“Snorgle” is my middle name

This, People, is a tapir, a sweet lil’ pig-like guy that’s born with stripes and a nose meant for snorgling. He’s ready to go!


Ladies and gentlemen, start your snorgles.


Thank you, Anthony, L.



  1. WHAT?

    Adorable, mysterious…alien. I lovei t.

  2. punkpie says:

    hee heee! God definitely has a sense of humor!

  3. That nose is frickin HUGE! Haha… sweet x cute. 😀

  4. So cute! And with so many stripes and spots as well!

  5. ohnomygosh.

    that is WAY too funny and cute.

    I have long thought baby tapirs to be one of the cutest animals in existence. but that top pic takes the cake.

  6. constance says:



  7. This little dude is an attack of textures.

  8. herenthere says:

    That’s snorglerrific!!!!

    What a cutie!

  9. WHOA! – I’m still trying to get over the shock of this picture. It’s an ant-eater? It’s a zebra? It’s got mouse-ears! But gaawsh he’s cute! I am compelled to snorgle. *ouch* as I hit the screen 😉

  10. Ok, so new rule? If your nose is bigger than the rest of your head, it’s cute!

    The look in his eye in that first pic! OMG So intelligent! So cute! Snorgleheaven, for sure!

  11. Tapirs are so cute! Aww!

  12. sapphie says:

    Spotty goodness!!!!!

  13. Tisha: If your nose is bigger than the rest of your head, then you’re the reincarnation of Jimmy Durante. INK-a dink-a doo!

    (Why yes, I *am* old. Why do you ask?)

  14. Good night, Mrs. Calabash…

  15. Oh, the shapes, the *shapes*!!! Maybe he’s snorgling back at us…

    Aubrey, do you post on dailykitten.com? There’s an Aubrey I saw on there.

  16. I sort of had a MST3K flashback:


    But much cuter of course.

  17. Dustbunny says:

    So trendeh, with its color-coordinated mix of spots and stripes!

  18. lauowolf says:

    This poor creature is born to snorgle.

  19. NTMTOM, great minds think alike… “Haaa chachaaaaaa”

  20. btw, are the first tapir and the second tapir the same tapir? Let us discuss.

  21. Thinker, I think not.

    #1 bebe’s face: no spots.
    #2 babe’s face: spots.

  22. estella says:

    I always thought it was cute how baby tapirs had such funky coloration, while the adults were more or less solid.

    They always reminded me of watermelons…if watermelons weren’t green…and were fuzzy…and had a schnorgly nose…and had 4 feet…

  23. Jaypo:

    I love me my kittens, and yes I visit http://www.dailykitten.com …er…daily (at least!)

  24. lauowolf says:

    You can do stupid things!
    Kid would have been better off with a tapir.

  25. chackler says:

    EEEEEEEE!!!! Check out that nose. Love the snorgles!

  26. Look at his little eye. And those ears!
    Sooo cute!

  27. AuntieMame says:

    I’ll bet these little fellas could hold their own in a snorgling contest.

    Not only to they look snorgle-able, they also look like they can do a little snorgling of their own.

    And the cute, cartoon eyes on the first dude are just too sweet!

  28. It’s kind of like the Mr. Potato Head of animals.

    Let’s see here….mouse ears…check…aardvark nose……..check…..tigerzebraish fur……check….piglet body….check. Owkay. Get him some groucho marx glasses and he’s good to go.

  29. LOL Marley!

    Great description.

  30. Aubrey,
    kittens + jaded heart = love

    You have a gentle soul.

  31. Trumpy!!

    You can do magic things!

    Ahh, love MST3K. Love this little guy. So speckly.

  32. Trumpy!!

    You can do magic things!

    Ahh, love MST3K. Love this little guy. So speckly.

  33. Marley, lmao!! Perfect descripshon.

  34. Apologies for the double post. I just got SO EXCITED about MST3K. (Or I stupidly reloaded the page at the wrong time.)

  35. hehehe Groucho Marx – he’ll need a moustache, though!

  36. As the President of the South American Tapir Appreciation Network, I always enjoy baby tapir photos.

  37. Cain — niiiiice.
    Acronym Man, away!!!

  38. I’ve loved tapirs for years, so this makes me happy that they’ve found a place on CO.


    Now we need to work on getting an okapi on here next.

  39. In case anyone doesn’t know what an okapi is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okapi


    The woman who loves strange patchwork animals, apparently

  40. he’s like the ugliest My Little Pony ever.

    so cute.

  41. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  42. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  44. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  45. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  46. ka9q's wife says:

    those eyes so cartoon human…i love them. Snorgles the baby.

