Hey, wait a minute…?

Look at dees poooor little kitten. Falling asleep in front of our very eyes HEY!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, it’s Cats ‘n’ Racks strikes again, Coral A.!



  1. Chantelle says:

    Aghhh, he’s being swallowed by the cleavage of doom!

  2. Aww, I’m second.

    YOWZA … damn, I wish I had cleavage like that. Lucky kitty, too!

  3. This should go in the Cats ‘n’ Racks Hall of Fame.

  4. rainbow says:

    lets just hope to god this kitty knows how to use “soft paws” ouch!

  5. HOH-lee GOOD GOD DAMN, Jules, lookit this! Big Moxie musta bin stuffing her front the whole time!!

    (heh… BUSTED.)

  6. Angelyne’s latest gimmic?

  7. whooooo buddy!
    happy cat

  8. This is a little bit disturbing, to be honest…

  9. *rofl* Being female and quite similarly endowed all I can say is she is one BRAVE woman!!! There is NO way I would risk a spastic cat in there no matter how much I loved it…. I may be selfish but when you have a great rack you set the cat NEXT to it… not IN it!!!!

  10. NO one make any loud noises…holy moley! It would be “cat scratch fever” at its best!

  11. M- & Angela — I don’t think Lil Grey Poof is in a spaz mood at the moment. The eyes! THE EYES!!!

  12. the rack proximity makes kitty all schwooooooozy.
    no scratchie

  13. I humbly submit that the Cats ‘n Racks category heretofore be renamed to Kittehs n’ Tittehs.


  14. skwerly, mwah ha ha ha!
    on another note, my pal jen & i call this “the treatment”
    rendering the victim powerless by smushing boobs on head/face.
    the treatment pwns u

  15. TheLuna says:

    I vote with Skwerly … *hysterical*!

  16. wow…just goes to show that a nipple can kinda ruin my day sometimes…cute kitty though

  17. meowsers & wowsers

  18. KITTEH! TITTEHS! Nice.

  19. um, sorry, yuck the boobage…

    but the KITTEH is my absolute all-time fave: longhair gray tabby. YUM!

  20. IOW: I Want That Kitty.

  21. i just had what was to me a rough flight. the woman next to me saw me grip my arm rest and she covered my arm with hers and held my hand. she must have been one of the largest women i’ve seen in a while.
    the feeling of my arm being totally enveloped by hers was so comforting. i can tell you, as a straight woman, that resting in mounds of earth momma chub (boobs are chub… chub and a milk bar) would be heaven. doesn’t work for men. hair bad. bare or fur good. this kitten will not hurt the boobalies as she knows she’s in heaven. if she were on a chest like paris hilton’s or lindsay lohan’s, she’s be fighting to get away from the bony chest.
    my cat sleeps on my ass…. and no matter what, that is NOT a photo for cute overload. ….load overload, perhaps.

  22. Bubbles says:

    I suddenly realized that I will NEVER be in this category, having no cat and a much smaller rack than exhibited here. It’s kinda sad, actually.

  23. Bubbles: see:


    and take comfort.

    now all you need is to borrow a cat.

  24. awww, ^ thats the only cats and racks pic i like actually, it’s classy

  25. Bubbles says:

    Right, I needs me a teeny tiny kitten to make the rack seem bigger.

  26. /invoices Theo for royalties on “The eyes! THE EYES!!!”

  27. What kitten?

  28. What kitten?

  29. AuntieMame says:

    I hope that boob cleavage, and not the other kind…

  30. Kitteh looks like, “This isn’t about me, is it? This is about yer boobs again, isn’t it? Always about yer boobs. Whatevs. I’m cozy.”
    [I’m afraid to point out the tiny pink paw pads to the left for fear I may be mistaken…]

  31. takes “stuffing your bra” to a new extreme.

  32. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love the dislocated foot sticking out on the side…

  33. That is one happy, warm, fuzzy, contended looking little kitty. I can just hear the purring. Although I’m generally not amused by the whole “rack” aspect of things, this looks like a happy time for both kitty and the owner of the rack!

  34. To be honest at first it looked like a kitten stuffed in a buttcrack. But I guess it’s just a really binding, neon pink, lace-elastic-edged tube top. hhhhott

  35. Another happy puss!

  36. DavidBoBavid says:

    Skwerly: ROFL!!

    Yeah.. that cat has it way better than he’ll ever know!

  37. I totally vote for “Kittehs n’ Tittehs”. It actually looks like the kitty is smooshed in a butt crack. It is still funny.

  38. i think we can have both — cats n’ racks and kittehs ‘n tittehs. just put older cats in the former and baby kittehs in the latter! problem solved!

    and i just have to interject here…my orange tabby, leon (now 13 y.o.) used to love to burrow in my rack when he was a baby…but let’s just say he’d snooze down by the underwire! he’d burrow down, turn around and sleep with his head partially emerged (prob. so that i wouldn’t smother him!) i’d walk around with him in there, napping away. i’d have to be careful, tho, so as not to wake him (ouch!) or suffocate him!

    i once had a photo with leon and his brother, each burrowed underneath, with their heads touching, both napping. i’m heartbroken that i’ve lost the picture. ladies, imagine your underwires being lined with fur! ahhh, so redonk!

