One reader writes: “Dear Casey,”

OK, People, give this one a chance. The photo is not the best photo you’ve ever seen, but I McChuckled at the caption, ’cause you can just imagine this redonkulousness happening.

"Rudy got a big floppy dog for X-mas and he requested it be placed in front of the part of the wall that breathes hot air. He spent the day there, but it wasn’t long before Kitty had to get in on that action."


Ha ha, Steve C.!


  1. Meow House says:

    Oooh, smooshy doggy bed!

  2. mariser says:

    too absofreakinglylutely adorable.
    I like the cat’s half-closed eyes…adds to the foreshadowing of the doom that is about to swallow poor, bright-eyed, innocent Rudy…

    btw, “Rudy” seems the *perfect* name for this doggie.

  3. Cooooooo-zy.
    We have a giant yellow fuzzy-plush duck named April. The cats pretty much ignore it, though.

  4. Laurie C says:

    That cat looks like it totally owns that doggy bed. The pup is only allowed on by the cat’s good graces.

  5. rudy runs from dog bed to hot-air vent, snuffling and looking longingly at owner.

  6. lauowolf says:

    Oh I agree, Laurie, that poor puppy is about to lose bed and heater. In one minute kitty will flop over and do the imperialist sprawl that removes all interlopers from the bed.

  7. in the picture, rudy says, “didn’t you get this bed for me, dad? make kitty move over!”

  8. Makayla says:

    Ebony, Ivory living in puurrrrfect harmony…

  9. hehehe that kitty definitely looks like she’s got something up her sleeve. “Why didn’t I get a huge stuffed kitty? Well, we’ll see how much you like your stuffed dog and vent… muhahaha…”

  10. rainbow says:

    poor rudy is already looking like he’s saying “please help me…please….please…”

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Doesn’t it look to anyone like the pair of them have been doing some illicit snorgling and are trying to look innocent?


  12. Doodalalala says:

    My favorite part about this is by far the smug look in the kitty’s face– “What? It’s comfy…”

  13. Semi-related question… so… why would a reader be writing to Dear Casey?

  14. (I mean, a Cute Overload reader, not just *any* reader)

  15. Soft fuzzy comfort + hot air vent + trumping a dog?

    Cat’s all there.

    And btw, Theo, I wondered the same. Meg?

  16. Also, I have a very funny picture of my sister’s cat sleeping on top of a giant teddy bear.

    When I get home tonight, I shall post it here for your edification.

  17. Meg — don’t you ever appologize for posting a picture of any wanton Wa-Wa on this site!

    That glazed over toked-out stare that little dogs get (incl. mine!) will get me EVERY time.

  18. Aw, that’s too cute! My sister tries to buy cute toys for her Jack Russel. They don’t last long. I wish *I* had a giant stuffed puppy and a hot air vent for a bed.

  19. What a GREAT picture! Put a smile on my face…TOO CUTE!

  20. I don’t think Rudy is a chi, he looks more like a shiba perhaps? anyone?

  21. Laurie C says:

    Theo and A thinker, don’t you mean to say:

    “Dear Casey”? Baroo?

  22. The markings aren’t the same, yet I’ve seen that cat before (scroll to bottom):

  23. Theo and Thinker,

    Meg has used the “Dear Casey” (as in Kasem, the DJ) before. Check out the oldest entry in the “We get your letters” category.

  24. Too cute! And on a random note, I’m just tickled pink that my bunny photo is #1 on the CuteTracker (“Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Bunn-iss?”). *small happy dance*


  25. Re: Dear Casey, my first thought was Casey Kasem, and before I scrolled down I was expecting to see a long distance dedication:
    My boyfriend left me 3 years ago with this giant stuffed dog, which I put in front of the air vent because it reminds me of his hot breath, and the cat misses him too, please Casey play “Wildfire,” it was Our Song, your biggest fan, Li’l Chi.

    Oh, and good morning!

