Don’t Fear the Meepers

"Were-Bassoonist" (The late-night bassoon-playah) writes: "Lookit the baby ferrets!" Well would ya just look at them? would ya? Oh, and don’t get a flashback from that hallucinogenic blankie.


Is it true bébé ferrets are known as ‘meepers’ ? Holy smokes, that’s the best.




Thank you, Shimmering Lupine and Mistyka!



  1. first post!!! look at the sleepy babies. it’s a ferret mosh pit.

  2. First! I’ve never been first!! Wheeee!

  3. Awww crap. Jana!!!! How could you?!


  4. The wee meepers look like bebe otters, a bit. I dig the psychadelic first pic!

  5. Meepers?! How cute! Baby cheek puff! *dies*

  6. The intriguing question is, what is it about the pink paw print that has so drawn these baby ferrets’ attention? “Maybe it leads to…food.”

  7. I almost threw up because I thought the first picture was of a huge tarantula.

  8. It looks like they were playing some type of version of ferret-Twister and got a little confused.

  9. what sweet stinky little faces!

  10. “ferret-Twister” 😀

  11. Just drink in all that fuzzy goodness!

  12. Marty! I had that same reaction and nearly just clicked the window away! Thank goodness I didn’t or I would have missed the scroll down cuteness!

  13. Tiffany says:

    Those are the strangest looking ferrets I’ve ever seen…Still cute though.

  14. Baby ferrets are called kits…. and a group of ferrets is a “business”… those kits have no business being that cute.

  15. They kinda look like Otters…this picture just made my day, thanks for the cuteness!

  16. All right Candy! I’m so glad we got the meepers on this webpage! We rule.

  17. “I almost threw up because I thought the first picture was of a huge tarantula.”

    omg me too… actually, more like “what on earth is THAT?!?!?! some kinda hole-in-its-stomach tarantula??”

  18. A seven legged tarantula…. nah…. its actually ferret spin art! *g* Now they are tie-tie from making interpretive art!

  19. that 3rd pic: siiigh…

  20. Svenster says:

    Wow, they’re adorable!

    I’m getting a ferret, nay SEVEN of them first thing in the morning!
    How on earth do you make them pose in a ferret maelstrom? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

  21. Gryph – “scrolldown cuteness” great description!

  22. Bubbles says:

    Aw, come on. Do you tarantula people really not trust our Meg? Large hairy spiders – eeesh. (Shiver) So glad wee poppet ferrets may sleep safely.

  23. I want these little trouble-bombs to live in my office. Now. Seriously, I’d build ferretrails. We’ve got maybe six feet of utility airspace above our drop-ceiling here; can you imagine how much fun that could be for these d00ds?

    And how do they all match so perfectly with their 2-tone fur ensembles?

    Oh, and slippity-sloppity-slaps to the FooPs up there. [SCOWL]

  24. “…and a group of ferrets is a ‘business’ “


    I *will* have my Dream Office.

  25. *still pouting about missing out on the First (by mere seconds!)

    sigh. Oh well, I’ll cheer myself up by looking at the lil’ meepers again. I LURVE them!

  26. Theo, what a brilliant idea! Ferrettrails all over the place!
    I ferret-sat for some friends years ago. Their ferret baby was named Fizzy, and she was naked (had that strange disease where they lose their fur). I could hear her padding around the house on the hardwood floors.
    pad pad pad
    I loved her.

  27. Wait – is this one of Busby Berkeley’s lesser-known efforts?

  28. ear:head! teeny tail!

  29. It’s a pinwheel of ferrety cuteness! How did they get so organized?

  30. Cute, that’s all I can say.

  31. They look like a groovalicious paisley print in the first pic. Far out!

  32. martha in mobile says:

    Cute, but so, so stinky.

  33. I don’t really dig the ferret lifestyle (they creep me ouuuuuttt – like, furry snake mammals – blargh), but the bebes are pret-ty cute.

  34. I thought it was a huge weird-looking spider at first too! MAN, that last pic is aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggglllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy cuuuuuuuuuutttttttttte!

  35. More ferret info (found randomly on the Web, so who knows if it’s correct): A male is called a hob, and a female is a jill. To some people,
    neutered males are gibs and neutered females are sprites , but these
    are new terms and aren’t as commonly used. A baby ferret of either
    sex is a kit.

    The most commonly accepted phrase for a group is “a business of
    ferrets”. Some people spell it “busyness” instead. Another
    possibility, “fastening” or “fesnyng,” is thought to be due to a
    misreading of “bysnys” long ago.

  36. Kid Ferret says:


  37. TheLuna says:

    That first picture looks like the ferrets have joined the cult of the pink paw print. Beware, little ferrets – don’t drink the kool-aid!!

  38. That first image gave me a heart-attack: I thought that Meg had posted a tarantula and was going to try to tell me it was cute. Thank god on closer inspection that terrible thought was eradicated. Meep!

  39. GreenEyedHawk says:

    In my house,if they manage to sneak past me into the bedroom, a group of ferrets is also known as “@#&%ing ferrets!!! Get back here!!”

    Such cute babies!

  40. pistache268 says:


    Fuzz-fuzz and more round heads.

    A bébé ferret catherine wheel almost.


    Snickers at Werebassoonist…

  42. Meep reminds me of Road Runner. That said, these meepers are QUTE!

  43. Bot, you oughtta see a naked one! (like my dear neighbor, Fizzy)

  44. lol the first pic scared the *beep* out of me at first too, thought it was some huge ass spider XD

  45. Lynne and Nellie says:

    That face! I am undone by that sweet little face!

  46. Mistyka says:

    Wow! I am in shock. I don’t know who submitted these but do I ever feel proud. How I got them in the Meeper Daisy (as Rissa would call it) is they were all snoozing so when they are in sleep mode, they are very cooperative. And now you know my secret. 😀

  47. Leilani says:

    Um, those look like baby otters to me. Are you sure they’re ferrets?