  39. Meg – Hee.


  40. ROFL!

  41. hehe, AuntieMame – I hope so, too!
    Kitty glow!!!

  42. … Are you positive thats a rack?

  43. OMG, if that’s not a rack (and buhleave me, I thought about it! I’m 99.9 percent sure it’s a rack) I’m in trouble! I might have to rename the category “Kit ‘n’ buns” er something.

  44. Bubbles says:

    “Kitties N’ Tushies?”

  45. Bubbles says:

    “Bootylicious kittehs?”

  46. Michelle says:

    Skwerl: hahahahaha! kittehs & tittehs!

  47. Hmmmm, the more I look at it, the more it looks like bumkitty to me too. And, uhhhhhhh, hot pink panties….. (cough)

  48. kariboo says:

    omg. i m sitting in the world’s most boring design class…and i feel like this kitty!
    (i am covertly checking out CO to keep me awake. go meg, go!)

  49. If that’s butt cleavage, kitty is *really* wedged in there.

  50. Wait, look at the desk in the back. Must be boobies unless the woman is 10 feet tall.

  51. Cute Overload goes soft porn. Are we going to see puppies stuffed in between guys’ butt cracks next? Or maybe down the front of their Jockey’s? Women with baby beavers on their… Er, nevermind. Sorry, but this is just trashy.

  52. Lillith says:

    Kittehs and tittehs totally wins!

  53. Err… some things are in the eye of the beholder. Anyone seen the movie “Millions”? There’s a nice, relevant scene there…

  54. Looks like a rack to me. I can kind of see the goosebumps on her breasts, and you can’t see those on a bum very well.

  55. ah well, ’tis very cute either way

  56. Yes, um, those are boobs. There is a nipple involved, methinks…

    I too will never be able to be in the “cats ‘n’ racks” category. No cleavage and a 15 pound cranky cat. Alas.

  57. Next on CO….Cats n’ Cracks!

  58. Whoa! That’s a cute pair of…… ears!

  59. “Cats ‘n Cracks”… oh dear oh dear… but no, people, that’s definitely the top shelf, not the back porch. And there’s no nipple either (puh-leeze) tho there *are* some sweet little paw pads (as Trish noted) and possssssibly just a hint of basic brassiere. No ifs, ands, or… well y’know.

    I take it nobody’s noticed the weird arrow keys with practically their own zip code on that keyboard? (Uh huh… who but me would care?)

  60. Cats and Cracks is great, I was thinking “Cats and Backs” too. Ha!

  61. Ok, well maybe I’m imagining the nipple, but there is an area to the right of that kitten’s mouth/nose area that DOES look suspicious. That aside, it’s a very cute kitten. He looks an awful lot like mine…

    And yes, the keyboard does seem bizarre, but I’m typing on a tiny Macintosh laptop, so what do I know? (Now I’m obsessively checking out the other items in the background of the photo…)

  62. Theo, yes the arrow keys look a little, um, excluded, disjointed, atypical, if you will…

    Love that adorable kitteh, so comfy and warm.

  63. Elizabeth says:

    Can someone explain to me, though, WHY people put cats in their shirts???? I just do not understand the inclination. No matter how adorable the kitten is.

  64. The cat has half an eye closed like “How YOU doin?” LOL That’s funny… kitty gettin’ a little frisky!

  65. “Can someone explain to me, though, WHY people put cats in their shirts????”

    Because it feels good– To have a silky warm kitty all bundled next to your skin, really soft and cuddly, especially if you love the kitty to bits. And my rack ain’t half of what’s up there!

  66. I love cats ‘n’ racks!

  67. “Can someone explain to me, though, WHY people put cats in their shirts???? I just do not understand the inclination. No matter how adorable the kitten is.”

    Maybe it’s a fetish?

    The appeal escapes me, too. If for no other reason, one loud noise and Ouch City.

  68. Drunk on boobs.
    I also love kittehs and tittehs as a subtitle to cats and racks.

  69. PS. Nilla, I think it just started with one random photo of a kitty in a shirt. We don’t know why kitty was there – either from snuggling or squirming. Then someone made their own version of it and it was declared a category. It’s just for fun.

  70. Awww look, the little kitty has two puppies to play with…


  71. I still don’t think it’s appropriate for a family-friendly website. At least not a picture showing so much cleavage. Seems a little sexist, too, since there isn’t a male-equivalent category, but that’s just my opin. I come here to admire the cute, not women’s girly bits, even if it is topical. Or more accurately, “even if ‘they’ are topical.” Again, it’s just my opinion.

  72. I don’t think a loud noise would be enough to freak the kitters out, but after a little research, I think I’ve stumbled upon another possibility…

  73. Well, Teho, if everything is a perfect match….


  74. PS to Nilla —

    “At Cute Overload™, we scour the Web for only the finest in Cute Imagery. Imagery that is Worth Your Internet Browsing Time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in!”

    …I’m not sure what you’re reading, but I don’t see any claims being made about the “family-friendliness” of this website, one way or the other. I suppose if *I* were to apply a movie-style rating to this Cute Overload, I’d probably give it a PG-13. (Then I’d laugh. A lot.)

