"Angelica the Pug here. I got the name ‘Tadpole’ since my back legs don’t work so great. I always get to where I’m goin’ tho. I just hafta ‘tadpole’ to get there. Whatevs."


Alert reader Michelle R. says; "Most people’s teeth shatter into itty bittypieces when they see her pics, so I hope your viewers have dental plansif you post these." [oy very! sounds of teeth shattering]



  1. Aww, what a sweetie. I want to pet the pugpole!

  2. I love puppy puddles! I hope she’s not too fat to move!

  3. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t have dental coverage at the moment, so maybe I shouldn’t look! O_o

    (Oh well, I need a filling I’m going to have to pay out of my pocket. I’ll just get it all done at once…)

    Is the story in the caption for real? How sad, and yet how sweet.


    *snorgles the puggle*

  4. More like my jaw dropped, while my lips struggled to hold themselves together in a pout.

    Sad or Cute? Sad…poor baby



  6. oh my GOSH.

    I am not even a dog person, and yet this picture has my jaw dropping.

    Giant head, tiny body, wiggly method of transportation…yup, tadpole all right!

  7. A tadpole…. or a seal? Cute!

  8. I wish to huggle the puggle.

  9. Awww, she’s pugly, but her tadpole angle makes her a little less so! (I know that’s not much of a compliment, especially coming from a dog nut such as myself, but it takes a lot to make a pug less pugly.)

    And why don’t her owners get her a doggie wheelchair? No sense in making her drag herself around!!!

  10. That is unreal!

    I cant get over how her features are all squished to the lower half of her face.

  11. I want more where this came from! What a cutie pie!


  12. Bubbles says:

    Awwwww….(shatter). Oh well, now I can forget about that wisdom tooth I was worrying about!

  13. pistache268 says:

    Pug chub.

  14. DavidBoBavid says:

    omg.. that’s really cute. he looks so sad.

    for more mishappen pug action, check out this video..

  15. Oh dear… another “IS THAT JUST A HEAD?!” pic…

  16. TeratoMarty says:

    Dear god, it’s like a chibi version of a dog. Rules 16, 15, 13, 12 (though we can’t see the limb flop, it’s explicit in the caption) and 2 are all in effect!

  17. I think I would have to take it upon myself to carry Angelica anywhere she wanted to go!

  18. David BB — *y*i*k*e*s*. Reminds me of Deathtöngue.

  19. Theo: A-pparently so. This one’s gonna need its own category soon. “Heads”.

  20. Speaking of categories… I just noticed that Cats ‘n’ Racks™ is back down to only 3 entries. The girl with the black nail polish seems to have kapoofed.

  21. OMG! He looks like Nagomimakuri!

  22. Kris, in New England says:

    She’s cute but looks so thoroughly annoyed with the photographer – “No, I won’t do anymore parlor tricks for you foolish humans.”


  24. Aww Pugpole is a bit grumpy today. The face looks sooo familiar… either Pugpole looks like the Grinch or John Quincy Adams.

  25. Charissa says:

    I want to lay down on the floor and rub my nose against the little black smooshy nose of the pugpole and die contented then and there!

  26. DavidBoBavid says:

    Theo: haha.. that’s true.

  27. chunkstyle says:

    Oh wow, I love seeing dogs that have “handicaps” but just live their lives totally normal…I hate to be that inspirational lecturer type, but dang is it ever inspiring to see that 3 legged dog go all out for the frisbee!
    Um, not that I don’t love dogs with all of their facilities…

  28. juggle geese says:

    not cute! And it looks menacing.

  29. Driver B says:

    Are pugs not the most anerable little doggies in the world?

    Mumumumumu wittle cutie, I kiss you!

  30. You can almost hear the snorky breathing noises, coming out of that smooshy little nose, at the bottom of that gigantic forehead.

    Kinda sad. Kinda cute.

  31. Villeline says:

    Not cute. Tragic. Humans made that poor pug that helpless on purpose. 😦

  32. >MMoptopmou-Se says:

    Angelica has a Betty Boop head.. can you print one of Angelynes small dog

  33. that is so disgustingly cute.

  34. teho, do sumpsing funny to dis pitcher. peez?

  35. Jessica says:

    I wish there was a video of this cute little pug in action! <3 sooo cute!

