Well it’s a one for the money, two for the show

Now, go cat GO


Sender ‘Liquidmindquest’ prefers the young Elvis, BTW.



  1. blondie mae says:

    am i the first one? wooo hoo!
    what is it? I WANT ONE!

  2. Call me crazy, but I don’t find this the least bit cute.

  3. I agree. Regular ol’ gueanie (?) pig.

  4. michelle says:

    I heart the piggie!
    I want a whole herd (?) of them – my squeeing will match their squeeing!

  5. I guess it sort of looks like Elvis? Or perhaps Elvis-hair?

  6. ‘scuse? No cat NO.

  7. OhmyLORD it’s ELVIS! The KANG lives! *thump*

  8. I think it’s a Scottish terrier/guinea pig/My Little Pony hybrid.

    That, upon scientific investigation, is the conclusion.

  9. A guinea kitty puppy pig! Way cute!!

  10. aaaaahahaha! that’s fantastic. respect the quiff.

  11. so *that’s* where my fluffy duster thingy went……

  12. Cassidy says:

    no jaypos wrong its an anerable pig puppy kitty guinea fish’s mom’s ancestor’s brother’s dog’s dad’s masters stuffed animal thing.
    -oh i dont care its just cute and furry and thats all that matters-

  13. hehe I could not tell what it was either! I thought it was one of those mop dogs at first and then possibly a kitty. ‘Had a hard time finding its face, too. It’s totally a hybrid, A thinker et al! unless it’s from outer space.

  14. side note: REAL kitty on my lap here getting jealous of my looking at other cute animals and putting her head on my hand so I can’t scroll!

  15. Nose and mouth argue in favor of this animal’s essential GP-ness.

  16. Awwwwwww! Alice, that’s so perfect–warm kitty chin on hand and golden eyes looking up, “Looky, mom, aren’t I perfect? Don’t you just *love* me?”

  17. The mesmerizing gleam in its eye – plus the tweety-bird blankie – has me ready to do as I am bid.

  18. Charissa says:

    Nah, just more furry and hairy than cute

  19. It even has an astonishingly-red teddy bear. Theo, I think you’ve got some serious rivals to your couchmasters, there.

  20. Perhaps if it started belting out the “Guinea Pig Song” a la young Elvis, we might take this more seriously? 😉

  21. Oh jaypo, you shouldn’t have! [Hee.]

    My favorite is actually the “Bing Cavy” video.

  22. *giggles* to the guinea pig song, jaypo! That and Theo’s “Badgerbadger” song are going to give me an earworms!

  23. minus the “an”!

  24. here’s a link to “The Real Bing Cavy” (Bing is also the star of the GP Song):


  25. I can’t take credit for the badgers, Alice… that’s strictly Weebl’s fault.


  27. There are 60 different GPs in that video, y’know. 😉

  28. No, thank YOU, EC! I love Bing!!

  29. jaypo: ??? Because Bing is the star of “The Real Bing Cavy”…

  30. EC, also–your comment was hijacked yesterday by another website… One of my comments was intercepted by a weird website tonight, on the roo pict I think. Makes me think I should run a few pest utilities on my laptop.

  31. I know… It’s happened before, too. (Hijacking by other Typepad blogs.)

    As for the bing Cavy vid., I love the part about hopping around like fatty litle antelopes. [Hee again.]

  32. Aw, cute little goth piggie! *piggie smirks* “I am not ‘cute’; I am the essence of darkness, a fluffy child of the night.” *piggie sulks away and flops down into a dark corner to write melancholy poetry*

  33. Oh, the glossy gothness…makes me want to pour myself some of my favorite absinthe – ‘The Green Cavy’ – and read a few pages of “Fleurs du Piggies”.

  34. Heehee! Goth Guinea! Guinea Pig angst! I love it.

  35. “Because Bing is the star of ‘The Real Bing Cavy’…”

    I love all of it! “His bum is on his lips/His bum is on his lips” Bing, such a silly boy but all the girls lof him…!

    Yeah, he only gets a cameo in the link I posted… check out the credits.

  36. in my best steve martin voice – what the hell is that thing?

  37. hm. they post this crap but not mine. and my crap is actually cute. strange.

  38. nilla- perfect. 🙂

  39. oh snap. totally elvis.

  40. Tony James says:

    Horrified that he had yacked up another hairball on the blanket, Mr. Fuzzypants attempted to sculpt it into the shape of a guinea pig in the hopes that it would not be noticed.

  41. Abby-ruvian guinea pigs have funny hair. I love how they get crests or sometimes even mohawks. And some of them have tail fins or spoilers!
    *I* think he’s cute, and that’s what counts!

  42. Oops, last comment was a doozie. Stupid thing, running away before I could finish.

    His hairdo is so “prosh”! I do adore the style of the shag lately. I can tell he’s really ready to surf it up with the big guys. Curl it next time, Mr. Elvees!

  43. though, from another standpoint, this GP looks like it could be on cuteoverlord’s site – yikes! (That eye.)

  44. hedgedog says:


  45. I thought it was the Black Rabbit of Inle at first

    You need to find someone on the other side of the world to post when you are asleep, Meg

  46. I cant tell which end is which!

    Just all black and fuzzy : )


  47. ♥'sG.D. & animals says:

    no, no, this isn’t really cute except for the velvet statuet of a sour-patch kid. i can’t even find the cats face!

  48. ♥'sG.D. & animals says:

    jayp that was in an old post n herebefore, but i still love that song


  49. The Guy Over There says:

    Someone saw a falling star and wished their toupee came to life! :O

  50. Someone must’ve been waaaay drunk, then. [mini-LOL]

  51. haw!
    dood, i sthaw a schooting schtarrrr. i wisch my toupee was aLIVE! (stumble)

  52. wha?? dood, my toupee is grunting! wuaa-ah-ah, get it off me! (flings guinea-wig, sobers up.)

  53. OK, who’s been mixing Bunny Creams for Ariel again?

  54. haw haw, GUINEA-WIG!

  55. …and, um, Ariel, what was up with that toupee, anyway??

  56. axschthually, i justh losth my thoo front theeth.

  57. and my hair

  58. Now we know what to give Ariel for Christmas . . .

  59. I suspect this sneaky boy has a few more teeth than he started with. You might inquire. I mean, they don’t even *match*.

    As for the hair…

  60. does that wig come with the tan face?

  61. Is that a lock of Elvis’ hair there in front of him on the bed??? Ohhhhh, please! I want it! I want it! (what’s ebay’s addy???)

  62. That thing scares me. Just say no to glowing eyes!! Hello red eye reduction!

  63. Kris, in New England says:

    Ooo – Pigeeeee! Too prosh. Give his back a little tickle and he’ll purr fur shure.

    “So where’s the salad?”

  64. aww cute pig, but all 13 of mine are cuter. 😉 I have one that looks like that except she is ginger, white and black.. not just plain black. She is cuter than this one. I will try send it to CuteOverload.

  65. Aaahh, the tragedy of the blacks! Whether it is a guinea pig or a cat. No matter how sweet and cute the animal, photo’s only show a black hole, nothingness, the void, with two (or in this case one) glowing eye(s). I nicknamed my little black cat Nazgul. .

  66. Gosh, y’all, I know he’s not doing anything in particular, but just the FACT of a guinea wig is cute! He’s a shaggy li’l Elvis fer sure.