  75. …meaning if the cat fits the rack, of course. Or if the hat fits the cat or if the Cat in the Hat..

    me tinks me tie-tie and need to go to bed. too much CO. tuckered out…nie-night… [eyes close, slight smile] honkshu begins…

  76. It’s a cat on crack! LOL!

    I love the Snugli effect of cats stuffed in shirts. Kooky but practical. 🙂

  77. Theo, give nilla the *ass* page link of a few weeks back when we all acted like we were under 13.

  78. I was thinking about posting about 75% of the comments of the Original Rack Commentroversy, JP, but truth is, I’m tired too.


  79. now me sleep.

  80. I got my kitteh when she was three weeks old, and she loved to snuggle ‘mongst the rackage. It is warm and quiet there, that’s all I’m saying.

    This kitty however, does not so much look tie tie as it does, “Hey baby, nice rack!” Notice the almost winking eye…

  81. “I’m not sure what you’re reading, but I don’t see any claims being made about the “family-friendliness” of this website, one way or the other.”

    Sorry, I guess I made that assumption based on the subject matter. Mea culpa.

  82. Somebunny disapproves of this whole discussion:


    Some other bunny wonders what all the fuss is about:


    And the woman with the rabbit on her chest? She’s going to bed, and taking Theo with her. 🙂


  83. christabean says:

    I prefer “cats ‘n’ racks.” The word “titteh” is cruder and more specific than necessary. The first is referring to a general area of anatomy, but the second zeros in on individual boobies, which (to me) starts to feel like objectifying the woman rather than focusing on CUTENESS.

    Theo, I don’t think the site has a responsibility to be “family friendly” but I also see Nilla’s point. It does get a little tiresome how in Western culture somehow even a site dedicated to the concept of “cuteness” (not, hopefully, a sexual concept when we’re mostly talking about baby animals and inanimate objects!) somehow comes around to focusin on breasts. I mean, I appreciate fabulous breasts but there are already a couple websites devoted to them, you know? This doesn’t offend me (and the kitten is cute) but I’d hate to see less-cute animals taking over based on boobs being in the frame.

  84. snoopysnake says:

    Actually, kitty cat is going to sink those claws in and say, “If you don’t stop smoking those cigarettes (as evidenced near the computer) your poor little kittycat might die of lung cancer and everyone on cuteoverload.com will hate you forever!”

  85. christabean, I don’t think that’s going to happen, based on the low number of posts in this category (among other things – Meg’s good sense being the most important).

  86. wow you guys analyze every detail of this pic to death! CO detectives! Oh noes!

  87. AuntieMame says:

    “I’d hate to see less-cute animals taking over based on boobs being in the frame.”

    I can agree with that.

    But please, let’s not start up the whole sexism argument again. It was ugly, and frankly I got a little tired of being lectured by a little teenage boy-brat about what I was and was not allowed to feel about sexual harassment…

  88. @ christabean.
    *censored myself*… and the ‘culture’ that has given the idea of cleavage a negative connotation is certainly not one I would ever identify with.. eeeghh why am I getting so serious?? hahaha I love big boobs and I cannot lie!! you sisters can’t deny!! (by the way I’m sooo proud of mine and my kitteh is too hee hee =D)

  89. Michelle says:

    And don’t objectify any other animals either. The last thing I want to be looking at on this fambly-frenzied website is some baby creature nursing from a nekkid mammal nurple. I saw a nekkid nurple once when I was an infant and I’m pretty sure it messed me up for life!

  90. Michelle says:

    Yep. Pretty sure.

  91. AuntieMame says:

    And PLEASE, let’s not start attacking other people for expressing their opinions!!!!!!!!!

  92. I agree auntiemame, no one should call Coral A, who sent the snorgalbe adorable picture as sexually objectified or anti family friendly and my opinion is that thinking so will lead people to raise their children in a way that if (god forbid) they saw a nipple they would be traumatized.

  93. Not again!!

    Like the boys in the film “Millions,” I am seeing this pic as cute/maternal/cats love to snuggle. (OK, so they were talking about breasts stricly from a maternal perspective, but even so…)

    Could we just stick with the cute, please? (I’m begging here!)

  94. AuntieMame says:

    I can see both sides of the argument, nico, and I think it can be discussed rationally, but unfortunately it always turns into a spitting match between the extremists, with everyone else chiming in with cheap insults.

    So let’s just not go there, okay?

  95. lauowolf says:

    Actually kittens like snuggling on chests (male and female) all on their own. People-oriented cats mostly know that you’re inside your head, so they like to be up near it — and when they’re that little, a lap can seem just too far away.
    And they like to have a soft, warm, secure place. Shoulders are bony, and they can slide off.
    And I have never, in years — decades even — of having kittens in shirts (on top of heads, sharing pillows, whatever) had one scratch me.
    This is a snuggly thing to do.
    If a kitty is upset, it calms it — see “the treatment” above. Snuggle them and they just calm down.
    (Oh, and the picture doesn’t seem all that family-unfriendly to me anyway. Perfectly decent pink shirt, with kitten.)

  96. What a precious kitten!

  97. So cute!

  98. christabean says:

    Just to clarify — I wasn’t saying I thought too many “rack” pictures would become a problem, in fact I was saying it’s NOT a problem unless it were to get to that point (which I don’t expect it will). AND I didn’t read or involve myself in any arguments about sexism, so I am not referencing that. LASTLY, I do not have any problem with breasts, I have ’em, I like ’em, and I don’t constantly sexualize them, for that matter! I was not at all criticising this picture (though that top DOES look like undapants) I was just saying I don’t like the word “tittehs” and can see the point of someone frustrated by a barage of boobies in unexpected places. (Now there’s an image.)