  26. you guys r silly says:

    cats aren’t dumb…they know their own agendas: they size upthey instantly formulate *a plan* and then they MOVE on it!!!
    Rudy looks like he’s saying “Mooooooooooom….. the cat’s in my doggie bed in front of my hot air and he won’t get out…tell him to get out ….. Mooooooooom…..” While meantime, the cat’s saying “What?” as his slick kitty brain waves are *totally manipulating you* to *just**go*along*with*the*plan*…
    cats rule…&:o)

  27. How sleepy can you get? Very cute…

  28. Melanie says:

    MMmmmm I love black kitty cats! Ok, tiny dogs are cute too!

  29. That cat is an evil avatar. A product of that doggie’s subconscious, suddenly taken shape. Those yellow slits are boring thoughts of mayhem and – dare I say it? – disapproval into that poor doggie’s mind. You might see the cat’s image, might even reach for it, but just as suddenly it disappears! Only to land on someone else’s shoulder to begin it’s itinerary of fear once more. While making use of its hamster henchmen, who have been won to the dark side, it prefers to work alone, alighting on those who are at their most comfortable, especially when they are about to fall asleep. And then the true attack begins. Yes – this is: Dream Warrior – Kitty of the Apocalypse.

  30. Awww…. I have a giant white bunny about that size and I love it…. screw the cats though its mine… mine I tell you… the cats may have taken over my husband, my couch and the bed but they ain’t takin’ my big bunny! *l* Actually they just prefer the husbad… he gets assaulted by the lap wars… and I get peace and quite while they do… its good to be the wife! *g*

  31. uhhh the dog got that huge stuffed animal as a present?! RIDICULOUS

    it’s at least FOUR TIMES as big as him.


  32. Tony James says:

    Dog: [whine] Daaaaaaaaad, tell Kitty that this is MY bed.

    Cat: [evil whisper] Shaddap, shorty, and do the math: bed + hot air vent = kitty-pwnage. The only reason I haven’t bizatch-slapped you for sleeping on it is because the bipeds are watching, but you can tell from the look in my eyes that it’s only a matter of time before we redefine the meaning of pain in your puny doggy brain. Deal with it.

  33. I knew I’d see Rudy here one day!

  34. Laurie C says:

    “uhhh the dog got that huge stuffed animal as a present?! RIDICULOUS”

    I’ll bet little Rudy got that as a present so the owner could keep him (and the cat) from hogging their own pillows.

  35. Aubrey: “That cat is an evil avatar. A product of that doggie’s subconscious, suddenly taken shape.”

    Now that you mention it, that does look a small amount like that painting by Fuseli, “The Nightmare”. Only the doggie bed would be the one having the nightmare, with the cat and dog squatting on its chest.

  36. “Doesn’t it look to anyone like the pair of them have been doing some illicit snorgling and are trying to look innocent?”


  37. Ah, that takes me back to my Art History classes. Mr. Fuseli was one weird mamma-jamma.

  38. Fuseli?? [snorts] …BOSCH.

  39. bless you.

  40. And what would y’all call that–a succupup?

  41. Laura: Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

    Fuseli…that picture is DISturbing.

    And: maybe it’s just his head tilt, but that dog’s eyes are seriously wonky. Seriously.

  42. …or an incupup?

  43. The Guy Over There says:

    The kitty’s hogging the hot air!

  44. Fuseli: His work *is* disturbing, no question. Yikes!

  45. As for the dog’s eyes, I think he’s telling the photographer to leave them alone. He looks jaded/annoyed/disgusted, all at the same time.

  46. Hey, Theo. This morning I’m putting my toast in toaster oven. I set the timer and instead of the usual tock-tick it’s going “badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-badger-bedger” till the final ding and none too soon.

    What’ve you got to say for yourself?! ‘zat a scene from Bosch or Fuseli? Bosch, def.

  47. BTW, the two darlins up there look like shmooplettes. Tewtelly diggin it!

  48. It wasn’t me! IT WASN’T ME!!! I swear! I am not your badgerman!!!

  49. Tony James says:

    You want a scene from Bosch? You need to check out the Amityville Toaster…
    (3rd row, 2nd from the right)

  50. Aaaaand because I likes them direct links…

  51. Aubrey — yep, that’s one dude I was never jealous of.

  52. Tony James says:

    How doo doo dat?

  53. Laurie C says:

    I’d like to name a pair of cats Bosch and Breughal.

