Oh come on, it’s only Wednesday?

I mean, what else can go wrong? Could gas prices go up MORE? no. Could I be paying MORE to fill up my Pupmobile? No way. I mean, a Pup’s gotta get around—please! All this worry is making me so worn OUT. I’m gonna nap-a-ru.


You’re in good hands with Tami 531.



  1. Stezton says:

    Awwwwww….sleepy puppy.

  2. Aww. It’s so new all its pink is still clean.

  3. The Guy Over There says:

    Pupmobile? You mean this little guy drives around in a gas-driven doggy basket?

    I hope for the owner’s sake that that doegie doesn’t drool in his sleep.

  4. Awww, it’s a handful of sweet, furry, cuddly puppy-love! Look at the pinkness of his wee little paws, nose and ears! Those wrinkly little folds over his eyes! The sweet floppy little ears! Wow. What a great antidote to the troubles of modern life! 🙂

  5. What is that little guy? His coloring looks almost pit bull-ish.

  6. Hey, is this pup another one of these spaniels?

  7. His little pink paw pads just kill me.

  8. MaggieBelle says:

    Such a wee pup.

  9. TheLuna says:

    Hairless pink puppy belly!!

  10. I want a puppy to rock to sleep!

  11. Dainty paws!

  12. shoohhhhhhhhh shweepy

  13. kariboo says:

    meg, thank you for making me smile on a craptacular day. very much appreciated.

    and while i’m here…pink toes!!!!!

  14. I just gotta say, I LOVE puppy ears.

  15. I can almost hear the lil honk-shu’s!

  16. abbynormal says:

    Theo, that is what I was wondering..looks like the same pup but a bit older.

    So cute, and so ti ti….

  17. Puppy feet.
    Puppy feet.
    Puppy puppy puppy feet.

    (c’mon everybody, all together now…)

  18. …fish heads, fish heads…

  19. The paws! The paws!

  20. you guys r silly says:

    puppy feet, puppy feet,
    tiny pinky puppy feet,
    puppy feet, puppy feet,
    eat them up — yum!

  21. eee!! the pink toes, and nose, and liddle ears…

  22. Thanks, CO. I needed some puppy therapy this morning.

  23. puppy feet, puppy feet
    little pink piggies
    puppy feet puppy feet
    little pink noseys
    puppy feet puppy feet
    I love all his pose-ys
    puppy feet puppy feet

  24. So cute! THanks Meg for brightening up my morning while i’m cramming for a midterm!

  25. IS it all puppy Wednesday?? 🙂 I lurve this little guy!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Who needs a pupmobile when you have a giant human to carry you anywhere you wish to go?

    “I want to go outside now, human.”

    “Inside now, human.”

    “Good human!”

  27. TheLuna says:

    Kariboo, my new favorite word is craptacular. Awesome!

  28. lauowolf says:

    Being awake is so overrated.
    ‘scuse me, I have to go find a warm, soft pair of giant hands to take care of me, so I can conk out that hard.
    May take a while.

  29. and my favourite word is awesome! 😛

  30. aw that is a sweet little scrunched-up pup!

  31. how bout pooptastic?

  32. I bet those feet are too new to smell like Fritos yet!

  33. Oh, OH!!! A leetle beety pupcicle! Look at the plumpy leetle toesies! AIEEEEEE! *flumpf*

  34. A tiny pup encapsulation of the way I feel this AM. Think I’ll retire to my big floppy dog pillow by the heater…hey, WAIT A MINUTE!

  35. rainbow says:

    pink and frito paws….yummers

  36. Can we come up with a variant of “tie-tie” that denotes the diminutive size of the aminal stricken with the need to nap?

  37. OMG…. I can’t resist fat baby belly…. just want to rub the baby belly and the paws…. oh…. can someone make a “forever kitten” or “forever puppy” for me please? You know just find some way to have them stay like this forever…. awwwww… (melting….meeelllltttiiingg)

  38. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:


  39. PUPPEH!

  40. ka9q's wife says:

    how can i talk the hubby, KA9Q into a puppeh? He has never had one and doesn’t think he wants one. And our neighbor told him if we ever went anywhere than we would have to kennel the dog so don’t get one. But most of our trips we go by car. I can take it camping when i go. We can take it on road trips too. sigh. anyother good arguments.

  41. michelle says:


    (head explodes)

  42. hm, ka9q’s wife, (thinking back to the arguments I used on my parents when I was 13) how about:
    1. They bark at strangers and so make good watchdogs.
    2. Dogs make good company, make people cheerful and so promote good health…
    3. “You’ll be saving a dog’s life” if you plan to get one from the shelter.
    4. Show him a puppy and let those big puppy eyes speak for themselves! That’ll get him get all attached.

  43. Tiny warm feety feets, palm cuddles!


  44. I, for one, love the teensy hind leggles. Marvoulous.

  45. Carlisa says:

    So tiny and pink. Just adorable! :o)

    ka9q’s wife—
    if 1-4 of alice’s list doesn’t get results try these……

    5. Cry everytime you see a puppy (even on tv) or just pout and don’t tell him why.
    6. Convince him studies show that dog owners tend to have better sex lives.
    7. If he lets you have the puppy, you’ll return the pony that’s in the back yard.
    8. Tell your neighbor you decided to get a snake so it would be low maintenance, but unfortunately the 10 ft darling got loose and you last saw it go under the fence.

  46. Willendorf Venus says:

    The snake idea just might work. A few years ago I told my husband I was thinking about getting a rat and he said lets get a cat instead ( I luurve cats, so I was cool with that). Now I am wanting to get a hamster and I will probably tell him that I want a hissing cockroach so he will say, “Hey, why don’t we get a nice hamster instead?

  47. Carlisa says:

    WV—-a woman after my own heart! Betcha you get that hammie, too. Hissing coachroach?! Yipes!!!!

  48. ka9q's wife says:

    Heh no fence the neighbors and i took it down…we’ll put up a new one soon. But i am going to try the rest of them. We already have two spoiled cats so his biggest problem is will the pup get along with the cats.