sigh. way cute.

  17. pistache268 says:

    Ahhhhh fluff.

  18. pistache268 says:

    A tad late though!

  19. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Nope sorry guys until these poor little sods have full tails they are not cute but maimed. Tail docking sucks – thankfully it’s becoming very untrendy here in the UK and more and more full-length, happy, waggy tails are to be seen everywhere.

  20. right ,im confused is that his butt or is something squishing him?

  21. falnfenix says:

    ok, christina, i giggled at the furry notebook reference.

  22. Carlisa says:

    Whoa! I hope this isn’t the rear end of the pug-pole we saw a couple days ago :o(

  23. …I’m just trying to figure out if that’s the butt-owner’s paw, or belongs to a buddy he’s plopped down on.

    Either way, it’s an EIN BUTT! HEE! But where’s Radical Edward…?

    /Cowboy Bebop reference ^__^


  24. Carlisa says:

    I have to confess…I didn’t know what this was because I never heard of a Corgi. I had to go look it up. I thought maybe it was a hammie, but the feet didn’t look right. Michelle mentions seeing their fluffy bottoms disappearing in the horizon while working with sheep. I get this mental image of a bunch of hammies chasing sheep. Then Becca asks has anyone ever seen em wag their tails (wait something isn’t right here!) I was leaning towards Christina’s “furry notebook” theory in hopes that paw was actually a bookmarker. CO is a fun way to learn about different animals (as long as you can keep your sanity!)

  25. That’s a pretty weak picture, IMO. All I see is some fur and a paw. Not that cute.

  26. Car, yr. so funny! xxo

  27. CorgiGirl says:

    In our house of corgis, we call the back end the “nubbin bottom.” And you have good luck if you pat it!! Corgis rule!

  28. Crystal says:

    The only thing cuter than corgi butts are corgis sleeping on their backs. This site needs more corgis!

  29. Piggalette says:

    TwoShedsJackson: The Corgi is not maimed. (I agree with you about tail docking btw.) Welsh Pembroke (not Cardigan) Corgi’s are born with naturally stubby tails. My husband and I desperately want to add a Cardigan Corgi to our brood, but they are harder to find than the Pembrokes. 🙂

  30. yea something so cute about CHOPPING OFF A PUPPY’S tail!!

  31. If you concentrate & squint, you can see a nose, an enormous pompous mustache, and a little tongue sticking out.
    Thpppp! Quite so, quite so.

  32. teho, your powers of concentration and squinting are way better than mine…

  33. Awww…it looks like a pup hiding underneath a furry rug.

    Oh, wait, the rug IS the pup!

    For some odd reason, this picture makes me think of the first Babar book, where the elephants end up painting fearsome faces on their backsides.

  34. LOL Carlisa, I totally thought it was a hammy, too!

  35. Courtney says:

    I don’t think I’d be able to let this sleeping dog lie… I’d want to tickle his paw pad and then give his paw a squeeze and maybe pull it a little. 🙂

  36. The Puritan- get over yourself everything has a butt

    YOU have a butt
    my question is do you walk around with it pixelated so as to not offend your children

    also anyone who thinks that animals ‘tocks are perverted and un-family friendly probably isn’t nearly as pure of mind as they would like to think

  37. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Piggalette: fair enough I never knew that about corgis – I will therefore retract my former opinion! In that case if this guy’s tail is whole I can go ‘awww’.

  38. This is cooler than Saturday Night Fever, and there’s a lot less disco.

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    LOL Starrgirl045 i thought the Puritan was joking. I guess i thought he must be joking because if he was serious that would be very scary and i would then have to worry for his children.

  40. co addict says:

    hehe, it looks like a furry footrest and a paw peeking out from under it!

  41. cafegrrl says:

    This is the most adorable pic! Oh that little paw pad!

  42. Oh la la, les tres, tres, bon [bonne?] “tocks,” certainment!

  43. I actually like the awful composition of the picture, it makes it that much more hilarious. It’s as if it was supposed to be a cute picture of the dog’s face, but then at the last second the dog turned tail, and all we get is fuzzy corgi-butt. Either that, or the cameraman was chasing the dog around the house trying to get a decent picture but the dog kept running away, which is also really amusing for me to imagine (mostly because I’ve done the same thing with my cat, and now have loads of cat-butt pics).

  44. ka9q’s wife- He might have been joking i dunno

    if you check out some of the comments from the original cats’n’ racks postings you would be suprised how many people AREN’T kidding

  45. Carlisa says:

    alice—-Thanks!!! I feel better knowing someone else thought the same thing. I figured “Corgi” was the hamster’s name.

  46. The Puritan HAD to be joking, both the post and the name. I think he or she was just poking fun at the legendary “Cats’n’Racks” whiners. Stops being funny when it has to be explained though.

    That said, this picture? Not really so cute in my opinion. A pic of the whole corgi with that little paw peeking out would have been sweeter.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    It wasn’t all that amusing to start with. Sarcastic digs at people whose opinions you disagree with is never funny…

    The little peeping toe is cute, though.

  48. The corgi is the Queen’s favorite breed of dog. These are blue-blooded buns. Mock them not.

  49. ka9q's wife says:

    oh and punk pie…blocktocks bwahahahahah, good one

    Aubrey they are blue blooded blocktocks.

