Teeny tiny torte

Teeny Tiny Tortie McTortlesons here is an Egyptian Tortoise born at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. He’s one of the tiniest, most endageredest tortoises in the world! He also has NINE siblings. Imagine THAT dinner table.


Pass the mashed potatoes, Adam G.!



  1. Whoa, I just realized that’s a *dime*.

  2. estella says:

    omg…imagine having a whole pocketful of those!! sooo TEEEENY

  3. Awww, that definitely beats the plastic desk turtles! Pass the tortoise, please!

  4. awwww these little guys need to get going and breed because I MUST have one!

  5. omigosh, baby turtles are like my favorite thing in the world! ARg!! Whats best is when you pick them up (gently) and then they wag their arms and legs back and forth and look at you fiercely!

  6. Ohhh… sooo sweet and tiny… I wouldn’t dare put this sweety at my table, it would get mistaken for a brussel sprout! TINY TORTY!!! Sooooo cute!

  7. Freaking OUTRAGEOUS. I almost choked on my Diet Coke with Lime when the pic loaded. But I would have died happy.


  8. Charissa says:

    How can something that small even be alive?!??!?!?!?! Cute cutie turtle wee-ness!

  9. what just happened… i typed in cuteoverload, next thing i know, i’m on the ground regaining consciousness…

  10. Very cute – the wee head is barely popping out.

  11. Brings new meaning to the phrase “drop a dime”.

    I’m in love!

  12. you guys r silly says:

    you guys r silly…

  13. hehehe and apparently there is more than one Alice today. For a moment there, I was like – wait, am I suffering from amnesia? – to the “omigosh” comment!

  14. you guys r silly says:

    For being so teeny tiny, he ALREADY has *BEAUTIFUL* markings and etchings and shadings in his wee little shell…look at ‘dat…&:o)

  15. Egyptian?
    Wee beyond belief?

    This must be the Toy King, the Tut Tortoise!

  16. That…




    It’s sad they’re endangered. They wouldn’t be, if other animals would watch where they’re stepping.

  17. little miao says:

    do baby turtles grow bigger? *faints*

  18. “tortielini” ha

  19. Wow, that is one GIGANTIC dime. Where’d they find a dime that big?

  20. AuntieMame says:

    I’m imagining the dinner table for these lil’ guys.

    It’s probably the size of a quarter…

  21. oh they are soo cute 🙂

  22. punkpie says:

    soooooo kyewt and dinky!

  23. Laurie C says:

    If he has nine siblings, that makes them the Ten Tiny Turtles of the Sesame Street song, who were, in fact, ordering dinner:

    “Ten tiny turtles on the telephone
    Talking to the grocery man…
    …We’d also like ten mangoes
    They’re the favorite of our sister Gert
    And one last thing
    Please do include ten apples for dessert!”

  24. I love that the “oh they are soo cute :)” comment up there belongs to someone using a screen-name of “bitch”. Awwwwww.


    — Total F♥♥♥ing S.☻.B.

  25. you guys r silly says:

    How do you make the HEART ?????

  26. TheLuna says:

    Stop it, CuteOverload, just stop it. You already have me wanting a hedgehog and a bunny, and I’m damn close to wanting my very own milk-splattered kitty. And now I simply *must* have a teeny tiny dime-sized turtle.

    What are you trying to do to me, anyway?

  27. You know that turtle’s thinking …”whoa–free dime!” then he’s gonna try to make off with it, real slow like, and blow it all on penny whistles and moon pies …

  28. Jessica says:

    I want him!!!

  29. Laurie C says:

    L, you made me laugh.

    Doesn’t that turtle look like a crunchy snack to anybody else? You could take a bag of those to the movies and eat ’em like popcorn. In BBQ and original Turtle flavor.

  30. I’m trying to wrap my brain around this… a dime-sized turtle??!! My mind has finally boggled for good.

    Kin I hold him? Puleeze?

  31. Delicious. Add some more salt and pepper, and a bit more of onions and its good to go. DIINNERR!!! Just kidding.

  32. Oh my lord is that an adorable little tortie!! Wow, I had no idea anything that tiny could live. Totally melted me when I saw it. LOL

  33. I saw him in person!! I went to the Eye-to-Eye behind the scenes tour at Woodland Park and met Mr. TTT in the shell. He’s even cuter in person, if that’s possible.

  34. Driver B says:

    so. SMALL!

  35. YGRS —
    1) Press and hold the Alt key
    2) Press and release the 3 key on the NUMBER PAD (*not* the 3 above the E key)
    3) Release the Alt key

  36. Ponygirl says:

    They must have a dinning table the size of a Triscuit.

  37. Chelsea Poe says:

    this is the smallest cutest turtle I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  38. Did McTortlesons make anyone think about the Torklesons?

    Or were we all captivated by the image of ten tiny tubular turtletts tippling around a tiny table?

  39. I’m a dime, I’m fine and I shine, I’m freshly minted. I’m silver plated, I’m underrated, you won’t even pick me up ’cause I’m not enough – for a local phone call….

    sorry, random Cake moment there. I want that little guy to walk around all day singing that song.

  40. excuse me, but I’m here to gum the tortie…. I lost my teeth at the last photo…


  41. OMG, sooooooooo tiny! So incredibly adorable

  42. A Fine Morsel says:

    I’d like to place him at the end of my dog’s snout. Although then he just might become a snack.

  43. ah! My first pet was turtle! I love tortes!

  44. Holy Rule 14, Batman!

    I totally ♥ teeny tortugas!