  99. That kitty is ME!

  100. I think that’s purrfectly cute picture of a kitty, rack or no rack! No worries about quality for me!

  101. christabean says:

    Kinda baffled by the “don’t go there!” responses when I have no complaints about either the picture, the site, or the opinions expressed here. Certainly not trying to fight or stir things up, or direct away from cuteness. A couple things, and then I stop beating the dead horse!

    @ Nico: I wasn’t saying the picture (much less the sender) objectified women, I was referring to the word “titteh” in that sentence. I also wasn’t agreeing it was not family friendly, I only meant to say I can see where a few people in the minority position prefer breast-less kitten pictures on here.

    @ Michelle: I was just saying I preferred the current category title of “Cats ‘n’ Racks,” I didn’t make any general statements about objectification. In fact I wouldn’t even make the statment that objectifying people/things is necessarily a BAD thing, that’s why we look at pictures, after all!

  102. I’m not sure I understand the offense, I often hear little ones use the term “titty” like they use the word “tummy”. Did I just grow up in a weird family?

    Don’t answer that.

    Frankly, I love it when you crack-squeezing biddies get all up in arms over pointless shit like this. It’s just mucho entertainment for the rest of us. (Clearly, we’re having more fun than you are.) DRINK IT IN!!! bwahahaahahhhh….

  103. “Cats & Racks”
    “Kittens & Tittens”
    “Cats & Cracks”

    I am literally sitting here laughing with tears in my eyes.

    You guys are the best!

  104. Screamer says:


  105. I’m not sure whether this is more cute or disturbing…only cat I’d even CONSIDER putting, um, there, would be a declawed one. Or a stuffed one. *Shudder*

  106. Lissette says:

    That looks like butt cleavage.

    I’m sure it’s already been said!

  107. good gracious.

    1. a child isnt going to see this picture and think ‘boobies!’ its going to see it and think ‘kitty!’

    2. Theres no more clevage here than any child would see in real life from their mother on a daily basis. actually, theres LESS clevage on show here than if you walked outside on a normal day. are you going to blindfold your child as they walk down the street too? just in case they see some clothed breasts and a hint of clevage?

    didnt think so. This is neither indecent nor offensive. and thats to my Christian feminist ideals.

  108. Svenster says:

    Ed Kitty: “What makes you think you can just walk in there and take whatever you want?”
    Erin Fluffovich: “They’re called Kittens, Ed.”

    I just hate it when you try and talk to a nice girl, and you just can’t help staring at her kitten. Always embarrasing when they say: “Oi! Up here! Talk to me, not my kitten.”

    Fashion these days… *shaking head* Who can NOT stare?!

  109. *Larissa* says:

    this cat looks stoned and so bloody gorjess!

  110. Cats n’ Racks…Titties n’ Kitties….hmmmmm…I kinda like Puss n’ Boobs. ;0)

  111. army kitten says:

    *very* few things ever make me blush.


    i never would have noticed the keyboard or the cigarettes, that’s for sure…

  112. chunkstyle says:

    I didn’t even notice the “rack” just the kitty!!! Oh man, listen if you have issues with this pic then go somewhere else. Unwarranted oversexualization of females is NOT an issue on this site. Unless you mean too many pictures of nursing animal moms…YOWZA!!!!

  113. Eeek! Cuteoverload is a magical place where foals levitate, hamsters eat sushi and pups sit in papercups. There are so many other sites dedicated to the admiration of heaving mammary mounds!

  114. 1. considering I can only see a grand total of 5 ‘rack’ pictures I don’t think any of those who object should worry about the ‘racks’ taking over the site.
    2. If you don’t want to see the racks, don’t look at them, focus on the kitties.
    3. The kitty with the little bitty toesies and the sleepy “I’m in heaven” eyes has won me over!

    I must adopt a new kitty!

  115. Kris, in New England says:

    Actually, this kitty looks more peeved that pleased. That half-closed eye looks squinty to me…And check out the size of that front paw – one wrong move and cat scratch fever for sure.

  116. is that a tiny kitty or a biiiiiiiiiiig rack?? 🙂

  117. My Norwegian layout keyboard has arrows like that. The arrows plus the cigarette leads me to believe that cat, rack, and keyboard are all European.

  118. I can see both sides of the argument, too…. Probably better to keep mum at this point.

  119. AuntieMame says:

    Christabean, the “don’t go there” wasn’t directed specifically at you, but at future posters in general. There was nothing wrong with your post.

    It’s simply that we have had several conversations blow up into cat fights (ha!) because rather than disagreeing in a mature, civilized manner, people prefer to sling putdowns.

    Like “crack-squeezing biddies.”

    Totally uncalled for.

  120. “a child isnt going to see this picture and think ‘boobies!’ its going to see it and think ‘kitty!'”

    I’m 26 and didn’t even realize it was a Cats ‘n’ Racks pic til I started reading the comments. I was among the “Kitty!” crowd.