  36. OMG, that domed head! The smushed-in face! I am going to freakin’ EXPLODE from the utter cuteness of this pug!!!

  37. She is adorable and sweet. Puig are all beautifull and she is no exception! I love the blackies! They got attitude!

  38. Ariel — I kinda already did my ‘shopping for today. I’ll think on it tho.

  39. Aw, sweetness!

    It reminds of a little kitten puddle:


  40. Is she unable to use her back legs permanently? That poor precious pup!

  41. Why do my teeth hurt so much right now?

  42. AIEEE! Does anyone watch The Oblongs on Adult Swim?

    This pugpole reminds me of the fat, short frog-looking girl with braids. Only kyewt!!

  43. she needs a hug

  44. so cute!

  45. Rule #16b in effect. She’s definitely got a five head.

  46. little miao says:

    pug puddle

  47. bellabell says:

    omg its a pudgy puggy hehe

  48. I had a black pug—she died not so long ago. She also became paralyzed, first the back legs, then the front.

    I snorgled her incessantly.

    BTW, all decently bred pugs have those facial qualities.

  49. I, too, want to zero in on pup snorgleage…

  50. Carlisa says:

    She’s so cute! I wonder how old she is and if leg problems common with this breed?

  51. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least I won’t get headaches from grinding my teeth anymore. And that retainer that fell off my lunch tray? History. Thanks Pupole, KISSES!!!!

  52. Michelle says:

    So sweet my teeth just shattered!

  53. AWWWWWW! OMG my heart melted when I saw her. Her story is so wonderful. I admire the resilience that animals have in overcoming handicaps…too bad we humans can’t learn a thing or two from them. However, on that note, there is a company that makes wheelchairs for dogs. http://www.k9carts.com…wonderful!

  54. xiiilucky says:

    i just want to kiss her cute little face!!! muah

  55. Anna aka IdleReceptionis – I totally thought it looked like a cuter Helga from the Oblongs too! XD “I like the kind that makes its own gravy!”

  56. i love her. love at firt site. melting, melting……puddle on floor.

  57. Jan Spencer says:

    Just a cutie patootie!

  58. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    aaaaaaw! i want a tadpug! soooooooo preacious!

  59. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    lollololllolololololol! cutie patootie

  60. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    maybe the kitten puddle ad pug puddle are long loost cousins

  61. Beauregard says:

    OH! The face! What a cute sweet little moosh face! AHhh. My molars!

  62. Katie101 says:

    That pug is so cute. I love it.

  63. Wow, look at the cranium on that thing!

  64. pixie-stix says:

    Ohmygah, I love him.

  65. **Snorgle snorgle snorgle***

  66. English Chick says:

    it kinda looks like a liiitle baby seal.

    soo cuute!!


  68. What an angel! God bless the pug dog! I have a fawn colored pug dog named Mai Tai and she loves to sit like a frog with her back legs trailing behind her. Something tells me that she and Pugpole would get along well! Give the baby a kiss for me! I could just eat her with a spoon!

  69. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. whatevs.

  70. I’ve seen every picture on this site, and they are all beautiful, but Oh My God…what a picture….what a doll…

  71. OWWWWWWWWWWW, where have my teeth gone???

  72. awwww.. i like the pugpole!! too cute… i want to feed him and play with him and cuddle him and make him feel his special!! it’s so sad to hear about that but i can take care of you!! waaaaaaaaa.. my lil baby!! gugugaga!! i heart you so mucch!! muaaahh

  73. I`m Angelica`s (Pugpoles) owner. I actually never realized she was on here! Until today. My little girl! To answer the very few complaints, we are getting a Pugcart for Angelica, but they can only be used outside with supervision (if it topples over). Also the Vet suggested allowing her to try and use those muscles as much as she can so they dont get too weak. She gets around like you wouldnt believe. I also have carry bags for her from Tokyo to cart her around in and she visits Seniours Centers for Dog Therapy. She is the Queen of our house and a VERY happy Pug :3. I even bake all her doggy cookies from scratch and dress her up to take her to see Santa. In our eyes she`s not handicapped, she`s just our special baby.

  74. To the person who said;

    “Not cute. Tragic. Humans made that poor pug that helpless on purpose. 😦 “

    Im also a part of Angelica the Pugs family. We did nothing to make her helpless. We bought her from the most reputable breeder we could find. But She was unfortunately born with a dip in her spine, causing partial paralysis of her backlegs. They suggested euthanasia. She was 3years old. She is a member of our family, and like a family member we love her all the same even though she`s handicapped. She is treated like a GOD o__O. And she knows it. She has an extesnive wardrobe and beds from Japan, a brother named PikaPika (a shih tzu). And as a therapy dog has made others feel better about being in wheelchairs. It is more difficult to find a doggy cart than you think, but we are getting her measurements taken for one. She has more love than you can imagine. Some people should think before they post.

  75. Awww Angie’s so cute~