  47. AuntieMame says:

    I clicked on the wikipedia link and then it wouldn’t let me click back to CO.

    I *hate* websites that do that!!!

    A few cute okapis here wouldn’t hurt, tho…

  48. Proof that I watch Animal Planet waaaaaaay too much is when I can go “Oooh! Tapir!” before reading anything.

  49. Mommy looks at that and goes all, “Ooohhh, I’m melting!”
    I don’t get it.

  50. Attention, everyone!

    Please be advised that although the baby tapir pictured here is quite cute, a Google Image search for further cuteness may result in finding the following SCARY AS A BERRY MAMA TAPIR:


    Tread carefully, my friends.

  51. ka9q’swife,

    I was going to comment on the eyes but you beat me to it.
    They almost have warmth about them.
    What a lovely creature. *smiles*

  52. lauowolf says:

    Mama tapir does have a certain sultry charm.
    Not cute, though.
    But maybe with her teeth cleaned…

  53. lauowolf says:

    And what is scriptoroverload and how did I end up there???
    (sort of like an alien abduction, only without the weird surgeries)

  54. My reaction: Awwwww.

    They’re lovely!

  55. Carlisa says:

    The Flintstone’s car vac!

  56. Oh wow – Mama tapir looks like she has human gums/teeth but an extended nose. She REALLY needs to go to the dentist, though… and maybe an orthodontist.

  57. The first one is a Brazilian Tapir, and the second one is a Malayan Tapir.

    If you think that these are cute, the fully grown equivalents are as well – the Malayan Tapir weighs over 300kg, makes noises that sound like a small bird, and fall over when tickled.

    Is there a cuter animal anywhere?

  58. Ahn! Proving once again that ANYTHING can be cute!!

  59. Um, can I get a Tapir Baroo?!

  60. lauowolf says:

    Thank you for the link.
    We must get an okapi next.
    (The ears! The stripes!)
    What a wonderful day – I have a new animal.

  61. “…makes noises that sound like a small bird, and fall over when tickled.”

    They literally “fall over when tickled”? I think they’ve just won the QUTENESS™ sweepstakes.

    Color me completely and utterly charmed, in thrall to tiny tapirs…

  62. the real test of cuteness limits will be getting a naked mole rat on here. they’re so homely that you have to love them:


    i’m officially advocating to get one of these guys on here.

  63. Tapirs also have 3-toed feet… I never thought I’d use this word, but have to say that they are absolutely *anerable.*

  64. Marley’s right. All the bits that wouldn’t fit on the platypus were put to good use on the tapir. :~)

  65. kariboo says:

    that other toothy one looks like napoleon dynamite of the tapir world…

  66. hey people, he’s got the big head to small body ratio thing going on… and those big eyes!

  67. Dustbunny says:

    Ok, I’m totally intrigued by how anybody discovered tapirs fall over when tickled. Presumably they don’t tickle each other (?) so what happened — did some bored scientist observe them in their natural habitat and think to himself “Hey, you know what would liven this up? I’ll walk up to a 300kg critter and find out if it’s ticklish”?? Enquiring minds want to know!

  68. RiffRaff1138 says:

    It won’t be so cute when it evolves into a Hypno.

  69. lauowolf says:

    The mole rat?
    “disgusting, yet cute.”
    Actually, the one on the right has great whiskers.

  70. Re. tickling, et. al., I found this (http://www.exn.ca/Stories/1999/07/22/53.asp ):

    “‘They love to be scratched,’ [zookeeper] says of the captive tapirs he’s worked with. “They fall right over on their side to let you do it. They’re suckers for that.’ “

  71. Villeline says:

    Der Zweck!

  72. The second one is BEAUTIFUL.

  73. wow…well i guess theres different typres of cuteness

  74. “Ok, I’m totally intrigued by how anybody discovered tapirs fall over when tickled.”

    Ask any tapir keeper at any zoo. They especially like being brushed with coarse brushes (like horses do). Apart from the fact they can be a little skittish (especially Malayian Tapirs), they are very placid, loving animals – and are frequently zookeepers’ favourite animals.

  75. “Tapirs also have 3-toed feet… I never thought I’d use this word, but have to say that they are absolutely *anerable.”

    They’re even better than that – they have four toes at the front and three at the back.

  76. *Larissa* says:

    awwwww so cute so sweet so snorglicious! awwwwwwww!!

  77. A friend of mine works at a zoo (oh, how I envy her!), and the tapirs are not only friendly and prone to falling over, they also remembers soft hands well. Two months after my last visit one of the females saw me and came RUNNING.

    “Pet me! Love me!”

    I did.