  48. These guys are so cute but the thing that freaks me out is their sneaky little habits. I went to my friends house, sat down for a talk and drink go to leave and a ferret is in my purse, I almost walked out with it… it was cute but unerving to have a fuzzy head come out of one’s purse. I also found out they are highly maleable… the are all bendy and seem to like it… cute but very playful with much attitude…

  49. Synchronized swimming! If ferrets could swim (can they?!), these guys would win the Olympics. Hehe, M-, I’ve never seen a real ferret – can’t say I look forward to it anymore. Squirmy creatures give me the squeamishes.

  50. Oh and Twister! That’s what the blanket makes me think of! “Left hind leg on pink!”
    *scrambling noises*

  51. christina r says:

    wook at the wittle woozles huw tute. makes me wish i had seen my wittle woozle when he was a baby like that

  52. christina r says:

    btw they aren’t too stinky

  53. O….M….G. I have never actually seen wittle baby ferrets before. How freakin’ cute. I can’t stand it.

  54. Marty: Me too! I thought they were giant spiders!

  55. Kie Spring says:

    They are kind of cute when they grow up as well. I have one and she is cute every waking moment. She is even cute during sleeping moments. Bendy Yes, Smelly Yes, Meepalicious Most Definitely!

  56. Help i can’t stop saying meep! MEEP! *looks around furtively*

  57. Whoa! I had never seen a baby ferret before! Keeee-yuuuuuuute

  58. The fact a group of ferrets are called a “Business” makes my day. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while!

  59. ruhappytoseeme says:

    awww how cute! and yes they are definately baby ferrets 🙂 I have a buiseness of ferrets altho I call them my furkids 🙂 I have 11 of them and they dont stink because I wash their bedding every week, change their litter a few times a day and feed them very high protien foods preferably without fish in it (fish seems to make their poo smell a bit more) oh and dont bath them! If you bath a ferret their skin drys out and they produce a ton of opil to make their skin not dry and the oils dont ssmell so good. mine get a bath maybe 2 times a year (cause sometiems you just have to lol) but they dont smell nbad, people come over and are shocked I have 10 of them and that my house dont stink lol kits seem to have more of a odor then older ferrets, but they are the sweetest, funnyest animals I ahve ever known 🙂 thanks for posting the pics, they definately make you go AWWWWWWWWWWWW 🙂

  60. ruhappytoseeme says:

    opps meant I have 10 ferrets not 11

  61. I love the ferrets, but confess to being mostly hypnotized by the blankie. That is friggin awesome! Doooood.

  62. Woods Walker says:

    All weasels have an oder. What do you think skunks are? There was a cute baby skunk that wanted to get into the barracks I lived in while on active duty in the army.-Woods Walker

  63. “How I got them in the Meeper Daisy (as Rissa would call it) is they were all snoozing so when they are in sleep mode, they are very cooperative. And now you know my secret. :D” – Mistyka

    Apparently that’s Anne Geddes’ secret as well.

    These little ferret babies are sooooo cute! I really should stop viewing this site at work -it’s getting really hard to suppress the “awwwwww!” reflex. 🙂

  64. little miao says:

    I’m overcome by the cuteness of these psychadelic ferrets!! In the first pic, they look like they’re conspiring in their sleep… so cute.

  65. Queen of the Weezils says:

    An old word for a group of ferrets is a fesnyng. But these are the weirdest-looking ferrets I have seen. Too dark, but oh-so-cute!

  66. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:


  67. Any chance these babies are for sale? I would love to take one home!

  68. eviless hardin says:

    I have two, Big Al and Heffleump, they are busy ferreting out the truth,lol.

  69. this is just, too much cuteness!

  70. A Fine Morsel says:

    I love the second photo–the two on the far left are smooching! They need to comfort each other because that psychedelic blanket is freaking them out…

  71. fullottermoon says:

    I certainly wish baby ferrets were called meepers! (good name for a ferret, though- gotta write it down!) But they’re called kits- adult males = hobs (never occurred to me when I named my “Hobbes!” I was thinking of the cartoon “Calvin & Hobbes!)– adult female = a jill. A group is called a “business” (sucks!).
    I also want to know where someone got ferrets that color- 1/2 grey & 1/2 black!! Never have seen such a thing but could picture 1 @ my house!! (just don’t mention it to DH……)

  72. Remember the bunny Wednesday? And hamster day? We need a ferret day!! I say – Ferret Fridays all through the month of June!

    Ferret kits are so cute! In Poland, a friend had 11 ferret kits – some are white with a dark T down their backs, while others are dark brown. They are majorly adernable!!

    More ferrets please!!!!

  73. Carlisa says:

    Jeepers…. Creepers…
    Where’d ya get those Meepers?

  74. Carlisa says:

    They look like their in a football huddle in the 1st pic!

  75. moptopmousE says:

    what spacestation were these pix taken on anyway and are you sure there are earth-ferrets they look like lil’ jupiter-pups

  76. Juniper says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who saw a spider out of the corner of my eye!

    On closer examination they are quite adorable…just not in that formation 😛

  77. Cloudbusting says:

    The first picture should be titled Fractal Ferrets

  78. Baby ferrets.
    Baby. Ferrets!
    Ferrets…only baby-sized!

    I can’t believe it.
    They’re gonna be so hyper when they grow up…for the four hours a day they’re awake.

    I had one grown-up ferret (got her when she was seven years old), and she was the cutest thing ever. She learned how to roll over on command for Froot Loops.

    I love ferrets.

  79. Oh, that is too cute! Baby ferrets. Their eyes aren’t even open yet! AW!