…Or is it a Wall-ette? [wallaby?] Methinks it matters not! It’s prosh regardless!




Hmm, gynormous feets and curled up paws. <singsong> Someone’s following rule 10 AND Rule 20! Thanks for sending in, Mila R.!



  1. The first one is just so heart warming.
    It’s like: are you my mommy? *kisses nose*

  2. Bubbles says:

    Oh.My.God. I am choking on cuteness. Don’t try to save me!

  3. look at the fuzzy white chest and belly!

  4. Bubbles says:

    Maybe we should come up with a rule about foot-to-head ratio.

  5. Oh my GOSH.

    Meg, are you trying to KILL us?

    He looks like he should have his own Disney movie. Complete with sappy songs.

  6. TeratoMarty says:

    Um, I dunno, the third picture makes it look kinda like the Alien drones. I’m a little scared. I’m going to focus on the second one, where it’s just about to eat a goodie.

  7. PICTURE #3:

    Wallaroo: “Heh! Beat THAT, CO contributors!!”

  8. kariboo says:


    first pic: aaaaawwww…roooorooooroooo!

    second pic: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww..rooorooo in a beam!

    third pic: aak! eeek! joker/aliens grin! (but then once i simmered down) just look at those feeeeets!!!!

    is there a foot to body ratio rule of cuteness?

  9. y’know, just thinking.

    It would be cool if someone came up with a script that allowed us to save our CO faves. Similar to Flickr or Delicious, but it would somehow create you your own CO page of faves right here onsite.

    Dunno, but if they did, this one would definitely be on mine.

  10. So Cute! Just look at those big feet!

  11. I just want to snorgle between his wittle ears!

  12. The first picture is ssssssssoooooooooo cute, but those feets are kinda yikesy.

  13. persimmontree says:

    daaaarrrrrrr! brain damaging levels of cute.

  14. Heehee – the third one sorta looks like he was set into the legs as if they were a swingy thing…. give a quick push down on his little head then back and forth rocks the body… lol

    The second pic is the bestest!

  15. This site gets me everytime!

  16. punkpie says:

    Baby Kangaroos are called Joeys. LOL!

  17. I’d love to hug him cheek to cheek, but I’d steer clear of those claws and feet!

  18. Beauregard says:

    Holy crap. Oh my god. JEeeezus. Take me to church cos that is the freaking cutest EVER. So teeny. So adorables. CRAZY feets! LOVE!

  19. oh my god.
    the feets.
    take me to church too, tiny roo-wallet.

  20. No teeny tail for this guy, or maybe that is a teeny tail for kangaroos. Prosh regardless.

  21. oh for god’s sake, how can we be expected to go on after seeing such a sweetieface?!?! …look how in the 2nd pic his little mouth corners are sort of wrinkly?? i’m sure that’s not the proper term….i’d cuddle little joey-roo right up, even with those possibly pain-inducing back feet! i love how delighted his ‘mum’ looks!

  22. So freakish, so adorable. I love it very much.

  23. Could this be the start of a Roos ‘n’ Racks category?!

  24. Charissa says:

    cutsie land-down-under-ness

  25. Jay Fry says:

    Sweet roo-liciousness.

  26. Tiffany says:

    OMG, look at those feet!!

  27. I believe this is entry #2 in the Roo ‘n Rack sweepstakes –

    This lil’ joey is ultra-prosh – note the *roo tongue* in pic 2! Aaaahhhh…. (Quoting GP song.)

  28. Those feet are HUGE

  29. little miao says:

    Awwww, baby bigfoot gives kitty kisses.

  30. adorababy says:

    i cant believe he’s really smiling

  31. adorababy says:

    i hope there is no ensuing uproar about how wicked and irresponsible it is to feel baby marsupials doritos


  33. Lynne and Nellie says:

    Completely irresistible!

  34. oh how adorable…just so prosh!

  35. oh my good good. how utterly unbelievably… guh. adorkable.

  36. =O
    His feet, are like, huge.

  37. It must be a “wallababy”! 🙂

  38. falnfenix says:

    “i hope there is no ensuing uproar about how wicked and irresponsible it is to feel baby marsupials doritos”

    BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! i r ded from t3h funnay.

    no, really. my roommate now thinks i’ve gone batty from the hysterical giggling.

  39. Finally – we have come to roo the day!

  40. falnfenix says:


  41. It’s a goddamned MINATURE KANGAROO!

  42. DavidBoBavid says:

    That second picture is fantastic!! Look at his little open mouth!!