  54. Actually, Bosch and Brueghal would be good names for Netherland Dwarf bunnies.

  55. Tony James says:

    It beats Kit and Kaboodle, I suppose:) But Breughel the younger or the older?

  56. That dog just looks so long suffering very “what…are you KIDDING me?”

  57. Someone, should name either their pet or their child “Hieronymus”.

  58. Teejay and Teeho, how long have you been mind melding like that!? And by the way, when my toast was done: mushroom. “Mushroom, MUSHroom.”

    TEEJAY!! words outta my mouth. Brueghal Younger or Brueghal Elder?

    Geez, I gotta get some work done but this is way more funnn.

  59. Snake!
    Oooh, it’s a snake…

    TJ, I’m just all clever-like with my little AdBlock plug-in for Firefox, which helps me to pick out only the Flash anim from its host page.

  60. Laurie C says:

    TJ and jaypo: definitely the Elder.

  61. I think it would depend on whether you are naming a creature who is a parent (it would then be Elder) or a child (Younger). Also if your pet shows a preference to painting peasants (and if you can say that 5 times fast) it would also be the Elder. Meanwhile can we show some love for Durer?

  62. Aubrey — from Duerer it’s a short hop to Waterhouse, and then on to Parrish, and bingo, you’ve just decorated the authentic Craftsman house that I don’t have yet.

  63. Suzilla says:

    If there was ever a question that Kitty Lou OWNS Rudy…

  64. Ooooh, good call on the Gamble House… damn, clearly I need to get *really* stinkin’ rich.

  65. I feel like a proud papa. Rudy’s on Cute Overload!


    He’s a full chihuahua. We can’t understand why he’s so damn big. It could be because he nursed off a mini schnauzer when he was wee, or the fact that we feed him toxic waste.

  66. Tony James says:

    I tried (without success) to convince my sister to name her kids one of the following:
    Machiavelli (I know it’s a last name, but it would have been cool)

    Craftsman House? Sears is selling real estate these days?

    Big fan of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon – although a Bosch mural for the nursery might work nicely…

  67. Tony James says:

    I tried (without success) to convince my sister to name her kids one of the following:
    Machiavelli (I know it’s a last name, but it would have been cool)

    Craftsman House? Sears is selling real estate these days?

    Big fan of Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon – although a Bosch mural for the nursery might work nicely…

  68. Tony Tony James James
    (droppin all the big names)

  69. Laurie C says:

    Tony J, I believe you already *had* a Bosch mural in your nursery. (And I mean that in the nicest way.)

  70. TJ — by the way —
    “Sears is selling real estate these days?”

    …yeah, sorta, with all their ads & sponsorship here:

    Jaye (Schmoop) & I used to watch this show all the time, until we reached our Pennington Saturation Threshold. We stands what we cans and we can’t stands no more.

    (Actually, fer realz, they used to sell kit houses!)

  71. “Hieronymus” = Geronimo!

    (Or Jerome, if you prefer, who had a lion for a pal – )

  72. Housebuilding puts me in mind of ‘One Week’, starring Buster Keaton. This video is 6 minutes, but if you have the time, it is Quite Recommended:

    From Aubrey,
    (a name worthy of child or pet)

  73. Tony James says:

    Laurie – what can I say, my parents figured I’d better start as I meant to go on😉

  74. I LUV how Kitty’s getting the full blast of hot air. Poor puppy’s barely getting his right side warm.

    Oh yeah, pwnage big time.

  75. aah! i have that same exact fluffy dog and brought it up to my computer screen in awe. anyone else do that?

  76. Aubrey, awesome vd-o! Thanks.

  77. hey, that’s the Costco dog! i have one named Barney. :)

  78. Which? The real one or the stuffed one?

  79. Aubrey and TJ, you guys are Eccentric and Wonderful.

  80. is it just me or does it look like there’s a pair of eyes behind the vent?

  81. Heh. Tempting. It’s late, though.

  82. tiddlypomofwinniethepooh says:

    They look soo happy! Look at the happiness in kitty’s eyes, puuurrr she says, Now come and tickle my tummy and I may leek your nose. purrrr snorgle snuffle.

  83. Cute pic and ohmigosh my puppy has the same big stuffed dog!


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