Meanwhile, over at the Cute Lab

It’s funny that we’ve only had ONE entry in the ‘Cartoons’ section of this site — UNTIL TODAY! Super fine illustrator Dan Sipple sent in this delightful Cuteologist cartoon; the Cuteologist is rating the ‘Pawsitude of a potential subject" in the Cute Lab.


Of course he chose a Marmelade kitteh. The green skin is sweet, too.
XOXOXO, Dan! [Yes, he’s the same guy as the ad on the right!]



  1. you guys r silly says:

    marmelade kitteh!!!!!
    All these rules of cuteness: big head/teeny body (girl AND kitteh!) – paws up – small ear:head – beady eye factor —– CUTE!!! &:o)

  2. you guys r silly says:

    …….do I dare say “FIRST POST!!!”??? (anybody???)

  3. prosh

  4. Is that you, Meg? 😉

  5. Laurie C says:

    Even the cuteologist has a small ear-to-head ratio. This guy thinks of everything.

  6. MaggieBelle says:

    I like how the kitteh and the girl have coordinating hair.

  7. Ooooohh that little kitteh so wants to win. Love that her hair matches marmalade’s.

  8. how [bleeping] adorable. reminds me (slightly) of the PowerPuff Girls.

    way to go, Dan!

  9. Deckard Canine says:

    Personally, I think the green skin counts against her. It looks either unhealthy or ogre-ish.

  10. Loves it. Green skin and all.

  11. Maybe she’s a Martian Cuteologist.

  12. Laurie C says:

    If she an alien cuteologist, she’s certainly found the dominant life form.

  13. D000d — there’s a LAB in the Space Needle?! I am *sooo* there.

  14. it’s not green. it’s ‘olive skin’ which is very mediterranean and pretty

  15. AuntieMame says:

    Olive? Or pistachio? 🙂

  16. msumissa says:

    Way prosh!
    Love the glasses, I knew girls with glasses were cute, especially if she just has them on to look smart! Beauty and brains!

  17. incradibley clever!!!

  18. incradibley cute!

  19. That´s cute, not the freakish pictures of that horrible dog smothering the baby.

  20. Man, that’s fantastic, go Dan! 😀

  21. grazie, dwine! Sei giusto, certo! 😉

  22. LOVE it!

    I want Dan to do more t-shirts!

    and in regular people sizes! 😉

  23. *you’re welcome Jaypo
    *thanks, msumisso, that’s certainly true! 😉

  24. Mariser — you’re right, there *is* something Blossom about that lab tech.

    Wups. No idea how I’d know that.

  25. “No idea how I’d know that”

    perhaps you have been influenced by certain schmoop-lets?

  26. That’s DEFINITELY it.

  27. MaggieBelle says:

    Uh…yeah. Regular people sizes are great.

    Not everyone is a small or a medium 😦

    Somma us got a badunkadunk, whatever that is.

  28. kikileo says:

    w00t. Loveitloveitloveit!

  29. See the reason she has green skin is: (shimmer fade into scene from the past) As Meg was beginning her Cuteologist career, many other scientists were jealous of her repetitive exposure to marmalade kittens, bunnies, hammies, puppies and all other sorts of adorable cuteness. One day Dr. Taco, her arch nemesis decided that if he couldn’t have some of the cute action then no one would, so he plotted to build a ray gun that would make sweet cuteologist Meg, as green on the outside as he felt on the inside in hopes that the animals and her colleagues would all run away in horror allowing him to take over the project… and the ray gun worked. Unfortunately what Dr. Taco didn’t account for was the unconditional love of the cute little animals and the acceptance of Meg’s fellow cuteoligists about the condition. Instead of making her the outcast he merely allowed her to stand out in a crowd, a lovely shade of green that set off her hair and pretty pink bow. In the end Dr. Taco went back to his boring work never understanding the power of the cute and Meg continued her work by spreading her findings to the rest of the world via an online site called Cute And the world was a better place for it…. the end.

  30. I love the cutologist’s inquisitive eyebrows. I can almost *hear* the “Hmmmm…. FAScinating!”

  31. hehe great story, M! Totally love the cartoon – I’d buy a t-shirt of that! Look at that marmelade kitty – totally trying to earn more points with paws-up.