  121. kariboo says:

    wow, when i posted waaaaay earlier, i, too, had not noticed that kitteh was nuzzled in bussoms. i just noticed how incredibly sleepy and comfy kitteh was. who knew a little bit of cleavage would shake up CO world.
    long live the human body, covered or uncovered. we all have the same bits.

  122. Hahaha, how can you look at this picture and NOT notice the “boobies”?

  123. Yeah, breasts are part of the female human anatomy. It’s normal. Not sick, not dirty. I for one would love to have a soft fluffy kitty squeezed into this exact spot in my shirt. In Africa, they hang out all unclothed and it’s no big deal. In the West…we gotta chillax.

    And nix my earlier comment.

  124. Kitty says “Air…need air…boobies crushing lungs…*hack*cough*…but im so warm and cute…”

  125. honolee dolholly says:

    it’s funny how this has degenerated into an argument about the sexualisation of women, just days after the whole dog and baby scandal. is anybody happy these days?

  126. Oh my, you people are hilarious. I cannot believe how much “work time” I just wasted. And how much I enjoyed reading all that… :o)

  127. TheLuna says:

    I knew there had been a picture of a male rack at one point:


  128. What was the “dog & baby scandal?”

  129. They were caught stuffing ballot boxes. And racks.

  130. By the way, I take it back. Those arrow keys aren’t actually all that weird.

  131. toshiro_mifune says:

    I think its an older Compaq keyboard, circa `93 – `95. They had the arrow keys in the same shape/layout.

  132. Oooh man, little fleabag. I’m gunna pull what my dad always pulled and say you need to go look it up for yourself. The comments have given you enough clues. Go find the pix, and behind them you will find the storm.

    I was going to say, there’s a male rack around somewhere, but TheLuna beat me to it.

    I’ve been thinking about the family friendly, and honestly, I think the pictures Meg puts up are all rated G, it’s the commentary that gets a little edgy at times. I mean, this girl’s wearing more than Ariel did in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” But yeah, the comments can get a little PG-13 at times. 😉 God bless America! I love it!

  133. TheLuna says:

    My work days would be intolerable without the PG-13 commentary. 🙂

    But they might be a little more productive.

  134. “I mean, this girl’s wearing more than Ariel did in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid.'”
    [heh] Yeah, like a CAT, for instance.

    And ElfOwl, it’s usually us commenters with the PG-13 contributions, but not as a matter of strict policy…

  135. TheLuna says:

    Oh, Theo, thank you for reminding me of the bitchin’ panda. My day is made.

  136. Ya know…I’m pretty sure (but we could take a poll) that the majority of people who visit this site are over the age of 20 and just really need a layoff from the stress.
    This kitty, as you can see, is mostly concerned about not being CONSUMED by those.

  137. *tilts head* Heyyyy…is that an Honor Harrington book? It kinda looks like it…but it’s really hard to tell.

  138. Hey – nothing against the keyboard, people! I have the exact same one, and it’s a Compaq alright, but a very recent one (bought mine last year) and a very awesome one, too.
    And I, for one, like both cat and rack, so there. 🙂

  139. estella says:

    Good lord, people get worked up over boobies. Kittehs and tittehs: I cracked up so hard! I agree kids are going to look at this photo and think: kitty! Heck, I looked at this photo and thought: comfy keeeyute kitteh! And then I was sad that no kitten will ever be that comfies snuggling with me, because I don’t have a rack like that :). As for PG-13 qualities of the comments, somehow I doubt any innocent children will be reading these comments anyway.

    Pictures like these evoke feelings of comfort and maternity, not straight nookie nookie sexuality. For me, anyway. Hugs often involve breasts! That’s why I like hugging my female friends: nice, warm, squeeeeeshy happy hugs. And that’s coming from a happily straight woman. As a child, weren’t you ever hugged by a very bosom-y woman? Ooooh warm comfort enveloping numness. When we snorgle cute young’uns, we instinctually bring them close to our chest. It’s because it feels goooooooood to them 🙂

  140. AuntieMame says:

    I personally think that cats like to sit on your chest so that they can stick their noses in your face and suck out your brains…

  141. MOPtopmouse says:

    looks like the kitten in ‘VITAMIN K’..

  142. *roflmao* OMG!!! This is so hysterical…. all this points out is where everyone’s brain is! Its like an inkblot test …What do you see?… Doesn’t matter what one THINKS everyone sees and if they are offended/excited/whatever… its about what the INDIVIDUAL sees and feels. Good lord… they are momumental boobs people not political negotiations of momumental proportions! *g* (Yet still I fear the claws)

  143. Reigning cat of my apt. unfortunately likes to sit on my chest while I’m sleeping. Not exactly comfortubuls for me! The idea that she wants to “suck out my brains” is unsettling…

  144. Kittehs n’ Tittehs.
    Love that.

    I so didn’t know there breasts till I read the whole entry though…

  145. Well, I don’t think anyone here has a problem with breasts being “rude” or “inappropriate”, just that CO should not be about gratuitous tit-display… and this pic is on the verge of that, to me personally. It just seems like a crass common denominator overused to promote anything… and this site is better than that. It is not about being feminist, politically correct or prude; just about a wish to avoid the crudeness of the ogling of breasts… But hey ho, who really cares -after all, it IS a nice rack, and the little kitty is GORGEOUS! Happy Friday, people.