  45. Anna Idle — Those ten tiny table turkles are *tewtelly* teetotallers. Time for tea and toast!

  46. Courtney says:

    *stares at turtle*
    *stares at dime*
    *stares at turtle again*

    I’d be afraid to pick him up. He’s so wee!

  47. so it’s a murder of crows, a pride of lions, a school of fish, and a “dollar” of mini-turtles?

  48. Since they’re mini, maybe a “tenth” of turtles, a “coinage” of turtles, a “change” or turtles…you know, with the dime and all.

    Though I think officially it’s a “bale” or a “herd” of turtles.

  49. A bale of turtles!

    love it.

  50. Michelle says:

    Awwww so cute.

    Kinda reminds me of when I was sick and visited a Chinese physician here in the states. He put me on a strict diet and had his wife translate it into english. She told me “Not eat tartar.” Didn’t know what that meant. Raw meat? I asked for clarification. She drew a picture of a turtle. “Not eat tartar!”

    Mmmkay. Was pretty sure I could handle that one, hehe.

    Now… I’m not so sure. This delectable tartar is hors d’oeuvres sized. **GLOMPF!**

  51. Carlisa says:

    hahaha!!!! Michelle—Did that really happen or are you joking? Either way you had me cracking up. All these years I been tartar sauce and didn’t know what it was made of. Yuck!

  52. Carlisa says:

    oops!…no.. I’M not tartar sauce…I have been EATING tartar sauce. (And NO haven’t drank anything…yet :o)

  53. Carlisa, perhaps you should start:


  54. There IS a chinese dessert that has turtle in it, it looks like black jello. Never tried it before but it’s quite popular =/

  55. tablemountaingirl says:

    can he/she even get its teensy tinsey legs onto the ground to go anywhere? so cute!

  56. That teeny torte has nine siblings? That will make for a festive board indeed, especially when his relatives, the Linzers, come over.

  57. What a cutie! He looks like a little stone carving.☺

  58. Teeny tiny tortoisette! SQUEEE!


  59. I want it! Where do you find this stuff?!


  60. Michelle says:

    Haha, Carlisa. Tartar sauce is just pickles and mayo I think. Steak tartar, on the other hand is raw ground steak. The “tartar” from my story is just how this woman happened to pronounce the word “turtle”. And yep. It’s a true story. As an anglo native of the west, it just never occured to me to eat a turtle, ya know? So I found it amusing to be given a diet where I was to avoid em.

  61. Gary Fixler says:

    Cute-o Testudo!


    “Brother, can ya spare a tortie?”

  62. Wee little turtle looks like he’s just modeling his magnificent shell. <3

    … How does that work, anyways? -just realized ignorance- Do turtle shells grow? That’s amazing! xD

  63. Ahhhh! So tiny! So precious! It’s just so small!

  64. “Ten cents: a dime
    That’s Just the width of me
    God how my cuteness gets around
    Ten cents: one coin
    Look, and say guys
    That I’ve the smallest shell you’ve ever found
    All that you need is a ticket,
    Come to the zoo, big boy, ten cents a glance.”

  65. ok, i usually think turtles are pretty cute, but that just completely destroys everything. eee! it’s the size of a key on my computer keyboard! so yitto! (kiss!)

  66. Carlisa says:

    Aubrey— I think you’re right! Jep! A wottle of that bine should help me get over these frain barts.

    Michelle—was joking about the tartar sauce, lol. I won’t eat turtle either. My brother almost had me trying it until I saw him cooking it. It MOVES around in the pot. ~*willies!*~

    Dannee—turtles shells grow along with them. :o)Wouldn’t it be nice if kid’s clothes were made to do that?

  67. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    ommmigoodnessdatsdecutestwittltortleindeewholeworld! and im not a turtle person!

  68. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    no, maybe some gingko baloba, it works [it smels like hamster food though]

  69. For another photo of the turtlett and his brother that we took:


  70. christabean says:

    so cute and perfect . . . and somebody used the word “Turkle” — that was my grandpa’s turtle’s name. He was a good turtle.

  71. Holy sh*t, I know this is redundant and I’m a late comer to this post but it needs to be said again: THAT’S A DIME. Wow. Cute, but wicked crazy too!

  72. you guys r silly says:

    THANK YOU for showing me how to make a ♥ !!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  73. Katherine says:

    I could pretty much stick that up my nose. 😀

  74. ………what are the oddsof the frist the $20 bill and the chowawa and this cute lil trutle ( or tortes)

  75. HOLY &^%$% thats A DIME!!!!
    i thoyght it was a 25 cents

  76. I have a sulcata tortoise that was 2 weeks old when I got him. He was smaller than a quarter then. He’ll live to be 80 and weigh 150 pounds. Yes, the shells grow and they grow quickly!

  77. Even nine of ’em wouldn’t need a big table. 🙂


  78. This must be the Toy King, the Tut Tortoise!
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I showed my fiance this post and he suggested an adaption of the Steve Martin song “King Tut”

    wee tut…wee tut…born in cuteness overload…cuter than a horned toad…wee tut!!!

  79. Meg, you’ve been a bad influence on me. I’ve started referring to the noisy little dog who lives in the house around the block from us as “Yappy McYapperson.”

  80. Carlisa says:

    Katy—How old is your tortoise now? How big? You should send Meg a pic :o)

  81. Truly a tantalizing taciturn teaspoonful of ten-cent-tiny turtle.

  82. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Aren’t turtles great? Lookit the itsy-bitsy teensy-tiny shell…!