  50. Beauregard says:

    Corgi tocks! AHhh! MUST. NOT. SQUEEZE. UGHh.
    (head explodes)

  51. Haha…just last night my boyfriend and I were talking about how corgis are little “footstool” dogs.

    If only all footstools came with upturned paw-pads.

  52. volgrrl says:

    We call this type of behavior “frog dog” in our corgi friendly house.

  53. corglestein says:

    omg, i am such a fan of corgis. they have the fluffiest ‘tocks around and they are so darn… truncated! why is it that wee little legs up the cute factor so much in my mind? anyway, i’ve been a-lurking but couldn’t resist. more corgis please!

  54. brownamazon says:

    “Corgi” means “dwarf dog” in Welsh. They’re the Queen’s favourite, too. I can just picture their little rectilinear butts running havoc all over Buckingham Palace.

  55. “OH HI!!!!! I’M SPAZ!!!!! WHO ‘R YOU???? HAPPY HAPPY WOO!!!!”

    So this is kinda the opposite of the blissed-out corgi up there, but I couldn’t immediately find a better place to post this, so what da hey. The schmooplets & I visited the local humane society yesterday, seeking information about becoming a foster family for cats & kittens, to prepare them for adoption. Of course, we also wanted to visit all the bunnies & kitties & doggies, and this was a good excuse.

    There were lots of tiger tabbies there (yeeeee!!!!), including one big lazy resident tom named Big Red who had his plaid blanket-bed right on the front counter. We proffered the Finger of Peace, and he did condescend to acknowledge our presence (barely). Quite an honor. There weren’t many dogs at the time. We heard somebody actually *bay* once, a real “hound” style foghorn, but it came from the “no admittance” section. There was a loud yellow lab named Jack (“Play! Play! Play!”) who got away from his volunteer (we caught him!); an “American Staffordshire Terrier” was in the next kennel over (y’know, big ol’ wedge-shaped head, don’t-wanna-piss-em-off Serious Dog, but she was very personable & friendly, and had the “I’m Going Home!” sign on her clipboard)… and then there was this, um, I think it was some kind of mop on crack.

    Seriously, if you traveled back in time to the mid-80s with a Swiffer, slipped into any given corporate bathroom, and dusted off the countertop, this is what you’d get. White curly fur, front paws up in the air (flappity flap), he’d just BOUNCE up and down like a pogo stick on his hind legs. Nonstop. He’d pause long enough for us to pat him twice on the head, then it was back to doingie doingie doingie doingie. There’s cute, and then there’s plain alarming. In fact, I’m pretty sure we met this little dude in person:

    I’m not making this up. Tigger has *nuthin* on this dog (tops are made out of rubber, bottoms are made out of springs, bouncey trouncey flouncey pouncey…) Here’s hoping he ends up in a household of java junkies and/or ravers with similar metabolic peculiarities.

    Now look at that corgi rump again:

  56. estella says:

    I used to volunteer at a nonprofit legal center, and one of the lawyer’s had a corgi that would run around the office, tongue lolling out happily. Sometimes if I was walking briskly down the hallway, the corgi would come up and nip at my ankles and try to “herd” me around!

  57. We call those hair pants.

  58. Theo, you’re So Swell.

    We offer the ‘Finger of Peace’ (loverly – can I use that, or is it copyrighted?) to the bunnies at the Ventura County Fair (first stop is always THE BUNNY BARN!!).

  59. “Finger of Peace” isn’t my term, but it’s totally Feline Diplomacy 101, isn’t it? I think I lifted it from somebody else’s CO comment, actually.

    Careful with the bunnies; sometimes they interpret the Finger of Peace as a Yummy Offering. It doesn’t translate well between cultures… er, species.

  60. Carlisa says:

    Theo—-That’s a wonderful thing you and your wife are doing. I didn’t know they had programs like that. Let us know how it goes. :o)

  61. I do fear the Tooth of The Bunny, but the boyfriend has owned rabbits and is wise in their ways.

  62. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I love me a Pemmy!!! Pembroke’s are the bestest. I want one so bad.

  63. Oh Theo, if you didn’t have a schmooplets I’d so propose to you right now.

  64. Let me ‘splain… Mon Schmoop is my wife Jaye. The kids are the Schmooplets (schmooplings, schmoopettes, etc). Yes, they’re girls. What makes it funnier, though? They’re teenagers.

    As parents, it’s our job to embarrass our kids. And growing up, I never expected it would be so much fun (or, y’know, actually *intentional*.)

  65. AlyInSebby says:

    Corgi Joy!
    I am actually a JRT Mom – crazy about those crazy beasties.
    Recently we were thinking of breeding our Female. My fantasy was to breed her with a tri-color corgi.

    The result? Corpussels!

  66. *corpussels* LOL

    Teho, do you call them “schmooplets” in RL? That *would* be embarrassing.

  67. [eeeee-vil schmirk]

  68. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Theo – Schmoopling sounds like what you would do to get a schmooplet

  69. i love those cute wittle fat leggers!

  70. Corgi’s are great dogs each with such distict and determined personalities. My corgi passed away after 13 years two years ago, but to this day I still find little fluffs of the “tocks” fur in the strangest places even after moving across the country. It always brings a teary smile of fond memories of “my Corky” laying just as the picture shows typically on the a/c register cooling off after romping through the yard. Great picture and thanks for the post.

  71. william congreve says:

    m’kay just reminding you that only the people on this forum think that the term ” ‘tocks” is acceptable …personally i thought that the person upthread who said “furry butt cheeks” was much more on target