  146. Personally, I was like Jaspenelle – I was all sucked in by the kitty cuteness and didn’t notice it was a “Cats ‘n Racks” pic. until I read the the captions at the bottom. *Shrug*

  147. Carlisa says:

    I love gray kitties. It looks so comfortable in it’s rack bed :o)

    For those of us “not so vavoomy” we can have a category “cats-n-flats”!

    ….next we’ll be seeing “turtles-n-girdles” and “hammies-n-jammies” :oP

  148. Am I the only one who thinks this is a picture of the woman’s BUTT, and the kitty is being cradled in the waistband of her undies? Time for a new page: cats’n’booties! 🙂

  149. I say as long as the women remain appropriately dressed, this is all good, innocent fun. Kitteh being all nestled and comforted is perfectly natural.

    The first time Cute O posts a picture of a dominatrix with a cat ‘twixt the boobies, then everyone can justifiably throw a collective fit.

    It’s really the people who are so closed-minded that have made it so that breast-feeding women feel they have to hide in a bathroom stall to feed when they’re in a public place.

    To me, the Cats n’ Racks photos celebrate feminity in its purest and most natural form, by showing how the breasts function in nature as a source of comfort and care.

  150. Diane – *Now hyserically giggling… tears …. can barely type*
    “a dominatrix with a cat ‘twixt the boobies,”

    Diane – So would this be the Kitty N’ Kink portion of our show…


  151. lauowolf says:

    I now have coffee up my nose, and it’s all your fault.
    “Talk to me, not my kitten.”
    Now I’ve scared off my own cat, sitting here making snorting noises…

  152. kariboo says:

    cheers to that, diane!!!

  153. Ya know…I think that only the people who are offended are the ones who are actually thinking in that direction.

    However, I would find a cats-n-racks picture featuring a corset to be terribly, terribly amusing. (sad but true)

  154. Tracibub says:

    I saw this pic…didn’t even REALIZE there was “rack” involved till I read the line posted under the picture. WOH!!

    I used to place my kitten in my shirt (a few pics to possibly be submitted) and my hubby would say… “Hey! Thats a nice titty kitty you have there!”

    Thus leading me to liking the Kittehs n’ Tittehs line.

    Keep up the ol’ Cats in Racks, folks! It makes me feel WAY less weird to know that others do it as well!!

  155. Theo – for the record, I consider Meg’s captioning to be part of the commentary on the picture. For all you first poster’s, take that! Meg ALWAYS gets the first word. 😛

  156. christabean says:

    I have made an observation about the “argument” factor: Nobody even got upset about this picture. Like two people said it wasn’t their favorite, but nobody got angry or even really complained. But a ton of people are going on about the lack of civility and ridiculous morality . . . which doesn’t exist. WEIRD. From some of the folks retaliating against imaginary comments you’d think there’d been an attack on breasts in here.

    And yes, we used the word “breast” when I was little, not “titty” . . . in my family it would have been pretty crass to say a baby was nursing from a “titty.” Don’t know if that’s social or cultural or what, but that comment, though inappropriately hostile, is interesting because I didn’t realize it was taught to some kids as the proper word for a breast. I’m sure that WOULD influence my opinion if I’d grown up in a family/community where “titty” wasn’t a semi-crude term along the line of “ass.”

  157. christabean says:

    EDIT: I meant REGIONAL or cultural

  158. Well, if someone poured water on that cat, there probably would have been an atack on HER breasts…

    Also, I find the word “titty” to be a cuter word than “breast”. Is it just me?

  159. My parents didn’t teach me to say “titty” either; that word would have gotten me sent to my room, just like “ass”. They were just “breasts,” we didn’t have a cutesy slang word. When I was older, “boobs” or “boobies” was considered an acceptable slang reference, but “tits” was still verboten. Even today I think of “tits” and “titties” as a more crude/tacky or derogatory term than “boobs,” although I would be hard pressed to explain why!

    Likewise, “pee” was considered an acceptable term from a child, but “piss” was not. Funny how some words push our buttons and some don’t, isn’t it?


  161. ElfOwl… [ahem] If you want to split whiskers, there’ve been a few times, now, that the “first words” as you put it have either been Sparkster’s, or hello_ace’s, or mine, or (I think?) Fiv3r’s. And that’s not counting any of the times Meg has quoted the submitters’ own words.

  162. I shouldn’t have to defend my opinion, but here’s the reality: Guys do sexualize boobies and tend to post pics of ’em everywhere possible on the net, and it gets tiring. They’re exploited to death. I’m sure there are young guys looking at this pic going “Woo hoo, bring on the tittehs and kittehs!” And there are a few comments here that are definitely boob-oogling themed. It’s a little depressing to see CO pandering to Western culture’s boob obsession. “Cats-n-racks” is respectful of women’s body parts? Sorry, but I don’t think so. It sounds like something a frat boy would contrive, or Fark, that sleazy hotbed of female objectification. Where are the Boxers-in-boxers pics? Or the mutt-n-guy butt pics? I’m tired of women’s body parts being paraded on the internet for entertainment purposes.

    And I’m allowed to say that. I’m allowed to think and articulate it and should be able to do so without getting slammed for it. Am I slamming anyone for taking the opposite POV? Goodness gracious.