  32. jenni joon says:

    Pawsitude?? Oh good grief, someone just shoot me now. That is too cute…too CUTE! For the love!! DEF got instant glucose-intolerance from the sweet cuteness of this post. Good job on the cartoonage.
    Loving it! 🙂

  33. Not just any pawsitude… paws-UPPITUDE.

  34. lol M! But… we haven’t ‘unshimmered’ from the past yet… we’re stuck! Stuck in the past i tells ya! Flares! Sneakers! Hasselhoff’s hair! Aaaaa! ::flails::

  35. “If we seek solace in the prisons of the distant past,
    “Security in human systems we’re told will always always last.
    “Emotions are the sail, and blind faith is the mast…
    “Without the breath of real freedom, we’re getting nowhere fast.”

  36. >we’re getting nowhere fast.”

    that’s the damn truth.

  37. Laurie C says:

    “There’s nothing wrong with going nowhere, baby
    But we should be going nowhere fast”
    – Streets of Fire

    M- fabulous bedtime story. Can someone tuck me in now?

  38. Folks? Sorry, my inner proofreader is going itchy. Altho I risk (probably justifiable) criticism for being pedantic, may I point out that it is spelt “marmAlade”, not “marmElade”.

    /That’s all. Back to the cute!

  39. See I’d agree with you, except that I get all melty and goopy whenever I try to write out “marnmwlates mrummeloidz mmmmkittemrs oh frgett it.

  40. A thinker–see that’s why I thought you were an Eng.maj!

    Anyhoo, PAWS DOWN this oughta be the next CO tee.

  41. I so want to conduct my studies for the good of all mankind in a lavender lab!

  42. I’m a Dan Fan!

  43. M- I believe that’s a true story. Everything turns out cute in the end.

  44. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    FINALLY! a red head cartoon character that doesen’t put us at EXTREAMLY high expectations! i want that job!

  45. EERRRRGGGGHHHHH, I want a cartoon smooshie!

  46. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    Somma us got a badunkadunk, whatever that is.
    MaggieBelle; it means we’re thick, not superficial anerexic bitches that think they’re beutiful but have NO shape at all [or boobs] and get blown away by a sneeze.

  47. jaypo: just an obsessive-compulsive proofreader!

  48. Thinker: JAYPO <> JAOCP

  49. wha?

    “just another obsessive-compulsive proofreader”?

    key, please.

  50. oh, ok. get it. think.

  51. Clarity achieved! MWHID. Acronym Man, awaaaayyy!!!

  52. Part 2 …. It was the end… or so we thought. Dr. Taco had one final plan… if he couldn’t destroy Meg, then maybe he could turn one of her furry little creatures against her. He plotted to find the perfect cute little subject to wreak havoc on Meg and her blissful existence. Hammies were to small, bunnies too skittish, puppies to obvious… kittens; it had to be a kitten. So Dr. Taco snuck into the lab late one night while Meg was away. He found a marmalade kitten labeled “cutest” in the lab and aimed his newest ray gun at it and fired. The kitten grew and its claws sharpened to razor like points, Dr. Taco could see the change in the kitten’s eyes… there was a new awareness. The kitten shook its head and recovered from the shocking change; it looked around and set its sights on Dr. Taco. The Dr. opened the cage thinking he was finally going to have his revenge when suddenly the kitten jumped at him… claws bared howling and yowling. The Dr. hauled hinny as fast as he could chased by the vicious kitten. When Meg returned to her lab the next day, Dr. Taco waited with anxious breath around the corner to hear her demise but much to his chagrin only heard Meg inquire why her subject Theo was not in his cage. In a fury Dr. Taco slammed her lab door open to confront her but was immediately attacked by Theo… a whirl of white and orange with ginsu-like claws carving the Dr. like a Thanksgiving turkey. Howling in pain Dr. Taco ran from the labs never heard from again. Theo returned to the lab playing with the other cute animals and Meg resumed her work (flash forward to today, Storyteller finishing up the story for the other cuteologists around the campfire). And how did Theo go from cat to online presence you may ask? Well that is another story that involves the acceptance of a Schmoop, the taming of a beast and the magic of love. For now though, Dr. Taco has not been heard from, though may still lurk in the darkness, cuteologists reign free on Cute Overload, and to this day, Meg still works in her lab now with her new assistant Sparkster, and the magic and research will continue….