  78. Ebichu and captainpotato, thanks muchly for the info.

    How could anyone not love animals who act like that *and* have beautiful eyes and elephant-like schnoots?

  79. I love the tapir photos SO MUCH. They made my day. When I saw that top photo, I thought, “oooh, not pig, maybe horse?” and I realized after reading the comments that my knee-jerk reaction probably happened because of the eyes. That little guy has warm, beautiful, intelligent horse eyes.

    Now I wanna go work at the zoo as a Tapir Keeper.

  80. Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!!

    I think I, too, have a new favourite animal.

  81. Dustbunny says:

    Thanks for the info on tickling tapirs, guys! Who gnu CO could be so educational.

    BTW, wouldn’t The Ticklish Tapir be a fine name for a coffee shop? I’m picturing a cozy little place decorated with stuffed tapirs.

  82. Dustbunny says:

    P.S. By “stuffed tapirs” I meant cute little toy stuffed animals, not actual dead tapirs prepared by a taxidermist! Just in case anybody has a hissy fit while reading my previous post : )

  83. …not Tapirs on the couch watching football on Thanksgiving?

    Thinker — hmmmmm….

  84. eh?

  85. …aaaaand it’s a baby Rath.

    This little fellow still has some growing up to do, before his adult coat is complete & he can be safely mome.

  86. Michele says:

    omg the mama and baby tapir are snorgling each other **death**

  87. ah. I inspired a Theo-shop.

    Nice job!

  88. After looking at this picture last night before went to bed, I ended up dreaming about tapirs! The cuteness is infiltrating my dreams!!

    Must… snorgle… [head explodes while dreaming]

  89. I, too, dreamt of tapirs! 😉

    BTW, here’s a link to a comprehensive site on tapirs –


    Tha national animal of Belize, no less! Who knew?

  90. They fall over when tickled?? That is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! Awwww I want to tickle one! Do they have them in zoos? (Hm, breaking news: woman gets arrested by breaking into the pen of a tapir and ticking it.)

  91. *gasp*

    I saw an adult tapir for the first time in my life about a year ago, in a zoo..

    It was GINORMOUS.

    But the ickle tapir is soooooooo cute! :]

  92. Dustbunny says:

    Theo: What do tapirs stuff themselves with at Thanksgiving — cranberry walnut? Chestnut & herbs? Cornbread?

  93. fawn lust says:

    i love tapirs! their little pre-elephant noses really get me *right here*.

  94. TwoShedsJackson says:

    Roffle – I have a mental image of a tickled tapir wiggling its legs in the air going “No, no, stop it – I can’t take it, I’m gonna wet myself.”

  95. Tapirs are my favorite animals. TAPIR FACT! In Japanese lore, Tapirs are said to be evil and eat your dreams.

  96. Dustbunny says:

    Speaking of stuffed tapir:

    Not only do they have tapirs, they’ve got gnus, okapi & wildebeests too! I want one of each.

  97. Mr Snuffalupagus’ baby!

  98. “Tapirs are my favorite animals. TAPIR FACT! In Japanese lore, Tapirs are said to be evil and eat your dreams.”

    No, no, no!

    Tapirs are good in Japanese folklore, as they eat BAD dreams and nightmares. One petitions them straight after waking from a bad dream (or before going to sleep), and by eating a bad dream, the tapir (or baku as the mythological character is called) may turn it into something positive.

    See here, for instance:

  99. No new picture yet today – I’m going to through cute withdrawal! 😉
    I know, I know, no whining, Meg has been giving us like four-a-day! 😀

  100. oh oh oh! thank you captainpotato! I would have been spreading out false tapir facts if it hadn’t been for you.

  101. Oh, my favorite animals! Thank you for posting their pictures! As captainpotato pointed out, the first one is a Brazilian tapir, and the second two are Malayan tapirs.

    At the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle, there are two adult Malayan tapirs. They were being kept in separate enclosures for a while so that when they mated, their baby would be born in the spring (better for its health). But the female, who is very submissive, really missed the male, and sometimes he would stick his snout over the fence and she would flop over on the ground – all 900 pounds of her.

    (I’ve got lots of information about tapirs on my website, if anyone is interested, and the Tapirback site that E. Collison linked to is also a great resource.)

  102. Ponygirl says:

    I have been assured that Tapirs taste really good too.

  103. Ponygirl says:

    Actually, lots of cute things taste really good. Is cuteness nature’s way of flagging?

  104. Tapir Type, muito obrigada for the link! I love your opening page, too…

  105. Almighty Raisin says:

    I think CO needs more weeeird animals… bring on the aardvarks, the okapis, the ocelots and armadillos! All of ’em!