  43. I can’t believe those feet! Amazing!

  44. Dustbunny says:

    It has a roo-ful expression on its face in the 3rd pic, no?

  45. Katrina says:

    Silly people, that’s a wallaby! I wish it was a roolet, but it just isn’t. Sorry!

    Still ubercute though! DUH!

  46. Hoppin’ around on some 27’s

  47. I’m a wallaby wannabe–this li’l beberoo has won my heart!! He can just tumble in feets an’ all. [sighhh]

    “It would be cool if someone came up with a script that allowed us to save our CO faves.”

    A.t.–that would be supah cool. All my faves I put in a desktop folder…it just keeps growing and growing.

  48. When I just tried posting my previous comment, this bizarro “wasabi” (.com?) website intercepted the posting…??!?!? REALLY strange. Didn’t somebody else have a similar experience on here?

  49. I love the little round ears in the second picture! I wish I were nose-to-nose with that little wallaroo!

  50. hehe wallette, I mean – don’t want to make it into a hybrid!

  51. Why not? I hear the mileage is great.

  52. As an Aussie (who used to work in the Marsupial CRC with Wallabies), I think that any kind of Marsupial is thoroughly revolting. Look at its disgusting long clawed toes.


  53. hehe, Aubrey. hm, and I did not know this but a wallaroo is a real animal according to Wikipedia.

  54. From the shape of the nose, it’s most likely a kangaroo. A wallaby’s nose is pointier.

  55. Pic #3 reminds me of the aliens in “Independance Day”

    Other than that though… 😉

  56. EricaE. says:

    Aaaaaaaw! He’s Roo-tiful. ;o)

  57. Australians are so the cutest.

  58. The really scary thing is that this baby would probably still be in mama’s pouch at least some of the time– imagine those HUGE BONY CLAWED FEET kicking around in your belly pouch as the kid shifts position and squirms around so the head can stick out…. Yeeesh! Maybe giving birth to teensy babies isn’t a good idea after all.

  59. : )

    thanks for making all our days cuter!


    PS Teddy is my REAL name (that’s how cute I am haha)

  60. Absolutely adorable!

  61. 2nd picture:
    “Scooth me, would you mind giving me that exthtra chip?”

  62. It’s a wallaBABY! =D

  63. Coconut says:

    Look at the feets! What if he decided to give a little playful kick?!? See ya mom!

  64. OMG, I can’t take it!

  65. I swear I can hear snow white singing in the background that is so darn cute.
    I LOVE the huge feet. I just want to pick it up, put it in my sweater and love it always!
    Thank you for a wonderful start to my day!

  66. awww, right on aly!

  67. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  68. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  69. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  70. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  71. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  72. Oh fine, RUB IT IN MY FACE WITH THE ‘METHINKS’. It’s all good, the kangaroo cancels it all out.

  73. That joey is so freaking cute. I wonder if the momma abandonned him/her…A joey this small usually wouldn’t come out from the momma’s pouch.

    I love joeys! lol

  74. christina says:

    i think it’s a wallaby.

    first time commenter, but long time browser?

    anyway, the third picture is scary. it looks like a dirty, rabid creature with evil eyes…ready to pounce on me and eat me alive. 😦

  75. MikeyFur says:

    Any Bob and Tom fans out there? “Marsupials scare me. Because they’re fast!”

  76. monkeyflower says:

    Sooo cute, but watch out for the DEATH CLAW! I love him regardless….

  77. oh no!! he’s too cute! I can’t stand it.

  78. He hid purberty early.

    lol, so cute.

  79. Bioflux says:

    “Tie me kangaroo down sport. Tie me kangaroo doooooown!” Yeah that’s the biiiigest foot to body ratio EVER! The first two pics are totally Hallmark card, world peace cute. Rubbing noses! Awwwww. That third one is a bit off but if you look at the face its kinda like a messed up drunk old guy so maybe sorta funny cute, in a dark comical way. Right. Hey, work with me here people!

  80. he’s all like “wheeeeeee!” in the second picture. he actually looks like he’s smiling!

  81. Carlisa says:

    How loveable! LOL- EricaE—Yes! “Roo-tiful”, too!

  82. Is it just me, or does at least half the cute of the first two photos come from how adoringly the woman looks at her little wallabette? You can see that he is just the little hairy footy light of her life. Maybe that’s why the third one is less cute (but still cute in its own right).

  83. THOSE FEETTTTT!!!!! * chokes on cuteness *