  163. AuntieMame says:

    You *should* be able to say that without being slammed, nilla, but ten bucks says you’ll be mincemeat by Monday…

    Now if I could just get a few folks to take me up on the wager. I’d be rich and then I could retire.

  164. Thank you for “Puss in Boobs”, whoever you are… (I can’t seem to find the comment now and can’t take the time to keep searching…)

  165. “You *should* be able to say that without being slammed, nilla, but ten bucks says you’ll be mincemeat by Monday…”

    Ha! It was only wishful thinking, after all. 🙂

    I’m not coming back to read anymore comments on this thread. If others don’t like what I have to say, perhaps they should ask themselves why they feel the need to go on the defensive. Perhaps it means I’ve struck a chord of truth somewhere in there.

  166. [looks around]
    Might be just the end-of-Friday lull, but it looks to me like maaaaaybe folks stopped arguing about this a while ago.
    [arches one eyebrow each at Nilla and AuntieM]

  167. Unless Meg posts another picture of a baby…

    (Sorry, maybe I’m just evil, but reading commentroveries is so darn entertaining.)

  168. HI, CARLISA!!
    Great ideas for cutegories.

  169. teeheehee – and I wonder why I don’t get any work done!

  170. five minutes past… I’ll probably still have the gigglies

  171. AuntieMame says:

    Theo, where did you get hold of a pic of Madonna with a kitty down her blouse?!?

    (And I can hope that I’ve bored everyone out of inciting any more flames…)

  172. i think comments should be disabled for a bit or approved before they’re posted, because this is just getting ridiculous.

  173. This is why you’re not the moderator, ChaCha.

  174. Anybody else who feels like argue is hereby required to first read this post and all of its comments in their entirety:

    Then, once you’ve done that, please post your comments THERE.

  175. yeah but the arguments are frigging dumb.

  176. i just dont understand why people on a site for cute animals get into stupid arguments about things liek that. i know the comments are for discussion but is it not discussion about the animals? and the arguments about the sexualisation of women on a site for cute animals aren’t discussion, thats just silly. i mean geez, you have frigging feminist groups for that don’t you?

  177. AuntieMame says:

    The current conversation is entirely your doing, Theo.

    *raises eyebrow at Theo*

  178. Yeah, THEO 😉

  179. estella says:

    I feel compelled to point out that a “cats and racks” picture makes me feel warm and squeeshies and maternal huggles inside, but a “mutts and guy butts” picture would probably make me want to throw up a little 😉 definitely no feelings of comfyness evoked there. Babies, human and not human, like to nestle in warm, soft bosoms. Though a photo of the aftermath of a guy who tried to get a cat to snuggle in his buttcheeks would be amusing 😀 but then again, this is CuteOverload, not BloodOverload

  180. estella says:

    (just one more comment!)

    After having read the previous cats n’ racks thread, I would like to submit a petition entitled


    Do it for the children.

  181. Carlisa says:

    Oh SNAP! I tried to hold my kitteh in my blouse and he fell on the floor :o( I think I need to get some “cup” holders or suspenders.

    Hey…Hey! Jaypo! Snorgles your way :o)

  182. Well, if the argument is that cats n’ racks is sexist, I want pup n’ pecs to balance it out. :X Bring the female viewers some manservice with the cute!

  183. Is it that hard to believe that people like to put cute little warm animals inside their shirts for a cuddle?
    I have a hamster and usually when I sit in front of the computer, I would put her on my lap where she just burrows her little nose in my shorts and fall asleep. =D it’s COMFORTABLE! For both of us. ^^ in fact she’s on my lap right now haha
    *stays away from the ‘sexist’ arguement because that one is just messy*

  184. lauowolf says:

    Magnificent link.

  185. lauowolf says:

    The trouble with pups n pecs is that they won’t stay put.
    Kitties really do naturally end up on chests.
    Like babies.
    It’s a more-or-less natural carrying position.
    Carlisa, you need to give him something to tuck into for security — that’s why the pink top is stretchy and tight.
    If you don’t have something knitted and tight, try tying the bottom of the shirt to make a sort of a sack.

  186. Lauowolf — you mean the “sleepykittycuddle.jpg” link, I hope? Not the other one?

  187. lauowolf says:

    Lovely round industrial thingys, with kitty?

  188. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  189. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  190. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  191. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  192. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  193. ka9q's wife says:

    oh god i shot diet coke out of my nose at Kittehs and Titties…then puss ‘n’ boobs finished me off. Thanks for a great laugh.

  194. Carlisa says:

    lauowolf—Thanks for the suggestions. We do manage to snuggle even if the “pillows” aren’t very big :o) I was joking on the other post–trying to get a “cats-n-flats” category going! LOL

  195. There goes my dream of a puppy daydreaming on some hottie’s washboard stomach. :< *crosses fingers anyway*

    Gender equality!

  196. Lauo — thanks, that was a quickie. Finding a pic of just the right kind of structure was the hard part.

  197. angelface says:

    hey this is your girl angelface. this picture is soooooooooooo cute. i love animals.

  198. sally cannioto says:

    Let’s make a new catagory, cats and cracks

  199. I really don’t see why some people are getting so upset over breasts. Yes, they exist and half the population has them so you just need to chill. And my puppy loves climbing inside my shirt and popping her head up. It’s warm and comfortable and what’s wrong with that? I think it’s a cute picture and a cute cat. 🙂

  200. I just took a picture of my hamster sleeping between my clothed *gasp* breasts. (i was lying down) But now i’m a bit reluntant to send it in because people will start to critize my chest. LOL.