  106. Almighty Raisin says:

    And let’s not forget my all time favourite, the PLATYPUS! (snorgle)

    Btw, post #100? W00t!

  107. Almighty Raisin – yes indeedy!

  108. Dustbunny says:

    Re weeeird animals: let’s not forget gnus. No gnus is not good gnus!

  109. Aww, thanks E. Collison!

  110. “But the female, who is very submissive, really missed the male, and sometimes he would stick his snout over the fence and she would flop over on the ground – all 900 pounds of her.”

    That’s as QUTE as falling over when being tickled!

  111. TheLuna says:

    OK, I have to tell my tapir story.

    A few months ago I was in Belize and visited the Belize City Zoo, where they have several tapirs. About the time we walked up to their enclosure, an odd rodent wandered by (it wasn’t a zoo animal, it just lived “in the wild” at the zoo) – it was brown and looked sort of like a very large squirrel. I wondered aloud what it was, and my friend decided it was a baby tapir. Obviously not true, but funny, and we saw several more, at which point he’d say “Another baby tapir!!” At some point later in the visit I heard another person tell her friend “Look! That’s a baby tapir!” … and yes, it was one of the rodent things. By the end of our visit to the zoo, most of the group thought that these *rodents* were really baby tapirs. It was a riot!

  112. Oh…. *sweet*!

    It looks like a young pig! (as far as the eyes go)

  113. abbynormal says:

    Theo,,,that one you shopped looks like a not quite ripe avacado….

    Tooooo cute!

  114. This page has been linked to by the Tapir Specialist Group, who obviously also appreciate this publicity for our favourite animals 🙂


  115. I am a Docent (a volunteer) at the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, MS. We just had a baby male Malayan Tapir born last Saturday, on “Zoo Day,” with about 5,000 visitors present to witness his birth. He was a very special and most welcomed arrival to our Zoo family. Both he and his mother, Symphony, were utterly exhausted. It took him about an hour to stand up, and another hour to make his way down the side of his exhibit (around 50′ or so) from one corner to the next to lie in the grass. I got to hear his first few feeble whistles to his mother. (Tapirs whistle throught their prehensile nose). He was about the size of a small pig at birth, a dark charcoal color with white spots and “racing stripes.”

    But sadly, I got news today that our new baby died on Tuesday due to kidney failure. It happens sometimes, more often than we like, to lose those precious babies. It’s not anybody’s fault. Not the mother’s, the Zookeepers’, or the baby’s fault. It’s just Nature’s way of saying that this baby wasn’t meant to survive in this world. We were here to love it for the few short hours that it was here, and show it all the love and joy and affection that we could, and give the mothers’ privacy that we could allow it with that precious little baby.

    And then, we try and let the animals grieve and the Zookeepers grieve and the Zoo family and all of the rest of us who knew that baby try and go on with trying to preserve the species that we care for in this world.

    I urge everyone to look up the SSP. The Species Survival Program, which governs all of the breeding for animals in Zoos, Wildlife facilities and other programs all over the world. It’s kind of like the “dating service” for endangered species animals, to control the bloodlines of each and every species so that related animal don’t interbreed. One person holds the “studbook” for each species, and it is a VERY GREAT HONOR to hold a studbook, and it’s also a great responsibility, because you ARE responsible for THAT SPECIES. When the SSP says that they need your particular animal to go somewhere (perhaps half-way across the world) for breeding, you don’t have a choice; you send your animal. And vice-versa. There’s a list. And animals are kept on birth-control pills, just like humans. They get implants! Or, are kept separated so that they don’t breed. If you have too many of one animal, or if they’re related, you might send one or more off, or trade animals with another facility. You just never know, and there are waiting lists for different animals, and it also depends on the facilities at your particular location, whether or not you have the proper holding exhibits for what that animal needs, such as available room, facilities, enrichment areas, water and/or pools, etc. It’s a Federal law that Primates (Apes – Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans, Bonobos and Gibbons; and Monkeys) have to be provided DAILY enrichment, which is a form of food, toy or treat that will stimulate their daily activity and enrich their environment. Other animals are also provided enrichment as well. That’s why you’ll see “Boomer Balls” (big PVC plastic toys), wooden spools, fabric, baby pools, feed bags, frozen treats, pumpkins, watermelons, papier mache’ toys, etc., scattered around the animals’ exhibits when you visit various Zoo’s. It may seem messy, but it’s just the animals playing with THEIR toys. And that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re having fun. And we’re trying hard to do OUR best to keep it that way.

    So the next time you see a DOCENT (a Volunteer) at a Zoo, just go up and say, “HI!” We’re there to help y’all!

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