  53. [Acronym Man executes a quick midair U-turn & settles down with the rest of the kittens to listen]

  54. LOL! “Acronym Man”.

    “quick midair U-turn”: have you been taking lessons from my bunneh??

  55. I’m so honored to have an illustration on CO! Thanks to everyone for all the fun comments. BTW – I will add larger tees to the inventory in the future. Thanks again everyone!

  56. ♥'s G.D. & animals says:

    that kitteh earn extra points for imatating a hamster i.e. its little, small tail, bef, small nose, teeny prosh paws, and it looks all roley poey!

  57. Teho! “My work here is done”?

    please say yes.

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Hey! Let’s not slam us poor souls who are born shapeless and boobless! You should be congratulating us for refusing to go the plastic route!

    And I would totally buy this t-shirt! Even from Glarkware…

  59. ka9q's wife says:

    I looked at Dan’s site before but sheesh i am none of those sizes who ever thought size 4 was medium and size 10 was large. I know it is not you Dan but even at 14% body weight I was never ever a 10.

    Goes back to lifting heavy weights and my taekwondo.
    Goal leg press 500 chest press 100

  60. Gold star for Thinker’s reverse-acroneering.

  61. yay!!

  62. In FACT, I made one modification to the Yay pic just today. How fast can you find it?

  63. um, is it the doggy in jeans?

    second guess: the golden apple-y-looking thing.

  64. ‘second guess: the golden apple-y-looking thing.’

    Maybe, if a baby’s arm was holding it.

  65. That apple-y thing is part of the blond freako’s music stick. I think it’s a resonant gourd. But yes, the Yay pic has a dog! At last! (Well… most of a dog)

    SUMMARY: Thinker gets another star and Aubrey gets happy-slapped.

  66. LOL.

    Two gold stars today–I’m happy 🙂 Maybe I should aim for the Theo-trio?

  67. OW.

  68. Well, you may well laugh at me.

    When I first noticed the gold thing, I thought the string holding it onto the music stick was actually some kind of deformed mouse. I couldn’t figure out the point, at all.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  69. i knew it was a dog rightaway. do i get to have a star now?

  70. “That apple-y thing is part of the blond freako’s music stick. I think it’s a resonant gourd.”

    It’s part of a Brazilian percussion instrument – the berimbau. See and

    Now for the cuteitude: Dan S., hats off, paws up! Beeyooteeful!!!

  71. ka9q's wife says:

    Yeah Dan’s drawings are great i am just grumpy because they are not in my size and there is not more of them.

  72. LOL @ Theo. We get chili too?

    Thanks to E.C. the music expert!

  73. You’re welcome, A thinker, though an expert I’m not (really!).

    I saw the dog add right away, too.

  74. Okey dokes… “Brazilian Berimbau” is definitely a better name than “Music Stick.” I’m sticking with “blond freako” for the dude, though.

  75. Just so you an be really cosmopolitan (or sound like a music nerd, you choose) – the berimbau comes from Africa. There are other names for it over there, in various places.

  76. “can be really…,” that is.

  77. eeheeheehee – just saw this comment thread! ‘Love how you guys call him a blond freako! hehe cough cough (laughing in empty auditorium)

  78. Teho, she said it’s not a stick, it’s a berimbau. So you’re berimbau-ing with the blond freako, dude…err..blond freako dude.

  79. gold star ‘chili’???

  80. Jaypo — you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep that up.
    (“Yeah… that’s what SHE said.”)

  81. This is totally awesome. This needs to be made into a shirt, pronto. If it is, I will be one of the first to buy it.

  82. Great! I love your kitty!

  83. meme smith says:

    awww this is oooooooooooooooooooo cute

  84. It’s sooo cute