  201. lauowolf says:

    As long as the kitty is getting cuddled, it’s fine.
    (I’m a born straight man, uh woman, possessor of boobs, and never get jokes til ten minutes later. Everyone else has moved on, and I go “Ha! To get to the other side!” and they all look at me funny.)
    Cats n Flats could be the equal opportunity male/female site.

  202. hey not cool!

  203. I love cats and women. They both are great looking though the cat is a masterpiece as Leanardo says. I admire the magical bond between women and cats.

  204. Voice of Reason says:

    Seeing this stuff ruins the cuteness. If people wanted to look up a rack on the internet, they could. I don’t want to see it here, totally gross and NSFW. I open this page assuming it will be SFW.

  205. Voice of (yeah right) —
    Save it for this thread:

  206. Theo, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. XD Thank you.

  207. Heh, Aelice… I remembered a better example later. Did you catch this post from April 19?

    (No actual abs, tho.)

  208. *jaw drops* I cant believe I missed that. Why didn’t it occur to me to click on that thumbnail. :X

    I died once to the cuteness, and I could not recover due to the unfair second round of attractive-celebrity-cuddling-doggie-cuteness.

    OK, this has made my year. 😉 I know the perfect contributor for pups and pecs. I will as him to share.

  209. mkay… humor me for a moment. look at the picture again and think “knees”, not “breasts”. ever tucked your knees into your shirt? it would also explain how picture-taker got a shot that wasn’t an extreme close-up (though does not explain the desk in the background). anyway, that’s my theory… that everyone just got worked up over some exposed knees!!

  210. Voice of Reason: how exactly is that NSFW? She’s not naked; would it be NSFW if she walked into your office? You need to get a sense of humor.

    Kara: those are breasts, not knees. Come on.

  211. Umm, yeah, there is *definitely* a nipple on the right breast. You’d have to be blind not to see that one. (Come on, girls! You should know what it looks like! ; )

    Apart from that, the kitten is adorable. He’s just… “Uhhh, sooo lazzzy…” Very nice.

  212. Sari, that’s brassiere you’re looking at. Any nipple would “over the horizon” in this shot.
    You’re not really a girl, are you. (Stupid internet.)

  213. secretsecret says:


    Get over it, and giggle at the kitty. Oh, and i’m female as hell, so don’t pull that card with me either, okay? I’m so sick of drama on this CUTE WEBSITE, it’s ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

  214. secretsecret says:

    And by the way, if you’re afraid of your kids being traumatized by a simple shot of a part of human anatomy… i suggest you raise them NOT to hate the human figure. But that’s just me.

  215. secretsecret says:

    Er, as a final thought…cute effin’ kitty. ZOMG PG13.

  216. I think thats really a picture of someones butt in a low rear cut dress!


  217. …I’m just trying to figure out how to sex up my coffee. Not coming up with anything good.

  218. breast milk.

  219. secretsecret says:

    …or suggestively shaped coffee stirrers.

  220. Hahaha….. I am a girl. Surprise! 🙂 Life is so unpredictable.

  221. (it was a little joke… a jokeling…)

  222. Coral A says:

    there is NO need for rude comments… this is CUTE OVERLOAD there is no room for rude people.
    for those of you who think that is an ass.. it isnt
    those are indeed my boobs. so get over it . its not an ass and its not “knees” do you think i can tuck my knees into my shirt while jumping 6 feet in the air and balancing a sleepy kitten in my shirt.?? didn’t think so .
    It is a chest.. you don’t like it don’t look.. its not that big of a deal.. i posted it because the cat was cute and i have nice boobs.
    he wasnt uncomfortable.. he was purring and was extremely happy.. and he has NEVER scratched me.. ever.
    that is all.

  223. woohoo, wish i was there 😛

  224. oh and by the way, for those idiots, they ARE her boobs, this girl has one of the best racks EVER. I’d kill to be snuggled in those 🙂

  225. Hey hun, I want a clevage like your.. I wanna beable to hold a cat in my rack… Guess its time for a boob Job

  226. saben ward says:

    I just viewed your page, and your kitten looks just like my cat, Delena, when she was 6-8 weeks old. I know this is cats n racks but your kitty is so cute!


  228. Arkansas.
    Assy assity asses assing.

  229. (Puts on his grey kitten halloween costume and looks around hopefully)

  230. that pic is sooo gross.poor kitty! but the ironic thing is the cat seems to be enjoying itself!

  231. OMG! FEMALE SKIN!! I demand this be taken down RIGHT NOW!!!
    -end sarcasm-

  232. it seriously bothers me that nobody sees the nipple. it’s not dark at all because she’s pale (and not aroused) but it’s there. i’m not offended by nipples, but those belonging to people on cuteoverload? yeah, not expecting that.

  233. guineapiggin9 says:

    I’m not sure if i’m the first one to notice this, but you can actually see the girl’s nips!!!! I wasn’t even looking and i saw one. Don’t believe me?…Look rite next to the widdle kitty’s nosie. TMI people! Seriously, I couldn’t care less about the insert animal here and racks pics but that was just an image that i did NOT need to see.