Noses, burrowing

Oh please. The whole Princess-Diana-head-down-puppy-dog-eyes-looking-up thing has been DONE! Can’t you do something NEW!?


Gawd! [say in Napoleon Dynamite voice]

Sara S., you’ve outdone yourself…



  1. Wah to the wah?

  2. Oh, wah….. 😉

  3. ear loppage!

  4. rainbow says:

    so shy, so demure, so seductive – look at me.

  5. Wa-Was a la Olan Mills.

  6. BAROoo?..oo…oozz…zzz…ZZZZ…tie-tie…zzzz.”

  7. the whoel ‘head down, eyes up’ thing must be done over and over by pups as cute as this!

  8. [whispers] “Dude, we have GOT to stay together or we may find ourselves like poor Brother Rudy over there having to share his bed with that…that…thing!”

  9. constance says:


  10. I have something to say:

    I think it is great that there is a CO glossary so that people who don’t follow this every day, or read every comment, can still feel “in” the group.
    That way it’s not clique-y.

    Also, these dogs are very cute.

  11. The Baroo is a front. These two guys are actually scouts for Chihuahua SWAT (Small Wee Anerable Terrible). They have been given their mission: to rescue their brother, trapped in Floppy Pillow Hell by his Feline Gaol-Keeper.

  12. Oh, damn. That’s CUTE.

  13. Two-t sweet widdle wah wahs.

  14. Melanie says:

    OhMiGosh ..the floppy ear…. so cute it is killing me.

  15. Why does the expression on the back wah remind me of Paris Hilton?

  16. chunkstyle says:

    yeah, floppy ear is key.

  17. I’m not too fond of Wah-wahs but these guys are cute. And the snorgling-each-other deserves bonus points.

  18. wahwahwahwahwahwah.
    in real life, they are nasty.
    but this pic is sweeee–EET!

  19. I’m not a wah-wah fan, either, but there are some lovely wah-wahs here on the site. It’s as if Meg has taken it on herself to do an “new image” campaign for them!

  20. yes, e.c., that one makes my heart just SWELL UP whenever i look at it. even the old-fashioned AWWWWWWWWWWWWW cannot be suppressed.

  21. hehe “Dogku” pups totally prosh! I do think we need more “gone to heaven” pups, though! I love big dogs when they’re tiny.

    Who was saying read Marley & Me? Anyways, somebody was telling somebody, and I went to the bookstore today and could not resist getting a copy!

  22. hehehe Theo – just clicked on your link to wah-wahs and saw your animation – am going to fall off my bed giggling!!!

  23. notnamed says:

    Uhm, excuuuuse me, but Napoleon Dynamite says “Gawsh!” not “Gawd.” Please to be getting it right. You obviously need to watch the movie a few hundred times more, Meg. 😉

  24. Awww. They look SAD for some probably unreasonable reason. I want to pick them up and hug them and love them and make it all better.

    Oh, wait, I *MIGHT* just be projecting my own mental state and desires onto the dogs . . . 😛

  25. looks like some little puppies have an overdose of coy.

    i tried to comment on the ferret post but the ability to type deserted me such were the levels of cute.

  26. lmao, also just typed my email entirely wrong. bit tired i think. mornings suck.

  27. and peeking in the corner of the pic? I think I spies a little white toe-toe!

  28. Svenster says:

    Their cuteness is tolerable I suppose, but nothing out of the common way.
    (Any J.Austen fans out there?)

    There hasn’t been a decent kitten-post in ages, only cats as sidekicks. I for one define cuteness as a kitten.
    Meg, puleeease post some irresistable kittens soon! =)

  29. “I lof your ear flops”

  30. “I for one define cuteness as a kitten.”

    Right on, Svenster! I’m with you all the way. But we’ve got to make room for people who find Doggies to be The Cute (finn?)

  31. you guys r silly says:

    Just wondering: are these 2 cutey pies the SAME wah-wahs that were sporting their little pink and blue knitted sweaters and matching hats in that earlier post??? (with the crazy tongue hanging out & eyes & looks & all that???)

  32. A Fine Morsel says:

    They do look a little sad on that there bathroom rug. I want to nawwmm them all over!

  33. mopTOPMOUS e says:

    the one in the front looks like Paris Hilton AND Tinkerbell all at the same time